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ABB Project Presentation


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ABB Project Presentation

  1. 1. ABB Project Report ANDREW CHANG MIKE ZHAO
  2. 2. Goals • Port the existing calibration app running on Windows to the iOS platform. • Provide a way to quickly get formatted data from an experiment for analyzing in MATLAB, etc. • Build an “all in one”, “Swiss army knife” application for everyday use at ABB.
  3. 3. Porting: Windows to iOS • Build a TCP/IP Socket for communication between the robot and iOS device • Get touch data from the iOS device in millimeters and send to client • Get accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer data • Drawing functions
  4. 4. Data Measurement and Recording • MotionManager: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, tilt, and position data • Logger: records MotionManager data and saves it as a .txt file in an easy to read format for MATLAB, etc. • Interpreter: communication protocol between server and client
  5. 5. Swiss Army Knifing Our App • Multiple Languages: easy integration with more languages in the future • Drawing Features: variable stroke width and 3 stroke colors • Grid: A checkerboard display for visual calibration, with variable grid size, adjustable rotation, and an option to display a red dot and a fiducial
  6. 6. Experience:  What  did  we  learn? • TCP/IP Socket: synchronous server/client socket • Core Graphics: Fast Display Drawing • Algorithms: using MotionManager’s data to calculate tilt and position • Core Data: Write and read data to/from .txt file • OOP: complex custom classes
  7. 7. TODO:  Future  Work • Asynchronous server socket: Reduces server related bugs • POS: implement position algorithm • Release: release on App Store