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Foam Kit Instructions Creative Safety Supply


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Foam Tool Kits are all the rage for businesses undergoing 5S and Lean Manufacturing transformations. So we decided it was time to take a closer look at just how easy it is to use and create your own Foam Tool Kit or Foam Tool Drawer Liners.

(Curious? You can get your own here:

While this is not one of our typical Slideshares, it has become apparent to us over the last few months that many of our customers buying this product are doing so for a few specific reasons: it flat out works and helps you become leaner in concept and practice.

Having to search for lost or misplaced tools all the time is an extreme drain on the workday of any employee or production person.

Having those same tools handily placed in their own snug little "nest" is cheap, reliable (everything has its place and there's a place for everything), and time saving. Ask your bean counter if HE likes throwing money out the window. Well, that's not happening any more because your people finally know, at every turn, where their tools are AND where they belong when their done with them.

Welcome to the 22nd century - welcome to lean!
Sincerely, the "we care for you" team at Creative Safety Supply.

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Foam Kit Instructions Creative Safety Supply

  1. 1. ARRANGE AND TRACE the tools onto the primary foam sheet. EMPTY your tool drawer MEASURE the inside dimensions of the drawer. MARK AND CUT the tool foam sheets in the dimensions you got from the drawer. CUT the tool shapes with a razor knife. Take your time! PEEL the backing off the foam sheets to expose the adhesive. First apply the secondary sheet onto the bottom of the drawer. Then apply the primary sheet with tool cutouts on top of the secondary sheet. PLACE your tools in the cutouts you prepared for them. LONG STRAIGHT CUTS are best accomplished with a hot knife. ADMIRE the awesome job you just did! Now go do the other drawers. Creative Safety Supply is committed to being your safety experts. We provide a wide range of industrial safety products, including floor marking tape, label printers and Tool Organization Kits. Our friendly customer service representatives are ready to assist you. Call today! 1-866-777-1360 Organization & Control with Foam Kits ©2014 Creative Safety Supply TOOL