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6 Steps to Start a Health and Safety Management-System


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In this short but informative Slideshare, Creative Safety Supply shows how easy it can be to get started with a Health and Safety Management program for your employees.

The steps themselves are time-proven and nothing new, but can save your company a lot of headaches and even fines, if you take the time to get acquainted with them and then implement them.

We encourage every company to take a serious look at this topic, as well as to go ahead and start the journey in making your company and specifically the employees safer.

For more information as well as an overview of possible safety products you can use in your program, call us at 866-777-1360 or email us at We would be happy to discuss moving forward with your safety program and can point out many types of safety product that will help you get started, including a full library of video training on safety, lean, 5S and more.

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6 Steps to Start a Health and Safety Management-System

  1. 1. 6 STEPS For Starting A Health & Safety Management System
  2. 2. A Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) oversees all safety policies and procedures in your facility. It is not required by OSHA, but it helps keep safety programs organized and sets the tone for a safe work environment. INTRO What is an HSMS? All rights reserved - • 866-777-1360
  3. 3. According to OSHA, workplaces with an HSMS experience lost workday incidence rates 60-80% lower than other companies in their industries. Starting your own HSMS takes work, but ultimately it will be good for business. INTRO Why you need an HSMS? All rights reserved - • 866-777-1360 236 days injury free!
  4. 4. Management needs to develop key documents and communicate with key employees to start a system. Management sets the tone for safety in the workplace, so starting at the top is necessary. All rights reserved - • 866-777-1360 Read on to discover the 6 Simple Steps INTRO Getting Started...
  5. 5. The Policy Statement Management should begin by writing a policy statement – a vision statement for safety. This statement will explain the value the company places on safety, and safety managers, employees and management will refer back to it in the future when making safety decisions. STEP 1 All rights reserved - • 866-777-1360
  6. 6. Set Goals Next management needs to get more specific and set goals. Goals give safety managers, supervisors and employees particular areas for improvement to focus on. Example Goals: 1) Reduce injuries this quarter. 2) Involve more employees in safety programs. STEP 2 All rights reserved - • 866-777-1360
  7. 7. Create objectives Now it’s time to get even more specific. How will those goals be accomplished? Create objectives – tasks that can be completed and measured to help achieve goals. Example: If the goal is to reduce the number of injuries from repetitive motion this quarter then... 1) Have stretch breaks twice per shift 2) Do a walk-through to observe ergonomics weekly *Remember: Objectives need to be realistic and measureable. STEP 3 All rights reserved - • 866-777-1360
  8. 8. Form an Action Plan Now that you have specific goals and objectives, how will you ensure they’re carried out? Make an action plan dealing with the details: Who will be in charge of tasks? How soon do objectives need to be accomplished? Are resources like money or equipment needed? Plan it out, write it down, tell people about it. STEP 4 All rights reserved - • 866-777-1360 Safety action leadership plan
  9. 9. Assign Responsibilities Employees need to see management takes the new HSMS seriously.Assigning roles and conducting training can help with this. Don’t just leave safety up to a safety manager. Give everyone responsibilities. Ensuring safety is enforced and good behavior rewarded will communicate to employees that safety matters at the company. Keep in mind positive reinforcement is often more effective than punishment. STEP 5 All rights reserved - • 866-777-1360
  10. 10. Involve Employees Engaging employees with the new system is the best way to encourage participation. Involve employees by doing the following: - Consult them when creating safety procedures - Involve them in hazard investigations - Encourage them to submit suggestions (and recognize those whose ideas are implemented) - Discuss possible changes to operations, training, PPE, etc. STEP 6 All rights reserved - • 866-777-1360
  11. 11. To keep an HSMS from losing steam, be sure to provide sufficient training, create mechanisms for regularly assessing hazards and make plans for how to roll out updates. Keep the culture of safety alive with safety discussions and visual reminders like signs and posters. INTRO Keep Safety A Priority All rights reserved - • 866-777-1360
  12. 12. The leaders in visual safety We’ve got you covered. Creative Safety Supply works with companies both large and small to help them with their Arc Flash Labeling, Software and Signage needs. We also carry a host of PDCA, Lean, 5S, 6S Kaizen, Kanban and Continuous Improvement products. All rights reserved - • 866-777-1360