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10 Steps For Successful Safety Meetings


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All of us have, at one time of the other, been unfairly tortured and tormented by our employers via... The Safety Meeting. You can probably remember with excruciating pain sitting in a room with others, being forced to listen to someone from the safety committee read, word for word, every one of those 97 slides.

Well, this is our contribution to those poor souls who have been put in the position of having to lead those state required safety meetings. These 10 easy-to-follow meeting tips will help you understand how you can spice up the meeting while still being able to relay, with full potency, the important safety tips and info that can save lives. Learn more about safety meetings here:

Enjoy - and if you need any visual safety items to help support your efforts, whether safety posters, safety banners or training DVDs, we have you covered - just call us at 86-777-1360. We are Creative Safety Supply. We are the Leaders in Visual Safety!

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10 Steps For Successful Safety Meetings

  1. 1. > 10MPLESTEPS SI For Successful Safety Meetings • 866-777-1360 The leaders in visual safety
  2. 2. STEP 1 Keep it Short and Snappy The average adult has an attention span of 20 minutes. Try to keep meetings to 20 mins or less when able and appropriate, so you can keep employees fully alert and engaged when important material is presented. • 866-777-1360 20 Minute Meetings
  3. 3. STEP 2 Get to the Point Don’t try to fit five different safety topics into one safety meeting just because everyone is in one room. It is best to keep employees focused on one important pertinent topic and to stay on that topic. • 866-777-1360 Focus on ONE Topic
  4. 4. STEP 3 Engage People Presenters or speakers should never just 'read' a presentation to people. Instead, presentations should be engaging and feature real life photos and/or videos along with other interactive forms of technology. The presenter should utilize unique and interesting methods and tools to keep the momentum of the meeting flowing. • 866-777-1360
  5. 5. STEP 4 Socialize By human nature people like to socialize with one another. Even if a meeting is short, build an opportunity into the meeting for people to share stories or experiences pertaining to the safety topic. Story sharing and socializing about the topic humanizes it. • 866-777-1360
  6. 6. STEP 5 Make it Pertinent Don't waste time holding meetings about unimportant and insignificant things. Choose safety topics that affect employees on a regular basis or that are the most helpful based upon their job positions. • 866-777-1360
  7. 7. STEP 6 Don’t Invite Everyone Safety meetings are often best and make the most impact when attendance is limited. When too many people are present, people tend to shy away from asking questions or being truly engaged. • 866-777-1360
  8. 8. STEP 7 Make it Educational Gathering everyone together just to review something that everyone already knows doesn't really make much sense. It is important to present valuable information that is of some educational value. The goal is to educate the employees on safety not remind they about something they already know and do. • 866-777-1360
  9. 9. STEP 8 Change the Name Just the name "safety meeting" sounds somewhat drab. Instead, call them something like "safety conversations" or "health hints." Just a little bit of name variety goes a long way and people will lose some of the negative stigma associated with same old boring term "safety meeting." • 866-777-1360 SAFETY MEETING HEALTH HINTS
  10. 10. STEP 9 Entertain to Engage The speaker should use a variety of different vocal tones to present material and also move about the room. Speak with energy A speaker who simply stands in one spot with a monotone voice will just put employees to sleep. • 866-777-1360
  11. 11. STEP 10 Feedback is Critical Whether you like it or not, opinions do matter and when employees feel that their time is being wasted often on unnecessary meetings they will begin to dread such gatherings. Ask for feedback at the end of each meeting and be open to suggestions for improvement. • 866-777-1360 Allow suggestions
  12. 12. Safety Meeting Resources Posters DVDs Use visual supports for your meetings Banners • 866-777-1360
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