Fat Diminisher System PDF / eBook by Wesley Virgin


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Download the complete program of Wesley Virgin's Fat Diminisher System PDF through this "Fat Diminisher System Free Book". PS: THIS DOCUMENT IS AN EBOOK, NOT A REVIEW!

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Fat Diminisher System PDF / eBook by Wesley Virgin

  1. 1. Fat Diminisher System™ by Wesley Virgin Ways To Lose Fat Without The Struggle 8 Secrets the Fitness Industry Doesn't Want you to Know Wesley Virgin IV Master Virtual Trainer Master Motivator Life Expert Certified Personal Trainer www.7dayfitness.com | www.fatdiminisher.com
  2. 2. page|02 WARNING!!! What you are about to read is not intended to be skimmed or skipped through. Please take your time and read it all carefully, because MVT Wesley Virgin is going to expose what the Health and Fitness industry doesn't want you to know. It might just change your life! Below are some of the questions I MVT WESLEY VIRGIN will answer as we go through the book together. Let’s Get Started! 7 Day Fitness
  3. 3. page|03 AUTHOR My goal is to help you feel great about your body, your weight and your health. How exactly will I do that? By cutting through the BS of what you have learned from infomercials, health clubs and your current trainer. I am the founder of 7DayFitness, an interactive motivational community where regular busy people like yourself can come together with the common goal to transform your body and lifestyle, for a consistent feeling of euphoric happiness about your physical appearance. The 7Day support system is seriously unmatched by anything you have ever seen out there!!! The only reason why my success rate is 99 percent to date is because I employ certain techniques and motivational strategies that your trainer or gym will NEVER tell you about. I am going to expose a few below, but don't forget to Click here when you get to the end of the eBook to view the 7 foundational fat loss principles that your gym or trainer will NEVER tell you. FOX, ABC, Yahoo News! and other networks around the world have labeled me as the #1 "go to guy" when it comes to virtual training and providing Superstar clients with an all-inclusive fitness experience at home without killing their joints or breaking their backs. My cutting edge and completely different approach to health and fitness is what sets me apart from the rest of the industry, I will unveil many techniques you can use today, below. I am Wesley Virgin IV and I'm a Master Virtual Trainer and Motivational specialist, known as The World's Trainer, who has already helped many people all over the world lose incredible amounts of weight, regain their health and permanently change their lives. 7 Day Fitness
  4. 4. This approach has created positive results for so many once frustrated people who have been tricked and lied to about creating an amazing body. It’s time to get on the edge of your seat, my friend, because today you will learn what you never knew before and what has been hidden for years… MY STORY!! My passion for designing an amazing body and helping others started as a teenager. I hated my appearance!! I don't know if you can relate, but the pain of being teased, not having any girlfriends, feeling like an outsider and lacking confidence really put me a bad place. Have you ever felt like this? So what did I do? I did what I saw on the late night GET FIT in 5 days infomercials, LOL—I did push ups, sit ups and pushed up weights, almost damaging my freaking joints in the process. IT DID NOT WORK!!! Then I joined the army. Now the army did give me some foundational principles, but even they were missing one key ingredient. The only reason I transformed so rapidly was due to one thing—my ‘WHY’! (I will talk more about this in a second) I have since reached and maintained an ideal weight, along with super charged daily energy, with a physique that keeps heads turning daily. No worries; you will be here as well, sooner rather than later. Keep reading… The doctor said that my health is so vibrant that diabetes, heart disease, cancer or high blood pressure will never affect me like it has so many in my family. page|04 7 Day Fitness
  5. 5. I strive to not only show you how wonderful healthy living can be, but to share that information with everyone who honestly wants a healthier and happier life. We don't want to just Look Good; we want to Feel Good as well!!! Ok, let’s dive into a few myths and key strategies so TODAY you can cancel your gym membership, fire your trainer and start the amazing weight loss journey from your living room with MVT Wesley Virgin. page|05 7 Day Fitness
  6. 6. TABLE OF CONTENTS Why Do Some People Get Results and I Don't? 07 #1 Reason Why Your Gym And Trainers are Not Working for You 11 Short Routines vs. Long Routines... Which are Better? 17 Best Workouts For Joint and Back Pain 18 3 Techniques to Stay Motivated 22 Secret Strategy In Keeping The Fat Off for Good 23 What is the 7DayFitness Program? 25 New You Affirmations for the Next 30 Days 40 page|06 7 Day Fitness
  7. 7. Why Do Some People Get Results And I Don’t? Have you heard about the 3% versus the 97%? No? Well, let me explain... Have you ever noticed a person who always gets results, always gets the better part of the deal? There is a reason for this: There are two different types of people in the world… ...the 3%'s (the few who get in shape with ease and are constantly complimented about their appearance and physique) and …the 97%'s (the vast majority of the population who struggle and jump from program to program searching for the new and improved secret solution). I hate to tell you this, but the secret solution does not exist! But I will tell you what does and what works… 100 percent of the time. Now, the simple strategy I am going to teach you below will help you be part of the 3%—The Fit and Sexy! Let's play a game and I want you to be honest with me... page|07 7 Day Fitness
  8. 8. WHICH CATEGORY ARE YOU IN? THERE IS NO IN-BETWEEN, SO BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF! The 97%: Make Excuses, Excuses and more Excuses Look for justifications and reasons why they can't make it happen! Are some of the world's biggest PROCRASTINATORS! Have No Drive! No Will! No Consistency! They pay for gym memberships, fitness dvds and trainers but never use the services They always say, “I should do this...” rather than “I have to do this!!! I must do this!!!” Unfortunately they will never get it, and they will continue to stay up in the wee hours of the night only dreaming about an amazing body but never having it Now The 3% are different, but only slightly: They never make excuses! EVER!! Always see the water glass full, even when there is visibly not a single drop of water left Have more reasons to succeed than REASONS to fail! Are always consistent NO MATTER WHAT! They don't hang with negative people Expect more from themselves every day Always see the positive side of a situation, challenge or issue page|08 7 Day Fitness
  9. 9. They take MASSIVE ACTION every day, no paralysis analysis. If it looks good, sounds good and feels good, they pull the trigger!! They do the exact opposite of the 97% Glad this is not you, Right!! :) Sounds interesting, right? Well, today I consider you to be a 3% because not only did you decide to download this PDF(Action Step), you have also taken an additional action step by reading the information and at the end applying the information that you will soon learn. Unfortunately, the 97%s are still procrastinating, searching the web and looking for the next quick fix. Story of their lives… smh But congrats, you are different!!! Keep reading... page|09 7 Day Fitness
  10. 10. 3 Tips You Can Use NOW!! Take a second and think about why weight loss is so important to you... What are you really doing it all for? Go to your computer and Google search someone that you deem to be physically attractive (I longed to have The Rock's physique) and post it on your mirror so you can see it every time you enter the bathroom and exit the shower. Find an accountability partner, someone who will hold you accountable, maybe someone like Wesley Virgin :). This is what I literally do full time, I not only design 7 minute workouts, but I am there to get you going and keep you motivated during the first 30 days of getting started with me. I am going to be in your ear, in your email, on your Facebook page every day until your body is hot enough to lay close to naked on the beautiful beaches of Miami!! I am relentless!! If you would like to work with me personally for the next 30 days, be a 3% and Click Here to Take Massive ACTION!! page|10 7 Day Fitness
  11. 11. #1 Reason Why Your Gym And Trainers are not working for you! Our culture has unconsciously persuaded us that getting a gym membership and hiring a personal trainer is the ONLY solution to getting in shape. Wrong!!!! Wrong!! Wrong!! Think about it... If this was true, then why is 85 percent of the population obese, when most of them go to the gym, have trainers, and spend thousands of dollars on DVD programs? This is what the everyday trainer does: Schedule an hour a day of training, which costs about 50 bucks an hour. Put you on a treadmill immediately; he or she will call this your warm-up cardio. You then bust your butt for about an hour or so, then, afterwards, you are all worn out and tired, not even having the energy to walk to your car... You pass out on the bed as soon as you get to the house... Most people lose their motivation, drive and the weight loss battle in between the time they leave the gym and the time they get back the next evening... Why you are failing... Your trainer does not follow up with you, or speak to you until the next training session, right? page|11 7 Day Fitness
  12. 12. Who is going to slap you on the hand when that late night craving kicks in? Hmmm, Wes Virgin... Who is going to motivate you to come back on Day 2 when Day 1 was Hell? Wes Virgin for sure! LOL Who is going to pat you on the back and let you know that you are doing an amazing job throughout the day, available 24/7? Wesley Virgin!!!! Not the Gym or your trainer!! The 7DayFitness system is in constant contact with you for the first 30 days quite intensively, because the initial 30 days is the toughest; when you are trying to break a sedentary, lazy or procrastinating habit and, to be blunt, get that BODY SMOKING HOT ASAP!!! Learn more about how the system works here. But does that sound about right? Most people hire a personal trainer for two reasons: They need motivation, a push, and an encouraging pat on the back once in a while. They assume a personal trainer will help them lose weight, so they can wear that fabulous outfit that will turn the heads of the opposite sex. This is not the case for conventional trainers or Health Clubs... page|12 7 Day Fitness
  13. 13. Gyms and personal trainers are solely in the business of making money. Period!! Sure they would love to help you lose weight and get fit, but they fail to build a relationship and understand your challenges, hurts, pains and discomforts. The challenge is not your ability to workout. The challenge is to understand the reasons WHY YOU ARE EVEN STARTING THE PROCESS! See below and let me know if any of these Surface Reasons are your drivers to getting in shape... SURFACE REASONS Going on a Vacation Going On a Cruise Getting married soon Getting ready for the summer Just want to be healthy Tired of being Fat Want to get the girl Want to get the guy Just want to be more fit and toned page|13 7 Day Fitness
  14. 14. Those reasons are not enough to get you to where you want to go; the key is to have Deep Emotional Reasons. (Write this down and hang it on the fridge) These always work 100% of the time! Here are my reasons: Wesley Virgin's GET SEXY Why's I want to be a great role model for my two children. I don’t want to deal with or waste money going to a different doctor trying to figure out my illness. I don’t want to look at myself and get depressed from the sight in the mirror. I don’t want cancer or heart disease to ever enter my life. I don’t want to put the burden on my children when I am older because of my uncaring attitude about my health. I don’t want to hurt people I love by laying in the hospital because of my nonchalant attitude about my health. I don’t want to live a sluggish lifestyle; I want energy. I don’t want to take pills for the rest of my life; I never want to feel that I am not in control of my health! This is the reason why gyms and conventional personal trainers fail to give you long-term results. There is a 30 day mind-set that has to be implemented and conditioned, which I will show if you decide to TAKE ACTION and get started with me at 7DayFitness. page|14 7 Day Fitness
  15. 15. After the first 30 days with me, you will be amazed and shocked at your body transformation. You will enjoy getting out of the shower staring at a flatter stomach, no back fat, no cellulite, no beer belly and no more under the arm jiggly wiggly fat. It is an amazing feeling! But you have chosen a new direction, different to the direction you have been traveling for years… Read more about the 7Dayfitness System and how you can work with me directly here. page|15 7 Day Fitness
  16. 16. page|16 7 Day Fitness Tips You Can Use Right Now To See If Your Gym Or Trainer is Working If you have a gym membership or a trainer I would like you do something for me right now.. 1) Goto the bathroom and lock the door.. (this is private stuff) 2) Take off all of your clothes.. Everything! 3) Look at every inch of your body for 5 minutes straight... Are you smiling or frowning? 4) If you are smiling than you are there my friend and I wish you the best!! 5) But if you are frowning and feel a bit discouraged.. LOOK YOUR SELF IN THE MIRROR RIGHT NOW!! 6) Tell yourself these words: I AM A WINNER!! I AM A SUPERSTAR! I AM GORGEOUS!! I WILL LOSE 10 or 20 or 30 POUNDs IN THE NEXT 3O DAYS!! GET FIT WITH PASSION 7) Then proceed to cancel your gym membership and tell your trainer he or she is FIRED!! 8) Sound weird I know.. BUT IT WORKS!! Everyone who works and trains with me go thru this exact process. And all of them says it makes them feel empowered.
  17. 17. Short Routines vs. Long Routines… Which are Better? I am going to make this one quick. We believe the longer we bust our butts in the gym, the sooner we will see results, and this may be true, but is this something you really want do? Hmm, No!!! I don't and my Superstar clients do not either. Tell me what man or woman is going to keep up with a 55 minute routine for the rest of their lives? Maybe a body builder or a superstar athlete! But they have an incentive; they are getting paid to bust their butts LOL... I have tested my 7 minute workout sessions with hundreds of people around the globe, before it was released to the public. Everyone I worked with liked that it was quick, something they could do at home with the kids, and it didn't kill their joints, knees or back. Most of them told me that after 30 days, it unconsciously became a daily habit, similar to taking a shower, brushing your teeth or driving to work—you don't think about it! My motto is this: It is not how much you do; it is how often you get it done! So stop working out for 55 minutes a day unless you are getting paid for it!! :) 7 minutes sessions of intensity is all you need to start the consistent weight loss process. Start Your First 7 Minute Routine Today by clicking here. page|17 7 Day Fitness
  18. 18. Day Fitness7 Best Workouts For Joint and Back Pain So, most of us over the age of 30 are experiencing all types of knee, back and joint pain... This is called Life!!! :) So the challenge was for me to create a program that was effective but didn't kill your joints or back. There are certain routines you should stay away from! I will list a few below… Just Say No To Ployometrics. Stay away from P90x—insanity if you have nave bad knees, joints or back problems... What is Ployometrics, Wes? It is basically a lot of jumping which damages your knees dramatically! Click here where I explain in detail how dangerous these type of routines are. (Go to Principle #4). Remember the back is the foundation of almost every activity from running, walking, taking out the trash, washing the car, dancing and even carrying your beautiful children. But unfortunately most fitness programs do not make an effort to ensure the lower back muscle is strong and stable. After you finish reading the ebook, come back and click here so I can show you a great way to strengthen your lower back and cure your back pains without weights, at the house and as a bonus I will show you how to define the sexy dip that goes from your neck to your buttox. The group of superstars below either had surgeries, knee injuries or chronic back pain before they started the 7DayFitness Program. page|18
  19. 19. Day Fitness7 "I wasn't too sure about 7Dayfitness initially, as I was in a fitness slump after my knee surgery and I was in a time crunch. However, 7Dayfitness web based training worked right into my busy lifestyle. It affords me access to videos I can do in the comfort of my home with virtual trainers who give clear instructions and examples in the training videos. The works outs are quick and very effective. My virtual trainer, Wesley, is awesome! His motivating spirit, ‘can do’ mentality and sincere passion for fitness inspire me to work out daily. Not only will the virtual trainers make dietary suggestions, they will occasionally check up on you to ensure you stay motivated." – Tosha Adams "Ok, to be honest I was afraid of letting not only myself and my children down, but I was afraid of letting Wesley down. I suffer from sciatica and I didn't think I would be able to do any of the exercises that were provided each day...I found out that wasn't true. The exercises are quick and to the point and easy for me...Having Wesley check in on me from time to time truly helps. I am very thankful for that. I wish I could attend one of the boot camps, but I live in Mississippi, so that is impossible as of right now. I have lost 9 lbs and I feel great!! Thanks to you and the 7DayFitnessProgram!!!! GET FIT WITH PASSION." –- Alsyra J Ivy page|19
  20. 20. Day Fitness7 "Hello, my name is Daphne Garrett and my experience with 7Dayfitness has been amazing! It is quick and easy and you can do it in the comfort of your own home! I especially appreciate the one on one communication between trainers and trainees! I love being able to inquire about personal target areas, and then receiving videos from Wes to combat those areas. I think anyone thinking about becoming a member of 7Dayfitness will be very satisfied! Good luck!" –- Daphne Garrett I have been working out with seven day fitness over a month. I lost about 18 pounds and am looking smaller. I definitely would recommend seven day fitness to any individual. Most of us have busy schedules and don’t have time for the gym, like myself. One night I was looking at the mirror and thinking to myself I need to make a change. Wesley’s strategy reminds me of what we used to do in high school. Honestly, I remember we exercised every day. It’s all about staying positive, focused, and motivated. Keep up the good work and continue to inspire individuals. God bless seven day fitness. “Eat healthy & stay fit.” -Gud Lyfe page|20
  21. 21. Day Fitness7 I'm on here to tell everyone about my experience with SevenDayFitness. It's Great for someone who feels uncomfortable with going to the gym or doesn’t have time to give 30 to 45 mins at one given time to work out. I love Wesley and his team. They keep me motivated to do my 7 mins twice a day, and I’m in Alabama. It's not hard to follow but will get you the results you want if you are consistent. We all are human and fall short, but guess what? You will continue to get encouragement if you are serious about the changes you want. I have lost weight but have more to go. I will post my before and after pictures at the end of May. Oh yeah I won a Spa Day just for posting my meals daily .Thanks SevenDayFitness! -Sybil So, not to beat on my chest but I have designed some of the best workouts that don’t strain your back or kill your joints. Not only that, but the workouts actually regenerate and strengthen the muscle in these areas so you will eliminate current pain in the future. Stop taking pills for your aches and pain, our body is designed to heal itself, when you are hooked up with the right system. Picture yourself throwing away your pill bottle and pain relief medication in the next 30 Days... You can start Day 1 today and you will only have 29 more... Learn More page|21
  22. 22. Day Fitness7 3 Techniques To Stay Motivated The only reason it is so difficult for you to stay motivated when working out is this: You do not know or have not written down your STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE! The only reason I am able to maintain and get consistent results from my body, is because I raise my standards daily! It is never the matter of ability, it always the matter of motivation. I want you to think about the things in your life you do on autopilot... No motivation is necessary ... Getting your hair done Getting your nails done Going to the barber shop Watching a football game Watching the reality shows Going to work Brushing your teeth Drinking alcohol (Happy Hour!) The above items are done unconsciously. But I am going tell you this—there is some form of motivation in every item that was listed above. Take Laura for instance... She is one of my Superstar clients but had motivational issues. Before she got in a slump she was running 5ks, working out and basically a very active young lady... But if you click the link below she will explain how the 7DayFitness program helped her to regain her motivation and put her weight loss on auto pilot. She actually does more than I ask of her and what is expected with the 7DayFitenss Program! How did this happen? She will tell you here. page|22
  23. 23. Day Fitness7 Secret Strategy In Keeping The Fat Off for Good Long term weight loss is easy!! Yes, I said easy!! I mean, think about it… How do you keep your teeth white? How do you ensure you keep getting your weekly or bi weekly paycheck? How do you keep your body clean? How do you increase the connection with your significant other? How do you ensure your children know you love them? WE WORK AT IT DAILY!!! Duh! Folks!! It is no secret... Anything you focus on or work on will indeed create a result. So the lack of doing some activity will create a LACK OF RESULTS!! page|23
  24. 24. Day Fitness7 Say if you stopped doing the above items, here’s what you will have to deal with: Stale Breath You will have an awful body odor You will Lose Your Job You will be Divorced or Lonely Children will feel unloved and act out No long term weight loss No Happiness No Confidence No Joy No Sexy Body Whew!! To put it plainly, you must work on your temple daily. But I understand your pain and frustrations and it is difficult to break a habit that is keeping you overweight and displeased with your body, which is the reason why I am sharing this eBook with you. I want to understand your needs today so I can get you to your desired result as quickly as possible. I want you to go to the beach with a cute bathing suit on, attract that person you have been admiring for a while, feel more confident at your job so you can get that raise you deserve—you deserve this and more. Let me help you for the next 30 days become a better you. Click Here To Start. page|24
  25. 25. Day Fitness7 What is the 7DayFitness Program? The 7DayFitness community gives everyday people the option to get and stay in shape in the comfort of their homes. You will start an amazing weight loss experience which includes a trainer, a nutritionist and daily workouts consisting of 7 minute sessions. You will also have the privacy and luxury of getting in shape at your convenience. I have trained and helped many people around the world get in the best shape of their lives long term from the comfort of their living rooms. Not only have they lost weight, but they have lost the old habits and replaced them with confidence, consistency and happiness. Here are a few emails from some of my superstar clients today: I have to tell you a secret... I've continued my workout routines— needless to say. But on Sunday, my sister and I took my little one to Schlitterbahn and I didn't keep on my shorts over my swimsuit! I was so excited to be strutting my stuff and not feeling ashamed. Things are shaping up very well. I haven't worn a swimsuit without long shorts in at least 8 years. Whoo hoo! Small accomplishments one at a time add up to the ultimate goal. Gotta keep going! Samara page|25
  26. 26. Day Fitness7 Thanks Wesley! All the cheering from the group is what kept me going. I was spent afterwards! I won't be at boot camp today. I have to be a good mommy and go to football practice. My presence was requested by my little one. So I will be doing that today :). I will see you tomorrow though. With a ton of regret, next week will be my final week. Motherly duties are calling, and I must get with the program. My oldest who is 6 is playing football, and every day my youngest who is 2 asks if he has football practice (as if he plays). He is used to going out after day care and running around at the park even though he is not with the players. Instead, he is spending about 11 hours at day care and 2 hours with a sitter while I work and do boot camp. So I am going to have to give up boot camp. I will come to visit you all at the park some days. I am planning to run 2 to 3 days a week (at Memorial Park) and go to the gym on the other days (or work out at home). I can do all of that before 6:30 and make it to football practice. Your program has been great! While I have only lost 3 pounds so far, I love the way my muscles have shaped up. My goal is to lose the belly fat, so I will keep at it and get better about my eating habits (I would love to do a fitness competition in the near future). I am going to miss you all dearly. Team Passion and Team Fitness are both great and motivating. This has been a hard decision to make! I will likely purchase one more month just in case I want to come out. I will see you tomorrow. Karen page|26
  27. 27. Day Fitness7 Wes: In my experience, the spoken word tends to be fleeting, so I have decided to write to you instead. I did not attend class yesterday because I am D-U-N . . . Done! I stepped on the scale yesterday morning and read my weight to be 199.2 lbs (a loss of 9 1/2 lbs in just 5 weeks). This is HUGE, because it has been well over a decade since I have been sub-2! Thanks for teaching me how to train in a way that I can practice the rest of my life. I am extremely grateful for your coaching and for helping me achieve my goal. Let me know if you ever need a testimonial or reference—I would be glad to provide it. In the interim, I am going to shift my workouts to the mornings so I can enjoy having dinner with my wife and daughter. They have been very supportive this past month by surviving on evening snacks since I do most of the cooking :^) Anyway, I wish you well in your truly life-changing business and all of your future endeavors. Kind Regards, Arturo page|27
  28. 28. Day Fitness7 Hey Wes, This is my last week of bootcamp and tomorrow night will be my last night. I am getting on new medication that my doctor says is hard on my joints and he has asked that I not do hard exercises for a while. So once I get back to it, I will be running around the bayou during lunch at work. As I was saying last week, I've lost almost 25 lbs since starting with you in Mid-July and I would be honored to let the world know what kind of magic you are making every day at Memorial Park. I have never felt physically better, and people really do notice the changes. Just let me know if you want me to do a testimonial, and I can do it tonight or tomorrow night. Thank you so much for putting together this boot camp. I really hope you will still be here come next April when I will be ready to jump back in! Kathryn page|28
  29. 29. Day Fitness7 Have a WONDERUL and SAFE Thanksgiving, Wes! I am looking forward to your 30 day Hell on Abs work out—last week was a BEAST, and I could really feel it!! REALLY glad you are staying!!! YOU are a life-changer! Crystal Hi Wesley! I wanted to send you a note to let you know that I enjoyed Boot Camp! I definitely discovered that my ABS are ABSent!! I’ve recently lost 27 lbs and have another 10lbs to go—your program/emails are motivating! I am NOT making excuses but wanted to let you know that I live in Magnolia so with kids, homework, hubby and a 60+ minute commute I have to get my workouts in early morning. I was able to come a few weeks ago because I was picking my daughter up from drivers ed in the woodlands on the way home so it was a good use of my time J Thanks again! Felicia and Crystal look great and it is catching on in the office J I hope Get Fit w/ Passion is a continued success! Tracy Raborn page|29
  30. 30. Day Fitness7 Good Morning Coach, I weighed myself Monday and again today and, guess what? 2 lb of fat melted away. And yesterday, I was able to do more Ab exercises. My sugar is under control and my attitude is outstanding! Thank you so much! Mohammed page|30
  31. 31. Day Fitness7 WHY MOST FAIL IN THE HEALTH AREA OF LIFE I would like you do something for me right now.. It is going to take some guts and faith. Take out a sheet of paper and tell me why do you really want a better looking body? If you need some help, look at my below Superstar clients so you can see why they all make it through the first 30 days with motivation and determination. Find someone who relates to your story and reasons, if you decide to take the 30 day journey with me, you can select them to be your motivator buddy to keep you on track and excited. Camille's why?: 1) To be able to look in the mirror with confidence and SELF-PRIDE at my body’s end result. 2) Improve my ability to walk up and down the stairs at work without being EXHAUSTED! 3) Increase my self-confidence when I wear a BIKINI on my next vacation!!! 4) Because I want to push my fitness and eating habits to the NEXT level. 5) I want to fit into the other half of the CLOTHES in my closet!! 6) To decrease my chances of getting diabetes and high blood pressure which runs in my FAMILY. 7) MOTIVATE my family, friends and co-workers to get in shape!! 8) To feel MORE confident in a dress.!! page|31
  32. 32. Day Fitness7 9) I want to tone and SCULPT my body to perfection. 10) Because I am dedicated to FITNESS1 week, 3 days ago Doing it for my Family James's why?: I am doing this to better myself physically and mentally. The healthier I am and the better I take care of myself, the stronger I become inside and out! Joanne's why?: 1) Last year was a hard one (lots of visits to the doctor and surgery). I DON’T WANT TO GO TO THE DOCTORS AGAIN and SPEND MORE MONEY ON THEM. Guada O.'s why?: 2) I want to feel and be healthy. No more heart attack scares. 3) I want to improve my health with a better lifestyle (diet and exercise) to live better with my thyroid disease. 4) I am trying to lower my chances of getting diabetes and cholesterol problems. 5) I want to feel pretty again. 6) I want to lose all the weight I got back and keep it off for good 7) I want to fit into my old clothes (size 2) 8) I want to feel stronger and continue enjoying exercising. page|32
  33. 33. Day Fitness7 9) I run a lot of marathons and half marathons, I really want to improve my time and having a great core helps. 10) I want to make sure I get old and healthy. 2 weeks ago 1) To lose the fat that sits on my abs. 2) To obtain and maintain the smallest waist I have had in my life. Debra Garcia's why?: 3) To lose the pouchy skin on my midsection. 4) To obtain and maintain a physique that will enable me to always remain active and limber. 5) Being fit and active will help with my health. 6) Being fit will ensure that my health will not be dependent upon drugs. 7) Being fit will inspire my children to always maintain their health. 8) Being fit will inspire others to also start and maintain a routine that will be beneficial to their health. 9) Being fit will inspire other people to also maintain their health. 10) Being fit will help me to not become stiff from inactivity, and therefore to keep illness and sickness at a distance. page|33
  34. 34. Day Fitness7 2 weeks, 1 day ago 1) I want to take back my life and my body! 2) I'm tired of feeling sluggish and insecure with what I see in the mirror. Bethany's why?: 3) I want to be able to put on clothes and not think negative comments with the way things look and fit. 4) It's time to make some positive changes. 5) I've had a lot going on in my personal life and I think this will help deal with it as well as keep me balanced! 6) To be healthy 7) I see the results my friends have made by working hard. 8) I did it before, I can do it again! 9) I want to feel sexy again and feel comfortable in my own skin! 10) Because I know I CAN! page|34
  35. 35. Day Fitness7 2 weeks, 2 days ago I just had a baby so I want to get back in shape. =) 4 weeks ago Carolina's why?: 1) I want to be healthy! 2) I want to show my boys healthy habits so they don’t have to learn them on their own as an adult. Karen's why?: 3) I want to learn more about healthy eating and incorporate it in my everyday life. 4) I want and need more energy. 5) I want to feel good about the way I look (dressed and undressed). 6) I want to live LONG! 7) I want to be able to wear a sports bra or fitted shirt during my workouts. 8) I don’t want to have to “lose weight” for any upcoming event. 9) I don’t want to be FAT! 10) I want a flat stomach and no back fat. page|35
  36. 36. Day Fitness7 4 weeks, 1 day ago To be fit, fine, and focused on a healthier lifestyle 1 month ago Scottie (AKA - Tiki)'s why?: lifeeeeeeeee 1 month ago Anita's why?: 1) To help my metabolism . 2) To get fit and tone up. 3) To feel confident. 4) To feel motivated and keep up with a healthy lifestyle. 5) To organize my time and schedule better. 6) To stick to a routine that is going to help me rather than just sit down. 7) To look and feel good with myself. 8) To keep myself busy doing a good thing for myself. 9) To learn new techniques and how to improve my day by day. 10) To finally take that step to make a change in my life and not only think about working out, but actually do it. Herb's why?: page|36
  37. 37. Day Fitness7 1 month, 1 week ago 1) To get fit; 2) to lose weight; 3) to become more healthy and food aware; 4) to control my body's desire for unhealthy food; 5) no cancer; 6) no high blood pressure; 7) to feel better about my body; 8) challenge myself; 9) to limit my days of being sick. 1 month, 1 week ago Be a better athlete!!! 1 month, 1 week ago marlee small's why?: To stay consistent and continue to be healthy 1 month, 1 week ago cherie abrams's why?: 1) To have more energy and be more productive. 2) To have an excellent attitude toward life and people. page|37
  38. 38. Day Fitness7 Mohammad Tekrouri's why?: 3) I am diabetic and want to get my blood sugar under control or eliminate diabetes totally. 4) I want to get off high blood pressure pills and donate this expense to a good cause. 5) I want to get off cholesterol pills and donate this expense to a good cause. 6) I want to get off diabetic and donate this expense to a good cause. 7) I enjoy working in a cancer center, but I will not enjoy being in it as a patient. 8) I want to live to see my grandkids. 9) My goal is to live a healthier lifestyle to set an example for my daughters, “Model the Way”. 10) Be able to be self-efficient financially and physically until the day I die. 1 month, 1 week ago To look sexyyy a.f. ;) Linda's why?: 1) To be healthier 2) To help change the way my family views fitness 3) To be sexy page|38
  39. 39. Day Fitness7 4) To prove that hangs are possible 5) To stop making excuses for my size 6) To stop having to remember when I wore a certain size 7) To be able to pull clothes from the front of the rack 8) To look as young as everyone thinks I am 9) To keep up with my kids 10) To help lengthen my life span Today Is Day 1 If you reading this right now, you are officially in the 3%... Congrats!! Let me tell you why—because most of us believe that creating an amazing body is simply impossible at this point and you cannot visibly see how your body is going to transform into a body that makes you smile instead of cry... (pause) But I am going to tell you from the bottom of my heart that it can and will happen for you!! TODAY!!! But you must... page|39
  40. 40. Day Fitness7 New You Affirmations for the Next 30 Days Write and Follow these 7 New You Affirmations for the next 30 Days... 1) Believe you have the power to create an amazing body 2) Make a decision to run even when you feel all you can do is crawl 3) Eliminate negative people who are not adding to your life or encouraging your goals 4) Expect the best! Even when it appears that it is getting worse 5) Decide to be a Freaking WINNER!! Because Winners Win and Losers Lose!! 6) Look around you and see what everyone else is doing… And do the OPPOSITE! 7) Take a leap of Faith TODAY!! and Let Master Virtual Trainer Wesley Virgin introduce you to your GREATNESS! Click Here ----> Start Day 1 and Get your Free 8 Week Meal Plan to ensure a very High Success Rate! page|40
  41. 41. Day Fitness7 Your Trainer and Friend, Wesley Virgin IV Master Virtual Trainer Master Motivator World Authority on Health and Fitness Life Expert page|41