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Willowglen Canada, Total SCADA Solutions


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A walk through the products and services provided by Willowglen, Canada: After more than 40 years in business with projects that span the globe, Willowglen has become a leader in SCADA and industrial automation in the industries of oil / gas, urban rail transportation system, electric power, and water / waste water.

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Willowglen Canada, Total SCADA Solutions

  1. 1. WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC. EDMONTON, CANADA MICHAEL VAN DER ZEE, B.SC. 数据采集和监控系统 HIGH-TECH INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION oil / gas electrical power WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC. subway systems water / waste water
  2. 2. CORPORATE OVERVIEW Who is Willowglen? • Willowglen is a SCADA and RTU company based in Edmonton, Canada • We also have offices in Calgary, Canada and in Houston, USA • We are growing our international network of partner companies • Willowglen is more than 40 years old • Willowglen has a senior management team with several individuals having worked for Willowglen for 20+ years! • We our proud of our impressive list of world-famous customers: WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  4. 4. CORPORATE OVERVIEW • Lots of experience around Asia: China Taiwan Aomen Thailand Singapore Korea Malaysia Philippines Mongolia • Experience in other international areas: India Croatia Slovenia Canada Saudi Arabia UAE Nigeria Scotland Mongolia United States England ….... • And ….. over 40 years in business WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC. Chile Bahrain
  5. 5. INDUSTRIES WE WORK IN • Oil and Gas • Electric Power • Water / Waste Water • Subway Transportation Systems WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  6. 6. 3 ESTABLISHED PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGIES: • Control Room Software • World’s best SCADA • RTUs • Connect 4 to 2000 sensors • Flow Computers • Advanced features WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  7. 7. First we will discuss our RTU WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  8. 8. WHAT IS AN RTU? • Pipelines have many sensors as input to the control room (e.g. pressures, temperatures, flow rates, fire detectors, etc.) • Pipelines also have controls as output from the control room to the field (start / stop a pump, open / close a valve, etc.) • In total there are thousands of these input sensors and output controls. In the industry we call these “I/O” points (meaning input / output data points) • These I/O points are not wired directly from the sensor to the control room. Imagine all the wires needed if there are thousands of sensors! And also consider the control room is often hundreds of km away from the sensors! • Instead a group of RTUs is used to manage all the sensors. WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  9. 9. WHAT IS AN RTU? • An RTU is placed in an area that has several sensors. • Depending on the pipeline, there could be 10 - 500+ RTUs. • Each RTU is connected to 4 – 2000+ sensors. • The RTU receives raw electric signals from the sensors and converts them into engineering values (e.g. 18 mA = 46 °C). • The RTU maintains an internal database of all its sensor values. • The RTU data is sent up to the SCADA control room over a communication line using a computer protocol (e.g. Modbus, IEC61870, DACP, etc.). • The RTU sends its data when the SCADA server in the control room asks for it. This is usually once every few seconds. WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  10. 10. WHY BUY A WILLOWGLEN RTU? • Willowglen’s RTUs have many special features and advanced abilities such as: • Most powerful CPU card (32 bit PowerPC, 256 MB RAM, 128 MB flash ROM, 100 hour memory backup super-cap). • More communication ports than other RTUs: 4 Ethernet ports, 6 serial ports (including RS-232 and RS-485), 3 USB ports. No other RTU has this! • Wide outdoor temperature operating range (-50 to +70 °C). • Willowglen three RTU sizes, with the large one able to handle 2000+ I/O points. • Supports industry standard IEC 61131 programming to allow customers to add custom logic. • Can jump to “safe mode” if the connection to the SCADA servers is lost. WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  11. 11. WHY BUY A WILLOWGLEN RTU? • But perhaps the best advantage of Willowglen’s RTU is the fact that it runs a web server! • Think about it: a web server on the RTU allows a user to more easily perform system maintenance on-site compared to other RTU vendors that require special software on a laptop to do the on-site maintenance. • Also, other companies charge $$$ for their custom software, but Willowglen’s method of using a browser is FREE. • Note: the laptop computer connects directly to the RTU with no need to expose it to the internet. • This is a fundamentally different idea from other flow computers and has many improvements. WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  12. 12. Next we will discuss our Flow Computer WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  13. 13. WHAT IS A FLOW COMPUTER? • A flow computer takes input from a flow meter. • The flow meter sends a series of pulses as a frequency input to the flow computer based on the flow rate (e.g. 1 kHz pulses). • The flow computer converts the raw pulse input signal into engineering units (e.g. 1 kHz = 350 m 3 / hour). WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  14. 14. WHY BUY A WILLOWGLEN FLOW COMPUTER? • Our flow computers can measure liquids or gas. • Highly accurate according to international standards such as API chapter 11, AGA3, AGA7, and AGA8. • Willowglen’s flow computer can handle 25+ meters, even if distributed over several manifolds! Other suppliers need 6 or more flow computers to achieve this as they can usually handle only 4 meter runs each. This saves money and saves space! • Note that Willowglen sells the flow computer – not the flow meter. WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  15. 15. WHY BUY A WILLOWGLEN FLOW COMPUTER? • Willowglen’s flow computer also offers these great advantages: • Meter Proving – rather than adding a separate PLC to manage the meter proving, Unisen can manage this task. • Electronic Ticketing – Unisen can perform electronic ticketing and customize the tickets according to your needs. Our competitors can either not do this, or force you to use their electronic ticket formats. • QA Sampling – Once again Unisen can prevent the cost and space associated with a separate PLC to manage the QA sampling process. • Audit Logs – Unisen keeps a record of every configuration change including previous and current value, data / time, and who made the change. WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  16. 16. WHY BUY A WILLOWGLEN FLOW COMPUTER? • Reports – The Unisen flow computer can generate its own reports, and print them directly from its CPU card. This avoids more cost and space by avoiding the need for a PC. • IEC Programming – Unisen supports all five languages in the IEC 61131 specification. This allows customers to develop custom procedures in methods already familiar to them. WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  17. 17. WHY BUY A WILLOWGLEN FLOW COMPUTER? • Dual Redundant! • Perhaps the greatest advantage of Unisen is its ability to be FULLY redundant. Some competitors can offer dual power supply, or dual CPU. But Unisen can offer dual CPU, dual power supply, AND dual I/O! No other flow computer on the market can do this. • Although more expensive, dual redundant flow computers are the only configuration Enbridge purchases them from us. WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  18. 18. Last we will discuss our SCADA control room software WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  19. 19. WHAT IS A SCADA SYSTEM? • Wow – that’s a really big question! • In its simplest form, SCADA is a computer network that gathers all the pipeline operational data and brings it into a control room for humans to understand and make control actions on. WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  20. 20. WHY BUY A WILLOWGLEN SCADA SYSTEM? • After 40 years in business, Willowglen knows SCADA! • Willowglen’s SCADA product is named “SCADACOM” • Version 5 of our product has benefitted from over 200 man YEARS of research and development. Think about it – more than 200 YEARS of experience from industry professionals. • SCADACOM offers many advanced features that other systems can not do: • We are currently testing SCADACOM to handle more than ONE MILLION I/O points! • In addition to our own staff’s capabilities, Willowglen has hired professional IT consultants to test our Cyber Security strength. WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  21. 21. WHY BUY A WILLOWGLEN SCADA SYSTEM? • Willowglen has also engaged PhD level consultants to advise us on the emerging topic of Human Factors. • SCADACOM supports multiple control rooms: a main control room AND an entire emergency control room at another location in case of disaster (for example the tsunami that hit the nuclear power plant control room at Fukishima, Japan). • SCADACOM also supports “hierarchical” control rooms. E.G. several independent functioning SCADACOM systems located at various cities, with a provincial control room overseeing all the city-level control rooms. Each province-level SCADACOM system can then feed data up to a national level control room which can view the information in all the databases below it. WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  22. 22. SCADACOM OVERVIEW • Designed from the ground up to be: – Fault Tolerant - Reliable – Object Oriented – Intuitive – Secure – Encryption, Logins – Centrally Managed - consistent – Distributed runtime database – fast, scalable – Utilize SQL Relational Database for Configuration and History – standardized • Designed for Mission critical applications • Designed for small to large control rooms 22
  23. 23. SCADACOM 5: IMPROVEMENTS • Lower Cost Servers: Run on Intel processors • Operating System Options: • Servers run Solaris X86 or SPARC Solaris • Workstations run Windows or Linux • Workstations run web-based clients • Improved Operator Interface: • More operator specific preferences • Controls on popups
  24. 24. SCADACOM 5: IMPROVEMENTS • Reduced Configuration Time: • General configuration can be done in Excel • Improved commit process – multiple users
  25. 25. SCADACOM 5 • Some of the features for Graphical Models: • can have configurable parameters • can be scaled and rotated
  27. 27. FACEPLATE 31
  29. 29. TECHNOLOGY ROAD MAP - INDUSTRY BOARD Improvements Human Factors Results Reduced Human Error and Information Overload Alarm Management Auditing Training Safe, Effective, Reliable, Productive, and Profitable Operations
  30. 30. “HUMAN FACTORS” EXAMPLE How many abnormal conditions exist in this process unit? emergency priority emergency high priority priority low priority high priority low priority The answer requires: • perception to look only for coloured outlines • cognition to sum them T200 FRAC OVRHD FI226 400.312 MSCFD CSR TI202 261.53 DEGF E209 TI203 200.09 DEGF PI201 18.71 PSI 1-266.92 DEGF 2-254.99 DEGF 3-255.44 DEGF 4-266.00 DEGF 5-271.89 DEGF 6-280.03 DEGF . 7-281.53 DEGF E210 LI224 95 % T203 85% D200 FI204 000.00 MSCFD FUEL GAS PC106 15.73 PSIG FC201 4608.23 BPD 65% PI115 10.77 PSIG PC105 18.70 PSIG 15% CWS T200 TEMPS FLARE 0% FC234 13.29 KBPD LI214 85 % TI223 440.06 F T200 TC201 280.03 DEGF TI213 89.03 DEGF LC204 25 % AI241 320.78 AMPS C205 SOUR WTR FC214 1308.29 BPD 50% SLOP 100% P209 P211 P210 P212 © 2012 Human Centered Solutions, LLP VRU NAPHTHA
  31. 31. I-AME I-AME: Integrated Alarm Management Environment • Alarm Management Elements • Alarm Display Journal • Alarm Management and Configuration Wizards • Operator Alerts and Alarm Group Summary Functions • Alarm History and Review • Alarm Auditor Package
  32. 32. OWLSS OWLSS: Operator Watch – Logbook and Shift Summary • Electronic Logbook • Integrated with Graphics & Database): • Drag and Drop (low data entry requirement) • Complete capture of important information • Operator Graphics • Actual Operational situations • Actual Sequence of events • Actual Best Operational Performance information • Shift Hand-off Tool • Daily Production and Maintenance Orders Completion
  33. 33. ARM ARM: Automated Review Module (Playback Function) • Investigate past: • Operational situations • Sequence of events • Incidents • Best Operation • Functionality: • Step-by-step review • Set of Investigation Tools • Playback at any speed • Complete Information in Operators Environment (Graphics + all RTU Info captured) 41
  34. 34. TSOE TSOE: Training Simulator and Operations Emulator • Train Personnel using: • Exact Operator Graphics used by current Operations • Actual Operational situations • Actual Sequence of events • Actual Incidents • Actual Best Operation • Functionality: • Playback at any speed (slow or fast) • Add annotations and comments • Trainer can monitor trainee progress
  35. 35. PRIME LINE
  36. 36. Finally I will introduce our services WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  37. 37. SERVICES • Willowglen offers gold, silver, and bronze levels of support. The gold level offers 24/7 tech support with guaranteed 2 hour response time. • For software upgrades, Willowglen has an optional program where customers receive s/w updates as we introduce new features and improvements. When upgrading to the next major s/w version (e.g. SCADACOM 6.x) this program provides our customers a discount. • For training courses, Willowglen can teach at our facility in Edmonton, Canada or we can fly out to your location to teach. • Willowglen products come with a one year warranty • Willowglen has a product repair center where we even see some customers bring in 30+ year old equipment and tell us it just now broke, and please fix it! WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  38. 38. PROJECT EXPERIENCE WITH ENBRIDGE Based in Alberta Canada, Enbridge operates the world’s longest and most complex liquids pipeline network, with revenues exceeding $11 Billion. Through the coordinated effort of its 10,000+ employees Enbridge transports more than 2,000,000 barrels of oil and billions of cubic feet of gas every day. Many decades ago in Enbridge’s early days they needed a flow computer that could accurately measure pipeline flow so Enbridge could accurately charge its customers. The Solution: Working closely with Enbridge, Willowglen developed a solution that exactly met their stringent requirements. This flow computer has evolved and improved with successive generations of technology, and Willowglen now sells our flow computer solution to other companies as well. With a strong desire to remain an industry leader, Enbridge always purchases flow computers from Willowglen as “dual redundant” units This means that for every flow computer Enbridge wants, they actually purchase two from Willowglen. We then add some additional equipment to split the raw electric signals to / from the field and allow the two flow computers to communicate to each other and in this way we deliver a fault tolerant solution. Something our competitors are unable to achieve. WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  39. 39. PROJECT EXPERIENCE WITH SUNCOR Suncor Energy is Canada’s largest oil and gas company earning over $40 billion in net annual revenues. With more than 13,000 employees managing facilities in both Canada and USA, Suncor is a leader in its field and is responsible for the production a nd distribution of more than 1,200,000 barrels per day of petroleum product. Responding to increased government legislation and a desire to remain a market leader, Suncor Energy understood their ageing SCADA system had served its purpose and a newer, more capable SCADA system was needed. Suncor wanted a SCADA system that could help them obtain compliance to standards such as: • ISA 18.2 Management of Alarm Systems in the Process Industries • 49CFR Part 192 and 195 Pipeline Safety: Control Room Management / Human Factors • API 1165 Recommended Practice for Pipeline SCADA displays • ISA99 Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security Suncor was also looking for a stable and reliable supplier with a track record of successful SCADA implementations who also had a product road map demonstrating a committed vision to the future of their SCADA business. The Solution: In a competitive bid situation Willowglen was selected against other recognized SCADA vendors as the best candidate for a tot al SCADA replacement. Willowglen put forward version 5 of our SCADACOM product to handle the responsibility of managing all 27 of Suncor’s gas and liquids pipeline assets in both Canada and USA. The solution consists of a main control room and a second fully redundant “disaster recovery” control room in an alternate location. Each control room consists of redundant SCADA servers plus four operator console stations. The main control room also has an engineering / quality assurance computer, an offline replay server, and a web server. Taken as a whole, this SCADACOM implementation is responsible to manage some 25,000 physical I/O points, and was sized to allow growth beyond 100,000 physical I/O points. In addition to the raw I/O points there are a large number of calculated and extrapolated database points (such as max, min, average, etc.). Suncor went further by selecting many of SCADACOM’s optional add -on modules such as the historical replay module, the training simulator module, the operator log book and shift handover module. Suncor also chose to implement this project according to Willowglen’s recommended “Human Factors” approach and in doing so agreed to allow the graphics and system behavior to be implemented differently from their old SCADA system. Letting go of the past gave Suncor the ability to improve operator efficiencies and more importantly increase safety. To round out the project, Suncor opted for Willowglen’s Gold leve l technical support contract which guarantees 24-7 access to our on-call support team and related benefits. Finally, Suncor is participating in Willowglen’s software upgrade program which will keep Suncor on track with future versions of SCADACOM and all the great new features our R&D team are working on. WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  40. 40. PROJECT EXPERIENCE WITH POWERGAS PowerGas is a respected pipeline operator in Asia and is responsible for managing all the natural gas for the country of Singapore, including its extensive transmission and distribution network which exceeds 3,000 km. PowerGas had been using Willowglen’s older SCADACOM version 3.X software since 1997 and decided that to keep current with evolving government regulations they needed a complete SCADA system replacement. PowerGas did not simply grant this project to Willowglen, but instead went through a tendering process. The Solution: In 2012 PowerGas opened a competitive bid and ultimately chose Willowglen against other SCADA vendors as the best candidate for a total SCADA replacement. Willowglen supplied version 5.3 of our SCADACOM software and completely replaced the existing SCADA computer hardware as well. In addition, PowerGas opted for many of Willowglen’s optional add-on software modules such as historical re-play, training simulator, advanced alarm management, and Human Factors optimizations. In parallel with this project, PowerGas continues to purchase and install more Willowglen RTUs. WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  41. 41. PROJECT EXPERIENCE WITH GUODIAN A daughter company of Huadian, Nanjing based Guodian has been a partner to Willowglen since 1999. During these years, Guodian has used Willowglen RTUs and our SCADACOM software as crtical components to the turn-key solutions they provide to their many customers. Guodian uses Willowglen’s products for use in railway electrification projects, in substation automation projects, wind farms, and for subway transportation projects. Due to our strong relationship, Guodian has been invited to provide product feedback and provide insights into the special requirements of the China market and Willowglen has responded by adapting our products as necessary. As an example, SCADACOM is now available in Chinese language. In total, Guodian has installed more than 800 copies of our SCADACOM 3.X software family, and have just started to roll out our current SCADACOM 5.X product (deliveries are currently below 25). WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.
  43. 43. The Power of the Unisen logic engine allows extremely complex features to be quickly developed that addresses the unique needs of more demanding customers. The system is also extremely configurable. The flexibility of configuration allows our RTUs to reflect Enbridge’s view of the world rather than forcing us to wedge our operation into arbitrary device restrictions. This dramatically simplifies our operations.. Dion Dubé, P.Eng. Manager of Measurement Technical Services, Enbridge Year Customer 52
  44. 44. We value our partnership with Willowglen. Willowglen is innovative and very good to work with. Chen Li Dong General Manager, SAC Year Customer
  45. 45. Willowglen is VERY responsive to our needs. Systems Procurement SCADACOM is very very flexible – a great strength SCADACOM was way more reliable than other systems we used. Controls Engineering Systems Engineering Year Customer
  46. 46. Thank-you WILLOWGLEN SYSTEMS INC.