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50 Shades of PM


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This presentation is about the kinky world of Product Management (also known as P&M). You will be introduced to the sadists (also known as employers) who like to create PM roles and job descriptions that are nearly impossible to fit. You will also be introduced to the masochist (the Product Manager) who has to contort skills and background to fit into these roles. In other words, we will explore how employers view PM roles differently – and learn the how you can break in, and how to adapt to be successful. The safe word for this presentation is Agile.

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50 Shades of PM

  1. 1. Fifty Shades of P&M The Kinky World of Product Management MIKETRUJILLO PRODUCTCAMP AUSTIN 21 Sep 15, 2018
  2. 2. HELLO! I AM MIKE TRUJILLO I have held numerous jobs throughout my career.  My specialty is Product Management and helping businesses to build and grow new teams. Starting in the eighth grade, I was recognized by my customers and was awarded Paperboy of the Week by the local newspaper.  I’ve been working hard providing outstanding products and services to my customers ever since.
  3. 3. • Short History of Product Management • Austin History of Technology • 50 shades of Product Management Diagram • Sadists - Companies • Masochist - The Product Managers • Safe Words (How to escape) • Q&A THE AGENDA
  4. 4. Product management is a weird discipline full of oddballs and rejects that never quite fit in anywhere else. Ken Norton - Partner @GoogleVentures “
  5. 5. P&G Brand Men Short History of Product Management ’30’s 40’s 50 - 70’s 90’s ‘01 ‘10 MIKETRUJILLO HP
 VoC Japanese Manufacturing Scrum & XP
 Software Agile 
 Manifesto Lean Startup Source: Mind the Product
  6. 6. ’60’s 70’s Early 90’s Lat 90’s ’00’s ’10’s Short History of Austin Technology Thanks IBM Hardware Bigger Hardware Software Capital Entrepreneur
  7. 7. The Austin PM
  8. 8. The Austin PM Fifty Shades of P&M
  9. 9. Traditional Composition of a PM MIKETRUJILLO Communications Design Technology Business Conductor, Diplomat, Motivational Market Tester, Online User Advocate, Sketch Artist Manager, Code Whisperer Source: Product School
  10. 10. How Austin PMs are Hired MIKETRUJILLO Technology Comm Business Design “Agile” Industry Last Problem P “People Person” Are you my religion? We got burned… Specialist Are you one of US?
  11. 11. MIKETRUJILLO • Companies don’t understand the PM role • History of emphasizing strong technology • Techies are not aways “good with people” • Criteria used to HIRE is not important to SUCCESS • PM is tasked to fix company problems • Continual waves of new technologies over time • Puts PMs into small boxes 
 (hard to break out) Technology Comm Business Design “Agile” Industry Last Problem P TAKEAWAYS?
  12. 12. WANT TO BREAK INTO PRODUCT MANAGEMENT? MIKETRUJILLO • Agile training is not sufficient • Juggling is the most challenging part of the job • Hard to “prove” to employer • Suggestions: • Get into a company you like (any role) • Work into a team lead role • Transfer or shadow the PM team • Safeword: Malleable Technology Comm Business Design “Agile” Industry Last Problem
  13. 13. STUCK IN A BOX? MIKETRUJILLO • Have the skills and experience • Unsuccessful in leveraging in new tech • Tribal issue with tech, age, etc • Suggestions: • Train up on new tech areas • Attend Meetups & network • Be the solution to someone’s Last Problem • Safeword: Break Stuff Technology Comm Business Design “Agile” Industry Last Problem
  14. 14. EMPLOYERS MIKETRUJILLO • Hard to find qualified candidates • Hard to KEEP Product Managers • Suggestions: • Clear understanding of PM role • Recognize & stop tribal activities • Transfer or shadow the PM team • Safeword: Malleable Tech Comm Business Design “Agile” Industry Last Proble
  15. 15. DISCUSSION Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Fifty Shades of P&M