Driving loyalty through Triggered Messaging


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  • MMIntroductions: from MM and MATwo big topics in industry: Marketing automation, Mobile optimisation…The key to marketing automation is driving a marketing behaviour i.e. Loyalty, Acquisition through targeted messages. Intro DM and why we partnered with Experts TM to deliver a single message to marketers on how we have helped clients get started developing automated marketing.Refer back to quote: integration and past customer behaviour, touch points close to when they’re engaged.
  • ??? Use this to explain the partnership?Two way… Web store data into TM, to trigger emails through DMDM to give data to update triggers in TM to drive more purchases through
  • MM
  • MAIts just our clients that are benefitting from Triggered messages..JetBlue: http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article/case-study/how-jetblues-automated-triggers-get
  • MA…. MM: what does your customer need to make the decision you want them to?More information on a independent blog, reviews from other customers, etcbut key message is again pick the right channels to help them do this.. outstanding misconception of brands that all consumers want to hear about the latest happenings, when really consumers desire to be heard and engaged one-to-oneMost of the channels come through to eCommerce, these areas need to be considered, tested if they’re right for your audience, not covered today, discussed with experts what is right for you.
  • MMSessions like this inspire us as marketers with ideas for campaigns we would like to run. Constrained for time we don’t get things moving like we want..KISS: auto receive latest newsletter on sign up, date triggers, car abandonment…Quick setup, left running, review every 12 weeks.
  • MASet your goals before developing… “I want this campaign to drive sales from the click through”Draw back from the end goal – take your marketing hat off.. What makes me purchase this product? Which will give you the content for the emails to your customers / prospects.
  • MA
  • MA….Allowed retailer to spend less on paid search.
  • MA….Allowed retailer to spend less on paid search.
  • MA….Allowed retailer to spend less on paid search.
  • MM to Talk through
  • MAonline consumers are consistently more receptive to behaviourally targeted ads than to contexual adverts - by 22% in some cases – jupiterResearch
  • MM
  • MM:This is your opportunity to shine, reaffirm decision to avoid buyers remorse, build anticipation.You have two weeks usually for delivery, as they get closer to the due date keep them informed.Stage 1, service, still time to get a mattress protector if haven't bought one, Stage 2, we’re delivering on this day, things to doStage 3, we hope you sleep well this evening in your new bed, any concerns details below.Stage 4, after sales helpful messagehttp://www.dotmailer.co.uk/blog/dotmailer-2/better-email-marketing-dont-sleep-on-the-job/
  • MA. Refer again to Forrester quote.
  • MAWe may want to use info from here as well: http://emailexpert.org/transactional-email-14-best-practices/Birthday messages? Order confirmation cross-sell? Order review request?This is but a small hand full,
  • MA MM: thank you… any questions…
  • Driving loyalty through Triggered Messaging

    1. 1. “For repeat shoppers, e-mail is the most effective sales influencer: Nearly athird of purchases from repeat customers initiated with an e-mail. Assuch, businesses should up their efforts to collect e-mail addresses, and tailortheir e-mail marketing messages to each recipients’ device and priorpurchase behavior. “ Forrester 2012
    2. 2. Driving Loyalty and CustomerAcquisition through Triggered Messaging Matt McClelland – Channel Manager Mike Austin – CEO Triggered Messaging
    3. 3. Driving Loyalty and CustomerAcquisition through Triggered Messaging
    4. 4. Agenda – take homes from today• Start really simple• Take off your marketing hat• Look at what your competitors are doing• Catch them while on the brain
    5. 5. Why Triggered Email Programmes? • JetBlue got: – 1640% more revenue per email – 170% higher clickthrough rate"Ecommerce businesses should concentrate more oftheir efforts on traditional online marketing tacticslike search and e-mail than social media. That’s theconclusion of a Forrester study releasedTuesday, which examined 77,000 online transactionsmade between April 1 and April 14. The study foundthat less than 1% of them could be traced back tosocial networks like Facebook or Pinterest”Forrester 2012
    6. 6. Buyers have lots of channels… Quizzes E-news Digital Downloads YouTube Online Community Advergaming Message Boards Online Community Search Customization Podcast Blogging Expert Tips Viral Content Social Networking E-CommerceThe Digital Marketing Experts 6
    7. 7. dotMailer Trial Account
    8. 8. Begin at the Beginning• Just start. Pick a simple program and get it working• Get experts to help you Test and optimise• Leave it working..
    9. 9. A good place to start• Cart Abandonment. 65% of carts are abandoned. Of these, only around 2% of first time purchasers will ever come back• Real-time messaging can recover around 20% of those abandoned carts.
    10. 10. Case study - cart abandonment• An online clothing store• System showed around 47% of carts being abandoned• With a number of triggers, revenue driven by email increased from 5% to 18%
    11. 11. Case study - cart abandonment• Messages sent 3 hours after an abandonment• Without incentive, recovered 18% of abandoned sales• Incentivized offer increased conversion to 21%
    12. 12. A good place to start• *** Increases your sales by up to 30% ****• Non-real-time is 10x less effective than messages within 1 hour• Simple to implement.
    13. 13. Cart Recovery Best Practices• Test what makes your customers more responsive: – test times after abandon – test different incentives (mindful of the cost and margin) – test multiple triggers – test subject lines
    14. 14. "What are the biggest email marketing challenges youexpect to face in the next two years?” (forrester 2012)
    15. 15. Automated Segmentation is key• 69.9% unsubscribers do so because the email contains no relevant products• Open rates are 20% higher for segmented vs non-segmented emails - MarketingSherpa
    16. 16. Simple Segmentation Example• Content Variation depending on choice• Part of welcome programme• Improvements in open, click through, conversion
    17. 17. Post Sale messages• Bed Retailer example• Purchasing decision reaffirmed• Brand affinity as continually informed• automated Personal approach
    18. 18. Transaction-based Triggers• What are transaction-based triggers? Are they for retention for upsell?• How do you target: – past customers ? – people whove abandoned their cart? – people who have browsed products?• Automation is key.• Transactional data
    19. 19. Further Programmes• When ready, move up to programmes like these to optimize the lifetime value of these customers:• Browsed but didn’t buy• Form abandonment• Post-purchase review request• Implied interests - browsed product of type (X)• Upsell - purchased product of type (x) - now sell them (y)• Replenishment
    20. 20. Summary• Start Simple - just one triggered programme• Automate everything• Work with Experts• Load Transactional data into your ESP• Expand programmes at a rate that you can manage• Test and Measure