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Things fall apart presentation

  1. 1. Things Fall Apart Chapter 4
  2. 2. Characters Okonkwo: Grows fond of Ikemefuna but doesn’t outwardly show it. He also beats his 3rd wife Ojiugo: Okonkwo’s 3rd wife Nwoye: Becomes besties with Ikemefuna Ikemefuna: Ends up spending 3 years with Okonkwo’s family. besties with Nwoye Ezeani: Priest of Ani (the Earth Goddess) who fines Okonkwo for breaking the peace
  3. 3. Terms Chi: A man’s personal God that determines his fate and guides his fortune Obi: Main building in the family compound where ZEE huzbaand sleeps Kola Nut: Refreshing yet classay drink Nza: Folk tale bird who forgets his place after being successful and challenges his chi- symbol of man’s arrogance (a.k.a Big Bird) Evil Forest: is where the corpses of those who die during the “Week of Peace” are left to rot Eze-Agadi-Nway: Teeth of an old woman ---CHARACTER ALERT: Nwayieke: Old lady with 3 teeth who lives near a udala tree smoking her life away
  4. 4. Basic Events 1. Okonkwo insults a man who contradicts him at a meeting a. people that are jealous of Okonkwo say he doesn’t deserve his success but by society’s standards he does 1. Ikemefuna has lived with Okonkwo’s family for 3 years a. everybody loves him 1. Okonkwo beats his youngest wife during the “Week of Peace” a. Okonkwo forced to pay fine/first man to break the peace in years 1. Okonkwo and fam clear the farms and sow the manly yam seeds a. other goodies include melons, maize, and beans 1. The Rainy Season ends
  5. 5. Conflicts Okonkwo v.s Ojiugo Okonkwo v.s Nwoye Okonkwo v.s Ikemefuna Okonkwo v.s man
  6. 6. Cultural Norms 1. Men are forbidden to show emotions=sign of weakness 1. Sons carry their father’s stuff around 1. “Week of Peace”= 1 week where no work/ill will is allowed 1. Deep respect for the Gods-Okonkwo was forced to pay a fine for beating his wife despite having a justifiable reason a. Old punishment for breakin the peace was DEATH b. In other clans people that die during the peace are left in the evil forest 1. Yam=MANLINESS 1. Village Rain Dancer
  7. 7. Connections to Today ● Men aren’t allowed to show their emotions=sign of weakness ○ (Anger doesn’t count) ● People that work hard are deserving of respect ○ Okonkwo’s story and the American Dream
  8. 8. Cuz everybody loves a good Argument err.. Discussion... 1. Why Aren’t Men allowed to show their emotions? 1. Should we have a “Week of Peace”? Why or Why not? What would be the punishment for breaking the peace?