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Special project


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Our Special Project is more than just advertising. Check it out!

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Special project

  1. 1. We present The best advertising tool The place for your ads in the front row!
  2. 2. About Слетать.ру Слетать.ру 10,8 million views per month An average of 15 minutes spent by a user on the site The leading system of searching tours in Russia 36 800 000 unique visitors annually and over 2,5 million monthly
  3. 3. Our audience Audience interests 70% travellers 30% employees of TA and TO 80% females 20% males Age 58% 15,7% 14,9% 11,3% 25 - 34 years up to 24 years 35-44 years 45+ years 61,1% 36% 21,1% 16,7% 15,5% 8,3% 4,8% 4,1% travel cinema business autos real estate family and kids finance mobile communication and Internet
  4. 4. Audience geographical range 41,33% Moscow and St.Petersburg’s share 58,67% region’s share 40,36% of them are million cities The Central part of Russia The North-West The Volga region Ural Siberia The South The Far East 5% 34% 23% 17% 9% 6% 6% Ekaterinburg Nizhni Novgorod Chelyabinsk Ufa Kazan Samara Rostov-on-Don Novosibirsk Perm Krasnoyarsk Voronezh Omsk Volgograd 18,51% 11,19% 9,25% 9,20% 9,17% 9,17% 7,99% 7,02% 4,73% 4,58% 3,65% 2,95% 2,57%
  5. 5. What is ? An opportinity to implement non-standard solutions in advertising campaigns on Слетать.ру portal Creating and placing interactive modules on Слетать. ру, which have links to the landing page or your website. Creating a separate interactive landing page with integration of video and photo galleries, designer, surveys, minigames and with an ability to share content on social networks. Branding Слетать.ру home page with a clickable image which when clicked transfers the user to our landing page or to your website.
  6. 6. Examples Will implement any non-standart ad campaign!
  7. 7. Examples Will implement any non-standart ad campaign!
  8. 8. Why ? The interactive and gamificated process of contact with the brand - maximum interest and attention of the audience to your brand! Increasing a brand loyalty and awareness among the target audience is a key to successful sales. Exclusive advertising format provides maximum attention to yourbrand! 7-10 higher conversion rate compared to standard advertising models - the creative approach allows rousing target audience interest much stronger than standard ad formats. Vistors will view your brand advertisements. Maximum involvement in communication process - more brand contacts -> greater loyalty and awareness! 2 500 000
  9. 9. Efficiently and effectively This is the most powerful tool that is equally effective for both branding and selling advertising! Want over 2 500 000 people to get to know you monthly and over 36 000 000 annually? Then is what you need!
  10. 10. Do you like from ? Whant to know details? Contact at: Call at: +7 (800) 700-33-09 Thanks for your time!