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Ready tour packages vs dynamic tour packages


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Ready tour packages vs dynamic tour packages

  1. 1. Russian tour operators are on the verge of another break-through offering economy travelling schemes Brand-new Russian travel search engine, in collaboration with big international industry players, is embracing a new possibility of making technological advances as far as dynamic tour packages are concerned. Every day more than 80,000 users are looking for tours at this website, and more than 250,000 are using its search modules, resulting in 650, 000 searches daily. It is a well-known fact that many Russian tourists prefer “all-inclusive” deals, the overall figure being around 35%, whereas 56% of tourists are ready to pay for comfortable accommodation. These impressive statistics gives grounds to believe that the outbound tourism in Russia is going to retain its current trends, boosting the sales of custom-tailored tours. The recent research data suggest that more than 80% of Russian tourists would prefer ready package tours; however progressive companies have to think further ahead, with the remaining 20%, being turned into potential items of revenue. The search engine in question presents a powerful tool to monitor the offers among more than 123 Russian tour operators. The customer has a chance to see an objective picture for all the destinations as well as current market infrastructure. By choosing the best option in the particular window, the potential buyer can determine the best routes and prices for a particular destination. The prices are always checked online and compared carefully against those offered by all rivals. The website provides a good example of booking a hotel and a flight in one go, choosing amongst the most suitable variants presented by the major search engines, such as and What makes this service truly unique is the fact that the explanations in the Russian language make the overall interface user-friendly and easier to navigate. Each tour package includes the following aspects based on the customers’ needs: information on the flight transfer to/from the hotel accommodation personal insurance the operator’s coverage for emergency situations
  2. 2. Thus, a dynamic package with all the information provided, can be seen on the same screen. Even the ratings of the air company and the hotel are included, so as not to make any errors in the final choice.It goes without saying that one of distinct advantages of dynamic tours is the possibility to rearrange “the ingredients” as compared to a typical ready package tour. So for the first time ever, there appears to be a real choice between the two options, based on the preferences of the customer. These two options are reflected on the screen – one being a ready tour, not envisaging any changes and the other one being its dynamic counterpart where one can easily change some parameters. Additional options include purchasing the package in the office directly or buying with a credit/debit card which is still a novelty among Russian tourists as many of them are very reluctant to use the electronic means of payment, because their mentality would be to prefer the old-fashioned cash payment. One can see the option of buying a package itself, without any additional fees and charges as well as the charges themselves, which certainly eliminates any risk of over-payment. The absence of hidden charges is guaranteed, and the website provides only the most relevant information in terms of included services. The exclamation marks and highlighted areas make it easier to choose the appropriate factors. The price is given in roubles, which might be a crucial psychological factor whilst comparing some resorts and calculating the amounts with the help of a currency converter. One can also see the graph illustrating the changes in dates, the minimum price, the length of the tour and the best deals within a certain time period. Discount prices add to the beauty of this new service as well as the possibility to figure out the visa costs. Intelligent parameters of search engines almost prevent the traveller from getting a zero result. Filters can be also switched on to illustrate the remoteness of the place – the distance from the sea and the city centre. These filters can be applied to set a particular limit on the number of packages regarding one tour operator as well as choosing the most reliable player in the field.
  3. 3. And, as Christmas and New Year’s Eve are looming on the horizon, wish your dreams come true, it's high time for the fulfilment of the dearest wishes!It’s time for miracles!