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Twitter, Foursqaure, Groupon & More to Incorporate Into Your Social Media Paln.

Presented March 25th at the WACVB Tourism Tech Summit by Mike Rosenberg of ethology, William Karz of LA Inc. and Nicole Gustas of Monterey County CVB.

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  • Social Media Intelligence: Use social media monitoring technology to track audience sentiment, content demand, media type (videos, images, copy), and location (blogs, social networks, websites, etc.) as it relates to demand based topics and conversations in order to gain an understanding of the opportunity beyond current efforts. The goal of this step is to gain a level of understanding of the audience members themselves, providing value in relation to desired content, the places conversations are happening, the context of the conversation, and how to participate in the larger most effectively.As a stand alone it is your typical ‘Listening Campaign’Use a data mining tool to figure out what folks are saying about a topic (go beyond the brand/destination, but what is associated with it) – Radian6, Revenate, trackur, Google Alerts…with alerts you can’t really compare things.+ Saying about brand+ Topical intereste around it (typical word cloud stuff)+ Where conversations are happening (blogs, social networks)+ Who are the influencers+ Then develop the strategyLot’s of ppl look at the brand – the next step is to look at the topical interestGoes back to the basic Social Media tenant that if you don’t understand what ppl want, how can you engage them?People – are you hitting folks traveling too or influencing folks to travel to you destinationObjectives – what are you trying to accomplish? Are you really gaining a customer?Strategy – are you a facilitator or originator? One-time fire sale or long-term enthusiast? Technology – What’s your demo use? Email, Facebook…does it need to have Smartphone integration?
  • Replace with Explore Chicago
  • Good example of how installed app base is not necessarily a predictor for usage in a program – people installed Whrrl just to get these freebies
  • Dominant Players in the SpaceBasics of how Groupon worksGroupon redefining what travel is “Anytime you leave your front door”, Rob Solomon, President & COOGroupon says 95% of business want to return to Groupon, an academic study (Rice University) says 66% are profitable and only 58% would do it again. Insist that they structure the deals so merchant make out….ave order is $23, the groupon will be $10 for $20 so there is some spend above and beyond…In last year – 1 to 30 countries (400+ cities); 1 mm to 30 mm subscribers; 100 to 3,000 employeesPut groupon in subject line if you want my attentionAll heard of Fairmont in SF…$5 million in a weekendGroupon simply channels the advertising budget of a merchant into the buyer’s pockets (and in Groupon’s, too).1. Where there is either very low (or even zero) cost for the merchant.2. When the merchant can afford a virtually zero margin, but manage to cross-sell something else.3. When there is a chance to create viral buzz.4. When someone had planned to splash money on advertising anyway.Remember redemption rates
  • Dominant Players in the SpaceGroupon redefining what travel is “Anytime you leave your front door”, Rob Solomon, President & COOGroupon says 95% of business want to return to Groupon, an academic study (Rice University) says 66% are profitable and only 58% would do it again.Don’t expect too much…List of your dealsBusiness ProfileSome Analytics – Gender & Age demos, Geographic Locations, purchase activity timeline
  • Dominant Players in the SpaceLivingSocialone deal per dayHow many users?TO: We're over 20 million. We added about 6 million new subscribers in January, so it's growing fast.Tim O'Shaugnessy, CEO LivingSocial:Through LivingSocial, Amazon is offering members a $20 Amazon.com giftcard for $10, and has already sold 525,000 cards since it started hitting inboxes last last night/early this AM, making it the most-purchased daily deal offer ever. It's even surpassed Groupon's most popular offer, Gap Inc's discount of $50 in Gap merchandise for $25., which sold more than 441,000 vouchers in August.
  • LivingSocial Adventures, which are events that are operated by us. We have people in various cities that are working with merchants in very different ways. We did something recently in New York that was called 'Snowtubin' and Tastin'.'" We actually pick you up in Midtown and we put you on a bus and then we take you to a ski resort. There's a slope completely reserved for us for tubing. Then we take you to a microbrewery for a tour and tasting. Then we bring you back to the city. We're working with three different merchants for that - the bus company, the ski resort, and the microbrewery. There's actually a LivingSocial employee that is on that to make sure you have a great time and that business is growing.Living Social Instant…
  • Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Aol…Google - The new service will look and run similarly to other coupon sites like LivingSocial and Groupon. Basically, you sign up for it and Google will send you a daily email of big discounts in your area. The services run on the power of numbers. Local retailers and companies sign up and give huge discounts on items knowing that they’ll get a giant boost in customers. As I’m sure everyone knows, Google tried to buy Groupon for 5.3 billion Bing - The tool is the creation of Microsoft and The Dealmap, which works to find the best discounts in your area from a host of different websites. The final product will be available on PC and smartphone, and of course you can expect to be seeing it pop up in Bing search results as well. Which has the possibility to be both annoying and helpful: Hastily trying to look up a restaurant address could be buried beneath coupons, but maybe one of those will actually be of service to you. It’s the trade off we’ll all begin to pay more and more as local deal aggregators’ popularity continues to surge. Yahoo! - Groupon deals will be integrated through Yahoo!’s new Local Offers program. Initially, Groupon deals will only be available in the U.S., but plans for international expansion are in place. This is a win for both Groupon and Yahoo. It allows both companies to play off their strengths with Groupon leveraging its breadth and depth of daily deals and Yahoo!’s scale and targeting capabilities highlighted in order to bring the most relevant and useful deals to all Yahoo! users.Aol – Wow.com promises to be different from the plethora of other daily coupon sites out there stating on Wow.com, “Wow provides you and your family with savings at your favorite local and national locations each and every day! Eating, shopping, weekend outings – Wow offers things you want and things you need at a price that makes sense for your on-the-go lifestyle. If you want a deal, we listen and offer up your bargain-of-choice on a silver platter at an astronomically discounted price, helping you stretch your hard-earned dollar to infinity and beyond. So be sure to stay tuned and prepare to be “wowed!”“ You have to print your voucherNYT - TimesLimited features offers from select New York Times advertisers. Each offer is only available for a limited time and in limited quantities.
  • TravelZoo, Expedia…Travel VetsBig Reach, Travel Specific
  • SniqueAway (invitation only…think Gilt Groupe/Jetsetter and Rue La La, TripAletz…Travel Newbies
  • Another alternative is CauseOn, PDX Pipeline…Local Players
  • Integration, Repository & TrackingSummaryIntegrationStandard plug & play widgets
  • Integration, Repository & TrackingSummaryIntegrationStandard plug & play widgetsCustom - APIs keep evolving, the ‘Like’ button, ability to influence the look and feel of the integration – ski resort needs snow conditions, weather, and what else is happening…What about integrating your local deals?We don’t have to pick…cross posting of contentContent RepositoryWhere does it ultimately live? (Website, Flickr, Facebook)TrackingBe consistent use a URL BuilderPlan what and how you want to track
  • Almost lastly…we can’t forget about the SEO value that can be gained from using deals
  • Wldfire Apps
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