Social Media For Prof+Biz Dev


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A discussion with the Boston Women's Transportation Seminar

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Social Media For Prof+Biz Dev

  1. A discussion with WTS Boston Chapter Flickr: Robert S. Donovan 10 TIPS FOR USING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PROFESSIONAL + BIZ DEVELOPMENT 0 0
  2. Hi, we’re Mike and Bluma We’re strategic communications consultants at Booz Allen 1
  3. Download @ Flickr: Armend Krasniqi 2
  4. Roadmap for today’s discussion  What is social media, who’s using it, and why does it matter?  10 tips for professional + biz development  Best advice Flickr: Shahram Sharif 3
  5. What is social media? 4
  6. Who’s using social media? The average professional uses 3-5 social networks for business use – the top being LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter 51% of the Inc. 500, America’s fastest growing private businesses, are on Twitter 19% of Fortune 500 companies were podcasting in 2009 (up from 16% in 2008) and 31% were video blogging (up from 21%) -Society for New Communications Research Every major Federal agency met the most recent deadline for President Obama’s Open Government Directive -Information Week 5
  7. There’s something for everyone Washington State DOT Flickr page shares transit photos Washington State DOT blog shares information on programs and activities 2008 Toronto Transitcamp was planned through a wiki International No-Pants Metrolink, MTA, BART, Subway Ride 2010 in Boston among others, announce was organized on Facebook service alerts via Twitter MBTA delivers customized service alerts via SMS text Caltrain shares PSAs on Transbay Joint Power Authority YouTube promotes new infrastructure on Facebook 6
  8. Popular tools at a glance A blog is a direct conversation between an Blog individual/organization and the public A microblogging site that allows individuals/organizations to Twitter share brief messages about news, what you’re doing or thinking The world’s most popular social networking site with over 300 Facebook million active users including organizations LinkedIn A popular social networking site for working professionals The world’s most popular video sharing site that allow YouTube individuals/organizations to easily upload and share videos A social bookmarking site that allows individuals/organizations to Delicious search, save, categorize, and share bookmarks of online content 7
  9. creation transparency collaborative participatory authenticity honesty sharing community #1. Social media mirrors real life. Flickr: takomabibelot 8
  10. #2. Set your objectives before launch. What do you want to accomplish?  CONNECT: Find those with similar interests and develop personal relationships  COLLABORATE: Contribute and collect information  COMMUNICATE: Promote yourself/organization and control messaging Flickr: Malenkov in Exile 9
  11. #3. Will you just post a sign or sell too? Flickr: Robert S. Donovan Flickr: Dawn Endico 10
  12. #4. Know your audience. Identify channels, influencers, and topics... • ACROSS CHANNELS: Keyword search at • BLOGS: Keyword search at and Google blog search • TWITTERERS AND TWITTER LISTS: Keyword search at • REAL-TIME TWEETS: #Hashtag search at • PROFILES: Keyword search Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace, among others Flickr: takomabibelot 11
  13. BLOGGING DO’S  A blog is a direct, unmediated conversation between one person or  Be conversational group and the public  Tell a story  Write your own blog  133+ million blogs exist and 22% of the top 100 news sites are blogs  Be honest  Write in first person  Post often #5. Blogs.  Have a thick skin  Address controversy 12
  14. #6. Facebook profiles, pages, and groups. 13
  15. #7. Twitter profiles. 14
  16. #8. LinkedIn profiles. 15
  17. #9. Yammer profiles. 16
  18. #10. Measure your success!  Positive/negative tonality of discussion  Referrals, leads, conversions  Comments, public @replies, direct messages, retweets  Fans, followers, RSS subscribers  Positive/negative press, online rumors squashed Flickr: photon ℽ 17
  19. #10. Measure your success! 18
  20. Our best advice to you  Use social media when it fits your personal/professional schedule  Focus your social media adventures and pick the tools that meet your interests  Allot a set/specific time to do social media during the day  Star blog posts, favorite tweets, and bookmark with Delicious  Set those privacy settings!  Have fun! Flickr: gutter 19
  21. Questions? Flickr: Shahram Sharif 20
  22. Connect with us: Bluma Sussman @MikeRobert Flickr: Robert S. Donovan 10 TIPS FOR USING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PROFESSIONAL + BIZ DEVELOPMENT 21 21
  23. APPENDIX Flickr: Shahram Sharif 22
  24. Some considerations for the tools STRENGTH WEAKNESS + Conversational and personal - Legal implications for inaccuracy Blog + Direct line to agency/program - Comments may require moderation + Real-time and offers location functionality - Audience can sometimes be unclear Twitter + Reaches mobile audiences - Requires regular use and potentially engagement + Most popular direct line to stakeholders - Applications should be carefully selected Facebook + Content is shared virally and ads are very - Easy to sound corporate targeted + Most popular social network for professionals - Still gaining in popularity LinkedIn and recruiters - Not as readily accessed in comparison to + Online, shareable resume Facebook + Easily shared and embedded - Comments may require moderation YouTube + Contributes to Google rankings - Video responses may require moderation + Online library of easily shared resources - No click-through data on traffic Delicious + Indexed and searchable by keywords - Limited engagement with stakeholders 23
  25.  Social Media SmartBrief  Mike’s social media bookmarks on delicious  10 commandments of social media  Facebook guidebook  Twitter guidebook  How to manage your social media goals  10 musts for your social media policy Resources to get you started 24
  26. Transportation examples of social media Blogs Social Networks Local bloggers are engaging the public about capital Customers are creating their own communities to rally projects, service offerings and administrative issues around causes and to ensure their voices are heard 25
  27. Transportation examples of social media Twitter Video Transportation agencies are sharing information Transportation agencies are sharing information and (including service alerts) and inviting community inviting community comments through on-line video comments through Twitter (e.g., YouTube) 26