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Maximizing Resources with Crowdsourcing


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Digital Health Communications Extravaganza 2013 presentation given by @emilyspringer and @oleandros

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Maximizing Resources with Crowdsourcing

  1. 1. Maximizing Resources with EffectiveCrowdsourcingDigital Health Communications Extravaganza
  2. 2. Tweet this Talk
  3. 3. Agenda• How do you crowdsource health?• Case study: Real Warriors Campaign crowdsourcing pilot• Case study: Booz Allen Ideas Festival• The possibilities
  4. 4. How do you Crowdsource Health?
  5. 5. Four Fundamentals of CrowdsourcingOrganizations that are successful atcrowdsourcing follow fourfundamental guidelines, including:1. Adopt and/or adapt crowdsourcingplatforms to their unique goals2. Educate leaders and decision-makers on what crowdsourcing is –and what it is NOT3. Clearly state the problem or thequestions4. Actively facilitate and buildcommunity
  6. 6. Real Warriors CampaignThe Real Warriors Campaign is a multimedia public awarenesscampaign designed to encourage help-seeking behavior among servicemembers and veterans coping with psychological health concerns.
  7. 7. Crowdsourcing behavioral health questionsprovides anecdotal, grassroots feedback… This April 29 Facebook post received more than 1,400 likes and comments, vastly positive, in 24 hours and facilitated more than 800 referrals to The most popular response that received the most “likes.”
  8. 8. Anecdotal Results This April 11 Facebook post received more than 80 likes and comments. Provides insight on „grassroots‟ concerns and validates the campaign message that “reaching out is a sign of strength.”
  9. 9. Crowdsourcing Responses by Type 11
  10. 10. Crowdsourcing Responses by Behavior 12
  11. 11. Case study: Booz Allen Ideas Festival
  12. 12. Booz Allen Ideas Festival Takeaways – Created greater visibility and collaboration for all ideas. – Saved money by reducing labor costs. – Enabled participation across the firm‟s teams and geographic locations.
  13. 13. How are You CrowdsourcingHealth Solutions?
  14. 14. Connect with the Real Warriors CampaignConnect with Booz Allen