Flex Cloud Hosting - Reduce server sprawl and optimize server utilization


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Flex Cloud Hosting - Reduce server sprawl and optimize server utilization

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  • Most business have a fairly similar set of overarching priorities as noted here, and likely your business has many of these as well.These business priorities tend to drive these common IT priorities within the business.
  • FlexCloud Hosting provides solutions for some very specific IT priorities like those listed here. FlexCloud is best suited for businesses with 20+ servers, multiple business units, and a team of highly skilled IT folks of 5 or more.
  • The key benefits and features of FlexCloud Hosting are listed here.
  • A key benefit is the ability to reduce the costs of server sprawl, by gaining control of multiple business users and pooling resources and buying resources more efficiently.
  • FlexCloud works on a micro-VM based unit as opposed to a full VM (virtual machine) unit which is how most virtualization is achieved today.The Micro Virtual Machine eliminates traditional constraints on resource deployment.Micro-VMs are dynamically allocated by the FlexCloud management system allowing VM headroom to be saved.
  • This example illustrates how the server optimizations is accomplished.FlexCloud provides true consumption based model across pooled resources. Other providers offering consumption based models, charge on usage of a single VM.
  • These graphs help illustrate how the cost savings are realized between the traditional VM an the micro-VM.In this example the red line represents a month of compute resources required, and the graph on left shows the subscription level that this business must commit to cover their estimated peak consumption on a monthly basis. They pay for unconsumed resources.The FlexCloud example on the right shows how the same business with same consumption is able to save money with a FlexCloud service.With the help from an EarthLink FlexCloud Assessment, a baseline of committed resources is established and the business pays for usage above commit on a 95 percentile basis. So in this example the savings is reflected by the difference between the blue line and yellow line.The FlexCloud Assessment is an SE Led AssessmentSpreadsheet based toolGather server list of applications and server configurationsEnter data into spreadsheet toolTool calculates the estimated minimum number of Micro-VM required for the environmentEnables you to determine the potential savings of a FlexCloud deploymentOn-demand computing with bursting capabilitiesBursting at 20% above baseline – capped to allow overage on demand, but avoid runaway chargesHigher bursting caps available as requestedBilling for burst rates at 95th percentile over 30 day period
  • Create separate public and private environmentsSecurity segmentation of Public/Private VMs and networksPhysical and logical separationIsolation of private workloads with customizable security settingsLocal VPNs for controlled communications between VMs Data Center FirewallDedicated firewall on carrier-class multi-tenant hardware platformProtect your hosted services from both inbound and outbound security threatsNATing of IP addresses to your internal networks 24/7/365 monitoring and protection services from the latest vulnerabilitiesDocumented policy change requests and approvals to ensure that the appropriate policies are applied and enforced
  • Network security and reliability is our top priority within our SSAE 16 SOC2 certified Data Centers. That's why our Bronze level of management is automatically included with EarthLink FlexCloud Hosting. You can gain increased levels of support by choosing to upgrade your services to the Silver, Gold or Platinum support packages. The four levels of managed support increasingly offloads the burden from your IT team in running your servers and operating systems - giving you greater security and reliability. Let our certified server engineers manage your hardware, OS and IT infrastructure, so you can reduce costs and focus on optimizing your core business
  • The Earthlink Next Generation Cloud is a state-of-the-art, integrated computing and storage cloud architecture platform designed to support current and future demands of the IT Services business. EarthLink is using industry leading technology platforms to provide comprehensive IT solutions. VMware:vCloud Powered Provider – Running VMware 5.1  CommVault: Enterprise level backup – fully managed, High speed, fully redundant, enterprise grade storage platforms, enhanced data de-duplication to minimize storage footprint Trend Micro Antivirus: Agentless data protection for your cloud environment Nimsoft monitoring: Proactive monitoring of applications, websites and cloud services Fortinet Data Center Firewall: Complete content protection and Unified threat management NetApp storage: High speed, fully redundant, enterprise grade storage platforms Fortinet Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IPS):Threat monitoring & protection on all incoming traffic Cisco: High availability routing and switching
  • FlexCloud Hosting will initially be available at two EarthLink next generation cloud capable datacenters (Rochester, Dallas)EarthLink has Next Generation Cloud Platforms deployed nationwide to provide better performance for latency sensitive applications and improved diversity for business continuity purposes. Businesses nationwide can now leverage the Earthlink private MPLS network to connect their locations to their business applications and systems located in these data centers.
  • EarthLink’s team of IT Solution Consultants are engaged in the design of every Cloud Hosting solution, and every customer’s Cloud Hosting solution is custom designed to meet your unique requirements. You purchase only what you need and can quickly scale as the business requirements grow.CommVault Enterprise Backup:CommVault is industry leader provider Weekly full backups, daily incremental backupsStandard 2 week retention of backupsCustom retention available on requestDisaster Recovery:Mirrored in second EarthLink Data CenterSAN based replication across Data Centers Includes Virtual Machine metadata to enable SLAs for recoveryFull environment available with RTO of 4 hours after failover initiationYou select the OS (operating system) that you want, Windows, Linus or Solaris.You specify the number of Micro-VMs requiredand the amount SAN storage and backup.EarthLink Cloud Hosting provides redundant high availability firewall protection, N+1 architecture and automatic failovers to keep your Cloud up and running.You maintain complete control over your Cloud with a myLink Administrator portal that lets you scale real-time to meet rapidly changing business needs.EarthLink Data Centers are SSAE SOC2 certifiedand staffed with certified security professionals 7/24/365. (CISSP & CISA) EarthLink is a VMware vCloud Powered service provider, and that means seamless interoperability with any other VMware cloud. VMware is the leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure serving more than 400,000 business worldwide.EarthLink Cloud Hosting Earned the 2013 Cloud Computing Excellence Award from Cloud Computing magazine.
  • I’d like to summarize the following key benefits.
  • We appreciate your interest and hope this has been helpful to you. We’ll just quickly summarize a few of the reasons we’re excited about FlexCloud Hosting, and anxious to help you:The EarthLink Business approach to cloud hosting offers you an infrastructure that:Works with your current infrastructure, policies, and management practicesRemains flexible and secure across your own resources and your new cloud infrastructureCan be implemented incrementally, at modest costStays aligned to your business and IT practices as they grow and changeMeets your business requirements, and doesn’t impose constraints and practices that aren’t compatible with your goals
  • Flex Cloud Hosting - Reduce server sprawl and optimize server utilization

    1. 1. FlexCloud Hosting
    2. 2. Business Priorities • Minimize CAPEX • Maximize employee productivity • Grow the business • Add new compute resources realtime to support growth • Meet compliance requirements • Business continuity and disaster recovery protection IT Priorities • • • Manage change Upgrade aging IT infrastructure Manage IT infrastructure and growth without adding staff • • • Optimize server utilization Ensure disaster recovery protection Focus staff on growth initiatives
    3. 3. FlexCloud Hosting – Solves Specific IT Priorities I am virtualized already with 20+ servers. I need a better way to track server and application utilization and eliminate sprawl. I have a skilled IT staff of 5+ people and I need to maintain management control of my IT infrastructure while leveraging the cloud. I have internal infrastructure and internet facing environments. I need to separate the two networks for security, but track resources across both. I have multiple business units that have their own server farms. I’d like to have a computing resource pooling, tracking and allocation system I need to track cloud environments on a per department basis for charge back and budgeting purposes. My IT staff wants to manage resources and servers but I need a way to present the resource usage and billing to executives and clerical staff.
    4. 4. EarthLink FlexCloud Hosting • Create secure IT environments for individual business units • Monitor and optimize server utilization across multiple cloud environments • Reduce costs of server sprawl by pooling resources • IT team maintains complete control with portals and dashboards. • Create separate public and private virtual environments to meet your security and compliance requirements • Intrusion Detection and Prevention with reporting • Customize firewall rules for enhanced security and compliance • Managed Data Protection and Disaster Recovery • FlexCloud Assessment establishes a baseline resource level • Ability to burst when additional resources required • Fully managed service options
    5. 5. Reduce server sprawl costs by creating multiple business units in same Cloud • IT controls entire Cloud environment – Administrative portal for complete control – Create and allocate compute resources for multiple business units – Authorize business unit resource requests • Control Server sprawl by allocating resources across multiple business units/groups – – – – Track costs internally and charge back on individual business unit basis Business units control their own IT environment via User Portal User Portal provides business unit monitoring and reporting Deliver business unit application and group level SLAs
    6. 6. FlexCloud Utilizes the Micro-VM Concept The Micro-VM:  Defined as 200Mhz of CPU and 768MB of Memory Traditional Virtualization Solutions are based on fixed allocations of processor and memory size for each application or workload Micro Virtual Machine eliminates traditional constraints on resource deployment Micro-VMs are dynamically allocated by the FlexCloud management system allowing VM headroom to be saved, bringing up to 30% reductions in both virtual and physical assets required.
    7. 7. Optimize Server Utilization Cloud Hosting FlexCloud Hosting Virtual Machine (VM) Based Micro-VM Based Convenient . Easy for small number of VMs. Optimize resources for cost efficiencies across IT environment for larger number of VMs
    8. 8. Bursting - Consumption-Based Pricing Cloud Hosting FlexCloud Hosting Virtual Machine (VM) Based Micro-VM Based Capacity sized for guesstimated peak demand BURST CAPACITY SUBSCRIPTION LEVEL RESOURCES CONSUMED RESOURCES CONSUMED SAVINGS 95TH PERCENTILE USAGE WITH BURSTING BASELINE CAPACITY Minimum commit rates are established, with the ability to burst past those rates MONTHLY USAGE MONTHLY USAGE
    9. 9. IT Administrator & Business Unit Portals • myLink Portals • Administration portal provides overarching resource control • Service Catalogs can be customized on a per user or organizational basis • Business User portal provides usage reporting and alerts • Enable cost containment / management across business units Admin Portal Services Catalog Business-User Portal
    10. 10. myLink FlexCloud Business User Portal • • • myLink FlexCloud Portal provides a comprehensive dashboard of real-time cloud activity Monitor overall cloud workload performance by viewing real-time consumption and application-level monitoring metrics Role-based access allows administrators to grant user access to certain virtual datacenters with pre-determined policies
    11. 11. FlexCloud Hosting - Customizable Security Configurations • Create separate public and private environments – Securely segment Public/Private VMs and networks – Physical separation on different compute blades – Access private VMs via secure MPLS or VPN • Flexible Firewall functionality with Data Center Firewall – Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IPS) with reporting – Create site to site VPNs – Customize Firewall rules
    12. 12. FlexCloud Hosting Managed Services Options • Bronze Level service is included • Upgrade to more comprehensive levels Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Network Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Power Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Hardware Support Yes Yes Yes Yes 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Advanced Monitoring Yes Yes OS Installation Yes Yes OS Patches & Security Updates Yes Yes Antivirus Services Yes Yes OS Reloads Yes Yes Server Reboot 24/7 Emergency Support Basic Monitoring (ping) Backup Management Restore Yes Yes Yes Yes 1 2 3 5
    13. 13. FlexCloud Hosting – EarthLink Next Generation Cloud 13
    14. 14. 14 Next Generation Cloud Data Centers: Built on Nationwide Private MPLS Network
    15. 15. EarthLink FlexCloud Hosting • • • • • • • FlexCloud Assessment Consultative support to help you design a customized solution Multi-layered security, self-healing cloud architecture, and automatic server failover Scaling and Cloud Server Management through User Portals Hosted in SSAE 16 SOC2 certified data centers CommVault Enterprise backup Disaster Recovery option Cloud Computing Excellence Award recognizes companies that have most effectively leveraged cloud computing in their efforts to bring new, differentiated offerings to market. • • • • • • • • 15 10 MB Internet Bandwidth Bursting of compute resources 10G NetApp SAN storage Data Center Firewall Intrusion Detection and Prevention Managed service option 99.99% uptime guarantee 24/7/365 monitoring
    16. 16. FlexCloud Hosting Key Benefits • • • • • • • • Optimize server utilization and control server sprawl Create separate business unit cloud environments Business unit user controls Complete IT control with Administrator portal Customize security policies to meet industry compliance Create Public and Private facing environments Eliminate CAPEX Reduce on-premises data center & IT operating expenses 16
    17. 17. 17 Achieving IT Agility in Your Cloud Designed to meet your business requirements -- not “one-cloud-fits-all” Works seamlessly with your current IT investments Aligned to your business and approach to IT Flexible and secure, both on and off-premise Incremental, not wholesale, change