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  • Security is more important now than ever before. When hackers access a business ’s list of client’s personal data, it makes the headlines. No business want this type of publicity, as their reputation becomes tarnished, and both current and prospective clients lose their trust. The financial costs for large business can be in the millions, and for small and mid-sized business the consequences can be catastrophic. And the hackers show no sign of quitting as cyber attacks have nearly tripled in the past year.
  • The age of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is here. Employees like to stay connected in today ’s always connected world, but they want to do so with their own devices. Let’s face it, they don’t want to drag their laptops around with them. Why not take advantage of this trend, and give them secure through their own devices? Many businesses now find themselves with an IT staff that is a “cost center” dedicated to supporting internal systems and end-users. Yet business executives recognize the opportunity exists to refocus these limited resources to strategic revenue generating initiatives, if they could be unchained from supporting internal systems.
  • Virtualization and outsourcing continues to be a viable solution to these types of challenges. Specifically a Hosted Virtual Desktop solution represents a very attractive solution for businesses of all sizes. As this writer suggests, why not let a cloud service provider do “all the heavy lifting” of building and maintaining the infrastructure while you pay a predictable monthly subscription fee?
  • EarthLink Business has established itself as a provider of Virtualization services including Cloud Computing and Cloud Hosting, and now is offering a Cloud Workspace service EarthLink Cloud Workspace is a managed Hosted Virtual Desktop solution that lets you customize and control your desktop environment enabling your employees use any company owned or personal device to make a secure connection over the public internet or your own secure network.
  • Cloud Work space delvers value to business in a number of ways, but I ’d like to highlight those benefits under these 4 categories: First and foremost are the cost savings. Some of the most significant savings can be realized by the avoidance of capital expenditures required to purchase new servers, and associated networking devices in your data center. You will also reduce costs to power and cool your data center, and may even be able to reclaim the “real estate” now occupied by your data center. Many businesses find that the IT operating expenses may be reduced by 40-60% once the burden of maintaining and upgrading servers and supporting end users is removed. Cloud Workspace is a monthly subscription fee based on number of end-users which results in a highly predictable monthly spend without the costly surprises that can happen when IT systems fail. Secondly, this solution increases employee productivity in a number of ways. Your mobile and remote workforces are able to stay connected with any company owned or personal device connected to the internet. Your employees have instant access to more than 250 world class applications currently running in our data center. Software upgrades and patches happen on centralized servers and are immediately available to all end-users, without the downtime normally experienced when their PC ’s get physically turned over to IT for reconfiguration. You can rapidly onboard new locations and new hires. This can be especially helpful if you have seasonal employees or interns that need to be quickly turned on and then turned off Third, there is the peace of mind that comes form being protected. Our data center operates with SSAE 16 SOC 2 compliant processes and infrastructure to protect your confidential data and the privacy of your clients. Our certified security personnel are monitoring our infrastructure 24x7, to provide immediate remediation from hackers, viruses, and other malicious intruders. You maintain complete control of your workplace environment and its easy to customize security policies and clearances for all employees and to quickly modify as necessary. Sensitive data resides only in the data center, and isn ’t compromised when devices are lost or stolen. Lastly, we deliver a fully managed, redundant data center with automated backup and disaster recovery. We perform routine hardware & software maintenance cycles on schedule and all testing is done in the Cloud without interruption to normal business process and risks to operating systems. As we noted earlier many business spend 80% of their IT staff time on running the internal systems and servicing internal end-users. With Cloud Workspace, you get to refocus your IT staff onto strategic and profit generating initiatives. In short, EarthLink Cloud Workspace delivers a Fortune 500 experience that any business can afford.
  • Cloud Workspace features: You connect with any device over any network. No additional expenses for networks or devices. You get all our security protection. You get all our business continuity services: data storage, data backup and disaster recovery services. You get 24/7 technical support. You pay only a fixed monthly fee based on the number of end users each month.
  • This slide highlights the high level of customization available with Cloud Workspace. You get to bring an unlimited number of your own applications to your work space. These can be off-the-shelf titles you have purchased, applications that have been customized for you or applications you have built yourself. We will integrate all these custom apps into your cloud space environment. You also have access to more than 250 applications we have running in our data center. You only need to pay licensing fees. We will install and manage all your installations at the same monthly fee. No additional charges for adding more applications. We will also integrate all your security and end user management policies. You control who has access to each application and specific data files.
  • We recognize that you have other options when considering a Hosted Virtual Desktop provider, and suggest you consider the following benefits we provide that not all our competitors offer: We deliver a fully integrated solution, the infrastructure, the applications, the security, and the management of the entire system. This is a turn-key solution. Our solution requires no additional software development on your end. We don ’t run on proprietary software, your applications and data files don’t need to be modified, and most importantly you are NOT locked-in to our system. Your data and systems are portable should you choose to move them in the future. We take care of integrating new applications, you don ’t need software development expertise on your end. But if you do want to build your own applications, we allow your developers to build custom apps, many other providers don ’t permit this. We have the most extensive library of applications currently running and you have access to all of them. And we continue to add to this list of titles.
  • So in conclusion, I ’d like to thank you for you time today and close on this slide summarizing the 4 key benefits of implementing an EarthLink Cloud Workspace solution. Any Questions?
  • EarthLink Cloud Workspace

    1. 1. EarthLink Cloud Workspace
    2. 2. Typical Business ChallengesHow do I protect my clients data, andensure compliance with security laws?How do I keep IT costs at aconsistent predictable rate?How do I minimize IT capital expenditures & reduceIT operating expenses, without sacrificing services?How do I affordably improve productivityfor all my employees?How do keep my mobile workers betterconnected to our systems?How do I get my limited IT staff refocused onstrategic revenue generating initiatives?
    3. 3. Security & Compliance are Mission Critical“Approximately 80 percent of small businesses that experience adata breach go bankrupt or suffer severe financial losses within twoyears of a security breach”- Small Business Computing Magazine“2011 proved to be another tough year for companies attempting todefend sensitive information from cyber attack. Rate of personalrecords being compromised roughly tripled from 12 million in 2010 to30 million in 2011.”– Privacy Rights ClearinghouseCyber attacks have nearly tripled in the past year.
    4. 4. Business Trends Support Virtualization“IT can no longer ignore the increasing clamor of requests to provideaccess to corporate resources from smartphones, tablets and otherconsumer-owned devices.”- Global Leader of Workplace Enablement Services, Accenture“It’s generally accepted that ongoing IT operations consume 80% or more ofIT staff time leaving, no more than 20% of time for value-add project work.This fact has always frustrated IT executives as well as their business peerswho continue to have more and growing demands.”- Five Top Issues facing CIOs in 2012Dedicating Resources to the Value-Add…
    5. 5. A Solution to These Challenges:“Hosted virtual desktops will be the biggest and most interestingopportunity for SMBs rethinking their desktop deployments withvirtualization. In this kind of model, cloud service providers andcarriers do all the heavy lifting of installing the back-endinfrastructure to support virtual desktops, and customersaccess the virtual desktop images as a monthly service.”- Forbes.comHosted Virtual Desktop solutions represent a veryattractive solution for businesses of all sizes.
    6. 6. Our Hosted Virtual Desktop SolutionEarthLink Cloud Workspace:A customized cloud workspace environment for you to control yourbusiness applications and data with secure access for all youremployees from anywhere, from any device, via any internet or privateMPLS connection. Your virtual office wherever you are.
    7. 7. Delivers value to your business:• Significantly reduce operating costs and eliminate capital expenditures• Increase employee productivity.• Eliminate complex security challenges• IT infrastructure that’s centralized, consistent and agile.EarthLink Cloud Workspace
    8. 8. • Supports mobile and telecommuting workforce• Secure, instant access to files, applications and email from anyInternet connection, public or private MPLS• Connect with any company owned or personal device• Highly secure infrastructure• Stop your data from “walking” away on employee laptops• SSAE 16 SOC 2 compliant process controls and infrastructure• Certified security experts, infrastructure monitoring 24x7 forimmediate remediation from viruses, and other maliciousintruders.• Business continuity• Fully redundant data storage and routine back-up• Disaster Recovery protection• Cost effective Fortune 500 IT experience• 24 x 7 technical support• Fixed monthly fee per userEarthLink Cloud Workspace - Features
    9. 9. EarthLink Cloud Workspace - Features• Customization• Customized workspaceenvironment• Custom applications• More than 250 best-in-classapplications, only pay licensingfees• Unlimited installation andmanagement of applications• Customized directorypermissions security policies forall your employees on anindividualized basis
    10. 10. Cloud Workspace Case StudyBusiness Situation:• Student Transportation Industry• Small IT Staff• One office location• Rapid Expansion PlansBusiness Challenges:• 40 acquisitions• 150 new offices• Integration of business apps• Minimize IT investmentsCloud Workspace Results:• $300 million revenue business• Supports 5,000 end-users• Running ~ 50 applications• IT staff of 4• IT saving of $7.6 million annually
    11. 11. EarthLink Cloud WorkspaceOur Competitive Advantages:• Delivers a fully integrated solution: infrastructure, applications, securityand management• Plug & Play – no internal software development required to get startedimmediately• Nonproprietary software, easy to import and export applications and data• Easy to integrate new applications – no software developer required• Customize your own applications• More than 250 best-in-class applications already hosted, immediateaccessible for no additional charge (only pay for licensing)
    12. 12. Let EarthLink Cloud Workspace help you…• Significantly reduce operating costs and eliminate capitalexpenditures by eliminating on-site servers and software andtheir maintenance.• Increase employee productivity by empowering mobile workersto stay always connected with any device from any internetconnection• Eliminate complex security challenges to protect your clientsconfidential information with a SSAE 16 SOC 2 compliantprocess and infrastructure.• IT infrastructure that’s centralized, consistent and agile for best-in-class technologies supported by industry-leading controls
    13. 13. EarthLink Cloud WorkspaceBusiness Applications
    14. 14. Cloud Workspace Application List1099 Convey Desktop EditionAbstractExpressACE AuditACT! by SageACT! Premium for WebACT! Premium for WorkgroupsAct! Sales ManagerActiveSyncAdapt CRM EnterpriseAdobe Acrobat ReaderAdobe Acrobat StandardAdobe IllustratorAdobe InDesignAdobe PhotoshopADP Payroll for WindowsAgFed Coop BuyerAlpha COMAmicus AttorneyAmstat PremierArcExplorerArchitectural DesktopAttorney Client VersionAtriumBar Code 128Bart for WindowsBarTenderBest Case BankruptcyBlackberry Enterprise ServerMichies Maryland Primary LawMicrosoft AccessMicrosoft CRMMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft ExchangeMicrosoft FrontpageMicrosoft Great PlainsMicrosoft InfoPathMicrosoft Instant MessengerMicrosoft Internet ExplorerMicrosoft Office SuiteMicrosoft OutlookMicrosoft PaintMicrosoftPowerPointMicrosoft ProjectMicrosoft PublisherMicrosoft SharePointMicrosoft SQL ServerMicrosoft VisioMicrosoft Visual StudioMicrosoft WordMotorola iDEN SDK for J2METechnologyMovie Magic ScreenWriterMozillaMYOB Premier AccountingMySQL ManagerMySQL StudioNavision Attain ClientNEOTERIS, INCNotepadNovaNet-WEB Backup ClientONet 98 VieweroptiCABSOracle Database ServerOrganizational Unit Information
    15. 15. Cloud Workspace Application List (con’t)BLiveBusiness Alerts for SageCabsConverterCallAttendant OfficeCardscanCharter Aviation SoftwareComet TrackerCommunity Reinvestment Act DataEntryConsumer Loan ManagementSystemContact CaptureCorelDRAW Graphics SuiteCorporate ModelerClientCounterPoint SQLCreative Solutions ProfessionalSuiteCrystal Reports EnterpriseCrystal Reports ProfessionalCrystal Reports StandardCSReporterCute FTPCyberQueryDashDreamweaver CS3EasyBusEasy TranslatoreFax Messenger PlusOutlook ExpressPageMakerPalm DesktopParadoxPatron EdgePC Charge Payment ClientPC Input for WindowsPC LawPDF 995PDFBlasterPeachtree Premium / QuantumAccountingPersonal Financial PlanningPervasive SQLPGP Desktop ProfessionalPocketMirrorPointPractice Aid ManagerPremiums and Discounts Pro GoldXPPro SuiteProduct Designing ToolProduction Status Report SystemProphecy Mileage & RoutingProposal Master Active-X ControlsProSystem Tax FxPulse Franchise Office SystemPushMXQuatro ProQuickBooksQuickBooks Point of SaleQuicken Home & BusinessRaisers Edge ClientRealFast FormsReference ManagerElectronic Filing SystemEntrepreneur Edition
    16. 16. Cloud Workspace Application List (con’t)EP BudgetingEP Schedulinge-PrintEsquire Office Professional EditionF9FAS Asset Accounting ClientFAS Asset Inventory ClientFinal DraftFinancial EdgeFireFoxFlash PlayerFleetDirectorFleetMax Client ServerFlowFRx Financial Reporting SoftwareGhostscriptGoChart ClientGoldBox for SQLGoldLinkGoldmineGoldMine Plus AccountingHandheld Contact EnterpriseHits SQLIfranViewRemoteScanReportExpressRMARSS FeedReaderRTA Fleet ManagementSage Abra SuiteSage BusinessWorks AccountingSage CRM SalesLogixSage MAS 200Sage MAS 500Sage MAS 90Sage PFWSalesLogixSalon & SpaSavings Bond WizardSBI NurseryScanExpressScanShare ProScribe Insight for SalesLogixSearsboro Access/SQL App.Smart SuiteSmartDraw ProfessionalSmartDraw ViewerSnag-ItSoft Paper PortSoftTime XPSpyWareStormerStarOfficeStarShipStellent Universal Content ManagerStreets & TripsStudioMXSuper FormsSuperForm TaxSureTrak Project ManagerIllustratorImageReadyInaport
    17. 17. Cloud Workspace Application List (con’t)Income Tax PlannerIntraSmartiReports for SalesLogixiOrderExpressiShadowiTimeZoneJaguarJInitiatorKodak ImagingKellerScanKVS EnterpriseKVS StandardLeapFTPLegacy Planning SystemLitigation ToolboxMaintenance ManagerManager PlusMapPointMarketingPilotMarketSharp CEMasterClipsMedical ManagerMedentMichies Maryland PrimaryTenant ProThunderbirdTime Trak 5000TimeSlipsTitleExpressTotal Connect Payroll SuiteTotal FBOTrillianTripMasterTurbo AttendanceTurboLawTvalueUltraEdit-32 Professional Txt/HexEditorUPLinkValuSourceVersaTrans RPviaWARPViceVersaViewPrintVineyardsoftKnowledgeSyncVisual Day PlannerVolo ViewVolunteerWorksWebDriveWebEx ClientWinCost ProWindXWindX Plug-inWinZipWordPadWordPerfectZetafax