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Secure eMail from EarthLink

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  • NOTE to presenters – this ppt is focused on the Hosted Exchange. This service is the most economical Cloud email service we offer.If a customer wants a Dedicated service instead of a Shared service, then EarthLink offers a Dedicated Exchange or a Dedicated Zimbra email service (these two services are not covered in this deck, so a follow-up discussion might be appropriate) If a prospective customer requires more that 75 email boxes, a Dedicated Hosted MS Exchange 2010 or Dedicated Zimbra service might be more cost effective solution.
  • Today’s business owner wants to have an email service that maximizes employee productivity while minimizing the cost and headaches associated with managing the hardware, software and security of their email. Add to this the regulatory compliance requirements and running an email service on an in-house basis can easily become an unwanted burden.Some experts suggest that Email might be the best and easiest application for businesses to move to the Cloud.
  • Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company, agrees with moving email to the cloud.They identified many benefits for businesses of all sizes to move their email service from an in-house solution to a cloud based solution.Most notably the reduction of the headaches of running email internally and ability to reallocate IT resources to be more productive.They also highlighted the real costs savings associated with moving email to the cloud – about 25% for businesses with under 10,000 seats.
  • EarthLink provides a very cost effective Shared Hosted solution with Microsoft Exchange 2010. This is that most current version of MS Exchange and delivers the best collaboration and calendar sharing tools available. You no longer need to purchase your own MS Exchange licenses as that’s included in the monthly fee.A significant benefit of hosting your Email in an EarthLink Data Center is the security protection for your inbound & outbound email. We provide the anti-virus and anti-spam protection, so you don’t need to purchase these software application and deal with the associated upgrades and maintenance.On the next few slides, I’ll show you the many standard features included in your Shared Hosted Email serviceBut I wanted to mention that we have addition services that you may want to consider purchasing as part of your email solution.We have Email encryption and archiving services and can provide a branded web portal for you to share large files. We can also provide you with a branded message center for sending/receiving encrypted emails.
  • EarthLink Hosted email delivers all the features inherent in MS Exchange plus the added security protection.Your business get 25 Gigabits of storage per mailbox purchased, so if you order 10 mailboxes you get a total of 250 Gigabits of storage across all 10 mailboxes (so no single mailbox is limited to 25 GB). If your business requires additional storage, than you can purchase incremental blocks of storage.
  • You maintain complete control of your email service and can make changes on-line from any internet connection through the Control Panel.
  • If you need the added security of Email encryption, this service is an add on option to Hosted Shared MS Exchange 2010
  • If you need Email archiving for business purposes and/or to comply with FRCP, the Email Archive this service is available as add on option to Hosted Shared MS Exchange 2010.This service features an E-Discovery search function for simple and rapid retrieval.
  • So why should you select EarthLink for your Hosted email solutions.
  • So in summary – the 3 primary reasons most business move their email to the cloud are as follows:Improve employee productivityImproved securityReduce IT costs and headaches
  • EarthLink Business Hosted Exchange Solution

    1. 1. Hosted Exchange
    2. 2. Typical Business ChallengesIs our email fully compatible with all our remoteand mobile employees’ personal devices?How can I reduce the complexitiesassociated with managing our ownemail service?Are we spending too much IT budget on email hardware,security, licenses, upgrades and maintenance?Is our email platform meeting all regulatorycompliance requirements for security, archivingand encryption?Do I have the IT staff available to keep my emailup and running all the time, and provide backupprotection?How do I support the secure transfer of filesthat are too large for email attachments?Does our email enable maximum employeeproductivity and collaboration?
    3. 3. The Gartner Position on Cloud Email: June 1, 2012• Staff redeployment. Cloud email typically requires one-quarterto one-half of the staff required to manage on-premises email.Resources that are freed up by the move to cloud email aretypically reassigned to duties which return more value to theorganization.• Economics. For organizations under 10,000 seats, cloud emailcan be less expensive than on-premises email by about 25%.• Complexity avoidance. Email is getting more complex asdemands for mobility, redundancy, port 25 (SMTP) protectionand storage are rapidly increasing. Cloud email enablesorganizations to avoid some of the growing operationalcomplexity of email.
    4. 4. 4Secure Email Services• Secure Email is a hosted application that provides users withenterprise-grade business features including calendaring,contacts and document sharing capabilities while protectingwith powerful anti-virus and anti-spam• Options include– Email Encryption– Email Archive– Secure Message Center Portal – encrypted communications– Additional email storageUpgrade your email services to enterprise-classservices and gain productivity and efficiency.
    5. 5. 5• Shared server features– Shared - turn-key simplicity• Minimum 5 mailboxes• 25 GB storage per mailbox• Features– Email– Calendar– Address book– Web access– Mobile phone support– Control Panel– Anti-virus– Anti-spamHosted Exchange
    6. 6. 6Hosted Exchange Control Panel
    7. 7. 7• Encrypt sensitive data in email when required• Provide full content scanning for encryption• Control security policy• Recipient receives email and is required to entera password to open email• Meet regulatory compliance: HIPAA, GLBA, SOXEmail Encryption
    8. 8. 8Secure Message Center Portal• Message encryption for clients and partners that don’t support emailencryption• Meet regulatory compliance: HIPAA, GLBA, SOX• Securely send to anyone,anywhere on any device• No software or user trainingneeded• No impact on internal ITresources or infrastructure• Branding customization basedon your organization’s needs• Feature customization foroptimum flexibility
    9. 9. 9Email Archive• Secure vault provides email preservation forcompliance and operational purposes• Archive records in original state to comply withFRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure)• E-Discovery: search and retrieve archivedemails based on user name, recipient, date,time and subject• Protect against accidental deletions of emails
    10. 10. 10• Anywhere, anytime access of emails, contacts, calendars and filesfrom any device• Increase productivity by collaborating securely with coworkers,customers and suppliers• We provide MS licenses, backup software and antivirus software• Expert staff (CISSP & CISA) to maintain and manage your emailplatform, no internal IT support required• Hosted Email in SSAE 16 SOC 2 highly secure data centersEarthLink Secure Email Advantages
    11. 11. 11Delivers value to your business:• Enhance employee productivity with simplified collaboration tools• Protect your email against inbound/outbound threats with powerful firewalls,anti-spam and anti-virus• Reduced IT costs and complexityEarthLink Secure Email