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EarthLink Business - Business Continuity

  1. 1. Business Continuity
  2. 2. Typical Business Challenges How much does it cost me to have my IT environment or systems off-line, and how quickly does my disaster recovery failover systems to come on-line? How can I implement an affordable business continuity plan without capital expenditure, and not overloading my IT staff? Does my business continuity plan adequately protect my mission critical IT environment, systems and data from man-made and natural disasters? Does the location of my business continuity systems provide enough geographic diversity to protect me from a widespread disaster? Does my business continuity plan include the disaster recovery options necessary to get my IT environment, network and voice systems back up and running fast enough?
  3. 3. Can you afford a network outage? Organizations have experienced application and data loss over the past year4100% Forty-three percent of companies that experience a major data loss do not reopen143% 80% Companies are out of business within two years of experiencing a major data loss351% Companies that do not rebound from a data loss within one month are likely to go out of business in the near future2 Sources: 1. DTI/Price Waterhouse Coopers 2. Bernstein Crisis Management 3. University of Texas Center for Research on Information Systems 4. CA Technologies Survey, Dec 2011 Cause of lost data was IT systems failure4 78%
  4. 4. Any internal or external event that shuts down your systems • Natural Disasters − Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, blizzards, ice storms, wildfires, thunderstorms, high winds, floods… etc. • Server crashes, hardware and network failures • Accidents, human error, theft or sabotage What causes an outage?
  5. 5. Super Storm Sandy had widespread impact • 650,000 houses destroyed or damaged • 8.5 million without power for weeks • Severe damage to businesses in NJ − 19,000 NJ businesses sustained damage of $250K or more − Total business losses at $8.3 billion Disasters strike without warning Source: Tropical Cyclone Report Hurricane Sandy (AL182012)
  6. 6. More frequent extreme hurricane surges in the future1 • Frequency to increase 10 times in coming decades • Chance of Katrina magnitude hurricanes have doubled Sources: 1. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, March 2013 2. Colorado State University – Tropical Meteorology Project, April 2013 • 2013 forecast: 18 tropical storms – 9 will become hurricanes • Typical year has 12 tropical storms, 7 are hurricanes 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season2 Frequency of disasters predicted to increase
  7. 7. Operational outages - a greater threat A regional disaster is only one type of event that impacts downtime IDC Business Continuity Study • The greatest threats came from power outages, security, and telecommunications failures • Near majority had to initiate an application or data recovery in past 12 months • Only 10% had to activate a data center recovery • Only 6% experienced a facility loss. Source: IDC, The State of Business Continuity in End-User Environments, April 2011, #227783
  8. 8. Which business services do you need to protect? Which services will you prioritize? • Essential IT applications: E-commerce, business applications, email, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and accounting. • Structured data: Core databases required for applications/services to function. • Network services: operations management, collaboration, marketing, sales, credit card processing and access to shared or cloud services. • Security: identity and access management, firewalls, and PCI compliance. • Voice services: customer care, call centers, and internal collaboration.
  9. 9. Comprehensive Business Continuity capabilities from EarthLink • IT Infrastructure Recovery • Data Backup Recovery • Database Recovery • Network Service Recovery • Security Recovery • Voice Service Recovery Regional Diversity
  10. 10. Disaster recovery of your data, applications and operating systems. An affordable cloud based server that replicates your primary server environment and can be quickly scaled to fully replace your primary servers to get your business back up and running. IT Infrastructure Recovery
  11. 11. Take advantage of the cloud: • Disaster recovery protection of data, applications and operating systems • Continuous real-time replication • Supports multiple IT environments - physical and virtual servers • Fully managed service • Minimal expense for replication server environment, no CAPEX • Pre-configure failover environment – only pay for full resources if needed • Geographic diversity in the event of a widespread disaster • Failovers executed in 4 hours • Replication and failover that continuously captures byte-level changes as they occur • Worry Free replication – automated and transparent (non-disruptive) EarthLink Cloud Disaster Recovery
  12. 12. Data Backup Recovery EarthLink Cloud Server Backup • Instantaneous on-line access to data – replicated on disk, not tape • Data remains intact and recoverable for disaster recovery protection • Email confirmations of successful backups and/or errors • Fully mirrored data replication across multiple SAN disks • Wizard to set your own backup schedules and priorities • Web portal to manage backups and view detailed reports • Define your levels of backup – incremental, full system, and real time • Best practices for data retention to satisfy compliance requirements
  13. 13. Data Base Recovery EarthLink Cloud Hosting with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 • High availability • Mirrored on 2nd server • Instantaneous failover • Advanced security
  14. 14. Network Service Recovery • EarthLink MPLS − MPLS reroutes traffic around points of failure • EarthLink Internet Connect − Utilizes public internet connections as alternate route, if MPLS connections down • EarthLink Secure Remote Access − Access private networks from any internet connection, when primary networks/offices offline • Backup Access Options from Earthlink − Managed router access with ADSL or Wireless connectivity
  15. 15. Security Recovery • Firewall support for all locations on an MPLS Network • Cloud-based firewall EarthLink Hosted Network Security Firewall Features: • Stateful inspection • NAT and PAT • URL filtering • Web content filtering • Application control • Intrusion detection and intrusion prevention (IPS) • Antivirus, anti-malware and anti-spyware
  16. 16. EarthLink Hosted Voice Hosted Voice is a fully managed enterprise class IP phone system. Accessible from any Internet connection, so ideal as a business continuity solution. Limitless Office Location Scalability Remote Worker EarthLink Support Center Find Me Follow Me Metaswitch Voice Service Recovery
  17. 17. EarthLink SIP Trunking and PRI Auto-Reroute Load Balancing Failover between multiple IP PBXs Failover to a 8xx number if site fails Voice Service Recovery
  18. 18. EarthLink SIP Trunking Disaster Recovery Physical layer failover • Automatic failover to secondary connection ONLY if primary connection out-of-service • Secondary connection to same or alternate location. • Second connection is carrier neutral Voice Service Recovery
  19. 19. Business Continuity Case Study • Gelato, sorbet and frozen yogurt maker • Headquartered in Florham Park NJ • Oregon manufacturing plant • Nationwide sales team & distributors Ciao Bella Situation Business Challenges • Aging Servers, slow performance on mission-critical applications • Unreliable email provider, frequent outages • No dedicated IT staff • Controller spent too much time troubleshooting IT infrastructure “We needed a total refresh. Our newest server was eight years old.” Bob Serchuk, Controller, Ciao Bella.
  20. 20. The Solution • All servers and applications on Cloud Hosting platform in EarthLink Data Center • Migrated entire NJ data center to EarthLink • Migrated email to EarthLink Secure Email Cloud Hosting & Secure Email Business Benefits EarthLink Data Center. • Avoided $80K of CAPEX • Improved application performance • Increased security • Reliable email service • Eliminated need for local maintenance contracts “We saw a terrific increase in speed. It’s like day and night. Updates which took hours before, now only take five minutes” Bob Serchuk, Controller, Ciao Bella.
  21. 21. Business Continuity in Action • Superstorm Sandy hits NJ in October 2012 • Two week power outage at NJ headquarters Superstorm Sandy Ciao Bella stays in business • Servers/applications and email stayed fully operation in EarthLink Data Center • Nationwide sales team able to submit orders for production in Oregon • Distribution centers able to ship & invoice orders “If we didn’t move to cloud services, we would have been out of business during the hurricane.” Bob Serchuk, Controller, Ciao Bella.
  22. 22. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solutions Protect your mission critical IT infrastructures, data, applications voice and network services. Customized Business Continuity Consultation Let our Solution Engineers help you design a customized business continuity solution. Contact EarthLink Business: 1-800-957-4872 |