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Outsourced Help Desk solution from EarthLink Business

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  • Business and IT executives are faced with a number of IT challenges. Everybody is being asked to do more with less, so IT staff resources are spread thin and often overloaded, and overloading your IT staff by asking them to work odd hours on routine tasks results in dissatisfaction and high turnover rates. You’d rather that IT staff be focused on strategic revenue generating initiatives, but you still need to support your internal end-users, especially senior level executives who expect all their devices to work flawlessly all the time.
  • Adding to these challenges, we are entering the age of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is here. Employees like to stay connected in today’s always connected world, but they want to do so with their own devices. Why not encourage your employees to use their own devices if it keeps them more productive, but then you need to be ready to provide support when they have issues loading apps and connecting to local Internet access points, and accessing your VPN, Most businesses recognize that their IT staff spend a high percentage of time to supporting internal systems and end-users. And as technology becomes more complex and integral to business activities, end-users will continue to place higher demand on being supported.
  • Experts agree that for business to grow, a shift in how IT allocates it resources must happen. Outsourcing of routine IT functions represents a very viable and affordable way for businesses to make this transition. If done with the right providers, it should deliver the same or even better quality of an internal solutions, and almost always at a significant reduction in cost. It’s equivalent to adding IT resources to the business without adding headcount or cost.
  • EarthLink Business has established itself as a reliable provider of outsourcing solutions with its portfolio of Virtualization services including Cloud Computing, Cloud Hosting and Cloud Workspace. We are now launching the new EarthLink TechCare, a help desk service that delivers a customized world class IT care experience for our client’s end-users. This service maximizes their employees productivity from the office, at home or on the road. EarthLink TechCare is fully integrated into their unique IT environment and our North American based certified professionals seamlessly resolve their end-users technology challenges. This enables our clients to refocus your internal IT resources to more strategic initiatives. And for some of our clients, they may not even have a formal help desk, so this gives them IT support that they may have been going without.
  • EarthLink TechCare delvers value to a business in many ways, and I’d like to summarize them as follows: First, this service solution increases employee productivity in a number of ways. Your mobile and remote workforces are able to get connected regardless of their locations and when they have issues, we get them resolved quickly to minimize their downtime. Second, a principle driver for implementing this service is the associated the cost savings. Adding and training full-time IT staff to manage an in-house help desk can be costly, so avoiding that headcount or redirecting existing headcount can result in significant savings. There are no capital investments with this service. Third, we relieve the IT staff from the routine and repetitive tasks of supporting end-users and avoid the associated burn-out and turnover. This keeps the IT staff on more important projects and keeps them more motivated, a win-win situation. Lastly, there is the peace of mind that comes form knowing your end-users are receiving the best possible customer care from a reliable provider. In short, EarthLink TechCare delivers a Fortune 500 experience that any business can afford.
  • EarthLink TechCare is a fully outsourced & managed Solution. There is no investment in capital, staff or manpower required. We have more than 70 highly skilled experts in our call center to handle all your help desk needs. Our call center runs on best-in-class telecommunications systems and is fully redundant. We follow ITIL best practices which translates to a consistent high quality experience for your end users. (ITIL is the abbreviation for the guideline IT Infrastructure Library. ITIL is the worldwide de-facto-standard for service management and contains broad and publicly available professional documentation on how to plan, deliver and support IT service features) EarthLink TechCare also provides on-line reporting, statistics and client satisfaction reports EarthLink TechCare offers a flexible service menu Choose Level 1 service only or also add the optional Level 2 services With both level I or Level 2, you select a 24/7 coverage plan or a 9/5 coverage options Regardless of the combination of levels & coverage, the monthly fee is a flat per seat based on number of seats. We offer a rate for a as few as 1-5 seats, with the best price for more than 500 seats with 4 more tiers in-between. One of our more popular features is the customized VIP support for key executives.
  • Every EarthLink TechCare deployment is customized for each client. The client defines their end user requirements to be supported in their Level 1 and Level 2 services. They select from a menu of service components, and add any other unique support elements desired. We can support 3rd party and home grown applications We document their IT environment of networks, devices, printers, partners, applications, peripherals, and VIPs For some businesses, this might be their first deployment of a formal help desk process, so we take the time to work with them and help them define escalation thresholds and processes for third party vendors, so that we can ensure a seamless handoff for end-users We also help them create the process for ticketing standards and defining severity levels
  • EarthLink is an experienced and reliable supplier of help desk services with more than 17 years of experience.. Today our call center supporting more than 1,000 businesses with more than 80,000 end-users and we resolve more than 40,000 incidents a month. We support businesses across all industry segments, from SMBs to Fortune 500s We provide a highly responsive service as documented by our performance metrics 70% calls reach a live person in less than 30 seconds On average all calls reach a live person in less than 60 seconds 70% issues resolved and closed on the first call
  • We recognize that you have other options when considering a Help Desk provider, and suggest you consider the following benefits we provide that not all our competitors offer: We tailor our service to fit your needs – this is not a one-size fits all standardized solution We provide a customized VIP service We have a proven and mature process We are not an off-shore or near-shore solution – your end-users won’t be facing poor quality overseas connections or hard to understand accents Most importantly, we have a team of dedicated analysts that are driven to resolve issues in a friendly and courteous fashion.
  • So in conclusion, I ’d like to thank you for you time today and close on this slide summarizing the 4 key benefits of implementing the EarthLink TechCare service. Any Questions?
  • This is a sample list of the types of items that are considered Level 1. Client may choose all or some of these and add some of there own.
  • This is a sample listing of items defined as Level 2 support When purchasing Level 2, Level 1 is included An easy way to think about what differentiates a level 2 from level 1 item is as follows: A level 2 item typically requires a remote Connection to a server for resolution.
  • EarthLink Business Tech Care

    1. 1. EarthLink TechCare
    2. 2. Typical Business ChallengesHow do I affordably support all my end-userstechnology challenges on a 24/7 basis?How do I keep IT costs at aconsistent predictable rate?How do I reduce IT operating expenses withoutsacrificing services?How do I support the technology challenges ofmy most demanding customers- our seniorexecutives?How do I keep my mobile workers betterconnected to our systems?How do I get my limited IT staff refocused onstrategic revenue generating initiatives?How do I reduce turnover of myvalued IT staff?
    3. 3. Business Trends Support Virtualization“IT can no longer ignore the increasing clamor of requests to provideaccess to corporate resources from smartphones, tablets and otherconsumer-owned devices.”- Global Leader of Workplace Enablement Services, Accenture“It’s generally accepted that ongoing IT operations consume 80% or more ofIT staff time leaving, no more than 20% of time for value-add project work.This fact has always frustrated IT executives as well as their business peerswho continue to have more and growing demands.”- Five Top Issues facing CIOs in 2012Dedicating Resources to the Value-Add…
    4. 4. A Solution to These Challenges:“With IT budgets relatively flat at most companies, and withcompetitors fighting for every scrap of business, CIOs can nolonger afford to spend 70% to 80% of their precious fundssupporting and maintaining existing systems. They must shift,permanently, a big chunk of their budgets into growth initiatives--IT projects and programs that open new markets and drive newbusiness rather than just maintain the status quo.”- Information WeekOutsourcing solutions represent a very attractivesolution for businesses of all sizes.
    5. 5. Our Managed Help Desk SolutionEarthLink TechCare:Delivers a customized world class IT care experience for your end-usersthat maximizes their productivity from the office, at home or on the road.This service is fully integrated into your unique IT environment and ourNorth America-based certified professionals seamlessly resolve yourend-users technology challenges, enabling you to refocus your internal ITresources to more strategic initiatives or add IT support without adding ITresources.
    6. 6. Delivers value to your business:• Keeping your employees productive in the office, at home and on the road• Customized and scalable solution meets your current and future needs• Peace of mind from a reliable experienced provider• ~ 70% cost savings versus your in-house Help Desk expenseEarthLink TechCare
    7. 7. • Fully Outsourced & Managed Solution• 70+ Technical Experts Support full range of end-user issues• No investments in capital, staff or training• Best-in-class fully redundant telecommunications systems• ITIL best practices – consistent high quality experience• On-line reporting, statistics and client satisfaction reports• Flexible Service Offers• Level 1 service with optional Level 2 services• 24/7 or 9/5 coverage options• Flat rate per month based on number of seats• Customized VIP support for key executivesEarthLink TechCare - Features
    8. 8. EarthLink TechCare• Custom Build• You define end user requirements to be supported in your Level 1and Level 2 service• You select from a menu of service components and add any otherunique support elements desired• We can support 3rd party and home grown applications• We document your IT environment of networks, devices, printers,partners, applications, peripherals and VIPs• We help you define escalation thresholds and processes for thirdparty vendors, and we ensure a seamless handoff for end-users• We help you create the process for ticketing standards and definingseverity levels
    9. 9. EarthLink TechCare• Experienced & Reliable• Supporting more than 1,000 businesses• Supporting more than 80,000 end users• Resolving more than 40,000 inbound incidents a month• Mature process – 17 years of experience• Supporting all types of businesses - from SMB to Fortune 500• Responsive• 70% of calls reach a live person in less than 30 seconds• On average all calls reach a live person in less than 60 seconds• 70% of issues resolved and closed on the first call
    10. 10. EarthLink TechCareOur Competitive Advantages:• A customized solution fully integrated into your unique IT environment• Customized VIP support for key executives ensuring they have priorityand special handling• Proven and mature process, more than 17 years experience• North America-based technical experts – an on-shore solution• Our technical experts are knowledgeable, courteous and diligent customeradvocates empowered to solve issues and deliver a superior customerexperience
    11. 11. Let EarthLink TechCare help you…• Keep your employees productive in the office, at home and onthe road around the clock• Significantly reduce the costs of operating your in-house helpdesk• Reduce IT staff turnover and keep them focused on strategicinitiatives• Achieve peace of mind knowing that your being supported by areliable experienced provider
    12. 12. EarthLink TechCareLevel 1 & Level 2 Support ItemsPricing
    13. 13. EarthLink TechCare• Workstation troubleshooting and triage• Support for Windows based desktops and supported applications• Support for custom/vertical applications if support documentationis provided• Network/Internet connectivity issues• Desktop peripheral hardware: Printers, Keyboards, Monitors,Mouse, Barcode readers, etc• Basic “how to” questions• Escalation• Includes access to EarthLink portal for reporting• Output to ticketing system, e.g. Autotask• Connectivity, POS, OS, Remote Access, Peripherals, Spyware,Anti Virus, after hours answering serviceLevel 1 support: sample list
    14. 14. EarthLink TechCareLevel 2 support includes Level 1 plus issues that require remoteConnection to a server for resolution: sample list• Server based password resets• User add, moves, changes in Active Directory• User Administration of MS Exchange or hosted e-mailapplications• Supported applications as defined during on boardingprocess• Firewall troubleshooting (with documentation)• Server OS diagnostic and troubleshooting• The help desk will troubleshoot server operating systemproblems, document and recommend changes/patches