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A must read for citizens who feel offended by the systems ..

We must live not exist


  1. 1. A Wonderful World By Manmohan Kumar Rana Alias Mike Rana
  2. 2. A Wonderful World Dreams and Reality
  3. 3. A Wonderful World
  4. 4. Questions Is this world the same that I saw during my childhood Why is our country so different from the advanced countries What kind of world are we going to pass down the generations
  5. 5. Baseline of Prosperity What could be the baseline definition of a good world Which year of the century it might be
  6. 6. How did this world change Who changed it and why
  7. 7. Purpose of our Lives To give expression to the infinite potentialities of our existence Ildi Antal A young Australian Philosopher
  8. 8. Take good care of family and friends Excel in your professions Then extend your reach An Artist could have the potential of being a leader An engineer may deliver excellent music A doctor could be a good cook
  9. 9. Political Arrogance 2011, Anna Hazare was arrested publically because he demanded measures for action against people in high places Baba Ramdev met the same fate 2012, The Delhi rape case highlighted the unjustifiable treatment of public anger by those in power, with arrogant body language
  10. 10. India is unlucky, because of her religious diversity Unlucky that a unified Church does not exist that can question the politicians They have divided and polarised the society
  11. 11. Corruption Its Two Aspects Solution : To Enact a new Law
  12. 12. Demystifying Religion Meaning Worthiness Unifying people
  13. 13. Sustainability International Power Circles Domestic Power Equations Natural Resources and Progress Technology
  14. 14. Paradoxes If all politicians are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits If all politicians are against inflation, WHY do we have inflation If all politicians are against high taxes, WHY do we have high taxes You and I don't propose the budget, someone else does You and I don't write the tax code, representatives do You and I don't set fiscal policy, government does You and I don't control monetary policy, the Central Bank does Then If the budget is in the red, it's because they want it in the red If the tax code is unfair, it's because they want it unfair If the border issues remain unresolved, it's because they want it that way
  15. 15. The Wall Think of it ladies and gentlemen, Who crafted this chaos? Politicians, corporate, religious leaders or we ourselves. There is no straightforward answer to this but certainly an impregnable wall between the ruled and the rulers prevents anything to happen. 1. 2. 3. 4. Dynasties or Empires must be sustained The ecology need not be Poverty remains, Prosperity eludes Discrimination and polarization are inevitable
  16. 16. We are focussed on 1. Air-conditioning and fast Transport. Energy is not our concern 2. Drinking water from plastic bottles 3. We consume adulterated medicines 4. We bring corruption and crime to our indoors
  17. 17. Media – Untapped Powerful yet Powerless Broadcast versus Social nets TRP versus Image Building Censorship
  18. 18. Remodelled Socialism A Solution that seems Logical Reasonable Practical and Doable
  19. 19. A Wonderful World Dreams and Reality Non-Fiction 320 Pages Manmohan Kumar Rana Published by ABC Publishers 25 Dec 2013 Amazon Link Flipkart Link