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Managing Your Security Investment


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Northland Controls outsourced global security operations center (GSOC) is for companies that want the power and benefits of a SOC without making the investment

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Managing Your Security Investment

  1. 1. NORTHLAND CONTROL SYSTEMS SECURITY PROPOSAL 1 MANAGING YOUR SECURITY INVESTMENT Our managed services optimize your investment and ensures a safer workplace ► Maintenance & replacement ► Security device audit ► Local and global technicians ► Accountable Work Order tracking system DEVICE SERVICES ► Access control administration ► Cardholder verification and changes ► New user management ► Usage and Activity Reports USER MANAGEMENT ► 24/7 Live person ► Door unlock/lock ► Employee escort ► Badge activation/deactivation EMPLOYEE CARE ► Alarm & event verification ► Guard Dispatch ► Video verification ► Policies & procedures ALARM MANAGEMENT INTELLIGENCE SERVICES HOSTING