Instrumentation and control series


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Instrumentation and control series

  1. 1. The Instrumentation and Control Series consists of 13 core subject areas necessary to achieve therequisite competency for further specialization.Instrumentation andControl Series©2012 Technology Transfer Services, Inc. All rights reserved.14497 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Suite 120 • Tampa, Florida 33618 • (813) 908-1100 Fax (813) 908-1200www.techtransfer.comInstrumentation and ControlFundamentalsIndustrial Processes and Control• Industrial Processes• Continuous Applications• Batch Applications• Discrete Process Control• Process ControlPrinciples of Measurement• Forms of Measurement• Measurement Terminology• Accuracy and Repeatability of Measurement• Measurement ErrorsIndustry Signal Standards• Measurement of Signal Standards• Live Zero• Industrial Applications of Signal StandardsPressure MeasurementPressure Measurement Basics• Pressure Measurement• Units of Pressure• Unit Conversion• Dead Weight Testers• Pressure Sensor PositioningU-Tubes and Well Manometers• Operation of U-Tubes and Well Manometers• Reading U-Tubes and Well Manometers• U-Tubes and Well Manometers ApplicationsBourdon Tubes• Bourbon Tube Operation• Types of Bourdon Tubes• Reading Bourdon Tubes• Industrial Applications of Bourdon TubesBellows and Diaphragms• Bellows• Diaphragms• Bellows and Diaphragm ApplicationsLevel MeasurementDirect Measurement• Direct vs. Inferred Measurement• Sight Glasses• Floats• DipsticksDisplacers• Operation of Displacers• Displacer Components• Applications for DisplacersDifferential Pressure LevelDetectors I (Operations)• Hydrostatic Pressure• Operation of Differential Pressure LevelDetectors• Effect of Temperature•Differential Pressure LevelDetectors II (Applications)• Wet Reference Leg• Dry Reference Leg• Zero Elevation and SuppressionRev.0.0.1
  2. 2. ©2012 Technology Transfer Services, Inc. All rights reserved.14497 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Suite 120 • Tampa, Florida 33618 • (813) 908-1100 Fax (813) 908-1200www.techtransfer.comAir Bubblers• Bubbler Level Systems• Common Applications of Air Bubblers• Advantages and Disadvantages of AirBubblersCapacitance Level Detector Probes• Capacitance Level Detector Probe Operation• Applications of Capacitance Level DetectorProbes• Capacitance Level Detector ProbesTerminologyUltrasonic Level Detectors• Ultrasonic Level Detector Components• Ultrasonic Level Detector Operation• Applications of Ultrasonic Level DetectorsFlow MeasurementFlow Characteristics and Principles• Flow• Laminar Flow• Turbulent FlowBernoulli’s Equation and FlowCalculations• Bernoulli’s Equation• Bernoulli’s Equation and Head Flow Meters•Head Flow Meters I• Head Flow Meters• Flow Nozzles•• Venturi MetersHead Flow Meters II• Pitot Tubes• Rotometers• AnnubarsPositive Displacement Meters• Positive Displacement Meter Terminology• Operation of Positive Displacement Meters• Positive Displacement Flow Meters• Types of Positive Displacement Flow Meters• Applications of Positive Displacement MetersRotary Positive DisplacementMeters• Rotary Positive Displacement MeterOperation• Components of Rotary Positive DisplacementMeters• Rotary Positive Displacement MeterApplicationsDiaphragm Positive DisplacementMeters• Operation of Diaphragm Positive DisplacementMeters• Diaphragm Positive Displacement MeterComponents• Applications of Diaphragm PositiveDisplacement MetersNutating Disk Meters• Nutating Disk Meter Operation• Components of Nutating Disk Meters• Nutating Disk Meter ApplicationsMagnetic Flow Meters• Operation of Magnetic Flow MetersInstrumentation andControl Series
  3. 3. ©2012 Technology Transfer Services, Inc. All rights reserved.14497 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Suite 120 • Tampa, Florida 33618 • (813) 908-1100 Fax (813)• Magnetic Flow Meter Components• Applications of Magnetic Flow MetersVortex Flow Meters• Vortex Flow Meter Operation• Components of Vortex Flow Meters• Vortex Flow Meter ApplicationsUltrasonic Flow Meters• Operation of Ultrasonic Flow Meters• Ultrasonic Flow Meter Advantages• Applications of Ultrasonic Flow MetersCoriolis Flow Meters• Coriolis Flow Meter Operation• Components of Coriolis Flow Meters• Coriolis Flow Meter ApplicationsOther Types of Flow Meters• Paddle Flow Meters• Turbine Flow Meters• Single-Jet Flow MetersTemperature MeasurementBasic Temperature Measurement• Principles of Operation for TemperatureDetectors• Temperature Detector Components• Applications of Temperature DetectorsTemperature Measurement UsingLiquid-and Gas-Filled Tubes• Liquid-Filled Temperature Detectors• Gas-Filled Temperature Detectors• Industrial Applications of TemperatureDetectorsTemperature Measurement UsingBimetallic Strips• Bimetallic Strips• Components of Bimetallic Strips• Bimetallic Strip ApplicationsTemperature Measurement UsingResistance Temperature Detectors(RTDs)• Principles of Operation for ResistanceTemperature Detectors• Resistance Temperature Detector Applications• Advantages of Resistance TemperatureDetectors• Principle of Operation for BridgesTemperature Measurement UsingThermocouples• Theory of Operation for Thermocouples• Thermocouple Output• Connecting Thermocouples• Positive and Negative Leads• Applications of ThermocouplesTemperature Measurement UsingThermistors• Thermistor Theory of Operation• Components of Thermistors• Thermistor ApplicationsAnalytical MeasurementpH Measurement• pH and the pH Scale• Theory of Operation for pH Measuring Devices• pH Measuring Device Components• Applications of pH Measuring DevicesInstrumentation andControl Series
  4. 4. ©2012 Technology Transfer Services, Inc. All rights reserved.14497 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Suite 120 • Tampa, Florida 33618 • (813) 908-1100 Fax (813) 908-1200www.techtransfer.comConductivity Measurement• Theory of Operation for ConductivityMeasuring Devices• Conductivity Measuring Device Components• Conductivity Measuring Device ApplicationsO2Measurement• O2Measuring Device Theory of Operation• O2Measuring Device Components• Applications of O2Measuring DevicesH2Measurement• Theory of Operation for H2Measuring Devices• Components of H2Measuring Devices• H2Measuring Device ApplicationsTransmittersElectronic Transmitters• Electronic Transmitters• Components of Electronic Transmitters• Theory of Operation for Electronic Transmitters• Electronic Transmitter ApplicationsSmart Transmitters• Smart Transmitters• Smart Transmitter Components• Smart Transmitter Theory of Operation• Applications of Smart TransmittersPneumatic Transmitters• Pneumatic Transmitter Terminology• Pneumatic Transmitter Operation• Legacy ApplicationsContemporary PneumaticTransmitters• Contemporary Pneumatic Transmitter Theoryof Operation• Advantages and Disadvantages ofContemporary Pneumatic Transmitters• Contemporary Pneumatic TransmitterApplicationsTransmitter Calibration• Transmitter Calibration•• Five-Point CalibrationDiscrete DevicesPhotoelectric Sensors• Photoelectric Sensors• Photoelectric Sensor Components• Photoelectric Sensor Theory of Operation• Applications of Photoelectric SensorsProximity Switches• Proximity Switches• Components of Proximity Switches• Theory of Operation for Proximity Switches• Proximity Switch ApplicationsLimit Switches• Limit Switches• Limit Switch Components• Limit Switch Theory of Operation• Applications of Limit SwitchesReed Switches• Reed Switches• Components of Reed SwitchesInstrumentation andControl Series
  5. 5. ©2012 Technology Transfer Services, Inc. All rights reserved.14497 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Suite 120 • Tampa, Florida 33618 • (813) 908-1100 Fax (813)• Theory of Operation for Reed Switches• Reed Switch ApplicationsMicro Switches• Micro Switches• Micro Switch Components• Micro Switch Theory of Operation• Applications of Micro SwitchesBasic Control PrinciplesBasic Control Loops I• Self-Regulated• Non Self-Regulated• Open and Closed Control LoopsBasic Control Loops II• Feedback Signal• Types of Control Loops• Feedback Structure• Control Loop TerminologyTwo-Position Control•• Purpose of Two-Position Control• Two-Position Control Terminology• Applications of Two-Position ControlsProportional Control• Direct vs. Reverse Action• Units• Measurement vs. Output Reference• Offset Error• Offset ReductionProportional and Integral Control• Integral Control• Units• Proportional and Integral Control• Applications of Proportional and IntegralControlProportional and Derivative Control• Derivative Mode• Units• Proportional and Derivative Control• Proportional and Derivative ApplicationsProportional-Integral-Derivative(PID) Controller• Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Control• Key Concepts• Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID)AlgorithmBasic Control Loop Tuning• Tuning Criteria• Mathematical Criteria• Types of Tuning MethodsControl StrategiesFeedback Control• Feedback Control• Theory of Operation for Feedback Control• Feedback Control Diagrams• Applications of Feedback ControlsFeed-Forward Control• Feed-Forward Control• Feed-Forward Control Theory of Operation• Feed-Forward Control Diagrams• Applications Feed-Forward ControlInstrumentation andControl Series
  6. 6. ©2012 Technology Transfer Services, Inc. All rights reserved.14497 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Suite 120 • Tampa, Florida 33618 • (813) 908-1100 Fax (813) 908-1200www.techtransfer.comRatio Control• Ratio Control Strategies• Theory of Operation for Ratio Control• Ratio Control Diagrams• Ratio Control ApplicationsCascade Control• Cascade Control Strategies• Cascade Control Theory of Operation• Cascade Control Diagrams• Applications of Cascade ControlThree-Element Control• Three-Element Control Strategies• Theory of Operation for Three-Element Control• Three-Element Control Diagrams• Three-Element Control ApplicationsAdvanced Control Loop Tuning• Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID)Algorithm• Tuning Criteria• Advanced Tuning MethodsControl Systems ArchitectureProgrammable Logic ControllerOverview• Components of a Programmable LogicController• Programmable Logic Controller Theory ofOperation• Stages of a Scan Cycle• Ladder Logic DiagramsProgrammable Logic ControllerHardware• Central Processing Units• System Buses• System Memory• Input/Output Sections• Power SuppliesProgrammable Logic ControllerAddressing• Numbering Systems• Addressing Terminology• Rack Addressing RulesProgrammable Logic ControllerSoftware• Software vs. Firmware• Human Machine Interface• Programmable Logic Controller LogicInstructionsIndustrial Communications• Industrial Communications• Industrial Communication Technologies• Industrial ApplicationsDistributed Control System (DCS)Fundamentals• Distributed Control Systems vs. ProgrammableLogic Controllers• Major Components• Analog vs. Discrete Input/Output• Input/Output Card Wiring Arrangements• Status IndicatorsInstrumentation andControl Series
  7. 7. ©2012 Technology Transfer Services, Inc. All rights reserved.14497 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Suite 120 • Tampa, Florida 33618 • (813) 908-1100 Fax (813) 908-1200www.techtransfer.comFinal Control ElementsControl Valves• Control Valves• Types of Control Valves• Control Valve ApplicationsActuators• Actuators• Types of Actuators• Theory of Operation for ActuatorsPositioners• Positioners• Types of Positioners• Theory of Operation for PositionersCurrent-to-Pressure Transducers(I/P)• Current-to-Pressure Transducers• Current-to-Pressure Transducer Theory ofOperation• Applications of Current-to-PressureTransducersVariable Frequency Drive (VFD)Fundamentals• Variable Frequency Drives• Theory of Operation for Variable FrequencyDrives• Variable Frequency Drive Advantages andDisadvantagesVariable Frequency Drive (VFD)Common Components• Variable Frequency Drive Components• Variable Frequency Drive Indicators• Applications of Variable Frequency DrivesI & C PracticesPrime Standard Measurement TestDevices• Prime Standard Testers• Prime Standard Equipment• Dead Weight Tester Applications• Primary Standard Equipment CalibrationSecondary Standard MeasurementTest Devices• Secondary Standard Testers• Secondary Standard Equipment• Secondary Standard Equipment Calibration• Instrument Loop SimulatorsSignal Analysis Test Equipment• HART Communicator Testing• Fieldbus Testing• PROFIBUS Testing• Loop and Instrument CalibrationTubing, Piping, and InstrumentWells•• Common Terminology• Sensing Line Installation• Instrument Well InstallationSampling Systems• Sampling Systems• Types• Batch Sampling System Components• Process Inline Sampling SystemComponentsInstrumentation andControl Series
  8. 8. ©2012 Technology Transfer Services, Inc. All rights reserved.14497 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Suite 120 • Tampa, Florida 33618 • (813) 908-1100 Fax (813) 908-1200www.techtransfer.comBasics of Statistical ProcessControl (SPC)• Statistical Process Control• Measurement Grouping Methods• X-Bar, Range, and Process Capability Charts• Control LimitsInstrumentation andControl Series