Selling is today’s skill


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An introduction to Sales 2.0 - new style selling - and how to follow the process to make more sales.

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Selling is today’s skill

  1. 1. SELLING ISTODAY’S SKILLSelling is helping peoplefind solutions to theirproblems and then helpingthem do something about it
  2. 2. WHY SHOULD EVERYBODY SELL?• Without sales, business doesn’t happen• It’s about helping people solve their problems
  3. 3. PERCEPTION?• Sales doesn’t have to be some sort of manipulative, dishonest, low life• You can choose to be different• Help people solve their problems and show them new possibilities
  4. 4. EVERYBODY IS IN SALES AND MARKETING• Sales and marketing is something everybody in the company should be doing 24/7/365• It’s sales and marketing:  When you answer the phone  When you send an email  When people use your product  When people read your web site  When people get an error in your software  When people are at the checkout in your store  When people get your invoice
  5. 5. OLD VS. NEW STYLE SELLING• Old style selling doesn’t work any more  Customers have learned to resist sales approaches  With the result that:  Most sales teams are less then 50% efficient  Only about 10% of sales opportunities close  Only 50% of sales people achieve their objectives  Sales managers are in role for an average of 11 months  Sales effectiveness has huge potential for improvement
  6. 6. INTENT• New style selling is about the right mindset• You’re there to help customers solve their problems• Keys to success:  Being curious  Being analytical  Helping them solve their problems  Being equal and balanced  Only progressing when it makes sense for both sides
  7. 7. INTO ACTION!
  8. 8. PROSPECTING• Be a resource who  Has useful information  Can solve problems• Make it easy for people to contact you  Be visible  Social networking is becoming the way• Research and prepare  Know who you’re talking to• Then pick up the phone
  9. 9. DISCUSSION STRUCTUREBuild Suggest Ask for a DiagnoseRapport Options Decision
  10. 10. DISCUSSION STRUCTURE - DIAGNOSE• Diagnose  Uncover their problems  Explore impacts of problems  In numbers  In personal impacts  How have they tried to fix the problem?  Who else is involved and how are they impacted?  Do they need to be met with as well?
  11. 11. DISCUSSION STRUCTURE - PRESCRIBE• Prescribe  Discuss how they could solve their problem  Discuss how the solution makes economic sense
  12. 12. DISCUSSION STRUCTURE - DECISION• Ask for a decision  Keep both options open  Don’t view ‘objections’ as something to be crushed
  13. 13. PRINCIPLES• They talk twice as much as you. And you hear what they’re saying• Be:  Honest  Curious  Problem solving  Balanced• No guessing  If you don’t know, ask• Summarise frequently and test understanding
  14. 14. TELL STORIES• Facts don’t sell. There has to be emotion as well• Stories bring emotion:  Beginning – set the scene – who, what, where  Middle – the problem, it’s impacts, complications  End – the solution and its benefits
  15. 15. SUMMARY
  16. 16. SUMMARY• Everybody is involved in sales and marketing• It’s all about mindset  Be analytical  Help customers solve problems• Follow the structure  Rapport  Diagnose  Prescribe  Decision• New style sales is:  Fulfilling for you  Good for your customers  Support’s your organisation’s success
  17. 17. MIKE MCCORMACAbout Contact• Mike McCormac founded Sales • Connect on LinkedIn Success and More to help • Follow me on Twitter professional sales people selling high value services achieve more • Email me• He has an MBA and his sales • Phone: background includes over 15  +357 99 860725 (Mobile) years success selling IT services  +44 (0) 20 8133 7635 (UK) and outsourcing as a sales executive, sales manager and sales director• Mike works mainly in the UK and Cyprus
  18. 18. SELLING ISTODAY’S SKILLSelling is helping peoplefind solutions to theirproblems and then helpingthem do something about it