Get more clients with social media


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A beginner's guide to building your business with social media

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Get more clients with social media

  1. 1. GET MORE CLIENTSWITH SOCIAL MEDIAToday’s way to networkMike McCormacSales Success and More
  3. 3. WORLD’S 20 TOP WEB SITES IN ORDER• Google • MSN• Facebook • Yahoo (Japan)• YouTube •• Yahoo • Google (India)• Blogger •• Baidu • Amazon• Windows Live • LinkedIn• Wikipedia • Google (Hong Kong)• Twitter • Wordpress• • Google (Germany)
  4. 4. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA CANNOT BE IGNORED• LinkedIn  100 million users  Growing at one million a week• Twitter  200 million users  110 million tweets every day• Facebook  More than 500 million users  More popular than Google in USA• YouTube  More than 500 million unique visits every month  92 billion page views each month• Slideshare  Growing exponentially
  5. 5. EVERY THREE SECONDS…• 1 person buys a device to access the internet• 2 blogs are started• 3 YouTube videos are posted• 4 people sign up for Facebook• 500 words are added to Wikipedia
  6. 6. FORGET EMAIL. THINK SOCIAL MEDIA• US Internet users spend three times more minutes on blogs and social networks than on email Social Networks/Blogs• Source: The Nielsen Company, November 2010 Online Games Email Portals Videos/movies 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25%
  7. 7. SOCIAL NETWORKING GETS REAL LEADS• LinkedIn drives the most referrals to B2B sites• Number of leads in June 2010 LinkedIn• Source: Leadforce1, June 2010 Reddit Dzone Twitter Facebook 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000
  9. 9. WHERE DO UK BUYERS GET INFORMATION?• Traditional websites dominate 70% Supplier websites and are growing – used by 70% of 55% 65% Web searches buyers 41% 48% Industry press (print) 37%• The biggest changes in 2011 over Word of mouth 35% 43% 2010: Direct mail 20% 31%  Web searches grow 51% Press advertising 27% 19%  Despite email overload, direct mail Online events/webinars 27% 2011 10% grows 55% 18% 2010 Offline events/seminars 39%  The big change is from offline 16% Facebook 9% events/seminars (-54%) to online 14% events/webinars (+170%) LinkedIn 7% 12%  Social media is still small – but Blogs 9% growing fast. Facebook grew 78% Other social media 11% 11% and LinkedIn 100% Twitter 11% 9%• Source: BaseOne, May 2011 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%
  10. 10. SO HOW DO YOUDO IT?
  11. 11. PRINCIPLESIt’s networking – and all the old rules apply• Join the conversation• Be found – proactively• Be interesting – have something to say• Build relationships – quality not quantity• Become a resource – solve problems, give to get• Become a provider – win new clients• It’s fast – but it’s not instantaneous
  12. 12. LET’S NETWORK! Social Sites Email List Website or Blog
  13. 13. FITTING IT TOGETHER Be found Be found Be interesting Be interesting Be interesting Build relationshipsBuild relationships Build relationships Become a resource Become a resource LinkedIn Twitter Email registrations Slideshare Your website (and ideally it’s a blog) YouTube RSS Facebook
  14. 14. STEP 1: LOOK AT YOUR WEBSITEIs your website for your clients? Is your website current?• If you asked a client to review your • If it’s a static site, is it up to date? website, what would they say? • Google crawls frequently updated• Does it talk about things your sites much more often clients are interested in? • Blogs have lots of content that’s• Does it pose questions your clients current and attractive to search need you to answer? engines• Is it attractive and not ‘text heavy’? • Companies that blog have 55%• Is it easy to navigate and use? more website visitors• Is it easy for readers to respond and take action? • B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads than those that• Is it being found for the things your clients are looking for? don’t
  15. 15. STEP 2: GET YOURSELF ON LINKEDINWhy? How?• LinkedIn is new age networking. • All client facing people should be Just like the old days, without the on LinkedIn warm white wine • Create a simple profile (you can always make it better)• If you’re worried about stalkers, set • Use a flattering (but current) your privacy settings to suit you picture• You don’t need to keep your • Use the keywords you want to be contact’s details up to date, they do known for in your profile it themselves • Ask everybody you meet to join your network• Join special interest groups to keep • Be there, give to get up with trends and news and express your opinions
  16. 16. STEP 3: SET UP A TWITTER ACCOUNTWhy? How?• Twitter is micro blogging – just 140 • Use a slimmed version of your characters to keep people up to LinkedIn profile date with what you’re doing • Use a flattering (but current)• Keep in front of your clients and picture potential clients • Link it to your LinkedIn account• Follow interesting people to learn • Don’t just promote links to your interesting things website, give an insight into the• Answer questions and get answers real you to questions • Set up your mobile device to make• Find people interested in the it easy to “Tweet” subjects you’re interested in • Be there
  17. 17. STEP 4: GOT VIDEOS OR PRESENTATIONS?Videos Presentations• Create a YouTube account and • Create a Slideshare account channel • Upload your presentations as• Upload your videos pdfs• Keyword them • Keyword them• Link to them from your website • Link to them from your website or blog or blog• Tweet about them • Tweet about them
  19. 19. THE WEBSITEPrinciples Reality• A primary sales tool for my business• Wordpress blog• New articles 2-3 times a week• All content has options to comment or connect• Easy to sign up for email list• Easy linking to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and RSS
  20. 20. WEBSITE TRAFFIC GROWS EVERY MONTHBlogs are powerful traffic generators Growth over just eight months• Strong keywording for very 5000 competitive search terms 4500• Now well ranked for target search 4000 3500 terms 3000• Traffic growth is rapid – 505% in 2500 last six months 2000 1500• Generates consistent numbers of 1000 registrations for email follow up 500• That turn into real new clients 0 Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May 2010 2011 2010 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011
  21. 21. LINKEDINPrinciples Reality• Headline summarising what exactly what I do• Detailed (and keyworded) profile• Link to Twitter• Frequent (daily) activity – a mix of promotion and insight into me• Try to connect with everybody I meet
  22. 22. TWITTERPrinciples Reality• Headline summarising what exactly what I do• Detailed (and keyworded) profile• Link to LinkedIn• Frequent (daily) activity – a mix of promotion and insight into me• Very often from my Blackberry
  23. 23. YOUTUBEPrinciples Reality• Create a YouTube Channel• Upload videos about your people, company and opinions• Find other videos that are relevant to your followers and add them to your channel• Link to the videos from your website or blog
  24. 24. SLIDESHAREPrinciples Reality• Create a Slideshare account• Upload presentations or documents about your people, company and opinions• Keyword them• Link to the presentations from your website or blog
  26. 26. MIKE MCCORMACAbout Contact• Mike McCormac founded Sales • Connect on LinkedIn Success and More to help • Follow me on Twitter professional sales people selling • Email me high value services achieve more • Phone +357 99 860725• He has an MBA and his sales background includes over 15 years success selling IT services and outsourcing• Mike works mainly in the UK and Cyprus