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Worknet SmartCiti Pole


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Worknet SmartCiti pic w Worknet logo

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Worknet SmartCiti Pole

  1. 1. Solar Power Weather quality monitor features: • outdoor temp, humidity, feels like temp • barometric pressure & trend • wind speed, wind direction, average & gusts • lightning activity • rain intensity, hourly & daily rain totals • uv index, brightness, solar radiation concealment radome panic button: • speaker • mic cellular carrier radio’s 360 camera under glass Street Light LED Concealed placement of: • Camera • Wi-fi • Photo Cell control • 0-100% dimming • fog light detection and activation • on-demand light levels • e911 emergency light • app, based wireless control • proximity sensor • car counter • pedestrian counter Air quality monitor features: • voc • c02 • dust • indoor temp • humidity wireless backhaul & fronthaul: • 1-10 gbps digital signage • traffic alerts • amber alerts • traffic direction • public announcements • general advertising structure is designed to withstand: • earthquake zone 4a • storm winds up to 120mph baseline cellular gps antenna electric vehicle charging station Delivered by Inquiries contact S o l u t i o n s