3 SEO Tools You Won't Believe Are Free


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My 3 favorite FREE tools that I regularly use for technical SEO. Also posted a blog about them at http://www.spiralytics.com/blog/3-seo-tools-you-wont-believe-are-free/

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3 SEO Tools You Won't Believe Are Free

  1. 1. Starting an SEO campaign can be crucial if you don’t have the right tools.
  2. 2. SEO experts tend to buy expensive tools to practice SEO much better.
  3. 3. Well here’s the thing, it’s NOT always necessary to buy  one especially if it will eat out your budget. I have listed all the best (IMO) SEO tools that you might have never heard of. And yes, these are absolutely FREE.
  4. 4. OpenLinkProfiler.org OpenLinkProfiler.org is a free backlink analysis tool that lets you analyze and download the freshest backlinks.
  5. 5. Unlike other tools, you can download 100,000 backlinks using OpenLinkProfiler.org absolutely free. It'll also give all the freshest backlinks that are active during the last 90 days.
  6. 6. Features?
  7. 7. • Link Disinfection - Apparently, OpenLinkProfiler.org can also check for unnatural links. It will give you an idea of how many potential harmful links are pointing to your website. This one offers too much if it’s free that’s why they limited the examples to 7 harmful links.
  8. 8. • Anchor Texts - You can also get an idea on what keywords are mostly used as anchor texts.
  9. 9. • You can also find out what countries are linking the most when you go to the Countries tab.
  10. 10. • LIS Distribution or the Link Influence Score is like the Domain version of OpenSiteExplorer. It’ will give you an idea if a certain backlink is authoritative or not.
  11. 11. • Know the category of the link itself, whether it’s from a news site or a blog, just click Link Contexts.
  12. 12. • Industries tab on the other hand shows the topic of the linking websites. Ex. advertising, business, media etc.
  13. 13. This tool is new and I’m excited to see how it will evolve and become one of the best out there. Go ahead and try it out!
  14. 14. Netpeak Checker • it is a unique tool designed for the mass analysis and comparison of websites on a wide range of different parameters.
  15. 15. Netpeak Checker can check the following: •Page Rank of the Website •Server Information •Indexing •Ahrefs Backlinks •SemRush •Moz Information •Alexa Information •Glued •Mention •Domain Age •Social Metrics & More!
  16. 16. • Download the current version now for free.
  17. 17. Auditmypc.com’s Sitemap Generator Audit My PC's Sitemap Generator is not your typical sitemap generator. It's free with no limits and the great thing about this tool is it will also help you find technical issues that maybe causing your website to not rank well on major search engines.
  18. 18. SEO benefits from this tool: •Deep crawl of all the pages in your website •List of title tags of all pages •List of error pages •Inbound and outbound links of every page
  19. 19. Know more about this tool here.
  20. 20. Other free SEO tools that I love: • SEO SiteCheckup - overview of your website’s SEO • GT Metrix – recommendations to reduce page load speed time • ScrapeBox Link Checker – check for scored links • Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools
  21. 21. What are your favorite free SEO tools? Do you know other awesome free tools? Share them in the comments!
  22. 22. THANK YOU!