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Sales Transformation Services Overview


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This presentation is an overview of the sales transformation services that we offer at Digital Transformation, Inc., which is a new division of Fast Lane Consulting & Education Services. We don’t generally like to make presentations without knowing exactly what our clients need -- our mantra is "Diagnose first, then Prescribe." However, we’ve had several clients recently ask for this type of overview, and they’ve all told us they found it helpful to know the full scope of our services. We hope it might help you as well, and look forward to learning how we can support your sales performance improvement efforts. Contact us at

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Sales Transformation Services Overview

  1. 1. Sales Transformation Services Capabilities Overview Mike Kunkle Vice President, Sales Transformation Services
  2. 2. 2 Can do it all. This is our core focus. Both Direct and Channel.
  3. 3. A Systems Approach to Sales Transformation 3 Sales Selection Sales Support Sales Learning Sales Management
  4. 4. Sales Readiness & Enablement 4
  5. 5. Sales Learning System: Preparing for Change • Ensure content matters • Design great learning • Engage managers • Sustain knowledge/transfer skills • Coach to mastery • Measure for success • Manage performance • Lead & manage change 5 Starts Here
  6. 6. Sales Learning System: Guiding the Change • Ensure content matters • Design great learning • Engage managers • Sustain knowledge/transfer skills • Coach to mastery • Measure for success • Manage performance • Lead & manage change 6 Expands to 5 Stages (Next Slide)
  7. 7. 5 Stages of Sales Mastery & Behavior Change MAKING A BUSINESS IMPACT This is the approach we recommend to deliver measurable results and ROI from sales training. Stage 1: Knowledge Acquisition Acquire the knowledge behind the skill with examples and assessments/tests to validate learning. eLearning, Classroom Instruction (FTF or Virtual), Assessments Stage 2: Knowledge Sustainment Sustain the knowledge; reverse the “forgetting curve.” Q&A, Check-Ins, Assessments, Learning Reinforcement Systems Stage 3: Skill Development Develop and practice skills. Convert knowledge into behavior. Flipped Classrooms, Role Playing, Live Simulations, Virtual Coaching Tools Stage 4: Skill Transfer Apply the newly- acquired and practiced skills in the workplace. Mentoring and Preparation to Use Skills, Forms/Job Aids/Performance Support Stage 5: Skill Mastery Guide and coach reps to skill mastery and performance outcomes, over time. Sales Analytics, Field Training and Coaching, Coaching Forms and Tools Learn something new. Known to work. What, Why, and How. Don’t forget. Just because they learned something new, doesn’t mean they’ll retain it. Just because they know and remember, doesn’t mean they can do it. Just because they can do it, doesn’t mean they will. (Skill/Will Matrix) Just because they tried it, doesn’t mean they did it well or will continue to do it. STAGE WHAT HOW WHY © Digital Transformation, Inc. & Mike Kunkle 2018 7
  8. 8. Sales Learning System: Cementing the Change • Ensure content matters • Design great learning • Engage managers • Sustain knowledge/transfer skills • Coach to mastery • Measure for success • Manage performance • Lead & manage change Cements into Culture 8
  9. 9. How Sales Tools/Services Can Support The 5 Stages Learning Platforms Virtual Practice Environments Knowledge Skill Development Transfer Support Sustainment “Game Film” 1 3 2 4 5 Job Aids/Systems Manager Toolkits Sales Playbooks Mastery Coaching Reinforcement Systems START Training Content / Sales Methodology Sales Transformation Expertise / Consulting 9
  10. 10. Sales Transformation Solutioning Process  Situation Assessment: - Gap Analysis - Impact Analysis - Needs Validation - Root Cause Analysis  Diagnostic assessments  Interviews  Focus groups If adaptive problem:  Ideation  Co-creation of solutions If technical problem:  16 Reasons Chart  Mager Performance Analysis Flow Diagram  Other problem-solving  Identify solutions When ready:  Present solutions/value  Proposal/SOW 10  Solution design  Solution development  Execute with discipline  Lead & manage change  Measure  Evaluate  Adjust  Deliver outcomes Diagnose Prescribe Build EvaluateImplement
  11. 11. Solutions Understand and Prepare  Consulting & Advisory Services  Diagnostics & Assessments  Sales Competencies and Selection Practices  Buyer Persona Research & Documentation  Sales Messaging & Content  Sales Process & Methodology Readiness  Sales Training (Analysis, Design/Customization, Delivery)  Competency-based Personalized Learning Plans  Readying & Enabling Sales Managers Support  5 Stages of Sales Mastery & Behavior Change  Sales Playbooks & Enablement Tools  Sales Management System  Execution Support  Evaluation 11 Sales Selection Sales Management
  12. 12. 1800 Perimeter Park Suite 140 Morrisville, NC 27560 1-855-778-7246 THANK YOU 12
  13. 13. Appendix
  14. 14. (214) 494-9950 Mike Kunkle is a highly-respected sales transformation architect and internationally-recognized sales training and sales enablement expert. He’s spent 24 years as a corporate leader or consultant, helping companies drive dramatic revenue growth through best-in-class learning strategies and his proven- effective sales transformation methodologies. Today, Mike is the VP of Sales Transformation Services for Digital Transformation Inc. (a division of Fast Lane Consulting & Education Services) and founder of Transforming Sales Results, LLC. He consults, advises, writes, speaks, leads webinars, designs sales learning systems that get results, and guides clients through all aspects of their sales transformation. Mike Kunkle VP, Sales Transformation Services Connect with Mike & Follow His Content DTI Blog Personal Blog DTI Learning Sessions SMM Connect Webinars BrightTALK Webinars LinkedIn Publisher LinkedIn Profile SlideShare Twitter
  15. 15. Technology Solutions Experience • Sales Profession: 33 years (both B2C & B2B) • Technology/software companies: 9 years • Managed 2 P&Ls ($8MM and $22MM) • 24 years leading corporate sales performance improvement functions and 5+ years leading consulting projects • Roles/titles: sales training, sales effectiveness, sales performance development, sales management development, sales enablement – at manager, director & VP levels Sample Results • Decreased new-hire sales rep ramp-up time by: 23%, 34%, 47%, 52% (3-18 months) • At 120 days, new reps outperformed a control group of 5-year reps by 21% (6 months) • $398mm YoY revenue increase, $9.96mm net profit increase, and a 400% ROI (12 months). • Increased sales/rep in the 90 days after training by 2.3/month – avg. increase of $183k/class or $36.6mm/year (9 months) • Improved average profitability/new reps by 11% (4 months) • Improved win-rate by 16% (6 months) • Increased quota attainment by 36% YOY (12 months) Experience & Results
  16. 16. What Others Are Saying A sampling of industry recognition:        
  17. 17. 16 Reasons & Mager Performance Analysis 17 Link to larger version Performance Analysis Flow Diagram Adapted from Ferdinand F. Fournies Referenced on slide 10
  18. 18. Further Reading on The Four Systems • Part 1, Four Systems Overview: • Part 2, Sales Selection System: • Part 3, Sales Support System: • Part 4, Sales Learning System: • Part 5, Sales Management System: • SlideShare Presentation: 18 Sales Selection Sales Support Sales Learning Sales Management