Mike Kunkle - Sales Transformation Career Profile


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This is Mike Kunkle's career profile.

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Mike Kunkle - Sales Transformation Career Profile

  1. 1. Mike Kunkle mike@mikekunkle.com  http://www.linkedin.com/in/mikekunkle Google Voice: 214.494.9950 CAREER PROFILE – Page 1 of 2 Target Position | Company:  I aim to join a corporate executive team that wants to radically improve its company’s sales performance and is willing to make the changes to do it, or a sales consulting or professional services organization that helps its clients forge a path to breakthrough sales performance. (See example achievements on page 2.) - For internal corporate roles, my target position is a leadership role, with a company whose senior leadership team supports the commitment to improve the performance of its sales force and is ready to lead and support the necessary changes. - For sales performance firms, in addition to consulting with clients and shaping solution offerings internally, I can play a significant role in demand generation by sharing thought leadership about sales enablement, sales training, sales readiness, sales effectiveness, sales manager enablement and more, through webinars, publishing, podcasts, and speaking engagements.  I have thrived at small start-up ventures, mid-cap private firms, and multiple Fortune 500 corporations. An authentic, transparent culture of continuous improvement with prioritized focus on strategic objectives and disciplined execution (or wanting to become such an organization) is far more important to me than industry or company size. What I Do:  I’m a training and organization effectiveness executive with special expertise in sales force transformation and am a recognized thought leader in the sales profession with over 70,000 followers on LinkedIn.  I analyze sales performance levers, build training based on top-producer practices, and implement other systems and processes to support the levers, employees and clients. Even by itself, this work, done well, radically improves business results and moves the needle on the metrics that matter. To ensure that occurs, I also build the training, tools and resources needed by sales managers and other leaders to reinforce, sustain, and grow that performance. My projects have consistently exceeded executive expectations and in one case, a series of projects culminated in an accretive revenue increase of $398MM within one year. Location:  I prefer to remain in the Greater Boston Area. As needed, telecommuting, leading a remote staff, conducting meetings via Web- or video-conferencing, or traveling as required, are all viable options. Industries:  Training and performance improvement concepts are universal, not industry-specific. I have worked or consulted in a variety of industries, including entertainment, pharmaceutical, advertising specialties, financial services (consumer lending, mortgage lending and various insurances), hospitality (luxury hotels), meetings & conventions, technology (SaaS), healthcare IT, manufacturing, document management, packaging and assembly, telecommunications and office equipment industries.  I am familiar with the all sales nuances – B2B / B2C, tangible / intangible, product / service, long- cycle / short-cycle, high-ticket / low-ticket, inside sales / outside sales, and direct / channel sales.  I am open, willing and capable of mastering new industries quickly.
  2. 2. Mike Kunkle mike@mikekunkle.com  http://www.linkedin.com/in/mikekunkle Google Voice: 214.494.9950 CAREER PROFILE – Page 2 of 2 Transformation Approaches: See http://bit.ly/PerfLevers082011 and https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140704193304-834966-stop- wasting-money-on-sales-training for information about the sales force transformation methodologies that I have developed and see http://www.slideshare.net/MikeKunkle/, Mike Kunkle LinkedIn Publisher Posts and http://www.mikekunkle.com for other examples of my content and approaches. Sales Transformation Examples:  Achieved a $398MM accretive revenue increase in one year from final project completion. How: accelerated new hire ramp-up (and decreasing new-hire churn) through better selection and improved sales training based on best practices, increased incumbents’ sales results through the new sales training and coaching, developed specialized sales coaching training for managers to diagnose and close gaps on the performance levers, communicated clear expectations and developed accountability systems, and established regular performance management practices,  Increased sales results 28.7% over previous year. How: through the development and implementation of a highly successful new-hire sales course focused on the performance levers of sales planning, territory management, consultative sales skills, account selection, product knowledge, pipeline management, and strategic account development, as well as a focus on developing sales managers as coaches.  Increased performance of new hires, so that newly-trained sales reps with 120 days on the job outperformed a control group of reps with 5 years with the company. How: accomplished through updated selection practices, redesigned sales training, sales coaching training for managers and performance management practices.  Increased sales per rep by 47% in 9 months. How: through changes in territory management, prospecting approach, consultative selling skills, sales coaching and performance management.  Increased sales 600% over previous year while decreasing net operating expenses by 21%. How: through ongoing sales training, weekly performance check-in, improved coaching skills, changes in compensation, performance management methods, improved sales and operations reporting, weekly operating expense reviews and cost-control measures.  Improved average profitability per sales rep by 11% in only 4 months. How: through training on strategic account management practices, setting clear expectations, training on sales negotiation techniques, and changes in discounting policies.