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How to Make a Squeeze Page


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Let’s Make and Market a Squeeze Page! Squeeze pages, also known as Capture Pages are a great way to start building a list or even sell a product.

Even if you do not have a product you sell, there is plenty of product that you can market and start earning money from, but the first step is knowing how to properly create and market a Squeeze Page. You can start earning money on your Squeeze Page in 4 easy steps.

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How to Make a Squeeze Page

  1. 1. Squeeze Pages are an awesome tool to do everything from collecting emails to build your list to promoting products. Ignore the myth that Google does not index squeeze pages. When built correctly, they can and will get to the top of the Search Engines.
  2. 2. This Video Will Show You; 1) How to find a Good Squeeze Page 2) How to find products to promote on your Squeeze Page 3) How to install your Squeeze Page 4) How and where to promote your Squeeze Page
  3. 3. How to Find a Good Squeeze Page - Don't reinvent the wheel - Copy successful marketers, what they are doing and using. - Know what you are marketing.
  4. 4. What You Need to Get Started - A Domain Name - Hosting ... and I recommend; - Anything more I will share with you as we go along. - A PayPal Account - A Zip Tool - winrar
  5. 5. What We Are Marketing Today 100% Resell Rights!
  6. 6. If You Already Have a ProductDownload from: so you can start now and follow along!
  7. 7. So Let's Get Started and Install Your Squeeze Page!
  8. 8. Here