Creating a Solid Social Media Strategy


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Tips and tricks to creating a strong Social Media Strategy

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Creating a Solid Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. Creating a ManageableSocial Media Strategy
  2. 2. Social Media Management"So Much to Do - So Little Time"Without a Good Social Media Marketing Strategy, youreessentially blasting Social Media Spam - and no one likesthat.• What do you share?• How do you share it?• Where do you share it?• Do you have a schedule?• What tools do you use?• How do you find content?
  3. 3. Essential Components of a Good SocialMedia StrategyCreating a schedule to manage yourSocial Media StrategySocial Media Management"So Much to Do - So Little Time"Social Media Tools that you can use tospeed things up and look natural doing it.
  4. 4. Social Media Management"Create a Social Media Funnel"
  5. 5. Establish your authority in your industryand to become the go to place forinformation.Social Media Management"So Much to Do - So Little Time"Build targeted traffic by sharing relevantcontent to attract your target audienceOptimizing it for SEO - The secret sauceto making your content and businessfindable
  6. 6. • To grow more followers?What Is Your End Goal?• To get more blog/website traffic?• To sell/promote?• For SEO (Search Engine Results)Each one of these has a unique strategyPersonally, I do a combination of all ofthe above as most people should.
  7. 7. Expect between 0.5% and 2% of your fans toactually respond.Truth About Social Media
  8. 8. So Do What Works
  9. 9. Why Social Media for Business?Lets Start Here1) Brand-Building Tool2) Cultivating a Community3) Exposure4) Establishing Authority5) Traffic Generator6) Competitive Advantage
  10. 10. #1 Google+Must Have Social Media SitesGoogle has tried before to jump on thesocial media band wagon, but this time,they got it right.Although Google+ is relatively new, ithas already reached over 100 millionusers.
  11. 11. #1 Google+Must Have Social Media SitesOne of the best reasons for having yourbusiness create a Google+ profile is thatit’s owned by Google.Since Google is the top search engine,Google+ profiles have a greaterchance of being ranked by Google.
  12. 12. #2 Facebook PageMust Have Social Media Sites• Your Facebook page is where youcan grow your business. It can helpyou build your brand and establishrelationships with potentialcustomers.• Your Facebook Page is indexed
  13. 13. #3 LinkedInMust Have Social Media Sites• LinkedIn is a professional networkthat has over 100 million members.• Since it is a professional network, itmakes sense to make it part of yoursocial media plan.• Join Linkedin Groups with commoninterests.
  14. 14. #4 TwitterMust Have Social Media Sites• Twitter is an excellent way to keep upon current news and learn abouttopics you find interesting in real time.• Research has shown that half ofpeople who use it will make theirpurchases from businesses theyreconnected to on Twitter.
  15. 15. #4 PinterestMust Have Social Media Sites• Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users tocreate and manage theme-based imagecollections such as events and interests• Link images to your blog/website pagesand/or squeeze page
  16. 16. #5 YouTubeMust Have Social Media Sites• More that 1 Billion unique visitors eachmonth• 50% of all internet traffic is on YouTubeat any one moment.• Over 4 Billion hours of video arewatched each month• 25% of global YouTube views comefrom mobile devices
  17. 17. #6 A BlogMust Have Social Media Sites• The centerpiece of your business shouldbe your blog/website• Wordpress is more than a blog, it is acomplete content management system• Due to the commenting function as wellas the ability to create multiple users,every Wordpress website or blog is asocial media site
  18. 18. Now You Have a SolidFoundationNow What?Posting
  19. 19. What toPostPosting quality, relevantcontent regularly, keepsviewers interested in yourbusiness and what’s going on.If they are interested, youllknow, because theyll “like”your site and "share" yourcontent.
  20. 20. What toPostQuality information will keepthem returning to your site andyour followers will start sharing itwith others.DO NOT be afraid to like andshare your biggest competitors"stuff"!
  21. 21. What toPostTo keep your posts currentand make your viewers wantto return to your page, it isgenerally a good practice topost at least one to two timesper week.On your blog/website it willalso keep the Google botsreturning
  22. 22. • Comment on Other PostsStrategy 1 - Growing More Followers• Like Other Posts• Share Other PostsThese will all serve to extend your "Reach"by putting you in front of your extendednetwork of social media followers.
  23. 23. Dont Be a Mystery Man!Strategy 1 - Growing More Followers
  24. 24. WordPress - Add Links to all of your otherSocial Media ProfilesStrategy 1 - Growing More Followers
  25. 25. WordPress - Add the Social Author BiopluginStrategy 1 - Growing More Followers
  26. 26. Twitter - Follow "Influential" people! Anexcellent tool to find relevant followersis KloutStrategy 1 - Growing More Followers
  27. 27. Google+ - Circle SharesFind relevant circles by using the searchfeature.Strategy 1 - Growing More Followers
  28. 28. Google+ - Add Links to all yourother profiles in the "About"SectionStrategy 1 - Growing More Followers
  29. 29. Facebook Page - Invite Friends!Strategy 1 - Growing More Followers
  30. 30. LinkedIn - Join Communities andparticipateContrary to popular opinion, LinkedIn is anenormous source of targeted trafficCommunities and Groups are targeted bynature, and this makes for reallyinterested readersStrategy 1 - Growing More Followers
  31. 31. Post More - Share them!We will have a few tools/techniques toshare with you in a few minutesLather Rinse Repeat!!If you build targeted groups of friends andfollowers you will never be at a lack forcontentStrategy 2 - More Blog/Website Traffic
  32. 32. This can never be the primary type ofpost you make.You will occasionally make promotional posts but it isvital that most of your posts are edutainment (a frothymix of education and entertainment)Build targeted lists and promote to themvia email, events and offers.Strategy 3 - To Sell/Promote
  33. 33. List Building can be done in a number ofways but the most effective are:• Email Autoresponders - Newsletters Ezines and Clubsare huge ways to continue building your authority,promote your posts as well as make sales!• SMS (Text Message) Marketing - Autorespondertechnology goes mobile and gives you a quickerturnaround and a higher response rate because youare reaching your market where they live.Strategy 3 - To Sell/Promote
  34. 34. Motivate your followers to subscribe toyour lists with:• Free Reports• Relevant Resources• Tips & Tricks• "Give Away Your Business"Strategy 3 - To Sell/Promote
  35. 35. Below are the type of offers, in order ofperformance, that generate themost amount of leads.• Ebooks or Guides• Presentations• Research & Reports (ex: State of InboundMarketing)• Whitepapers• Kits (multiple offers packaged together)• Live Webinars• On-demand Videos• Blog (including offers in the nav or sidebar)• Blog posts (if there is a CTA in the post)• Middle-of-the-funnel offers: Demo Requests,Contact Sales, RFP, Etc (more sales-readyoffers).
  36. 36. It’s important to test different types ofoffers with your audience to determinewhat works for you.While ebooks score high on our list, you mayfind that reports, videos or other formatsdo better.Test, Test and Test Some More
  37. 37. "Clarity Trumps Persuasion"Strategy 3 - To Sell/Promote
  38. 38. Strategy 3 - To Sell/PromoteOften times, marketers will put more focus on beingclever than clear.Be specific. If you’re giving away a free guide say:• “Download our FREE guide to X.” If youre hosting afree webinar• “Register for our FREE webinar on X.” X shouldclearly convey a compelling benefit of receiving theoffer.This is much more effective than “Download Now” or“Get a Free Article.” These simply arent specificenough.
  39. 39. For Twitter and Google+, use the ##hotsauce• Strategy 4 - For SEO (Search EngineResults)Always have Keywords/phrases in mind when posting your title/description"Focus on Creating An Amazing Title"Attach a user-friendly link
  40. 40. • Strategy 4 - For SEO (Search EngineResults)Encourage Social Sharing
  41. 41. Strategy 1 - Creating More FollowersMost important in early stages - Becomes automatic• 15 Minutes/Day - Alternate between sites• 3-5 Minute Segments Seek Out & Follow Influential Users Share & Like Pertinent Posts Join Groups & Communities and ParticipatePutting It All In Place-Creating a Schedule-
  42. 42. Strategy 2 - More Blog/Website Traffic• 1 Hour 2-3 Times/Weeko 45 Minutes to Create Postso 15 Minutes to Share• 15 Minutes Daily To Monitor Comments• Monitor Traffic To Posts Weekly - Analyze• Overwhelmed? Cut to 1-2/WeekPutting It All In Place-Creating a Schedule-
  43. 43. Strategy 3 - Sales & Promotion: Listbuilding• Create 1 New List Building Offer/Month• Tie Into Posts And Content As Appropriate• Email Lists 2 Times/Week With Informative Newsletters• Email Lists Whenever You Publish New ContentThis is as much art as it is science. You will find the rightbalance for your industry over time. Ask yourself howoften YOU woule want these emails or texts.Putting It All In Place-Creating a Schedule-
  44. 44. • Strategy 4 - For SEO (Search EngineResults)Follow the""
  45. 45. For Twitterhttp://tweepi.comHelpful Social Media ToolsFor SharingAdd This ToolBarFor AllHootSuite
  46. 46. Creating a ManageableSocial Media StrategyWed, May 15th - 9pm ET