Introducing The mORrning Show


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For the first time in Outdoor Retailer’s history, a daily live television show was broadcast on location from the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show in Salt Lake City to thousands of consumers around the world.

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Introducing The mORrning Show

  1. 1. What it is:The mORning Show is a daily, live-streamed 30-40 minute TV show broadcast live’s Facebook page, and reaching its 470,000 Facebook fans, fromthe Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012 (ORSM) trade show.Hosted by industry media veteran Doug Schnitzspahn, and on the floor reporters, theprogram will celebrate the movers, shakers, beacons and innovations of the outdoorindustry in a live, talk show-style TV program.ORSM brings the outdoor industry’s athletes, icons, influencers, and gear gurus alltogether in one place at one time, and The mORning Show will take advantage of theconfluence of talent to have frank, fun conversations about current events, trends,gear and industry gossip.Like FUEL TV for the outdoor industry, The mORning Show will celebrate the peopleand products that make that outdoors a unique and dynamic community. It will alsoopen up the cu ing edge happenings of the trade show to a much largerconsumer audience.Consumers are now more savvy than ever and demand to be privy to the sameinformation as industry insiders. This open look into the workings of the industryis a natural progression of the way digital and social media channels have satedconsumers’ thirst for information on what is hot, trending and influential in theindustry. While most media outlets report post-show, The mORning Show putsgear addicts and outdoor enthusiasts in the heat of the action—where theyrightfully belong.The live show will leverage a theater-style, interactive atmosphere by encouragingand answering questions from the studio and online audience during the live-streamvia Facebook and Twi er, ensuring the highest level of social interaction.
  2. 2. Host:Doug Schnitzspahn - Schnitzspahn is an award-winning writer who spent five yearsas editor of the Outdoor Retailer Show Daily and currently is editor-in-chief ofElevation Outdoors. His work has appeared in Outside, Mens Journal, NationalGeographic Adventure, Islands, The Chicago Tribune and High Country News.He has reported on the outdoor industry at SNEWS and edited the Outdoor IndustryAssociation’s Active Outdoor Recreation Report.Distribution:Target Audience:The mORning Show target audience includes the industry members who are a end-ing the show in search of an alternative perspective on the latest industry and shownews, viewing the program while they check email and their social networks beforethey head to the Salt Palace.Additionally, live-streaming the show through’s Facebook page willreach the 470,000 fans and customers of the store. customers aresome of the most influential consumers in the outdoor marketplace, providingreviews and opinions on gear and brands that have a direct effect onbuying decisions.
  3. 3. Segments:Each live-stream will feature at least two celebrity interview segments, one currentevent discussion, one gear-related segment and one pre-produced reporter-on-the-street segment harvested from the previous evening’s activities. There wlll be a toppick events list as well as discussions with random (or famous) peoplein the audience.The mORning Show will also include:The Love Seat: A spot in which people/companies product, event, or personalannouncements can get some love.What happened to the hippies?Metro a No-No: It’s all about lifestyle, or is it?Dirtbagging: An athlete with a project looking for sponsors?The Next New Thing: “See anything cool?” is the age-old OR question. The show willanswer that query and examine under-the-radar people, gear, and businesses.Promotion:FreeRange Media will drive awareness and viewership by promoting the programthrough a variety of traditional and social media channels before, during, and a er theshow including: Facebook ads linking to tab Facebook sponsored stories linking to tab will promote The mORning Show through their Facebook page Promoted Tweets linking to the Ustream feed Social media influencer outreach campaign Daily and during-the-show Tweeting with #ORShow hashtag Industry press releases leading into and during the show
  4. 4. Cost:$5,000 gets you: The live-stream feed broadcast on your social media properties Pre-roll and credit coverage 30 sec commercial spots included in the broadcast Inclusion of your athletes in featured Q&As Your gear featured on Gear Guru spots Archived footage of the shows for future broadcast opportunities On-air thank yous In-booth broadcast availability Category exclusive.