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  1. 1. www.costvsvalue.comillustration by mike austin
  2. 2. Washington, DC This document contains copyrighted material and is not authorized for display on the Internet or for republication in any media for resale. PROJECT TYPE WASHINGTON SOUTH ATLANTIC 2010 NATIONAL AVERAGES Job Resale Cost Job Resale Cost Job Resale Cost MIDRANGE Cost Value Recouped Cost Value Recouped Cost Value Recouped Attic Bedroom Remodel $51,286 $42,573 83.0% $45,591 $33,921 74.4% $51,428 $37,142 72.2% Backup Power Generator 14,416 8,294 57.5% 13,575 7,380 54.4% 14,718 7,136 48.5% Basement Remodel 65,458 47,579 72.7% 57,627 45,757 79.4% 64,519 45,186 70.0% Bathroom Addition 41,025 21,466 52.3% 36,496 20,115 55.1% 40,710 21,695 53.3% Bathroom Remodel 17,167 12,052 70.2% 15,252 9,950 65.2% 16,634 10,668 64.1% Deck Addition (wood) 11,140 9,380 84.2% 9,916 7,670 77.3% 10,973 7,986 72.8% Deck Addition (composite) 15,709 11,474 73.0% 14,844 9,980 67.2% 15,620 10,337 66.2% Entry Door Replacement (steel) 1,187 1,393 117.4% 1,098 1,488 135.5% 1,218 1,243 102.1% Entry Door Replacement (fiberglass) 3,515 2,109 60.0% 3,348 2,117 63.2% 3,576 2,147 60.0% Family Room Addition 83,818 57,447 68.5% 76,663 49,914 65.1% 85,740 53,624 62.5% Garage Addition 59,590 43,443 72.9% 54,975 34,601 62.9% 60,608 35,876 59.2% Garage Door Replacement 1,262 1,063 84.2% 1,178 1,079 91.6% 1,291 1,083 83.9% ©2010 Hanley Wood, LLC. Republication or dissemination of Remodeling’s 2010–11 Cost vs. Value Report is expressly prohibited without the Home Office Remodel 28,725 13,275 46.2% 27,223 13,122 48.2% 28,888 13,235 45.8% written permission of Hanley Wood, LLC. “Cost vs. Value” is a registered trademark of Hanley Wood, LLC. Unauthorized use is prohibited. Major Kitchen Remodel 58,897 43,456 73.8% 55,004 38,713 70.4% 58,367 40,126 68.7% Master Suite Addition 106,927 75,586 70.7% 96,845 65,195 67.3% 108,090 68,146 63.0% Minor Kitchen Remodel 21,798 16,885 77.5% 20,762 15,358 74.0% 21,695 15,790 72.8% Roofing Replacement 20,491 15,263 74.5% 18,714 12,590 67.3% 21,488 12,780 59.5% Siding Replacement (vinyl) 11,394 9,177 80.5% 10,347 7,917 76.5% 11,357 8,223 72.4% Sunroom Addition 74,367 42,356 57.0% 70,099 35,167 50.2% 75,224 36,540 48.6% Two-Story Addition 154,834 109,098 70.5% 150,485 100,573 66.8% 165,243 107,338 65.0% Window Replacement (vinyl) 10,670 8,446 79.2% 9,965 7,705 77.3% 11,066 7,920 71.6% Window Replacement (wood) 11,783 8,702 73.9% 10,873 8,011 73.7% 12,027 8,707 72.4% Job Resale Cost Job Resale Cost Job Resale Cost UPSCALE Cost Value Recouped Cost Value Recouped Cost Value Recouped Bathroom Addition $79,152 $41,399 52.3% $71,922 $39,315 54.7% $78,409 $41,562 53.0% Bathroom Remodel 55,398 32,547 58.8% 49,894 29,984 60.1% 53,759 30,738 57.2% Deck Addition (composite) 39,355 25,606 65.1% 36,620 21,611 59.0% 38,382 22,154 57.7% Garage Addition 89,458 55,061 61.6% 82,230 46,079 56.0% 90,053 48,278 53.6% Garage Door Replacement 3,521 2,453 69.7% 3,445 2,595 75.3% 3,545 2,476 69.8% Grand Entrance 7,535 4,788 63.5% 7,073 4,703 66.5% 7,700 4,979 64.7% Major Kitchen Remodel 115,436 69,048 59.8% 109,003 66,560 61.1% 113,464 67,746 59.7% Master Suite Addition 231,606 128,615 55.5% 214,431 119,585 55.8% 232,062 122,370 52.7% Roofing Replacement 36,081 22,950 63.6% 32,962 20,121 61.0% 38,022 21,120 55.5% Siding Replacement (fiber-cement) 13,264 11,702 88.2% 13,106 11,197 85.4% 13,382 10,707 80.0% Siding Replacement (foam-backed vinyl) 14,156 11,004 77.7% 12,860 9,774 76.0% 13,973 10,119 72.4% Window Replacement (vinyl) 13,860 10,711 77.3% 12,878 10,027 77.9% 14,284 10,368 72.6% Window Replacement (wood) 17,962 12,960 72.1% 16,760 11,667 69.6% 18,226 12,303 67.5% CONFIDENCE LEVEL: 95% +/-4.1 CONFIDENCE LEVEL: 99% +/-2.35%
  3. 3. Project Descriptions paper-holder hardware. material. Include stairs, assuming three stepsmidrange Bar area: Include 10 linear feet of to grade. Provide a complete railing using a raised-panel oak cabinets with laminate matching system made of the same compositeAttic Bedroom remodel countertops, stainless steel bar sink, single- as the decking material.Convert unfinished attic space to a 15-by-15- lever bar faucet, undercounter refrigerator,foot bedroom and a 5-by-7-foot bathroom and vinyl floor tile. entry door replAcementwith shower. Include a 15-foot shed dormer, (steel)four new windows, and closet space under BAthroom Addition Remove existing 3-0/6-8 entry door andthe eaves. Insulate and finish ceiling and Add a full 6-by-8-foot bathroom over a jambs and replace with new 20-gauge steelwalls. Carpet floor. Extend existing HVAC crawlspace with poured concrete walls. unit, including clear dual-pane half-glassto new space; provide electrical wiring and Include cultured-marble vanity top with panel, jambs, and aluminum threshold withlighting to code. Retain existing stairs, but molded sink; standard chrome faucets; composite stop. Door is factory finishedadd rail and baluster around stairwell. 30-by-60-inch white fiberglass tub/shower with same color both sides. Exterior brick- with ceramic tile surround; single-lever mold and 2.5-inch interior colonial or ranchBAckup power GenerAtor temperature and pressure-balanced faucet; casings in poplar or equal prefinished toInstall Guardian or similar electrical backup white low-profile toilet; general and spot match door color. Replace existing locksetsystem with capacity for providing 70 amps lighting; electrical wiring to code; mirrored with new bored-lock in brass or antique-of emergency power in two 240-volt circuits medicine cabinet; linen storage closet or brass finish.and six 120-volt circuits. Assume existing cabinet; vinyl wallpaper; painted trim; andLP gas supply. Include generator mounted ceramic tile floor. entry door replAcementon 2-by-4-foot concrete or composite pad, (fiBerGlAss)automatic transfer switch, load center, BAthroom remodel Remove existing 3-0/6-8 entry door andexterior disconnect, and grounding rod. Update an existing 5-by-7-foot bathroom. jambs and replace with new fiberglass unitInclude 30 feet of conduit and electrical Replace all fixtures to include 30-by-60- with simulated wood grain, stained samecable for generator connections; grounded inch porcelain-on-steel tub with 4-by-4-inch color both sides; dual-pane, decorative half-cable for circuits; 5 feet of flexible fuel line ceramic tile surround; new single-lever glass panel with zinc caming; PVC-wrappedfor connection to existing rigid gas supply temperature and pressure-balanced shower exterior trim in color to match existing trim;line; and automotive-type storage battery. control; standard white toilet; solid-surface 2.5-inch interior colonial or ranch casings vanity counter with integral sink; recessed in hardwood stained to match door. ReplaceBAsement remodel medicine cabinet with light; ceramic tile existing lockset with mortise lock with leverFinish the lower level of a house to create a floor; vinyl wallpaper. handle and integrated deadbolt in oil-rubbed20-by-30-foot entertaining area with wet bar bronze or satin-nickel finish.and a 5-by-8-foot full bathroom; construct deck Addition (wood)24 linear feet of finished partition to enclose Add a 16-by-20-foot deck using pressure- fAmily room Additionmechanical area. Walls and ceilings are treated joists supported by 4x4 posts In a style appropriate to the existing house,painted drywall throughout; exterior walls anchored to concrete piers. Install pressure- add a 16-by-25-foot room on a crawlspaceare insulated; painted trim throughout. treated deck boards in a simple linear pattern. foundation with vinyl siding and fiberglassInclude five six-panel factory-painted Include a built-in bench and planter of shingle roof. Include drywall interior withhardboard doors with passage locksets. the same decking material. Include stairs, fiberglass insulation, pre-finished hardwoodElectrical wiring to code. assuming three steps to grade. Provide a floor, and 180 square feet of glazingMain room: Include 15 recessed ceiling complete railing system using pressure- including windows, atrium-style exteriorlight fixtures and three surface-mounted treated wood posts, railings, and balusters. doors, and two operable skylights. Tie intolight fixtures, and a snap-together laminate existing HVAC. Add electrical system toflooring system. deck Addition (composite) code, including 12 recessed ceiling lights.Bathroom: Include standard white toilet, Add a 16-by-20-foot deck using pressure-vanity with cultured marble top, resilient treated joists supported by 4x4 posts anchored GArAGe Additionvinyl flooring, two-piece fiberglass shower to concrete piers. Install composite deck Construct a 26-by-26-foot freestandingunit, a light/fan combination, vanity light material in a simple linear pattern. Include a two-car garage, including footings and slab-fixture, recessed medicine cabinet, towel and built-in bench and planter of the same decking on-grade foundation, 2x4 wood frame with
  4. 4. Project Descriptions continuedOSB structural sheathing, and gable truss mAster suite Addition two-story Additionroof at 6/12 pitch. Install 25-year asphalt Add a 24-by-16-foot master bedroom suite Add a first-floor family room and a second-shingle roofing with galvanized metal over a crawlspace. Include walk-in closet/ floor bedroom with full bathroom in a 24-by-flashing; vinyl siding and trim. Install five dressing area, whirlpool tub in ceramic 16-foot two-story wing over a crawlspace.double-hung 30-by-48-inch vinyl windows; tile platform, separate 3-by-4-foot ceramic Add new HVAC system to handle addition;one 3-0/6-8 exterior door with half-glass tile shower, and double-bowl vanity with electrical wiring to code.and lockset; and two composite 9-by-8-foot solid-surface countertop. Bedroom floor Family room: Include a prefabricated gasoverhead doors with motorized openers. is carpet; bathroom floor is ceramic tile. fireplace; 11 3-by-5-foot double-hungInclude 100-amp breaker at main house Painted walls, ceiling, and trim. General and insulated clad-wood windows; an atrium-stylepanel and 50 linear feet of trench buried spot lighting, exhaust fan; electrical wiring exterior door; carpeted floors; painted drywallconduit to feed new electrical subpanel. to code. on walls and ceiling; and painted trim.Provide electrical wiring for openers; Bathroom: 5 by 8 feet. Include a one-piecethree-way switching for fluorescent minor kitchen remodel fiberglass tub/shower unit; standard whiteceiling fixtures over each bay; three-way In a functional but dated 200-square-foot toilet; wood vanity with solid-surfaceswitching for two exterior spotlights; outlets kitchen with 30 linear feet of cabinetry and countertop; resilient vinyl flooring; andto code. Interior wall, floors, and ceilings countertops, leave cabinet boxes in place but mirrored medicine cabinet with built-inremain unfinished. replace fronts with new raised-panel wood light strip; papered walls; and painted trim; doors and drawers, including new hardware. exhaust fan. Bedroom: Include walk-inGArAGe door replAcement Replace wall oven and cooktop with new closet/dressing area; carpet; painted walls,Remove and dispose of existing 16-by-7-foot energy-efficient models. Replace laminate ceiling, and trim; general and spot lighting.garage door and tracks. Install new 4-section countertops; install midpriced sink andgarage door on new galvanized steel tracks; faucet. Repaint trim, add wall covering, and window replAcement (vinyl)reuse existing motorized opener. New door remove and replace resilient flooring. Replace 10 existing 3-by-5-foot double-hungis uninsulated, single-layer, embossed steel windows with insulated vinyl replacementwith two coats of baked-on paint, galvanized roofinG replAcement windows. Wrap existing exterior trim assteel hinges, and nylon rollers; 10-year Remove existing roofing to bare wood required to match. Do not disturb existinglimited warranty. sheathing and dispose of properly. Install interior trim. 30 squares of 235-pound fiberglass asphalthome office remodel shingles (min. 25-year warranty) with new window replAcement (wood)Convert an existing 12-by-12-foot room to felt underlayment, galvanized drip edge, Replace 10 existing 3-by-5-foot double-hunga home office. Install custom cabinets to and mill-finish aluminum flashing. Assume windows with insulated wood replacementinclude 20 linear feet of laminate desktop, a 5-square hip roof; custom flashing at two windows, exterior clad in vinyl or workstation, and wall cabinet average-size skylights; and custom cap Wrap existing exterior trim as required tostorage. Rewire room for computer, fax treatment at vented ridge. match. Do not disturb existing interior trim.machine, and other electronic equipment,as well as cable and telephone lines. sidinG replAcementInclude drywall interior, painted trim, and Replace 1,250 square feet of existing siding upscalecommercial-grade carpeting. with new vinyl siding, including all trim. BAthroom AdditionmAjor kitchen remodel sunroom Addition Add a new 100-square-foot masterUpdate an outmoded 200-square-foot kitchen Construct a 200-square-foot sunroom bathroom to existing master bedroomwith a functional layout of 30 linear feet addition, including footings and slab-on- over a crawlspace. Include 42-by-42-inchof semi-custom wood cabinets, including a grade foundation. Post-and-beam framing neo-angle shower with ceramic tile walls3-by-5-foot island; laminate countertops; and exposed on interior side. Wall glazing: vinyl with accent strip, recessed shower caddy,standard double-tub stainless-steel sink with or aluminum clad awning and casement body-spray fixtures, and frameless glassstandard single-lever faucet. Include energy- windows with low-E, laminated or tempered enclosure. Include a customized whirlpoolefficient wall oven, cooktop, ventilation glazing and screens. Roof glazing: 10 large tub; stone countertop with two sinks; twosystem, built-in microwave, dishwasher, aluminum-clad venting skylights with mirrored medicine cabinets with lighting;garbage disposal, and custom lighting. Add screens. Provide ceiling fan; insulate all non- a compartmentalized commode area withnew resilient flooring. Finish with painted glass areas; provide movable shades for glass one-piece toilet; and a humidistat-controlledwalls, trim, and ceiling. area. Quarry tile or equal on floor. exhaust fan. Use all color fixtures. Use larger matching ceramic tiles on the floor, laid on the diagonal with ceramic tile base molding.
  5. 5. Project Descriptions continuedAdd general and spot lighting including GArAGe Addition Add new general and task lighting includingwaterproof shower fixture. Cabinetry shall For the same midrange two-car garage, add low-voltage undercabinet lights. Install corkinclude a custom drawer base and wall interior wall finish using moisture-resistant flooring, cherry trim.cabinets for a built-in look. Extend HVAC drywall on ceiling and three walls. Atsystem, and include electric in-floor heating rear wall, install modular storage systems mAster suite Additionand heated towel bars. including wall panels, upper and lower storage Add a 32-by-20-foot master bedroom suite cabinets with work surfaces, and required over a crawlspace.BAthroom remodel task lighting. Trim all windows and doors and Bedroom: Add a spacious sleeping areaExpand an existing 35-square-foot bathroom provide base molding at perimeter; paint all with lounging/sitting area adjacent to largeto 100 square feet within existing house trim, ceiling, and walls. Finish cement floor master bathroom. Include custom bookcasesfootprint. Relocate all fixtures. Include 42-by- with color, slip-resistant epoxy sealer. and built-in storage with millwork details;42-inch neo-angle shower with ceramic tile high-end gas fireplace with stone hearth andwalls with accent strip, recessed shower GArAGe door replAcement custom mantle; and large walk-in closet/caddy, body-spray fixtures, and frameless Remove and dispose of existing 16x7-foot dressing area with natural light, mirrors, andglass enclosure. Include a customized garage door and tracks. Install new 4-section linen storage. Add French doors to exterior.whirlpool tub; stone countertop with two garage door on new heavy-duty galvanized Bathroom: Include a large walk-in showersinks; two mirrored medicine cabinets with steel tracks; reuse existing motorized with dual-shower system, stone showerlighting; a compartmentalized commode opener. New door is high tensile strength walls and floor, and custom frameless glassarea with one-piece toilet; and a humidistat- steel with two coats of factory-applied paint enclosure. Add corner-design whirlpool tubcontrolled exhaust fan. Use all color fixtures. and foam insulated to minimum R-12 with bordered on two sides by windows and builtUse larger matching ceramic tiles on the thermal seals between pinch-resistant panels. into granite or marble platform with customfloor, laid on the diagonal with ceramic Windows in top panel are ½-inch insulated cabinet front. Include two sinks in separatetile base molding. Add general and spot glass. Hardware includes galvanized steel custom vanities with stone countertops andlighting including waterproof shower fixture. hinges and ball-bearing urethane rollers. large mirrors. Create partitioned area forCabinetry shall include a custom drawer base Lifetime warranty. luxury one-piece toilet.and wall cabinets for a built-in look. Extend General: Add 5-foot-long hospitality centerHVAC system, and include electric in-floor GrAnd entrAnce (fiBerGlAss) with bar sink, undercounter refrigerator,heating and heated towel bars. Remove existing 3-0/6-8 entry door and cut custom cabinetry, granite or marble and reframe opening for a 12-36-12 entrance countertop, and microwave. Includedeck Addition (composite) door with dual sidelites. Move double-gang soundproofing, in-floor heating, customAdd a 16-by-20-foot deck using pressure- electrical box with two switches. Fiberglass wall finishes and hardware, general and spottreated joists supported by 4x4 posts door blank matches upscale entry, including lighting, and lighting controls.anchored to concrete piers. At one corner, color, threshold, lockset, and decorative half-add a second, 10-foot-diameter six-sided glass; sidelites match door. PVC-wrapped roofinG replAcementplatform one step down from the main deck. exterior trim in color to match existing trim; Remove existing roofing to bare woodInclude stairs on the smaller deck, assuming wider interior colonial or ranch casings sheathing and dispose of properly. Installthree steps to grade. Install composite deck (3.5-inch to cover new jack studs) in 30 squares of standing-seam metal, formedmaterial in a simple linear pattern. Trim the hardwood stained to match door. All work on site into 16-inch panels using factory-perimeter joists and wrap the 4x4 posts with to be completed in one day. enameled roll steel; double-lock all seams.composite materials to match the decking. Use custom brake-bent flashing from sameUsing the same decking material, include a mAjor kitchen remodel material for drip edge and all flashing atbuilt-in bench and planter along one 16-foot Update outmoded 200-square-foot kitchen roof-wall intersections. Assume a 5-squareside. On the remaining perimeter, provide a with 30 linear feet of top-of-the-line custom hip roof; custom flashing at two average-railing system using composite material of cherry cabinets with built-in sliding shelves sized skylights; and custom cap treatmentcontrasting or complementary colors that and other interior accessories. Include stone at vented ridge. Apply over new feltincludes decorative balusters, post caps, and countertops with imported ceramic- or glass- underlayment; use ice-and-water membranelighting. Railing and trim should provide for tile backsplash; built-in refrigerator, cooktop, at eaves, valleys, and all penetrations.overall curb appeal to the outdoor living space and 36-inch commercial grade rangeby integrating the deck with the home’s color and vent hood; built-in warming drawer,and architecture, creating a custom look. trash compactor, and built-in combination microwave and convection oven. Install high-end undermount sink with designer faucets and built-in water filtration system.
  6. 6. Project Descriptions continuedsidinG replAcement siding with new foam-backed vinyl window replAcement (wood)(fiBer-cement) siding, including factory trim at all Replace 10 existing 3-by-5-foot double-hungReplace 1,250 square feet of existing siding openings and corners. windows with insulated, low-E, simulated-with new fiber-cement siding, factory primed divided-lite wood windows. Interior finish ofand factory painted. Include all 4/4 and 5/4 window replAcement (vinyl) stained hardwood; exterior finish of custom-trim using either fiber-cement boards or Replace 10 existing 3-by-5-foot double-hung color aluminum cladding. Trim exteriorcellular PVC. windows with insulated, low-E, simulated- to match existing; do not disturb existing divided-lite vinyl windows. Simulated wood- interior trim.sidinG replAcement grain interior finish; custom-color exterior(foAm-BAcked vinyl) finish. Trim exterior to match existing; do notReplace 1,250 square feet of existing disturb existing interior trim.reuse and licensing of DataThe Remodeling 2010–11 Cost vs. Value Report (“The Report”) contains copyrighted material that isbeing made available in free downloadable PDF documents as a public service. Any reuse without expresspermission is prohibited, including but not limited to the following:■ Resale. Under no circumstances may The Report, whether in whole or part, be reproduced and sold in any format, including print, digital, electronic file, fax, or other medium.■ Publication of data. Data from The Report may not be distributed or published in any format, includ- ing print, digital, electronic file, fax, or other medium without obtaining express permission.■ aPPlications/softwaRe. None of the national, regional, or city data, whether in whole or part, may be incorporated by you or any third party for use in any kind of computer- or Web-based application, calculator, database, or other automated, electronic, or digital device, instrument, or software except as licensed by Hanley Wood (see “Obtaining Permission to Use the 2010–11 Cost vs. Value Report,” below).oBtAininG permission to use the 2010–11 cost vs. vAlue reportFor permission to license, reprint, republish, or reuse the data, send a request via e-mail, and include the following: a description of the medium or media in which the data will appear (e.g., book, magazine, online ■ story, etc.), or the application or calculator in which the data will be used. If the data will appear online, include the length of time the material will be published. a detailed description of the material you are seeking permission to use (specific projects, ■ cities, etc.); alternatively, you may include the actual excerpt or data you are seeking permission to use.citAtion GuidelinesWhen citing The Report as a source, refer to it as the “Remodeling 2010–11 Cost vs. Value Report” andinclude the URL, as in the following examples:“... according to the Remodeling 2010–11 Cost vs. Value Report ( ...” or“… as compiled in the Remodeling 2010–11 Cost vs. Value Report ( ... .”
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