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Upgrading unit considerations


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A quick overview of the ABC3 plan for transforming curriculum units one at a time.

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Upgrading unit considerations

  1. 1. Transforming Curriculum One Unit At A Time: Preparing Students For The 21st Century Mike Fisher & Janet Hale
  2. 2. Kindergarteners Gr. K Class of 2024 Gr. 12Over one-tenth of the 21st century has passed by… Are we thinking about the world ourstudents live in now as well as in the future?
  3. 3. Architect Curriculum Design What, Why,Learn When, Where, Who Teach Contractor Curriculum Practice How
  4. 4. What unit of study ABC3 Process makes sense for me/we to transform based on…1. My/our comfort level forexploring transformationpossibilities and my willing to beslightly uncomfortable with someimplementation requirements(learning and/or teaching).2. My/our comfort level forallowing students theopportunity to “fully own”or “better own” theirlearning.
  5. 5. Exploring the 21st century possibilities …1. Within my/our school,what technology do I/wehave available to aid inthe desiredtransformation(s) to myselected unit of study?2. What (free) Web-basedtools can aid in thedesired transformation(s)to my selected unit ofstudy?
  6. 6. Goal: One Transformed Unit of Study1. Plan transformations and reviseappropriate unit-of-study elementsbased on focus(es) (e.g.,determining heart of unit, BIs, EQs,Content, Skills, Assessments,Activities/Strategies, Resources,Standards)2. Have team member(s) readyour transformed unit of study(using rubric) to providefeedback for your unit plan--including discussing/deciding• Time Frame• Expertise Areas
  7. 7. How will I work with my team member(s) and students to make the transformed unit happen?1. Finalize time frame and area expertise role(s)2. Explore student responsibilities (outside your comfort zone).3. Set personal-challenge goal and accountability (to whom and when).
  8. 8. How will I reflect with my team member(s) (and students) on the results of the transformed unit?1. Determine when the cognitive- reflecting review process will take place after the unit of study has been completed.2. Collaborative analysis of results focus on three aspects: what worked, what needs to be reconsidered or expanded, and what needs to be included in future transformations to unit of study and/or future transformed unit(s) of study.
  9. 9. Everyone moves forward at adifferent pace. The importantpoint is that you keep movingforward with an agreement to...
  10. 10. Doing what is in your/our 21st century students’ best interests…
  11. 11. What Do My 21st Century Students Look Like? Your Name Here