How to Increase Website Traffic: 50+ Growth Hacking Tactics


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How to Increase Website Traffic: 50+ Growth Hacking Tactics

  1. 1. How to Increase Website Traffic 50+ Growth Hacking Tactics Top of the funnel growth for entrepreneurs and authors
  2. 2. Introduction What will you learn - Who am I - What else do you need
  3. 3. So you’ve written a book, started a blog, put up a landing page, etc… Now you just need people to see it….
  4. 4. Traffic is the top of the funnel. You will also need… Optimized conversion funnels Copywriting Design and UX A product that delivers value!
  5. 5. Every product and company is different. Go where your customers are Consider your margins ● Customer acquisition costs ● Customer lifetime value Test and iterate
  6. 6. About me... Startups, B2B & B2C Conent marketer Author and book marketer Affiliate marketer Most exp. with:
  7. 7. What you will learn... Press Virality Over 50 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site! SEO Social Media Case Studies Content Marketing
  8. 8. The following slides are the cliffnotes...the video course will contain detailed strategies and can learn more at:
  9. 9. Content Marketing Builds rapport, establishes authority, and increases engagement Leads to exposure through getting shared, boosting SEO, and increasing re-engagement To do it well, deliver value to your audience
  10. 10. Answer relevant questions thoughtfully & link back Link to your site in your profile & bio line Reach out to people asking & answering relevant questions Blog share your blog posts Credits promote your best answers & posts Engage by commenting, upvoting, asking, following,
  11. 11. a mini search engine + strong shareability Publish valuable and well designed slides Link to your site in your profile, presentation’s description, and within the slides Engage by commenting, following, etc.
  12. 12. 2nd largest search engine + surfaces high on Google Publish valuable and well produced videos Link to your site in the video’s description and in the video Use relevant titles and keywords to surface higher in search
  13. 13. massive search engine + surfaces high on Google Self-publish relevant and valuable kindle and softback books Link to your site in the description, the book, and your profile Establish yourself as an expert
  14. 14. large educational search engine Publish relevant, valuable, & well produced courses Link to your site in the description, the course, & your profile Send your students more content & links to your site Establish yourself as an expert
  15. 15. blogging made easy Write relevant and valuable articles Install plugins to boost your SEO and sharability Surface higher in search for your keywords Install mailchimp to improve retention
  16. 16. Podcasts search engine for audio/video Produce relevant and valuable episodes Link to your site in the description and verbally Engage your audience while they’re on the go
  17. 17. Public Speaking Conferences Meetups Webinars Skillshare Eventbrite
  18. 18. Search Engine Optimization appear higher in search Content marketing via blogging, youtube, etc. Press coverage with linkbacks Guest blogging with linkbacks Optimize titles, keywords and domains Keyword research to determine what to write
  19. 19. Social Media Deliver value Be conversational and friendly Build an audience
  20. 20. Ads promote your profile or tweets Conversation be helpful and friendly Hashtags use relevant hashtags when tweeting Your profile include links to your site in your profile Follow people they will see your link Mention people they will see you and respond
  21. 21. Share status updates with your content Groups engage with and share to relevant groups. Create a group for your customers with a link to your site in the description and autoresponder Your profile include links to your site
  22. 22. Share status updates with your content Communities engage with and share to relevant groups. Surface higher in search
  23. 23. Groups engage with and post to relevant groups Ads promote your site and posts Page create a page people can like and/or follow Share valuable comment and commentary
  24. 24. network for offline events Organize a group relevant to your audience Engage in-person Build a mailing list to distribute content to
  25. 25. Email Marketing Send to your existing list Collect email addresses Re-engage traffic that otherwise may have forgotten about you Offer a newsletter as content marketing
  26. 26. Partnerships and Affiliates Distribution partners they have an audience and you have something that’s valuable to it Affiliate marketers take commission for selling your product
  27. 27. Virality Incentivize users with premium services, content, or discounts Allow people to brag about their accomplishments Enable user generated content that they want to share with friends Make their experience better in some way by having more friends use the product
  28. 28. Referrals Network with people in your industry who know your customers Ask your contacts to forward or share your site or content with anyone they know who would benefit
  29. 29. Trade Shows & Conferences Network with customers and partners Get a booth Give out biz cards Collect emails
  30. 30. Pay Per Click Advertising Search engine marketing Social ads
  31. 31. Press what does your audience read? Niche blogs Non traditional / stunts Press releases Guest blogging click throughs + SEO
  32. 32. Niche Content & Social Networks go where your customers go engage organically: be friendly and add value
  33. 33. A few more quick hacks... Include a link in your email signature Post paper flyers, handouts, or cards in public Include a link in your Gchat status Post in relevant discussion forums and link back Comment on relevant blogs and link back contextually If appropriate, post a deal to Groupon or LivingSocial
  34. 34. Sign up for more free tips and content: Over 50 ways to get more traffic to your site!