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  2. 2. . Transforming business is challenging, but participating in a cooperative business ecosystem that embraces digital technology can make the transition much smoother. This is where Axway can help you help your customers. JOIN US TODAY: 1 EMBRACE NEW OPPORTUNITIES IN THE ERA OF DIGITAL BUSINESS Challenges aside, it’s an exciting time to do business. With new technologies and new channels for engagement, you have countless opportunities to interact directly - in real time –with your customers. But it takes more than a new website, a social media strategy or a mobile application to attract and delight modern customers. Today, people expect a consistent, highly-digital customer service experience across all their business interactions. DIGITAL CONNECTIVITY How we transform analog business processes into digital, data-driven ones. The business landscape is evolving. New challenges, driven by changing customer expectations, are disrupting old processes and ways of thinking. Staying competitive in a globalized market now means embracing the new era of digital business, where speed, agility and innovation are everything. SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? It means the time has come to enable: DIGITAL EXPERIENCES DIGITAL SERVICES How we develop business models that embrace technology and meet customer needs. How we expand our relationships with customers across new channels
  3. 3. We believe in the value of working together to foster a global ecosystem of partnerships. Customers demand solutions, not software products. Growing a family of partners helps us deliver those solutions and helps our partners: Axway has built a technology suite that helps businesses embrace (and monetize) new business models, but that’s only half the story. The secret to success in the new era of digital business is collaboration: working together to deploy and scale services, products and solutions. Grow their business faster with new products and services. Enrich their product portfolio with compelling solutions. Deliver game-changing technology to their customers. The Axway Advantage Partner Program is about helping our partners grow their business with us, so we can amplify each other’s capabilities and deliver better solutions for our common customers. It’s a business-building program driven by your business requi- rements, your knowledge and your needs. 2 HOW AXWAY CAN HELP JOIN US TODAY:
  4. 4. FLEXIBILITY Join a global network of professional other companies who can amplify your business as part of a healthy ecosystem of partners. services firms, suppliers and COMMUNITY Connect your business to our resources, our experts and our markets so we can grow together. GROWTH Mike Dayton, SVP Global Alliances and Channels, Axway What makes Axway different from other partners is our culture: we live and breath collaboration, flexibility and cooperation. ABOUT AXWAY 3 WHY CHOOSE AXWAY? “ • customers accross 100 countries • of the world’s largest banks • of the top U.S. retailers • of the auto manufacturers • employees accross countries The value we bring to partners is our 11,000 customers whose constantly evolving requirements create opportunities growth and innovation, both organically and through acquisition. We have made a commitment to deliver solutions with and through our partners, limiting our own professional services to what is necessary to ensure customer success with our products. We’re stable, we have good quality products and, more importantly, we have excellent people to support those products and support our partners in helping them deliver solutions to customers. 11,000 14 15 4 10 8 16 2,000 19 for partners. We have a proven history of delivering profitable JOIN US TODAY: Gain access to the best training and education resources, as well as ongoing support from a dedicated Alliance Manager, the Axway Partner Portal and the Axway Online Support Portal. SUPPORT Provide your customers with solutions, not just software. Meet their needs and amplify your business with a complete suite of products driven by cutting-edge technology. SOLUTIONS Different engagement and partnership models to choose from mean you can be sure you’re entering a relationship that will work for your business.
  5. 5. WHEREAND HOW WE PARTNER Axway works with you at every step: from enablement and demand generation, to marketing and engagement with our professional sales teams. 4 PARTNER AT EACH STEP OF YOUR BUSINESS JOIN US TODAY: “ Ross Tuffee, CEO of DOGFISH Mobile - United Kingdom As anAppcelerator Partner, we recently joined the Axway Advantage Partner Program. With the combination of Appcelerator and API Management, we see a lot of market opportunities to enable end-to-end mobile lifecycle management. We are planning a series of co-marketing activities withAxway in the UK to support ourjoint go-to-market strategy.
  6. 6. 4 PARTNER AT EACH STEP OF YOUR BUSINESS SUPPORT, TRAINING AND EXPERTISEALONG THE WAY Change can be daunting, which is why we’re committed to the training and education of our partners. We recognize the value in sharing our expertise with others, so we support our partners from pitch right through to a sale and beyond. The Axway curriculum covers everything from sales and marketing to business development and in-depth technical training. We’ve made sure that there’s Need more support? No problem. We can set up on site sales, product and technical training at your location.You can also attend our public IT Training Classes at the Axway Competency Center, or access more training via the Learning Management System. Whatever you need to succeed, we’ve got it. something for everyone to learn and benefit from. JOIN US TODAY:
  7. 7. PARTNERSHIPS AND ENGAGEMENT MODELS WHO WE PARTNER WITH Global Systems Integrators – Global or multi-national advisory and systems integration firms. Digital Solution Providers - Consulting and services firms typically specializing in digital transformation, analytics, integration, or cybersecurity. Value Added Resellers – Services companies providing turn-key solutions and support to their customers. Managed Services Providers – Cloud services companies delivering solutions in a managed services model. FLEXIBLE ENGAGEMENT: HOW WE WORK WITH OUR PARTNERS No two businesses are alike. That’s why we’ve made sure the Axway Partner Program is flexible, with 3 types of engagement models for you to choose from: A BUSINESS-BUILDING PARTNER PROGRAM, MADE FOR YOU 5 JOIN US TODAY: PARTNERING YOUR WAY 10159_AXWAY_ebook_BAT0516_print.indd 13-14 07/06/2016 18:38
  8. 8. A BUSINESS-BUILDING PARTNER PROGRAM, MADE FOR YOU 5 TYPICAL JOINT SUCCESSES FEATURES & BENEFITS SELECT PREFERRED Assigned alliance manager x x Joint engagement plan x Opportunity registration x x Sales and service cooperation x x Priority access to Axway sales and pre-sales resources x Compensation benefits to Axway sales for working with partner x Advanced notification of subcontracting & staffing opportunities x Axway Partner Portal x x Axway evaluation program (not for resale Licenses) x x Axway early adopter program x Co-marketing and joint communication activities x x Training and education access x x JOIN US TODAY: The Axway Partner Program includes two partnership levels: Select and Preferred. Most partners will begin their journey with Axway at the Select level. As your company achieves competency, client success, and business volume milestones, Axway offers special benefits to Preferred partners to help accelerate business growth even further. Regardless of level, you receive training and education, marketing support and access to sales support tools. Regardless of the arrangement, we’re here to help you. •Country: United States •Solutions: Operational Intelligence/ Analytics •Client Industry: Banking Industry •Challenge: Build a Business Command Center to monitor all payments going through the bank and making sure they meet cut-offs •Deal Size: Multi-year engagement for 5 to 10 FTE from System Integrator to build and run the system •Country: Western Europe •Solutions: API Management •Client Industry: Luxury Industry •Challenge: Secure communication from Head-office with subsidiaries over the Internet •Deal Size: 100k€ implementation services + annual Application Maintenance MATCHING YOUR COMMITMENT
  9. 9. PARTNER SUMMITS Jimy Chandra - Sales and Marketing Director SPS, Strategic Partner Solution - Indonesia JOIN US TODAY: “ Éric Girard, Corporate Alliance Officer - Strategic Alliances & Accounts - Sopra Steria The Axway solutions help us drive new Digital Transformation projects for some of our largest customers in industries such as Transportation or Financial. Eddy Kwan, Director, PT Evotech Distribusi Indonesia 6 DISCOVER THE AXWAY PARTNER ECOSYSTEM IN MOTION For the past nine years we worked together with Axway, I feel that Axway is very focused on what they are providing to the customers. Let’s take an example of one of our banking customers. Initially we proposed Managed File Transfer, and going through the year Axway acquired an another complementary solution, meaning that the time the new solution, the new module that Axway propose in the same industry. With Axway, we can also expand our opportunities on new markets, not only in banks, we can go through oil and gas, insurance and other industries. I can say that our customer portfolio is growing that we spend with our customers will be justified. We can upsell significantly since the beginning of our partnership with Axway.
  10. 10. José Castellanos, Director de Operaciones, Bizpro Mexico David Mabon, Managing Director, MiddleWare New Zealand DISCOVER THE AXWAY PARTNER ECOSYSTEM IN MOTION “ David Gwyn, Technology Practice Leader Navitas USA Everything we do at Navitas is geared toward providing a great user experience to enable better outcomes and to make more informed decisions,” said David Gwyn, Technology Practice Leader at Navitas. “We have a strong expertise in Axway digital enablement solutions, and we are convinced that this combined infrastructure offering will be the most reliable, secure and cost-ef- fective offering available for pharmaceutical and retail organizations to address tracking and compliance issues in a complex digital environment. “ Market forces and new regulations in the United sector approaches compliance. We saw an opportunity to help businesses manage compliance, but we needed a partner who could provide the right solutions and collaborate on a go-to-market strategy. Axway’s approach to partnership and its alignment with our broader corporate strategy made them the perfect partner. States have changed the way the financial services Big Four Global Advisory Firm 6 JOIN US TODAY:
  11. 11. Ready tojoin forces with Axway? Let’s get started JOIN US TODAY CONTACT US :