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B2B Sales Enablement & The Customer Journey


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Creating Insanely Great Customers: A Lean innovation strategy for engaging the planet's most strategic customers, the Insanely Great ones. | Get The Book |

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Accelerate and close more B2B deals. Align marketing and sales on the materials and customer insight needed. This hard-hitting presentation helps you facilitate a powerful planning dialog between the sales and marketing department that will focus time and money on high impact materials and information that simply sell more and more. You will come away with definitions and recommendations for each sales stage that will take your sales enablement program from good to Insanely Great.

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B2B Sales Enablement & The Customer Journey

  1. 1. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Insanely  Great  B2B  Sales  Enablement  Using  the  Customer  Journey  Framework  Expand   Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Refer  Mike  Connor  |  Principal  |  Spice  Catalyst  Status  Quo    Trigger  Point  Purchase    Deploy  Solu%on  Validate  Value  
  2. 2. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Presenta>on  Summary    Create  an  Insanely  Great  Sales  Enablement  Program  Using  the  Customer  Journey  to  facilitate  planning  What  is  covered?  •  Why  suppor>ng  personal  sales  interac>ons  is  cri>cal  •  Challenges  to  effec>ve  sales  enablement  •  Using  customer  journey  to  overcome  challenges  •  Starter  set  of  stage  by  stage  recommenda>ons    Download  the  planning  workbook  &  this  presenta%on  at  (hKp://­‐enablement-­‐of-­‐the-­‐customer-­‐journey/)  Addi>onal  resources  
  3. 3. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  “Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers”  An  Agile  Marke%ng  Methodology  by  Spice  Catalyst  The  Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series              •  High  value  customers  •  Con%nual  -­‐  mutual  learning  and  innova%on  •  Delivering  breakthrough  value  at  each  stage  of  the  journey  
  4. 4. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  B2B  Sales  Enablement  Using  the  Customer  Journey  Framework  Expand   Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Refer  Status  Quo   Trigger  Point  Purchase    Deploy  Solu%on  Validate  Value  
  5. 5. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Despite  all  of  the  focus  on  content  marke%ng,  social  media  and  marke%ng  automa%on  
  6. 6. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  The  bar  for  sales  is  higher  than  ever  “60%  of  the  purchasing  decision  process  is  completed  before  a  sales  rep  is  contacted.”  The  Conference  Board  
  7. 7. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  B2B  Sales   Is  Personal!  “Today  more  than  ever,  its  the  personal  interac6ons  with  prospec6ve  customers  that  determines  winners  from  losers”  Steve  Mar>n  USC  Marshall  School  of  Business  Harvard  Business  Review  
  8. 8. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  It  s%ll  takes  sales  people  to  close  deals  
  9. 9. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  To  close  those  deals  they  need  informa%on  
  10. 10. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  The  right  informa%on!  
  11. 11. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  For  the  right  person!  
  12. 12. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  At  the  right  %me  Expand   Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Refer  Status  Quo   Trigger  Point  Purchase    Deploy  Solu%on  Validate  Value  
  13. 13. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Sales  people  spend  a  day  a  week  trying  to  find  the  right  informa%on  and  structuring  it  to  meet  customer  needs  X%#@**^  
  14. 14. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Sales  %me  lost  is  %me  gained  by  compe%tors  X%#@**^  Compe%tors  &  your  lost  customers  
  15. 15. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  The  customer  journey  provides  a  framework  to  define  “who”,  needs  “what”,  “when”!  Purchase  
  16. 16. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Purchase  “Who”  Are  the  decision  makers  and  influencers  They  are  typically  defined  in  “personas”  created  by  marke%ng  
  17. 17. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  B2B  purchases  involve  mul%ple  decision  makers  (personas)  
  18. 18. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  In  B2B  crea%ng  in-­‐depth  personas  is  key  to  crea%ng  great  content    Content  and  engagement  that  lead  to  sales  
  19. 19. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point   Purchase  “What”  is  needed  is  defined  by  the  requirements  of  the  personas  
  20. 20. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point   Purchase  “When”  specific  content  is  needed  depends  on  where  the  prospect  or  customer  is  in  the  buyers  journey,  their  specific  needs  and  preceding  ac%vi%es  
  21. 21. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Different  content  is  valuable  a  different  stages  depends  on  your  market,  solu%on  and  the  stage  based  needs  of  the  personas  
  22. 22. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  The  greatest  value  your  solu%on  offers  B2B  customers.  .  .  Purchase  Time  &  Money  
  23. 23. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  The  informa%on  most  valuable  as  decisions  are  finalized?    Financial  Jus%fica%on  /  ROI  Product  Features  /  Technical  Informa%on  Product  Demo  /  Proof  of  Concept  Product  Reviews  /  Test  Results  Peer  /  Customer  References  Alignment  with  Industry  Trends  Vision  and  Thought  Leadership  Customer  Case  Studies  IDC  Survey  of  IT  Solu6on  Decision  Makers  
  24. 24. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point   Purchase  Sales  /  Systems  Engineering  /  Customer  Success  Driven  Marke>ng  Driven  Interac>ons  with  prospects  and  customers  are  driven  by  different  groups  at  a  different  stages  
  25. 25. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point   Purchase  Sales  Enablement  Requirements  
  26. 26. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point   Purchase  Con%nual  learning  and  innova%on  between  marke%ng,  sales  and  customers  
  27. 27. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point   Purchase  Training  /  updates  on  Personas  and  their  use  of  content  
  28. 28. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point   Purchase  Training  /  updates  on  content  &  where  its  being  used  an  how  to  access  it  
  29. 29. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point   Purchase  The  Objec%ve:  Support  sales  in  crea%ng  %mely  –  valuable  customer  engagements  Prospect  /  customer  ac%vity,  content  use  and  status  con%nually  captured  and  shared  
  30. 30. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point   Purchase  Fast  Turn  Around  on  requests  for  support  and  access  to  internal  experts  
  31. 31. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Modular  design  and  content  management  reduce  sales  %me  lost  finding  and  repurposing  content  Thought  Leadership  Proof  of  Concept    /  Trial  Suppor%ng  Material  Product  Reviews  /  Results  Financial  /  ROI  Product  /  Technical    Peer  Reviews  /  Case  Studies  Suppor%ng  Material  Suppor%ng  Material  Suppor%ng  Material  Suppor%ng  Material  
  32. 32. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point   Purchase  Sales  Enablement  Requirements  by  Stage  
  33. 33. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  Status  Quo:  Starts  before  prospects  know  they  need  a  solu>on  •  Excel  at  Job  •  Stay  on  top  of  trends  &  drivers  •  Objec%ve  thought  leadership  on  their  industry  and  job  func>on  •  Bound  to  your  solu>on  Champion  Needs  /  Ac%ons   What  you  should  provide  Status  Quo  
  34. 34. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  Champion  Needs  /  Ac%ons   What  you  should  provide  •  Convey  solid  grasp  of  issues  •  Establish  leadership  role  •  Define  ini>al  needs,  decision  makers  and  influencers  •  Objec%ve  Overview  •  Key  solu>on  requirements  •  Impact,  deployment    &  risk  factors  •  Decision  making  Trigger  Point:  A  business  driver  creates  need  for  change  and  ac>on  (A  cross  func>onal  team  (mul>ple  personas)  is  formed)  Trigger  Point  
  35. 35. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  Champion  Needs  /  Ac%ons   What  you  should  provide  •  Framework  to  narrow  field  •  Define  constraints  •  Needs  of  users  &  influencers  •  Understand  impact  of  change  /  adop>on  /  deployment,  and  training  /  support  and  costs  •  Objec%ve  Framework  •  Comparisons  of  key  high  value  use  scenarios,  impact,  deployment    &  risk  areas.  •  Evalua>on  method  and  process  •  Modular  informa%on  Explore  Op%ons:  The  team  explores  a  broad  range  of  solu>ons  Explore  Op%ons  
  36. 36. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  Champion  Needs  /  Ac%ons   What  you  should  provide  •  Rank  value  of  core  needs  •  Refine  with  influencers  input  •  Compare  capability  &  reputa>on  •  Analyst  reports,  peer  discussions,  vendor  presenta>ons,  live  trial  •  Meet  w/  reference  customers  •  Contrast  &  compare  vendor  proof  points  re  high  value  use  areas  •  Modular  3rd  party  info  for  key  use  /  concern  areas  •  Demo  /  Proof  of  Concept  •  Validate  capability  in  high  value  use  areas  Evaluate  Solu%ons:  Detailed  evalua>ons  of  a  handful  of  alterna>ves  Evaluate  Solu%ons  
  37. 37. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  Champion  Needs  /  Ac%ons   What  you  should  provide  •  Build  business  case  to  move  forward  with  recommended  vendor  •  Review  with  key  stakeholders  •  Iden>fy  key  proof  points  •  Define  areas  of  nego>a>on  •  Objec%ve  Framework  for  Business  Case  •  Modular  suppor>ng  content  •  Succinct  descrip>on  of  need  •  Proof  of  business  value  delivered  /  ROI  •  How  need  is  addressed  •  Differen>a>ng  elements  •  Proof  points,  3rd  party  input  •  Full  view  of  cost  /  impact  of  ownership  and  risk  areas  Business  case:    Findings  and  recommenda>ons  created  /  presented  Business  Case  
  38. 38. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  Champion  Needs  /  Ac%ons   What  you  should  provide  Internal  buy  in:  Champion  resolves  internal  concerns  /  differences  Internal  Buy  In  •  Present  to  internal  decision  makers  •  Address  requests  for  addi%onal  inves%ga%on,  proof  points  and  pet  peeves  •  Re-­‐present  to  specific  stakeholders    •  Fast  turn  around  on  new  requests  •  Objec>ve  /  Balanced  Response  •  Modular  content  /  proof  points  •  3rd  party  references  to  support  needs  of  specific  stakeholders  
  39. 39. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  Champion  Needs  /  Ac%ons   What  you  should  provide  Purchase:  Nego>a>ons  are  completed  –  Deal  is  signed  Purchase    •  Nego%ate  key  areas  •  Set  up  vendor  •  Clear  understandable,  descrip%on  of  what  is  being  purchased  and  why  •  Clear  understanding  /  balanced  view  of  tradeoffs  •  Industry  acceptable  terms,  condi>ons  and  payment  structure  •  Well  structured,  enterprise  ready  legal  agreements  
  40. 40. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  Champion  Needs  /  Ac%ons   What  you  should  provide  Deploy  Solu%on:  People  are  trained  and  the  solu>on  is  deployed  Deploy  Solu%on  •  Review  and  priori>ze  deployment,  training  and  support  issues  •  Establish  metrics  for  value  created.  •  Train,  rollout  and  support  users  in  being  successful  in  key  use  areas    •  Best  prac>ce  deployment  and  training  workbook  /  guidelines  •  Support  to  improve  acceptance  /  reduce  risk,  disrup%on  and  abandonment  •  Support  escala>on  path  •  Community  support  •  Searchable  reference  materials  
  41. 41. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  Champion  Needs  /  Ac%ons   What  you  should  provide  Validate  Value:  Value  of  solu>on  is  revealed  though  use  and  support    Validate  Value  •  Gather  input  from  stakeholders  •  Assess  value  promised  versus  results  •  Evaluate  vendor  responsiveness  •  Build  case  to  con>nue  or  abandon  •  Present  findings  /  recommenda%ons  –  value  promised  versus  delivered  •  Data  from  use,  users  and  support  /  training  •  Framework  to  capture  /  present  ROI  
  42. 42. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  Champion  Needs  /  Ac%ons   What  you  should  provide  Expand  Expand:  If  value  is  demonstrated  customer  may  expand  rela>onship  •  Make  business  case  to  expand  •  Business  case  materials  and  informa%on  to  support  incremental  deployment  •  Valida>on  that  vendor  &  solu>on  is  delivering  value  •  Data  from  use,  users  •  Framework  to  capture  /  present  ROI  /  business  case  
  43. 43. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  Champion  Needs  /  Ac%ons   What  you  should  provide  Refer  Refer:  Willing  to  tell  others  about  your  great  company  and  products!  •  Convey  the  good,  bad  and  the  ugly  of  their  experience  •  Scorecard  -­‐  Improvements  •  Templates  /  examples  of  case  studies,  quotes,  PR  releases  •  Support  in  dealing  with  PR,  Legal  /  Purchasing  
  44. 44. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  How  well  does  your  current  approach  address  the  needs  of  customers  and  sales?    Purchase  Current  Sales  Enablement  Assessment  X%#@**^  
  45. 45. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point   Purchase  Rate  each  cell  from  –  5  to  +  5.  (  -­‐-­‐  5  =  Losing  momentum  &  credibility,  0  =  Good  Enough,  +5    Provides  Breakthrough  Compe%%ve  Value)  Customer  Insight  Requirements  How  well  do  your  personas  reflect  the  prospect’s  and  influencer’s  needs  at  each  stage?  
  46. 46. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point   Purchase  Rate  each  cell  from  –  5  to  +  5.  (  -­‐-­‐  5  =  Losing  momentum  &  credibility,  0  =  Good  Enough,  +5    Provides  Breakthrough  Compe%%ve  Value)  Content     How  well  does  your  content  support  prospect  /  customer  /  sales  needs  at  each  stage?  
  47. 47. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point   Purchase  Rate  each  cell  from  –  5  to  +  5.  (  -­‐-­‐  5  =  Losing  momentum  &  credibility,  0  =  Good  Enough,  +5    Provides  Breakthrough  Compe%%ve  Value)  Process  /  Informa%on  Exchange  How  well  do  your  current  approach  and  systems  support:  •  Geong  the  right  informa>on  to  the  right  prospect  or  customer  at  the  right  >me?  •  Exchanging  informa>on  between  sales  and  marke>ng  and  the  systems  that  engage  with  or  track  customers  and  their  ac>vi>es?  
  48. 48. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  hKp://­‐enablement-­‐of-­‐the-­‐customer-­‐journey/  Download  our  free  workbook  
  49. 49. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point   Purchase  Urgency     Test  5  •  Must  be  done  immediately  •  Other  high  priority  items  can’t  be  completed  without  this  •  If  not  completed  now,  its  value  is  lost  4  •  Highly  >me  constrained  •  Other  high  level  of  priori>es  depend  on  this  •  Customer  or  contractual  requirements  are  dependent  on  this  3  •  Moderately  >me  constrained  •  Other  items  have  moderate  dependency  on  this  task  •  Desirable  to  complete  in  the  next  one  or  two  sprints  2  •  Minimally  >me  constrained  •  Other  items  have  a  minimal  dependence  on  this  task  •  Comple>on  in  the  next  two  or  three  sprints  is  adequate  1  •  Not  >me  constrained  •  No  dependencies  •  LiKle  or  no  impact  Value   Test  5  •  Extremely  Important  /  high  value  to  most  or  all  high  value  customers  •  Extreme  impact  on  brand  or  reputa%on  •  Cri%cal  to  the  success  of  the  business  4  •  Important  to  many  customers  •  Significant  impact  on  brand  or  reputa>on  •  Significant  compe>>ve  advantage  3  •  Important  to  a  moderate  number  of  customers  •  Moderate  significant  impact  on  brand  or  reputa>on  •  Moderate  important  compe>>ve  advantage  2  •  Important  to  only  few  customers  •  Minor  impact  on  brand  or  reputa>on  •  Minor  compe>>ve  advantage  1  •  Important  to  only  a  few  or  even  no  customers  •  LiKle  or  no  impact  on  brand  or  reputa>on  •  LiKle  or  no  compe>>ve  advantage  Selng  Priori%es:  Don’t  try  to  everything  at  once.  Pick  one  or  two  that  provide  the  greatest  benefit.    
  50. 50. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Series  Let’s  get  this  done!  Your  Agile  Business  Accelera%on  Agency  Thank  You