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Design and implement an
employee wellness plan.
• Reduce healthcare costs
• Improve morale and reduce
Why lovitt  TouchÉ?
Lovitt  Touché is built on
relationships between people,
clients and carriers. W...
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LT Service Offerings


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LT Service Offerings

  1. 1. Balance Wellness Design and implement an employee wellness plan. • Reduce healthcare costs • Improve morale and reduce absenteeism • Encourage employees to change unhealthy behaviors and improve their quality of life • Guidance through HIPAA, ERISA, ADA and other complicated agency regulations CONNECTIONS Communication Education Incentivize through creating a strong benefits package. • Develop customized benefits communications to attract and retain a productive workforce • Engage current employees about their benefits • Communicate enrollment options Phoenix • (602) 956-2250 1050 W. Washington St., Suite 233, Tempe, AZ 85281CORE SERVICE OFFERINGS Beacon Compliance Empowerment to make well-informed decisions about legislative shifts and evolving state and federal mandates. • Customized tools • Comprehensive resources • In-depth research • Monitor changes • Alert you when the risks are high • Reduces your legal exposure Viewpoint Reporting Analytics Define your specific needs. • Plan-of-action implementation guide • Customized reporting tools that measure, interpret and simplify the data • Shows progress and keeps you on track • Identifies trends Navigating HCR Healthcare Reform Expertise in highly complicated aspects of legislation. • Information about fair employee access, affordable employee contributions, acceptable health coverage • Guidance through new challenges • Clear insight into budgetary implications • Proprietary tools for more cost effective benefits Why lovitt TouchÉ? (On reverse) Las Vegas • (702) 233-0095 9121 W. Russell Road, Suite 111, Las Vegas, NV 89148 Tucson • (520) 722-3000 7202 East Rosewood, Suite 200, Tucson, AZ 85710 Blueprint STRATEGIC PLANNING Lovitt Touché’s years of experience have proven how important it is to build the foundation and create a true partnership. We look at the big picture first, then focus in on your company’s unique fundamental details. From that, we create your personalized Blueprint, ensuring your goals are met, your people are productive and your company is on a strong path to success. Our five key exclusive Lovitt Touché programs are the building blocks of your Blueprint and the framework of solid Benefits Administration and Planning: Connections, Beacon, Viewpoint, Balance, and Navigating Healthcare Reform. All five work together to help guide your best course of action for a long-term, successful Benefits program. Your customized Blueprint also includes timelines, a detailed partnership report and service guarantees whenever appropriate. Best of all, your Blueprint is exclusive to you—it’s your map down the path of proactive cost control, increased productivity and positive results.
  2. 2. Why lovitt TouchÉ? Lovitt Touché is built on relationships between people, clients and carriers. We establish long-term, reliable and proactive client partnerships with the flexibility to produce the best programs that specifically address each company’s unique requirements. Consider Lovitt Touché your team of expert consultants. Our job is to help you do yours. • Dedicated to researching and resolving issues • Includes claims analysis, correction advocacy, employee education and guidance and resolution • Ensures employees are getting the highest benefit available • Property Casualty claims • Workers compensation claims Claims Advocate • Structured insurance protection to minimize risk • Comprehensive survey of potential exposures to loss • Cost-effective, efficient and customized programs • Certificates of insurance, coverage endorsements, claims reporting and advocacy, in-house underwriting and rating • Preferred carrier relationships Property Casualty • Catering to the needs of high net-worth consumers • Property, vehicle and valuable articles including jewelry, fine arts and other specialty products • Customized, comprehensive analysis of personal insurance portfolios Personal Lines • Specialize in bonding to the construction industry • Bonds include contractor performance payment, license permit, Medicare/ DME, notary, court, utility, fidelity and miscellaneous • Provide surety bonding for single employee firms to large companies • Work with your team to provide advice and counsel • Customized and competitively priced Bonds Surety • Inhouse Safety Engineering and Loss Control • Property Casualty claims support • Workers’ Compensation Consulting • Dedicated Marketing Unit • Onsite physicians clinic • Emod Analysis and Forecasting • Pre-hire / Post Accident Testing • OSHA Credentialing / Certification Speciality Solutions • Fully Insured • Retention Accounting • Minimum Premium • Self Funding • Captives FUNDING STRATEGIES • Help to determine plan with objectives and philosophy • Utilize multiple sources when performing benchmark studies • Look at all aspects of plan design, costs and contribution strategy • Specialized modeling tools allow for accurate goal setting Benchmarking • Onsite enrollment helps educate employees about voluntary benefits and their reduced financial risk • Can help aid the costs of current benefits administrative systems • Communication with employees to help understand the value of wellness Voluntary/Worksite Benefits • Retirement income planning, including fixed and index annuities, 401(k) and IRA rollovers • Estate tax analysis, wills and trusts, life insurance and more • Life insurance analysis, term life insurance, guaranteed universal life and in force policy reviews • Long term care insurance plans including disability and indemnity plans Financial Planning • Provides top-notch, ongoing education to improve productivity and manage costs • Focus on strategic planning, compliance, healthcare reform, Employee Benefits, risk management and more • Offers between six and ten “Lunch and Learn” seminars annually in Phoenix and Tucson • Available to the public and is no cost to attend LT Learning Academy • Strong belief in and support of local community • Create local jobs to help stimulate the economy • Do business with other local companies • Raise and donate thousands each year to local non-profits Local First OUR JOB IS TO HELP YOU DO YOURS