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Question 2 Evaluation


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Question 2 Evaluation

  1. 1. When I was creatingmy magazine I took alot of inspiration fromVIBE……VIBE use one individualperson to entice thereaders attention, thisimage showsdominance as there isa lot of text aroundthe image but itdoesn’t draw anyattention away fromthe image itself.Overall this is a simpledesign with clean andnot to brightcolours, to advertiseto the audience andgain there attentionthrough the image .
  2. 2. Spin is similar to VIBEas they both usebland colours butwith one colour beingbright allowing it tostand out.The cover lines aresimple and not toextravagant whichmeans it keeps thefocus on the mainimage in the centreof the page.This is simple butgives a good cleanand professional looklike VIBE.
  3. 3. What I aimed to dowith mine was tofollow their setup, which was show adominant picture onthe front cover.The photo is layeredover the masthead toshow more interest inthe artist himselfrather than themagazine masthead.This Photo is a Mid-Shotfrom the wasteupwards and showinghim as the main photohelps to target myinitialaudience, young, trendy modern people.