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Evaluation question 2


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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 2How effective is the combination of your main productand ancillary texts?
  2. 2. Logo Hugo StarkHugo StarkEarly in the project as a group we come up with an artist name which was‘Hugo Stark’ it was a joint decision and then this was our initial logo just withblock letters but it wasnt making us feel pleased with it and we didnt feel itfitted and related to our artist.Although when we was putting this onto our digipak it didnt look right as wefelt as he was a new artist a different style would look better such as asignature. .Hugo StarkThis is our new logo for ‘Hugo Stark’ all of the group immediately preferred this specific style. We felt this looked a lotbetter as signature style of writing as it shows that he has put his stamp on his music.This logo will be used on our Digipak and is in black it flows and fits in with the continuity of the project colourscheme. The colour scheme of our Digipak is black and white and this will fit in with the colour scheme on a whitebackground.This is used and put on the front cover of the digipak in the top left hand corner as it shows that he has signed it .
  3. 3. Logo This could also be our logo as it is a unique way to express and show the name of the song and album. As he is a new artist we felt that using something different so that it would be remembered. ‘Hugo Stark’ is a new artist that has to make an impression on all of the other artists and to be recognised for what he did differently I feel that this was one way of showing that he is a unique individual.
  4. 4. WebsiteThis is the website for ‘Hugo Stark’ for this website we havent used the colour scheme of black white as it would make the website dulland boring and once someone views it may not draw their attention so we did it in colour to draw our audience in.We felt that our audience wouldn’t be interested in a black and white website even though it would have carried on with the continuityof the colour scheme. It would have be ideal but we felt we would get more popularity this way.In our website you are able view many different pages as showed in the images on this page.
  5. 5. Artist Representation: Hugo Stark For our promotional shots we decided for them, to be more sophisticated and eye catching. After selecting our shot for the front cover we felt that this was a good way to show artist. Both of these are the suggestions for our front cover although we felt that the one on the right wouldn’t show our artist it in his true light as he doesn’t want to shy away from the public as he needs as much publicity as possible. We kept our artist dressed in black and white as mutual colours but to also relate to the music video being in black and white, the narrative parts and the performance parts which are in colour like this image to the left. We want our target audience to know that he is a down to earth , unique and self motivated person to do well in his career and without their support he wouldn’t be where he is today. This was fine throughout the video as our performance shots are based in the studio rehearsing and performing his track.
  6. 6. Artist Representation: Hugo Stark After altering the images and playing about with the effects and cropping the image we finally came up with an images that we were happy with and showed our artist in its best form. As we have cut the image the image is a mid-shot which allows us to see the artist close up and being able to see his facial reactions. Here you are able to see the artist confidence and attitude in this image showing that he wants to make a physical presence with in the music industry.
  7. 7. This is where the CD would be put. i think it represents the songDigipak well as it is ‘drunk’ and this circle Inside cover, these makes your vision impaired photos are from the when you stare at it for a while. shoot showing our It looks as if it is spinning. artist in his light and natural emotionsInside cover, thesephotos are from theshoot showing ourartist in his light andnatural emotions. Inside cover describing the artist and thanking the This image helps to audience for their help In this photo our artist is hiding interact with the audience and describing what he away behind his hand to keep as ‘Hugo’ is looking into hopes to do. hidden, the lyrics are printed on the camera. his hand.