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Reporting the Right Data, The Right Way


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Prepared for SES Chicago 2011 (#seschi). Presented in the "How to Show Your Wins at Search Marketing with Web Analytics" session.

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Reporting the Right Data, The Right Way

  1. 1. Presenting & Reporting the Right Data The Right Way Mike Pantoliano Lead SEO Consultant @MikeCP
  2. 2. First! An Apology! I am truly sorry for my appearance.@MikeCP
  3. 3. The Show of Hands@MikeCP
  4. 4. Defining KPIs Measures that help you understand how you are doing against your objectives. Avinash Kaushik @avinash
  5. 5. Site Types & Their KPIsContent (Advertising) Content (Subscription) eCommerce Lead Gen @MikeCP
  6. 6. What Is Your Site’s Objective?eCommerce Brick and MortarSubscription-based Customer Service It Depends!Ad-driven (duh) Lead GenSaaS Blog@MikeCP
  7. 7. What Is Your Site’s Objective? Ask! (But the HiPPOs could be wrong)@MikeCP
  8. 8. Reporting EffectivelyGood KPIs Understanding Action Good Reporting Is The Same @MikeCP
  9. 9. Say No To Automation This Doesn’t GTD@MikeCP
  10. 10. Know Your Audience Analytical Emotional Very Data Driven  Big Picture No BS  Competitive Precise  Listens to Gut Systematic  Action Oriented @MikeCP
  11. 11. Know Your AudienceProvide Super Hands-On Types w/ Access to Custom Reports @MikeCP
  12. 12. Progress Reporting1. Executive Summary2. What was done?3. What is to be done?4. Status of ongoing efforts5. Further explanation (where necessary) @MikeCP
  13. 13. Traffic KPIs All Star Team• Visits or Unique Visitors• # of Referring Keywords*• # of Unique Landing Pages *Beware the dreaded (not provided) @MikeCP
  14. 14. (Not Provided) Before@MikeCP
  15. 15. (Not Provided) After@MikeCP
  16. 16. Conversion Rate Gold Standard KPI • Extremely simple to understand • Often tied directly to bottom line • Multiple angles to take to improving • Can segment the crap out of it!@MikeCP
  17. 17. Segment!• Branded vs. Non- • Geography branded • Site Search Users• Paid vs Unpaid • Commenters Traffic • New vs Returning• Google vs Bing • Much More• Social vs Non-Social @MikeCP
  18. 18. Bounce RateAwesome Metric – One Example:@MikeCP
  19. 19. Rank Tracking Rank Tracking is Dangerous Aggregate Rank Tracking, FTW Screen shot from@MikeCP
  20. 20. Rank Tracking Screen shot from@MikeCP
  21. 21. Link Building Wins# of Root Domains Highlight top 5-10Sorted by Domain domains inAuthority reporting/verbally@MikeCP
  22. 22. Link Metrics Okay. Meh. Hell No.@MikeCP
  23. 23. When In Doubt Report Referring Sites Live Linkbuilding Wins@MikeCP Linkstant:
  24. 24. Social WinsFollower Count Social Engagement Screen shot from @MikeCP
  25. 25. Social Wins AddThis GA Integration@MikeCP
  26. 26. Social Wins Omniture Google Analyticss_ab.prop6 = ”Mike"; [‘_setCustomVar’,1,‘Mike’,3]; AddThis GA Integration@MikeCP
  27. 27. Panda KPIs How’s Your Dwell Time? The time between when a user clicks on our search result and when they come back from your website tells a potential story … while that’s not the only factor we review when helpingDuane Forrester to determine quality, it’s a signal weSr. Product watch.Manager at Bing From his “How To Build Quality Content” Blog Post @MikeCP
  28. 28. Panda KPIs User Interaction from@MikeCP
  29. 29. Mini-KPIsProject/Campaign-Specific KPIs Indexation issues?@MikeCP
  30. 30. In Conclusion Web Analytics can be complex and overwhelming It is our job to distill data down tounderstandable and actionable levels@MikeCP
  31. 31. Thanks! Michael Pantoliano - @MikeCP Lead SEO Consultant at Distilled