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Cavanna us built 04


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Cavanna us built 04

  1. 1. Stainless steel frame 3 Servo driven motors Touch screen operator interface Memory up to 99 products Diagnostics w/ pictoral help messages A-B electronics with UL sticker Power unwind, pneumatic film chuck Auto Splicing US BUILT!!! Speeds to 400+ ppm!! Options include: Fully Automatic Infeeds Interchangeable jaws No product-no bag 350 ppm Gusset, Gas Flush, long dwell, washdown and more! Mike Bruhns 310-920-6104 Local Contact: Cavanna USA -
  2. 2. Longitudinal Sealing of fin • 1st pair of inclinable cold wheels, pulls the film. • 2nd & 3rd pairs of heated wheels seal the film. • 4th pair folds the fin seal
  3. 3. Sealing wheels
  4. 4. Isolated electrical & mechanical cabinet (UL)
  5. 5. Double reel holder Max reel-web width: mm. 570 Max reel weigth: kg. 25 Core diam. of the reel: 76 mm. AUTO SPLICING PNEUMATIC REEL BLOCKING