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All Fill General Overview

  1. 1. Equipment Capabilities ®
  2. 2. Engineered to Excel Bringing unsurpassed accuracy, efficiency,reliability & support to your packaging system Expertly crafted to your specifications by the leading minds in filling technology,ALL-FILL fillers and filling systems bring you the perfect blend of precision, speed and versatility. From concept to installation and beyond, ALL-FILL’s unique team of in-house engineers and technical specialists becomes your personal filling ‘think tank’ - a continuing resource for optimizing performance and productivity over the life of your equipment. ®
  3. 3. Table of Contents 2 Semi-Automatic Auger Fillers 4 Semi-Auto Fill-To-Weight Auger Fillers 6 Automatic Auger Fillers 9 Auto Fill-To-Weight - Millennium Series 10 Automatic Fill-To-Weight Auger Fillers 11 Multiple Ingredient Fill-To-Weight Systems 12 Multiple Auger Fillers 14 System Integration 16 High Speed Rotary Filling Systems 18 Filling & Checkweighing Systems 20 Model TA Twin Auger Fillers 21 Volumetric Cup Fillers 22 Volumetric Piston Fillers 24 Bulk Product Handling 25 Horizontal Net Weigh Filler 26 Miscellaneous 27 Retrofits 28 Filling Machine Tooling & Applications ® AF-1105-E | Page 1
  4. 4. Semi-Automatic Auger FillersALL-FILL’s field-proven semiautomatic Model B-350e withfillers excel in a wide variety of Keypad Interfaceapplications with virtually any typeproduct. Typical models consist of asturdy, cast aluminum head containingthe drive components and a stainlesssteel column mounted on a ruggedaluminum column. Controls offeredinclude a variety of PLC-basedpackages, which can include a“keypad” or “touchscreen” operatorinterface. ALL-FILL semiautomatic Model B-600 with Touch Screenmodels can be seamlessly integratedwith packaging equipment such asForm-Fill-Seal, Cup Filling andThermoformers. They can also be usedfor stand alone, benchtop filling.Standard configurations can be easilyadapted to your individualrequirements. Support Frame with Filler Height Adjustment (Casters Available) ® AF-1105-E | Page 2
  5. 5. Semi-Automatic Auger Filler Specification Summary Powder Filling Dispensing Control Stainless steel augers dispense product Optical shaft encoder provides 200 pulses from within a large capacity hopper. Variety per revolution to controller for precise of accessories for filling freeflowing and control of auger revolutions. Alternative non-free flowing powder and granular Time Mode control provided as backup to products. continue production in case of encoder backup to continue production in case of Liquid Filling encoder failure. Alternative, progressive cavity pump installed on a drive shaft for dispensing Mounting viscous liquids, creams, gels, etc. Standard cast aluminum bench/floor base, with or without lockable casters. Also Product Supply available for direct mounting on Stainless steel 10 or 16 gal. Hopper Form-Fill-Seal machines and other provides ample capacity and sufficient head packaging line equipment. pressure for repeatable, accurate filling. A self-aligning, “Quick-Disconnect” coupling Fill Drive Systems Model B-SV-600 on the hopper allows fast removal and Clutch Brake: Standard 3-step belt drive replacement for cleaning or product with 1-1/2 HP, 1200 RPM fill motor. Integral changeover. electro-magnetic Clutch/Brake controls shaft movement. Product Agitation High and low speed agitation accessories Servo: Model SV: Servomotor models move product evenly into the auger flights. include brushless ac direct servomotor High speed agitator blade (when required) drive. installed directly onto auger shaft. Slow speed agitation driven by separate motor & Electrical gearbox. Fill Motor Input: 208/230/460V; 3-Phase; 60 Hz. Standard. Controls: 115V 50-60 Hz. Product Level Other ratings upon request. Optional Level Controls available to provide high/low detection of product in the hopper with actuation to external equipment for re-supply. Control and sensor assemblyModel CF-SV-600 easily mounted in hopper cover. ® AF-1105-E | Page 3
  6. 6. Semi-Auto Fill-To-Weight Auger FillersSemi-automatic Fill-To-Weight Model BS with Roller ConveyerAuger Fillers are used when a Scale and Pneumatic Liftspecific, verified, weighedquantity of product is to bedispensed. Models includescales and loadcell componentsto determine an accurateweight reading before, during,and after each fill cycle.Accessories, such as BagClamps, Roller Conveyors, andLifts are implemented accordingto specific requirements andconstraints. Sophisticatedfeedback/feedforward controlsallow for fill value adjustment,error correction, andaccept/reject tolerance control. Model BS with Roller Scale, er Electric Ball Screw Lift, Dust Shroud and PLCLC Controls ® AF-1105-E | Page 4
  7. 7. Semi-Auto Fill-To-Weight Auger Fillers Specification Summary Weighing Systems Applications: Moderate Separate floor/tabletop Platform Scale or Accuracy/Moderate Production Rates combination Bag Clamp/Loadcell Scale (higher than Bulk & Dribble). Used with assemblies for accurate weight control of product that changes density. containers and filled product. Semi-Automatic operation requires an operator. Fill-By-Weight Control Available Fill-By-Weight modes include: Fill By Time: Specifies filling only. No weighing occurs. Product is dispensed for a Bulk & Dribble: Specifies filling & user-specified fill time. Bypasses loadcell weighing in a two-stage fill cycle where the and encoder in cases of failure/malfunction. greater portion of product is dispensed,Model BS with Load Cell, Bag weighed, then filled again to a desired Applications: Accuracy dependent onClamp and Metal Detector target weight. After the second, dribble-fill, product density. High production rates. the container is weighed again and is Capable of fully automatic operation without categorized as “Acceptable”, operator intervention. Allows production to “Underweight”, or “Overweight”. continue with loadcell/encoder failures or malfunctions. Applications: High Accuracy, Low Production Rates, Consistent Product Fill By Revolutions: Specifies filling only. Density, Semi-Automatic operation requires No weighing occurs. Product is dispensed operator. for a user-specified number of auger revolutions. Bypasses loadcell in cases of Setpoint: Specifies filling & weighing in a failure/malfunction. single stage fill where product is dispensed as its weight approaches a user-defined Applications: Accuracy dependent on target weight. Product weighed at the end product density. High production rates. of fill and categorized as “Acceptable”, Capable of fully automatic operation without “Underweight”, or “Overweight”. operator intervention. Allows production to continue with loadcell failures orModel BS with Load Cell, Lift malfunctions.and Inflatable Bag Clamp ® AF-1105-E | Page 5
  8. 8. Automatic Auger FillersALL-FILL Automatic Auger Fillersare designed for complete,continuous container transport,positioning, filling, and dischargeto the next stage in thepackaging process. Automaticmodels combine a standard fillhead with an integral conveyor tomove containers. Indexingsystem mounted on conveyorregulates container movementtoward the filling position,centers each container for filling,then moves the container away.Available in single or multiplehead configurations, automaticmodels can be equipped with avariety of accessories andoptions to suit particularcontainer handling or product Model SHA Single Head Automaticcharacteristics. ® AF-1105-E | Page 6
  9. 9. Automatic Auger Filler Specification Summary Base Tubular frame with removable access doors. Includes mechanical jack to raise/lower fill head. Conveyer Stainless Steel Conveyor Channel with dual strand, stainless steel block conveyor chain or plastic table-top conveyor, adjustable guide rails, and variable speed conveyor drive. Pneumatic Container Indexing with Round End, Cone Point, Wedge Stop, or Pressure Stop adjustable Indexing Pins. Options Available options include, but are not limited to: Slow Speed Agitation with separate motor, reducing gearbox, and drive components. Includes stainless steel slow speed agitator blade. Adjustable speed, jogging Container Vibrator to settle and distribute product in container. Pneumatic or Hydraulic Container Lift to raise/lower container to funnel. Product Cutoff device with time/limit switch actuation.Model DHA Dual Head Automatic Raise/Lower Filling Nozzle (air-operated). Container Clamp to secure container during filling. Electronic Scale for filling amount adjustment. Off-line Scale with Feedback ® AF-1105-E | Page 7
  10. 10. Servo Motor Driven Automatic Auger Fillers Model SHA-SV Single Head Servo AutomaticModel DHA-SV Dual HeadServo Automatic ® AF-1105-E | Page 8
  11. 11. Auto Fill-To-Weight - Millenium Series As the name implies, the Millennium Series of Auger Filling Systems offered by ALL-FILL sets the standard for state-of-the-art filling technology for the new millennium. The “dual lane” systems promote product flexibility and maximum manpower Multiple Auger Bulk and Dribble Filling System utilization due to the independent lane options and ergonomically sound layout of system components. Totally automatic systems are available with scale feedback, servomotor timing screw container handling, product lifting, container opening devices, and servomotor auger drives to ensure a clean, accurate fill - at speeds that will keep you competitive in the new millennium! Timing Screw Positioning and Weighing ® AF-1105-E | Page 9
  12. 12. Automatic Fill-To-Weight Auger Fillers D Dual Dual Head Bulk & Driibble System B Bulk Dribble Model DHAS Dual Head Automatic Filler Model DHAS Dual Head Servo Drive Filler With Scales and Reject Station H a Head ® AF-1105-E | Page 10
  13. 13. Multiple Ingredient / Fill-To-Weight Systems Multi-Ingredient Packaging Line - With ALPHA Checkweigher and Avatar Bagger ® AF-1105-E | Page 11
  14. 14. Multiple Auger FillersALL-FILL’s Multiple Auger Systems provide controlled, multiple auger dispensing of product across aproduction line encountered with Cup machines, Form-Fill-Seal equipment, Thermoformers, andStrip/Pouch machines. Filling positions can range from 3 to 12 across with a minimum centerdistance of 1-3/4”. Multiple Auger models are available in Baseplate, cantilever, or overhead Gantrymounting configurations to best suit the equipment or application. Individual Servo Drives areindependently adjusted. 360 degree Agitation available (3-1/2” Centers and up). Multiple Augermodel can be mounted and installed onto production equipment at ALL-FILL for thoroughintegration and testing. (See System Integration - pages 14 and 15). Twin 12 Spindle Direct Drive Servo System With Raise / Lower Assembly ® AF-1105-E | Page 12
  15. 15. Multiple Auger Fillers Three Spindle, Column Mounted Multiple Auger System Four Spindle, Frame Mounted Multiple Auger System ® AF-1105-E | Page 13
  16. 16. System IntegrationIn addition to designing and manufacturing our extensive line of auger filling equipment, Rotary Unscrambler, Model SHA Filler, ALPHA CW-10 Checkweigher,ALL-FILL can also provide complete system integration services of filling components and Metal Detector, Labeler, Capper, Sealer, and Rotary Accumulatorother, related ancillary equipment. Complete packaging lines can be integrated and thoroughlytested at ALL-FILL prior to shipment and installation at your facility. ® AF-1105-E | Page 14 AF-1105-E | Page 15
  17. 17. High Speed Rotary Filling SystemsALL-FILL Rotary Fillers provide high throughput and speeds for even the most demandingproduction environments. Rotary filling systems operate continuously with product dispensed intofunnels traveling on a circular, multi-position turret. Containers are transported to the turret by anintegral infeed conveyor. Timing screw and starwheel components space and position containersinto the turret. variable speed auger drives operate continuously to dispense product accurately.Product weight is easily adjusted by the operator or from checkweigher feedback signals.Production rates (c.p.m.) are adjusted by varying turret speeds. Twin Head 45 Station Configuration ® AF-1105-E | Page 16
  18. 18. High Speed Rotary Filling Systems Specification Summary Dual Head 30 Station Configuration - g With ALPHA PW-12 CheckweigherFill Drive System Funnel Carriage. Includes variable speed drive, turret jamSingle or twin 2hp drive motors with variable speed motor protection, vacuum take-off ports at each fill position, turret safetyand heavy-duty clutch/brake per head. Drive system shroud assembly with front access panels, and safety interlockcomponents contained in rugged, cast metal head. switches.Container Sizes Container Handling14” pitch diameter starwheel (12-Station): 2 3/16” dia., max. Systems include one complete set of container handling parts30” pitch diameter starwheel (12-Station): 4 1/2” dia., max. supplied, including:36” pitch diameter starwheel (18-Station): 5 1/2” dia., max. Infeed & Outfeed starwheels Removable main starwheel segments40” pitch diameter starwheel (18-Station): 6 1/4” dia., max. Outer Guide Rails Timing screw & adapter Infeed Guide Rails Intermediate guide38” pitch diameter starwheel (24-Station): 4 1/4” dia., max.42” pitch diameter starwheel (24-Station): 5 1/8” dia., max. Container Positioning38” pitch diameter starwheel (30-Station): 2 3/4” dia., max. FInfeed Timing screw positions container at infeed. Removable(Other sizes available upon request) starwheel moves containers to Turret positions.Base VibrationFully enclosed, painted mild steel base cabinet with Variable frequency, variable amplitude square wave vibration toremovable access doors, stainless steel top, and mechanical settle and distribute product into container during filling.jack to raise/lower fill head. OptionsConveyor Options include, but not limited to:Stainless steel (Type 304) Conveyor Channel with acetyl Anodized Head Assembly Height adjustable Turret / Funnel Carriageflat-top chain and variable speed dc drive motor with assembly Stainless Steel Coversreducing gearbox, chain sprocketing, and drive components. Vented Cover PLC Computer Controls with feedback Quick Clamp Assemblies capability Motorized Potentiometer for Servo feedbackTurret D.C. Drive/Agitation Motors Clean-In-Place (C-I-P) blowdown system12-45 Position fixed Turret Assembly with Divider Plate & Electrical Jack Assembly for raising/lowering fill head ® AF-1105-E | Page 17
  19. 19. Filling & Checkweighing SystemsThese adaptable combination systems allow filling accuracy and productivity to be enhanced whileavoiding the problems and incompatibilities encountered by joining filling and checkweighingcomponents from separate sources. weights detected by checkweighers in these models can beused as feedback that adjusts amounts dispensed at the filler. These systems have proven to beparticularly useful in applications where a large number of products are used with a number ofdifferent containers, such as contract packaging. Model SHA With ALPHA CW-10 Checkweigher ® AF-1105-E | Page 18
  20. 20. Filling & Checkweighing Systems Model TA-600 with Model CW-10 CheckweigherTriple Head 24 Station Rotary Filler withALPHA Model MW-16 Checkweigher ® AF-1105-E | Page 19
  21. 21. Model TA Twin Auger FillersALL-FILL Model TA Twin AugerFillers are designed for highspeed/high volume dispensing Model TA Twin Augertypically encountered in vertical Fillerform-fill-seal, cup filling, or otherapplications requiring dual positionfilling. The standard Model TAoffering consists of dual fill motorand drive assemblies and a highcapacity, stainless steel producthopper mounted on a variablelength column with either a floorbase, or a 10” dia. round base fordirect mounting on otherequipment (e.g., form-fill-sealmachines). Your filling applicationspecifies each Model TA Unit.Center distance between the twoaugers can range from as little as2” to well over 16”. Model TA-SV Servodriven Auger Filler ® AF-1105-E | Page 20
  22. 22. Volumetric Cup Fillers All-Fill Volumetric Cup Fillers setModel VC-100-2 a new standard for free flowVolumetric Cup Filler product filling applications. Used for dispensing granular, seeds, popcorn, rice, beans, gravel, candies, and many others. Toolless cleaning and changeover design adds speed and flexibility. Additonally, the All-Fill line is manufactured with all stainless steel and toher approved product contact parts to meet packaging regulation in all industries. Standard PLC controls, touch screen interface, and integral Model VC-SV-4 servo gearmotor-these systems Volumteric Cup Filler are designed to run flawlessly in production up to 100 CPM. ® AF-1105-E | Page 21
  23. 23. Vibratory FillersAll-Fil offers ine f VibratoryAll-Filll offers a lline of Vibratory F fFiller designs as an alternative toits auger filling equipment. These VF-100-STVibratory Filler designs areparticularly well suited for productsthat could become damaged whenfilling with rotating augerequipment and other types offree-flowing products such aswhole bean coffee, small nuts, rice,grains, confection items, andothers.A matched pair of electromagneticvibrator and vibrating traytransports the product to a weighbucket. A loadcell attached to theweigh bucket determinesaccumulating weight. When thedesired amount in attained, the VF-200-STgate opens to dispense productthrough the discharge funnel. ® AF-1105-E | Page 22
  24. 24. Vibratory FillersVibratory Filler Head Detail Vibratory Filler Rigidized Detail VF-115 VF-200-SYS ® AF-1105-E | Page 23
  25. 25. Volumetric Piston FillersLiquids, creams, pastes, and other viscousproducts can be filled using ALL-FILL’s line ofvolumetric piston fillers. Models are availableto dispense ranging from less than an ounceto over a gallon per cycle. A wide range ofaccessories are offered, including cutoffs,conveyors, container handling packages, etc.All pneumatic operation and stainless steelconstruction make these models ideal forwashdown food/dairy applications and Model 305 Piston Filler - With Hopperhazardous environments. Model 305 Piston Filler - With Direct Product Feed Model 505 Piston Filler ® AF-1105-E | Page 24
  26. 26. Volumetric Piston Filler Specification Summary Model 205 Model 505 Compact, small capacity single Heavy duty, low capacity, single nozzle filler for small fill quantities of nozzle filler for liquids, creams, and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. pastes with particulate matter Fill Range: 0.169 oz. To 1.69 oz. Fill Range: 8 oz. To 1.16 gal. (5 L) Cylinder Sizes: 1 1/2" dia., Cylinder Sizes: 4 3/4" dia., standard. 1/2" dia. available standard. 3", 6", & 6 3/4" dia., available Features: Compact size well suited for tabletop/bench top operation. Features: Large port rotary valve Built-in cutoff assures clean fills accommodates particles up to 0.8" dia. Variations available for greater Model 305 capacity and multiple positions forModel 545 - 4 Head Horizontal Piston Pist tonFiller with Conveyor Single nozzle piston filler with rotary full automatic operation valve for universal applications - Totally pneumatic Series 1500 Fully automatic, multiple nozzle filler Fill Range: 1/3 oz. To 87 oz. designed for high speed production Cylinder Sizes: 1", 1 1/2", 2", 3", 4 3/4" dia. Fill Range: 17 oz. To 2.6 qt. Cylinder Sizes: 2 1/8" dia. to 4 Features: Dual speed filling for 3/4" dia. greater control. 305A-D variations for dispensing directly from bulk source. Optional Features: Dual speed Convenient front panel volume filling for greater control. Nozzle side adjustment, auto recycle. shifting and Drip Pan reduce waste. Individual nozzle adjustment. Diving nozzle for bottom-up filling.Series 1500 Model 1545 - 4 HeadVertical Automatic Piston Filler ® AF-1105-E | Page 25
  27. 27. Bulk Product HandlingIn addition to the filling andcheckweighing equipment presentedherein, ALL-FILL can also supply thefollowing to complete or enhanceyour filling, weighing, or packagingoperation. From Screw Conveyors torefill filling machine hoppers, toRotary Unscrambler andAccumulating Tables, Pump Fillersand Weigh Bucket fill-to-weight Modell ISC Inclined Screw Conveyor Inclined Screw Conveyor nc n d crew yaccessories, ALL-FILL can bring itsengineering experience andinnovation for your specific needs,requirements, and application. ents, Model FSC Flexible Spiral Conveyor Model ISC Inclined Screw Feeder ® AF-1105-E | Page 26
  28. 28. Horizontal Net Weigh Filler Horizontal Net Weigh Filler ® AF-1105-E | Page 27
  29. 29. Miscellaneous Rotary Unscrambler Table Rotary Accumulator TableWeigh Bucket Vacuum-Assisted Filler With Indexing Timing Screw Pump Filler ® AF-1105-E | Page 28
  30. 30. RetrofitsIn addition to our product lines,ALL-FILL provides complete Beforefiller overhaul services to putyour used equipment into newcondition. If your requirementsinclude servos, ALL-FILL canreplace your old clutch/brakewith a servo powered unit. Workcan be accomplished atALL-FILL or in the field. AllowALL-FILL to upgrade yourexisting system to meet yourever-changing needs. After ® AF-1105-E | Page 29
  31. 31. Filling Machine Tooling & Applications Filling Accessory ApplicationsAccessories supplied with Product Examples AccessoriesALL-FILL Filling Machines are Non-Freeflowing Powders Bakery Mixes, Carbon, Slow Speed Agitator, High Talcum Powder, etc. Speed Agitator (Type D),used for products with different Self-Feeding Auger, Lipfilling characteristics for the Funnel. For products that drip slightly at the end offill,most efficient use of the Drip Washer can be used.machine. The following lists Freeflowing Products Granulated sugar, salt, Straight Auger, High Speedtypical applications of filling bread crumbs, etc. Agitator (A-3), Slow Speedaccessories available for auger Agitator or Flake Blade, Straight Funnel, Collectorfillers. The mechanical Funnel Cover, Spinnerconfiguration of accessories Plate, Dividing Head (2 or more containers per fill forinstalled on an auger filler for borderline products), Typedifferent types of products is D High Speed Agitator, Lippresented on this page. Funnel. Liquids and Pastes Creams, Shampoo, Rotor, Stator, and Pump Oils, Gels, etc. Housings (1-4), Dispensing Nozzle, Cutoffs. Accessories used with a particular filling machine will depend on a variety of factors, including: Product Flow Characteristics and Density, Filled Amounts, Container Size & Configuration, Filling Times, and Accuracy. Before making the final selection and setup of accessories, the product and container should be tested to ensure that the machine will fulfill Liquids and Pastes your requirements. ALL-FILL offers thorough Non-Freeflowing testing services and facilities for the analysis Freeflowing of products and suitability of accessories. ® AF-1105-E | Page 30
  32. 32. Our fillers haveminds of their ownEach ALL-FILL Filler comes with apersonal think tank for maximizingperformance.With ALL-FILL, you’re never alone. Ourunique team of in-house engineers andtechnical specialists works with you,shoulder to shoulder, crafting tailor-madetechnology to precisely meet your individualspecifications. Bringing you a line of fillersthat are smarter, faster and more versatilethan ever, the ALL-FILL System can be yourkey to maximizing productivity, intelligently. ®
  33. 33. Manufacturing bases Countries served by ALL-FILL Countries served by ALL-FILL International, our United Kingdom based sister company ALL-FILL Worldwide Network Filling the need for added performance and reliability ® Expertly engineered by the leading minds in filling technology, ALL-FILL filling solutions propel packaging systems into new realms of efficiency, accuracy and reliability. Each filler and filling system is intelligently designed for seamless integration into even the most complex packaging environment, while 418 Creamery Way maintaining the flexibility to grow as you do. ALL-FILL’s Exton, PA 19341 U.S.A. unparalleled “Think Tank” support empowers you with a team 1-866-ALL-FILL • Fax: 610-524-7346 of filling engineers and technical specialists to ensure your • operation reaches its fullest potential for productivity and profitability.© 2011 ALL-FILL, Inc. - AF-1105-E