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Ten Foods for an Instantly Healthier Grocery List


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To begin getting your healthy shopping list on track, check out our list of 10 healthy and versatile foods you should add to your grocery list this week that will allow you to put together a number of healthy and satisfying meals, but won’t add too much stress, time, or inconvenience.

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Ten Foods for an Instantly Healthier Grocery List

  1. 1. T E NF O O D S F O R A N I N S T A N T L Y H E A L T H I E R G R O C E R Y L I S T
  2. 2. We pulled this handy list from the Stock Smart Grocery List for Healthier Eating By Beth Sumrell Ehrensberger, MPH, RD. Handy tip: Build your stock around food you can keep handy in the freezer, or foods that can serve multiple purposes (like those which function for breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The grocery list below contains many foods that don’t spoil quickly, and are versatile. You can supplement the list with more perishable foods (hint: start with produce), depending on your schedule.
  3. 3. BABY CARROTS BLOG.ROBARD.COM Zero preparation, longer refrigerator life, and incredible versatility. Baby carrots are an easy source of beta carotene that you can grab and stuff into a snack bag to supplement a microwave meal at lunch, steam in the microwave for a speedy side, or chop into a quick dinner salad.
  4. 4. APPLES, ORANGES, & BANANAS BLOG.ROBARD.COM Ifyou’reshortontime,youwill appreciatethatthesefruitsareeasy tograbonthewayoutthedoorand requirenopreparation.Applesand orangesalsohavethebenefitofa longerrefrigeratorlifethanmost otherfruits.Bananasmakeagreat beforeorafterworkoutpickup.
  5. 5. SWEET POTATOES BLOG.ROBARD.COM Microwaveasweetpotatoandtop withvegetarianchiliforaquick dinnerthatwillkeepyououtofthe drive-through.Theadditionalfiber andbetacaroteneinthesweet potatomakeitasuperiorchoiceto theregularwhitepotato,andwhen sliced,seasoned(tryOldBayorchili powder)andbaked,makestastier ovenfries,too.
  6. 6. SALSA BLOG.ROBARD.COM Si!Thetastywaytowakeupbland foodswithoutaddingextrafatand calories.Spreaditonyoureggand cheesebreakfastburritoorblack beantacos,orjustkeepitonhand foryourbakedtortillachips.
  7. 7. WHOLE WHEAT PASTA BLOG.ROBARD.COM Ifyoucanboilwater,youcanmake dinner.Prepapotofwholewheat pasta,stirinlow-fatmarinarasauce, andsprinklewithalittleparmesan cheese.Supereasycomfortfood whenyou’resupertired.
  8. 8. PEANUT BUTTER BLOG.ROBARD.COM Toobadpeanutbutterhasan undeservedbadreputation—it’s actuallyagreatchoicesincethefat ismonounsaturatedandheart healthy.Useittomakeeverything fromThaistylemarinadesforyour chicken,orwhipupaPB&J sandwichtotuckinyourbag. Spreaditonappleslicesforahigh fibersatisfyingsnack.
  9. 9. CANNED TUNA BLOG.ROBARD.COM Onecanwithsomanypossibilities. Makeasandwich,topasalad, makeaspreadforcrackers.You getadoseofOmega-3splusa satisfyingservingofprotein.
  10. 10. BONELESS, SKINLESS CHICKEN BREAST BLOG.ROBARD.COM Chickenisaversatileandeasycanvas bywhichtomarinate,grill,sautéorstir frywithveggies.Whatyoucan’tuse, individuallywrapandstoreinthe freezerfornexttime.Makeextrawhile you’regrillingdinner,andusetotop yourlunchtimesaladfortomorrow,or chopintoaquickchickensalad.
  11. 11. FROZEN VEGGIES & FRUITS BLOG.ROBARD.COM There’snothinginferioraboutfrozen veggies.Infact,sincetheyare harvestedandflashfrozenatthepeak oftheseason,frozenveggiesarea healthywaytoworktowardsyour goaloffivetoninedailyfruitsand vegetables.Frozenfruitisperfectwith yogurtinasmoothie,tossedoncereal oreatenrightoutofthefreezer.
  12. 12. BLOG.ROBARD.COM WHOLE WHEAT TORITILLAS Tortillasmakeamealportable— scrambleeggsandcheeseand slideintoatortillaforbreakfast. Dothesame,butaddbeansor sauteedonionsandpeppersfora fastdinner.Tossasaladwith vinaigrette,addalittlebrownrice, androllintoatortillaforalunch.
  13. 13. Use this list as a starting point, and add or subtract as you see best works for you. When filling your cart at the store, always look for the least processed version of the food; in general, the closer it is to the original whole food, the better it is for you and the more nutrients will still be intact. Click here for the full list developed by Beth Sumrell Ehrensberger.
  14. 14. thanks for reading! More from the Robard Blog...