Offset Frac Monitoring overview


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Surface Solutions is the leader in monitoring nearby wells for pressure communication due to frac'ing nearby.

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Offset Frac Monitoring overview

  1. 1. “I highly recommend SSI for surface data tests on oil & gas wells: AWS,PID, Fall-off, or Mini-frac. Mike is responsive, attentive, personable, andhighly focused on safety and quality.”- David Leech Welltest Specialist, BTech,PL(Eng)
  2. 2. Risks without Monitoring• Unintended Wellbore Communication Costs:• Potential injuries to employees• Millions of dollars in environmental clean-up• Unwanted publicity• Multiple potential lawsuits• Lost production• Lost jobs• Lost corporate and industry credibility
  3. 3. OpportunityWork with Surface Solutions, the industry’s best off-set frac monitoring company.• Increased worker safety• Increased environmental stewardship• Increased revenue retention due to better crisismitigation• Increased production knowledge based on dataanalysis• Dramatically reduced risk to stockholders
  4. 4. SSI at-a-glance• Over 5,000 hours of direct frac project experience• First company to bring surface data acquisition to aportable web platform• Over 100 offset wells monitored while fracoperations on adjacent wells• Over 6 years experience developing offset fracmonitoring best practices• Privately owned Alberta company founded in 1999
  5. 5. Clients• Athabasca Oil Sands Corp• Canadian Natural Resources Ltd• EnCana• Huron Energy Corp• Pengrowth Energy• Penn West EnergyAnd over 250 more…
  6. 6. DATA
  7. 7. DATA
  8. 8. GEAR
  9. 9. GEAR
  10. 10. Service comparison – Micro-seismic• Vs Micro-seismic• Cost (>10x to monitor micro-seismic)• Amount of equipment needed to monitor manysites• Mobilization time• Margin for error greater with micro-seismic whendealing with potential pressure release issues
  11. 11. Service Comparison - Manual• Vs Manual readings with person at wellhead• Data logging needed to prove accuracy• Human error• Cost of truck, man, for great length of time whilefracking• Inherent danger of having person on adjacentwellhead in case off pressure release
  12. 12. Service Comparison - scada• Vs SCADA• Have to dedicate field equipment to few wells• Suspended wellheads don’t have equipment onthem• Neighboring producers will have to dedicateScada systems for their wells• Sampling frequency isn’t always fast enough
  13. 13. Project Process• Over 40 hours invested per frac job designing offsetmonitoring points, pressure ranges, recordingfrequency, transmission frequency, 1x vs. Satelliterequirements• SSI captures every second of data on offset wells• Consult with Reservoir Engineers on data analysisto increase production for future projects• Alert client regarding any wellbore communication
  14. 14. contact• Strategic field offices: Red Deer and Grande PrairieWell positioned for Cadium, Duvernay, & Montney shaleexploration• Michael Beck | Business Development Manager
• C: 1.780.831.1210 | B: 1.780.538.1074 |• #104, 8715 –109 Street | Grande Prairie, Ab | T8V