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WorldatWork Sponsored Research Total Rewards Research Request ...


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WorldatWork Sponsored Research Total Rewards Research Request ...

  1. 1. WorldatWork Sponsored Research Total Rewards Research Request for Proposal (RFP) Process Spring 2007 The Request for Proposal (RFP) is a document intended for potential applicants for sponsored research funded by WorldatWork. The RFP consists of general sections that define the functional and technical requirements of a research proposal. Contact: Ryan M. Johnson / / (480) 905-5986
  2. 2. WorldatWork Sponsored Research Total Rewards Research RFP, 2007 Table of Contents Introduction and Background 3 A. WorldatWork and Research Overview ................................................................................... 3 B. RFP Process Overview .......................................................................................................... 5 C. Letter of Intent Process ........................................................................................................... 6 D. Timeline and Critical Dates: Letter of Intent and Full RFP ...................................................... 8 E. Letter of Intent Evaluation Process and Full RFP.................................................................... 8 Draft - 04/13/07 WorldatWork Sponsored Research Request for Proposals – 2007 Page 2
  3. 3. WorldatWork Sponsored Research in Total Rewards Request for Proposal Process, Spring 2007 Introduction and Background WorldatWork, the Total Rewards Association, is seeking proposals for sponsored research in the subject area of applied human capital and employee total rewards. This request for proposals document (“RFP”) outlines the opportunity for individuals and/or institutions to submit a proposal for research funding. The objective of WorldatWork in offering this funding is to build upon both the body of knowledge for the profession and the total rewards model, and maintain the position of WorldatWork as the leader in publishing and producing applied total rewards research. This RFP intends to fund, advance and promote research that benefits both practitioners and organizations. The total budget available for award(s) for 2007 is $100,000. This RFP is organized into the following sections: A. WorldatWork and WorldatWork Research Overview B. RFP Process Overview C. Letter of Intent Process D. Response Requirements E. Financial Section A. WorldatWork and Research Overview A1. WorldatWork Overview WorldatWork is the world's leading not-for-profit professional association dedicated to knowledge leadership in compensation, benefits and total rewards. Founded in 1955 as the American Compensation Association (ACA), todays WorldatWork is a global organization that has a scope beyond compensation, to all of the human resources disciplines associated with attracting, retaining and motivating employees. In addition to serving as the membership association of the professions, WorldatWork provides education programs, the monthly workspan® magazine, online information resources, surveys, publications, conferences, research and networking opportunities. An affiliate organization, WorldatWork Society of Certified Professionals, administers and issues the certification designations; Certified Compensation Professional (CCP®), Certified Benefits Professional® (CBP) and Global Remuneration Professional (GRP®). More information about WorldatWork can be found on the association’s website at A2. About WorldatWork Research For many years, WorldatWork has both conducted and published applied research on topics that link human capital and business issues for the purpose of advancing the total rewards field and professions. The research of WorldatWork is used by human resource professionals Draft - 04/13/07 WorldatWork Sponsored Research Request for Proposals – 2007 Page 3
  4. 4. around the world to develop their knowledge and to provide strategic direction to their organizations. WorldatWork has had an on-going, collaborative survey-based research program in place since 2001, focusing primarily on descriptive research that its members use to benchmark rewards practices, specifically in the areas of compensation, benefits, and work-life effectiveness. A full listing of research and surveys conducted by WorldatWork during the last several years can be found online at In addition to conducting survey research with the cooperation of members, WorldatWork has published research findings and articles by members and outside entities for many years, both online and in its membership periodicals. A good variety of those types of items can be found the periodicals pages of the association’s website (behind the member login), and in the WorldatWork online bookstore. A3. The WorldatWork Total Rewards Model Following extensive member and volunteer input, WorldatWork published a new and expanded total rewards model for the profession in early 2006. The new model builds upon the substantial body of knowledge in the total rewards field that has been developed during the past decade both inside and outside of WorldatWork. The model includes, but is not limited to, the following areas of professional practice: Compensation, Benefits, Work-Life, Performance Management & Recognition, and Development & Career Opportunities. These elements work in concert to attract, motivate and retain human capital. The five elements in the “total rewards strategy” circle in the graphic above represent the tool kit from which an organization chooses to offer and align a value proposition that creates value for both the organization and the employee. An effective total rewards strategy and program can result in satisfied, engaged, and productive employees, who in turn create desired business Draft - 04/13/07 WorldatWork Sponsored Research Request for Proposals – 2007 Page 4
  5. 5. performance and results. In addition, the WorldatWork total rewards model recognizes that total rewards operates in the context of overall business strategy, organizational culture and HR strategy (left side of the model). An organization’s exceptional culture or external brand value may be a critical component of the total employment value proposition. The backdrop of the WorldatWork total rewards model is a globe, indicating that there is applicability of these concepts around the world. The globe also represents the external influences on a business such as legal/regulatory issues, cultural influences and practices, and competition. Finally, a critically important dimension of the model is the exchange relationship between the employer and employee (the right portion of the model). Successful companies realize that productive employees create value for their organizations in return for tangible and intangible value that enriches their lives. More information about the WorldatWork total rewards model can be found online at Section B. RFP Process Overview B1. Objective of this RFP The goal of WorldatWork in offering this request for proposals is to further build upon both the body of knowledge for the profession and the association’s total rewards model, and maintain the position of WorldatWork as the leader in publishing and producing applied total rewards research. This RFP intends to fund and advance research that benefits both practitioners and organizations, and contributes to the advancement of total rewards. B2. RFP Phases This request for proposals process will consist of two primary phases: 1) Letter of Intent 2) invitation-only Request for Proposal. As the name implies, the letter of intent phase of the process will consist of a 45-day window during which time applicants may submit a short (3-page maximum) letter of intent, which indicates an interest in submitting a full request for proposal. An internal WorldatWork project team will evaluate each letter of intent response in accordance with the goals of the RFP. Factors for successful consideration during both the letter of intent and RFP phases will include: applicant(s) history of successful research and types of research, suitability of research topic and relevance to advancing total rewards, applied nature of the research, applicant(s) financial stability, and demonstrated capabilities. Details of the Letter of Intent process are included in Section C, below. WorldatWork reserves the right to invite as many or as few applicants (including zero) from the Letter of Intent phase to the Invitation-Only RFP phase. B3. Eligibility WorldatWork has sent notice of this RFP to many individuals and organizations with established experience in total rewards and human capital research, but this is by no means a “closed” RFP. Proposals by all individuals and organizations interested in these areas of research are encouraged, and will be considered. Draft - 04/13/07 WorldatWork Sponsored Research Request for Proposals – 2007 Page 5
  6. 6. WorldatWork encourages applications from for-profit, non-profit, academic, and governmental entities. In addition, proposals from individuals, teams, and multi-organizational collaborations are welcomed. Finally, because the total rewards concept has global application, WorldatWork welcomes interest in this RFP from any country in the world. B4. Ownership of Research Results The mission of WorldatWork is to advance the profession and the total rewards model. In order to fulfill this mission, WorldatWork will retain the rights as the sole owner and publisher of any primary or secondary research produced through this RFP. WorldatWork will disseminate the outputs of the research through a variety of channels under the WorldatWork brand, and will fully acknowledge the principal investigator(s) and their organizations in the research outputs. However, such outputs will be the sole property of WorldatWork, and will not be co-logoed or co-owned. Principal investigators may receive permission to author ancillary materials and make presentations regarding the research outside of WorldatWork channels, but funding for any research through this RFP will require principal investigator(s) to sign a letter of agreement consenting to this ownership arrangement. Section C. Letter of Intent Process C1. Letter of Intent Structure and Requirements The first phase of the RFP process will require a Letter of Intent from all interested parties. The following requirements outline the Letter of Intent process, which will be open between April 15, 2007 and June 1, 2007. Applicants must comply with the following requirements for the Letter of Intent. The letter of intent shall: 1. Not exceed three written pages; 2. Include a section called “Abstract,” in which the proposed research project is succinctly summarized, including some or all of the possible hypotheses to be explored in the proposed research; 3. Include a section called “Linkages to WorldatWork Total Rewards Model,” which contains a description of the linkages between the proposed research and the WorldatWork Total Rewards model; 4. Include a section called “Real World Application of Research,” which contains a description of the applied nature of the research and how members of WorldatWork and practitioners in the field will benefit from the research outcomes; 5. Include a section called “Possible Methodologies,” which contains a brief description of methodologies that might be used to complete the proposed project. WorldatWork is open to all types of research methodology that are sound and appropriate for the research proposed. Applicants requesting to survey a sample of the WorldatWork membership should clearly indicate this intent during the Letter of Intent process. Applicants who identify backup or alternative survey samples (non-WorldatWork members) may be evaluated more favorably. Draft - 04/13/07 WorldatWork Sponsored Research Request for Proposals – 2007 Page 6
  7. 7. 6. Include a section called “Preliminary Timeline,” which discusses both when the proposed research project might commence, and the full the duration of the project considering the possible methodologies proposed. 7. Finally, include a section called “Principal Investigator(s)” which contains the name or names of those who will be principals in the project, full contact information including email address(es), and brief biographical information. WorldatWork reserves the right to reject any Letter of Intent that does not contain the elements listed above, and/or request any applicant to modify their Letter of Intent to comply with the seven elements. C2. Miscellaneous Notes Regarding Letter of Intent 1. Applicants submitting a Letter of Intent (and subsequent RFP, should they be selected) shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of the proposal. 2. Any questions regarding the Letter of Intent should be submitted directly to WorldatWork will make every effort to respond to the question within 2 business days. WorldatWork reserves the right to post both the question and answer on the WorldatWork RFP webpage for all potential applicants to review. 3. WorldatWork makes no obligation to advance any number of proposals or any proposals submitted in the Letter of Intent process to the full RFP process. 4. WorldatWork will treat each Letter of Intent proposal as confidential. 5. WorldatWork assumes that all information is submitted in good faith. In addition, WorldatWork requires that the information supplied is accurate and that the applicant(s) can provide the services required. 6. WorldatWork will only use the information from the applicant(s) for the purposes of proposal evaluation and as the basis for contract negotiations and agreement. 7. At any time prior to the deadline for submission of proposals, WorldatWork may, for any reason, modify the letter of intent or RFP documents by the issuance of an addendum. 8. In order to provide applicant(s) a reasonable amount of time in which to take an amendment into account in preparing their proposal, WorldatWork may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of a Letter of Intent. C3. Letter of Intent Submission and Format The Letter of Intent, as outlined above, must be received either in hard copy (one hard copy only, please) or via email before 5PM Pacific Time on June 1, 2007. The proposals must be submitted in the following forms: Electronic: Microsoft Word 7.0 for Windows or Adobe Acrobat. Paper: One complete copy, including any necessary supporting documents. Draft - 04/13/07 WorldatWork Sponsored Research Request for Proposals – 2007 Page 7
  8. 8. Letters of Intent should be addressed to: WorldatWork Research Letter of Intent 14040 N. Northsight Blvd. Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Or via email to: rjohnson@worldatwork, with the words “Letter of Intent” in the subject line. WorldatWork will provide a confirmation of the receipt of every Letter of Intent via email. Section D. Timeline and Critical Dates: Letter of Intent and Full RFP Letter of Intent deadline 5PM Pacific Daylight Time June 1, 2007 Answers to Questions from Applicants Non-confidential responses will be posted as they are received in an FAQ document, within the Surveys & Research page at: Notification from WorldatWork to finalists, June 15, 2007 requesting full RFP submission Full RFP Proposals due August 1, 2007 Finalist interviews August-September 2007 Final selection and notification October 1, 2007 Section E. Letter of Intent Evaluation Process and Full RFP Letters of Intent will be reviewed as they are received, and those that are deemed to fit the objectives of this research RFP will be invited to submit a full RFP proposal. WorldatWork will evaluate all proposals received in accordance with this request using a team approach. The team will be using a Weighted Factor Analysis approach. The relative weighting of each evaluation criteria will not be disclosed. The invitation-only full RFP will be announced directly only to those applicant(s) that are advanced beyond the Letter of Intent phase. In the situation of either no Letters of Intent submitted, or no suitable Letters of Intent are submitted, a new process will take place at the time and discretion of WorldatWork. Draft - 04/13/07 WorldatWork Sponsored Research Request for Proposals – 2007 Page 8
  9. 9. All unsuccessful Letter of Intent applicant(s) will be notified by phone or e-mail. Successful Letter of Intent applicant(s) will be asked during the full RFP process to provide a list of references that are able to address the capabilities of the applicant to perform the work proposed. In addition, successful Letter of Intent applicant(s) will be asked to provide a full timeline and detailed financial plan for their research project during the RFP phase. Additional questions and comments can be addressed to: Ryan M. Johnson, Director of Information Development and Public Affairs 14040 N. Northsight Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Draft - 04/13/07 WorldatWork Sponsored Research Request for Proposals – 2007 Page 9