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View RFP Topic Details Here

  1. 1. Ready-to-Use RFP MASTER™ Topics Help Desk Software (HDS) This Ready-to-Use RFP Master is focused on selecting Help Desk software (HDS). Very comprehensive, this RFP contains many detailed questions targeting both normal and "exception case" business situations. This document first presents samples of the many questions found in this RFP, followed by a complete list of all the Help Desk topics and functions the RFP addresses. Last, a set of screen captures illustrating the vendor response evaluation and comparisons is shown. Please use our secure order page to purchase this RFP here. RFP QUESTION EXAMPLES Shown below are samples of the questions found in the Help Desk Software RFP. The question samples are shown in green text below. Samples from the USABILITY – Agent Issues section: Can agents search the knowledge base by keyword? Is it possible for a helpdesk staff member to quickly change which data is displayed in the results of an inquiry, or search for similar past incidents? Is it possible for an agent to attach an email document to an incident by setting up a link to the document from the incident maintenance screen? Samples from the User Defined Features section: Can terminology appearing in on-screen Field Labels be customized? For example, can "staff" be changed to "technician" in all appropriate on-screen Field Labels? Is the ability to create unique progress tracking fields dynamically, on the fly, for a particular incident (call) provided by the proposed software? Samples from the Helpdesk Functions - Email Integration section: Can incoming email be used to automatically log helpdesk incidents? Samples from the Helpdesk Functions – Client Maintenance section: Does the software support clients with multiple locations and multiple contact details? (for reporting purposes, all locations can be rolled into one data set by default, but viewed separately) Can the assets being used to support a given client be cross-referenced to that client? Page: 1 of 7 Copyright © 2000 – 2005 Infotivity Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Ready-to-Use RFP MASTER™ Topics Help Desk Software (HDS) Samples from the Helpdesk Functions – Inventory & Asset Management section: Can assets be linked to specific helpdesk calls? Are these user defined asset categories presented to users for selection via a drop- down list box in other screens? Can the proposed system maintain an audit trail of configuration changes made to each piece of equipment over time? Samples from the Helpdesk Functions – Incoming Call section: Once the caller is identified, is the caller's specific helpdesk action history automatically retrieved and made available to the agent? Can the "Action Summary" displayed in the action history log be expanded to show a detailed action description? HELP DESK FUNCTION TOPICS Global Issues Sign-On Screen Capabilities Keyword/Asset cross reference topics Email integration issues MAPI Client Support topics Automated Email Triggers Automated Email Alerts Client Maintenance Standard Client Data Fields Multiple Location Support Multiple Contact topics Location Data Rollup View Specific Location Data Custom Client Data Field types User-Defined Data Field topics Inventory & Asset Management Asset Data Elements Asset Cross-Reference topics Audit Capabilities User Defined Asset Categories Tangible Asset Types Page: 2 of 7 Copyright © 2000 – 2005 Infotivity Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Ready-to-Use RFP MASTER™ Topics Help Desk Software (HDS) Intangible Asset Types Information Technology (IT) Asset Management Automated IT Asset Identification topics Software Asset Information collected Web-based Asset Inventory access topics Custom Asset Data Field types Asset Search topics Asset Display topics Asset Service Tracking issues Incoming Call Functions Call Logging Data Fields Call Logging Screen functions Call Logging Procedures Call Attribute Identification Automated Solution Guide topics Automated Incident Notification capabilities Email Call Logging Call Processing Call Type determination Call Template related topics Problem Resolution Script selection Call History Logging issues Call Action Logging topics Escalation Capabilities User-defined Priority Code topics User-defined Escalation Rule Maintenance functions Email Help definition topics Incident Notification capabilities User-defined Search parameters Priority Code focused Searches SLA parameter focused Search topics User-defined Escalation Parameter topics Web-enabled Access Security topics User Interface issues Help Desk Staff Access topics Client Access topics Help Knowledgebase Page: 3 of 7 Copyright © 2000 – 2005 Infotivity Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Ready-to-Use RFP MASTER™ Topics Help Desk Software (HDS) User Customization capabilities Information Types supported Search functions General Reporting Standard Reports - Menu driven Call Analysis Help Desk Staff Performance Data Filters available Custom Reporting topics GLOBAL SOFTWARE CHARACTERISTICS Maturity of Product Architectural/OOP Issues System Scalability Server/Client OS Support Database Support Data Interface Reporting Capabilities Query Functionality User-Defined Parameters Documentation Security Application Interfaces Programming Toolkit 3rd Party ERP Interface Wireless Technology support IMPLEMENTATION Conversion Installation Initial Training On-going Training Support Help Desk Tools COST DATA Initial One-Time Costs Recurring Costs Page: 4 of 7 Copyright © 2000 – 2005 Infotivity Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. Ready-to-Use RFP MASTER™ Topics Help Desk Software (HDS) VENDOR PROFILE Time in Business Financial Record Product Development R & D Resources Support Resources Implementation Resources Project Management Resources Installed Base Training Resources Custom Software Expertise Online Help Functions Distance Learning Facilities FOUNDATION ISSUES Purpose General Background/Organization History Desired System & Benefits Project Summary/Definitions RFP Limitations Responsibility for Performance Vendor/Bidder Interest & Commitment Project Schedule Vendor/Bidder Conference Right to Negotiate/Cancel/Modify ……Plus Many Other Contract Management/Legal Topics! (Response Evaluation Chart Samples Shown on the Next Page) Page: 5 of 7 Copyright © 2000 – 2005 Infotivity Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. Ready-to-Use RFP MASTER™ Topics Help Desk Software (HDS) WEIGHTED GRADE SCORE & FEATURE COMPARISONS: Distribute RFPs and receive vendor RFP responses electronically. Almost instantly compare vendor responses (proposals) side-by-side in detail or 3-D bar chart form. Compare Weighted Grade Point Scores or Response Features. Compare vendor RFP responses side-by-side at the detail level using the RFP Master Response Evaluation spreadsheet! Page: 6 of 7 Copyright © 2000 – 2005 Infotivity Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Ready-to-Use RFP MASTER™ Topics Help Desk Software (HDS) Page: 7 of 7 Copyright © 2000 – 2005 Infotivity Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved