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View RFP Topic Details Here

  1. 1. Ready-to-Use RFP MASTER™ Outline Ecommerce Software The RFP Master for Ecommerce software is very comprehensive, with many detailed questions targeting both normal and "exception case" business situations. The topic categories found in the Ecommerce software RFP Master are shown below, followed by sample RFP questions and vendor response comparisons. Please use our secure order page to purchase this RFP Master. ECOMMERCE WEB SITE HOSTING Facilities & Resources Server Specifications Server Software topics CGI Interface issues Java & JavaScript capabilities FTP topics HTML Library topics Special Tools Video Audio FrontPage Failure Protection Automated Backup topics Mirror Server topics UPS issues Web Site Statistical topics Site Support topics WEB SITE DEVELOPMENT Vendor Capabilities Development Team Expertise Standard Development Procedure topics Development Resources General Development issues CGI Programming topics Database Interface & Manipulation Site Personalization Graphics Manipulation Security Quality Control topics Testing Measures Project Management Customer Interactivity (Portal) Functions Page: 1 of 8
  2. 2. Ready-to-Use RFP MASTER™ Outline Ecommerce Software Customer Logon / ID topics Customer Self-Service functions Account Access capabilities Standard Self-Service functions Profile designation topics Account Maintenance Account History topics User-Defined Security topics Payment Processing Major Credit Card network interface topics Authorizations Draft Capture of Payment Debit Cards Check by Phone Third-Party Payment Processor interface (Pay Pal, etc..) E-COMMERCE FUNCTIONS Storefront capabilities Product Catalog topics Search functions Content Management requirements Customer interactivity (account inquiries, etc.) Shopping Cart interface topics Quote Preparation features Order & Shipment Status topics SHOPPING CART FUNCTIONS Dynamic vs. Static Supported Database functions User-defined field topics Order Templates Order Routing Shipping & Tax table topics Payment Systems & Functions Security Fraud Checking Facilities User-defined fraud checking topics Pre-defined behavior profile topics User-defined behavior profile topics Credit Card Number analysis capabilities Card Verification functions Known Bad Customer list functions Page: 2 of 8
  3. 3. Ready-to-Use RFP MASTER™ Outline Ecommerce Software Transaction Review Procedures SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) Traffic Analysis Resources SEO Techniques Search Engine Submission tools Placement Status Monitoring topics Placement Maintenance WEB MARKETING SERVICES Focus Group topics Campaign Management needs Newsgroup Promotion functions Affiliate Program topics Referral Programs PARTNERSHIP MANAGEMENT Channel related topics Lead Routing capabilities Opportunity Sharing functions Sales Management tools SALES MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS Opportunity Management Opportunity Type & Description Event History Lead Management User-defined field topics Lead Maintenance requirements Search capabilities Lead Qualification issues Lead Routing functions Lead Tracking/Resolution topics Activity Tracking functions Contact Management User-defined field topics Contact Maintenance requirements Contact Influence issues Organizational Charting Activity Tracking/Reminders Page: 3 of 8
  4. 4. Ready-to-Use RFP MASTER™ Outline Ecommerce Software Account Management User-defined fields Account Maintenance Multiple Locations/Offices Multiple Salespeople QUOTE PROCESSING Web Interface Quote Maintenance Quote Header Maintenance Quote Line Item Maintenance Price Table topics Inventory Stock Status interface topics Prospect/Customer Database interface topics Automated Conversion to Sales Order Inquiries & Reporting Quote Status topics Quote Activity tracking Quote Analysis topics SALES ORDER PROCESSING Web Interface Shopping Cart issues Customer maintenance topics Sales Order Entry Order Header Maintenance topics Order Line Item topics Search Functions available Direct Shipment topics Payment Terms topics Inventory-related topics Backorders Commission Processing Partnership issues Sales Analysis Inquiries and Reports Time Period topics Salesperson related criteria Page: 4 of 8
  5. 5. Ready-to-Use RFP MASTER™ Outline Ecommerce Software Region/Office related criteria Product related topics Promotion related topics User-defined Sales Order Status Inquiries & Reports Open vs Closed Time Period topics Salesperson related criteria Region/Office related criteria Product related topics Promotion related topics User-defined ENTERPRISE APPLICATION INTEGRATION Accounting Interface topics Advanced Planning Interface topics ERP system Interface topics Manufacturing Interface Warehouse Management System Interface topics IMPLEMENTATION Conversion Installation issues Initial Training topics On-going Training Support Topics Help Desk topics COST DATA Initial One-Time Costs Recurring Costs VENDOR PROFILE Time in Business Financial Record Page: 5 of 8
  6. 6. Ready-to-Use RFP MASTER™ Outline Ecommerce Software Product Development R & D Resources Support Resources Implementation Resources Ecommerce Resources Installed Base Training Resources Custom Software Expertise Online Help Functions Distance Learning Facilities FOUNDATION ISSUES Purpose General Background/Organization History Desired System & Benefits Project Summary/Definitions RFP Limitations Responsibility for Performance Vendor/Bidder Interest & Commitment Project Schedule Vendor/Bidder Conference Right to Negotiate/Cancel/Modify ……Plus Many Other Contract Management/Legal Topics! RFP QUESTION EXAMPLES A sample RFP question from the Inventory Management section: (in green) Does the proposed software have the required data elements and processing logic for the following: User defined Product Category Codes Item Weight Up to 3 price levels per item Up to 6 price levels Unlimited, User-Defined Price Levels Bin Location designator 12 Month Sales History 24 Month Sales History A sample RFP question from the Sales Order Processing section: Are multiple "Ship-to" addresses for each customer fully supported? Does the proposed software currently have the ability to process multiple ship-to addresses per order, with the invoice(s) for all going to one Bill-to address? Page: 6 of 8
  7. 7. Ready-to-Use RFP MASTER™ Outline Ecommerce Software A sample RFP question from the Picking Slip preparation section: Does the proposed software print Picking Slips in the following fashions: Immediately once an order is entered, automatically In Batch mode, with user defined start and end order number values? Printing based on a "trigger" date? Using a release cycle date? WEIGHTED GRADE SCORE & FEATURE COMPARISONS: Excel version only. Distribute RFPs and receive vendor RFP responses electronically. Almost instantly compare vendor responses (proposals) side-by-side in detail or 3-D bar chart form. Compare Weighted Grade Point Scores or Response Features (next page). Compare vendor RFP responses side-by-side at the detail level using the RFP Master Response Evaluation spreadsheet! Page: 7 of 8
  8. 8. Ready-to-Use RFP MASTER™ Outline Ecommerce Software Page: 8 of 8