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  1. 1. OPEN SPACE & TRAILS DEPARTMENT 970-668-4060 fax 970-668-4225 Post Office Box 5660 0037 Peak One Drive, SCR 1005 Frisco, Colorado 80443 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS RFP NO.: 08-001 SERVICES FOR THE DESIGN/PROJECT OVERSIGHT OF A RECREATIONAL PATHWAY PROPOSAL DUE: 3:00 PM ON February 25, 2008 1
  2. 2. REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS RFP NO.: 08-001 Sealed proposals for ENGINEERING AND PROJECT OVERSIGHT FOR A RECREATIONAL PATHWAY for the Summit County Government will be received by the Open Space and Trails Department, 0037 Peak One Drive, P.O. Box 5660, Frisco, CO. 80443, UNTIL: 3:00 PM, February 25, 2008. PLEASE VISIT THE SUMMIT COUNTY OPEN SPACE & TRAILS DEPARTMENT TO REVIEW AND/OR COPY THE SPECIFICATION PACKAGE FOR THIS PROJECT. Any questions regarding this Request For Proposal should be directed to Brad Eckert, Summit County Open Space and Trails Resource Specialist, at 970-668-4213, or emailed to: All interested firms are invited to submit a proposal in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in this Request for Proposal. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS SUMMIT COUNTY /s/ BRAD ECKERT OPEN SPACE AND TRAILS RESOURCE SPECIALIST ******************************************************************************************** 2
  4. 4. INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING PROPOSALS To be considered, all proposals must be submitted in accordance with these instructions. NOTE: THE FOLLOWING ARE GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING PROPOSALS. ADDITIONAL AND/OR CONFLICTING INSTRUCTIONS OUTLINED IN THE GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS IN THIS REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) MAY SUPERSEDE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. A. ISSUING OFFICE The Summit County Open Space and Trails Department issues this RFP for Summit County. B. PURPOSE This RFP is designed to provide prospective firms sufficient information to enable them to prepare and submit proposals for consideration by Summit County. C. SCOPE This RFP contains the instructions for submitting proposals, the information to be included in the response and any mandatory requirements, which must be met to have the response be eligible for consideration. D. WHO SHOULD RESPOND Summit County is hereby soliciting and contacting prospective firms who are known to do business relevant to this RFP. All interested firms are invited to submit a proposal in accordance with the specifications, procedures, dates and times as set forth herein. E. INQUIRIES Prospective firms may make written or verbal inquiries concerning this RFP to obtain clarification of the proposal requirements. If specified, a pre-proposal conference or a mandatory pre-proposal conference may be scheduled to clarify information contained within the RFP. All interested firms will be invited to attend at the date and time specified. No inquiries will be accepted after five (5) calendar days before the RFP closing date. F. ADDENDUM OR SUPPLEMENT TO REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL In the event that it becomes necessary to revise any part of this RFP, an addendum will be provided to each firm who received the original RFP or, if applicable, only to those firms who attended a mandatory pre- proposal conference. G. PROPOSAL SUBMISSION Your proposal must be received on or before the date shown on the RFP. Firms mailing their proposals must allow sufficient delivery time to ensure receipt of their proposals to the Open Space and Trails Department on or before the time and date specified. The proposal package shall be delivered or mailed to: SUMMIT COUNTY OPEN SPACE AND TRAILS DEPARTMENT, 0037 PEAK ONE DRIVE SCR 1005 P.O. BOX 5660, FRISCO, CO 80443 One (1) proposal clearly marked “ORIGINAL” and five (5) copies should be submitted in a sealed envelope(s) or container(s) with the name of the proposer’s firm clearly shown on the top left hand corner of each envelope. The following information must be clearly shown on the bottom left hand corner of each envelope: “RFP NO.: 08-001, SWAN MOUNTAIN RECPATH.” Note: Proposals should not be submitted by facsimile machine. Typically, proposals consist of several pages of required documentation. The Procurement Specialist opens the proposals at the specified time, 4
  5. 5. tabulates their completeness and distributes them to members of the Evaluation Committee. Due to time schedules that have been preset with the committee members, it is suggested that the original proposal packages be delivered or mailed to the address described above. H. LATE PROPOSALS Late proposals will not be accepted. It is the responsibility of all firms to ensure that the proposal arrives in the office of the Open Space and Trails Department by, or prior to, the date and time specified in the RFP. I. REJECTION OF PROPOSALS Summit County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received, to waive formalities and minor irregularities, and to accept any portion of a proposal deemed to be in the best interest of Summit County. Summit County reserves the right to negotiate with bidders individually following the submission of proposals. J. PROPRIETARY INFORMATION Any restrictions on the use of data contained within a proposal must be clearly stated in the proposal itself. Proprietary information submitted in response to this RFP will be respected in accordance with the Colorado Open Records Act Section 24-72-101, et seq., C.R.S. and applicable Summit County Procurement Regulations. K. MATERIAL OWNERSHIP All material submitted regarding the RFP becomes the property of Summit County and will be returned to the proposing firm at the County’s option. Summit County reserves the right to use any or all ideas presented in reply to this RFP, subject to limitations outlined in (J) Proprietary Information. Disqualification of a RFP does not eliminate this right. L. INCURRING COSTS Summit County is not liable for any cost incurred by a firm in developing its proposal unless stated otherwise in the RFP. Awarded vendor(s) may elect to extend the resulting contract or price agreement, pricing, terms and conditions to any Colorado political subdivision, but is not obligated to do so. M. RFP CLOSING DATE All proposals must be received by the date and time specified in the RFP. In the event of an emergency situation (i.e., large snowstorm, tornado, etc.), which causes the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) to close the Summit County offices, the Open Space and Trails Department has the authority to reschedule the RFP closing date. All firms will be allowed to resubmit their proposals prior to the new date and time specified. N. INSURANCE The successful firm will be required to provide any or all of the following insurance coverage at its own expense and maintain such coverage for the duration of the contract: 1. Standard Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability Insurance, including occupational disease, covering all employees engaged in the performance of work at the site. 2. Comprehensive General Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance: Bodily Injury: $150,000 (per person) $600,000 (each occurrence) Property Damage: $600,000 (each occurrence) Comprehensive Auto Liability and Property Damage Insurance: Bodily Injury $150,000 (each person) $600,000 (each occurrence) 5
  6. 6. Property Damage $600,000 (each occurrence) NOTE: THE COUNTY SHALL BE NAMED AS ADDITIONAL OR CO-INSURED ON THE INSURANCE CERTIFICATE. If Workers’ Compensation insurance is carried by the State Compensation Insurance Fund, evidence of such coverage shall be submitted on a certificate form or, if the insurance is by private carrier, evidence shall be on certificate of insurance. Evidence of coverage shall be submitted to the Building & Grounds Department. 3. Professional Liability (if applicable) must be commensurate with risks of services provided under the resulting award of contract. 4. Errors and Omissions, which must be commensurate with risks of services provided under the resulting award of contract. O. CONFLICT OF INTEREST Failure to disclose a conflict of interest is a misdemeanor criminal offense under Colorado Law. Such conflict may arise if any public official exercises any substantial discretionary function in connection with a government contract, purchase, payment or other pecuniary transaction without necessary disclosures as defined by Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) Section 18-8-308 as amended. P. EVALUATION PROCESS 1. Committee An Evaluation Committee comprised of personnel from various Summit County departments (and, if applicable, other individuals the County chooses to be part of this committee) will evaluate all proposals received in a timely manner for completeness and the firm’s stated ability to meet all specifications as outlined in the RFP. 2. Disqualification Failure by a firm to provide all information requested in the RFP may result in disqualification of the proposal. 3. General Evaluation Criteria Examples of evaluation criteria by which each firm’s submitted proposal will be evaluated are as follows: a. Fee Schedule, including reimbursements. b. Technical content of the proposal, methodology, understanding of and approach to the project. c. Previous background and experience of the firm relevant to this RFP. d. Workload. e. Consultants proposed for this project. f. Experience of staff assigned to this project. g. Estimated time required for completion of the project. h. Location of offices. i. References, including contact names and phone numbers. j. Mountain Design/Construction experience. k. Past experience with venders and this type of work. l. Willingness of the firms to accept and negotiate under the conditions of the Summit County contract as submitted within this RFP. Information submitted by the vendor should be in the order as outlined in the RFP Requirements and must clearly address each item. Each item listed in the RFP Requirements will be given a numeric weight and will be evaluated and scored independently by each Evaluation Committee member. 6
  7. 7. 4. Short List The Evaluation Committee may short-list the firms whose proposals are considered to be in the best interest of the County. Those firms may be scheduled for an interview with the committee. 5. Interviews A Summit County representative may schedule an interview with any applicant or applicants. The purpose of an interview is to gain a better understanding, by all parties, of the work to be performed. Firms selected for interviews will be contacted and scheduled, in no particular order, to meet with the Evaluation Committee. A time limit is set for each interview and is precisely adhered to. Interviews will be held during regular working hours. During the interviews, additional general and/or fee information may be requested from each firm. A specific date and time will be set to supply the additional information to the Open Space and Trails Department. Open Space and Trails staff will then submit this information to the Evaluation Committee. Any additional information will become part of the submitted proposal and, subsequently, part of the final contract. The Evaluation Committee will determine based on (1) evaluation of the submitted proposals, (2) any information gathered during the interview process and (3) all additional submitted information, which firm will be contacted to negotiate a contract. 6. Negotiations The firm selected to negotiate a contract will meet with the Evaluation Committee at a specified date and time. The contract terms and conditions will be reviewed, discussed, negotiated and finalized for recommendation for approval by the Attorney’s office, County Manager and BOCC. The Standard Engineering Services Agreement Between Owner and Contractor will be used for this project and the selected firm must be willing to enter into and abide by the contract terms and conditions as presented therein. Any proposed changes to the contract, other than the completion of information that must be provided by submitting firms, must be clearly identified within the proposal submittal, along with the submitting firm’s proposed alternative language and an explanation of the basis for the proposed change. Submitting firms are required to provide this documentation at the time of submittal. In the event a contract cannot be negotiated with the first firm selected, the Evaluation Committee will select a second firm to repeat the negotiation process, and a third firm, if necessary. 7. Recommendation The objective of the Evaluation Committee will be to recommend the firm whose proposal is most responsive to Summit County’s requirements. The specifications within this RFP represent the minimum performance necessary for response by any interested firm. All contractual documentation will become public information, according to C.R.S., Title 24, Article 72, for public (open) records, upon recommendation to the BOCC. Q. AWARD A Notice of Award will be issued to the successful engineering/project oversight team. Any final documentation necessary to complete the contract requirements will be requested at that time (i.e., Performance Bond, original Certificates of Insurance) and the firm will be given ten (10) days from date of the Notice of Award to acknowledge and comply with these requirements. Failure to comply with the requirements of the Notice of Award may result in the termination of the contract. The contents of the proposal by the successful firm will become a part of the contractual obligation if a Notice of Award action ensues. Failure by the successful firm to accept the obligations specified in a purchase order, contract or similar acquisition instrument shall result in cancellation of the award. Such firm may be restricted from future solicitations for a minimum period of one (1) year. 7
  8. 8. Once all required documentation is received, a fully executed copy of the contract will be sent to the successful firm. 8
  10. 10. RFP NO.: 08- 001 DUE DATE: February 25, 2008 SUMMIT COUNTY OPEN SPACE AND TRAILS DEPARTMENT GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR SERVICES FOR DESIGN/PROJECT OVERSIGHT FOR A RECREATIONAL PATHWAY A. DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT AND PROJECT CONCEPT 1. General Information. Background: In an effort to provide a safer alternative for non-motorized traffic between the Blue River Inlet and the Snake River Inlet of the Dillon Reservoir, the Summit County Open Space and Trails Department intends to construct the proposed Swan Mountain Recreational Pathway (“Recpath”) under special use permit from the U.S. Forest Service (USFS). This request for proposal is the culmination of a several year effort to realize the vision of the Swan Mountain Recpath. Under a collection agreement with the USFS, the Summit County Open Space and Trails Department funded an Environmental Assessment completed by the USFS staff. In issuing its Decision Notice and Finding of No Significant Impact in March 2003, the USFS gave preliminary approval for the proposed Recpath alignment, based on visual mitigation and other mitigation standards of the Recpath and full design review by the USFS staff. Since that time, the USFS and Summit County have been working cooperatively to finalize the exact alignment of the first construction phase. Summit County has already commissioned a preliminary construction design of the entire pathway. Once fully constructed, the proposed pathway will complete the Recpath loop around Dillon Reservoir by connecting the Recpath spur across the Summit High School campus at Farmer’s Korner to the Recpath spur at Lake Ridge Townhomes at Summit Cove. The paved asphalt pathway will generally be 10-feet wide, except where sharp curves require a wider 12-foot wide pathway. The proposed alignment will climb from the Blue River Inlet to Sapphire Point, from which it will descend, cross over Swan Mountain Road, then climb to the south of Lowry campground and descend to Summit Cove/the Snake River Inlet (see Exhibit A). The overall Recpath will be approximately 5.25 miles in length, with an average grade of 5-7% with short sections of up to 10%. The Summit County Open Space and Trails Department has chosen to divide the construction of the Swan Mountain Recpath into four phases: the Blue River Phase, the Sapphire Phase, the Lowry Phase and the Summit Cove Phase. This RFP targets the second construction phase- the Sapphire Section, which will connect the recently completed Lowry Section/Swan Mountain Road to the top of Sapphire Point. This RFP is structured for applicants with the desire and ability to engineer the construction design and provide project oversight for the construction of the Sapphire Section of the Swan Mountain recpath. A preliminary conceptual design has already been produced and a strip topographic survey with 2-foot contour lines has also been completed. Both will be made available for inspection to interested engineering firms. All construction designs and drawings must conform to the County and USFS pathway specifications and should include estimated construction costs. Review Requirements: As a condition of approval for the Swan Mountain Recpath, the USFS requires full review and approval of the project design. The design review condition requires that the engineering firm work cooperatively with the Summit County Open Space and Trails Department as the client and the USFS as the supervising land management 10
  11. 11. authority. The selected engineering firm must therefore have demonstrable experience working with the USFS and/or other federal agencies. Mitigation Measures: The USFS also requires active mitigation of visual disturbance caused by the Recpath’s construction. The visual disturbance mitigation conditions set forth by the USFS require the engineering firm to design the Recpath and its associated structures to be as visually unobtrusive as possible, including, but not limited to: minimal cut and fill work, active revegetation and earth-toned colors and textures for all retaining walls and structures. Please review the Environmental Assessment for the Swan Mountain Recpath (pages 13-21) for a complete discussion of mitigation measures for the Recpath’s construction. A copy of this document is available in the specification packet. B. PROJECT SPECIFICS Scope of Services The primary tasks for the successful proponent will be: 1) To engineer the final construction designs (including a plan and profile) for the Sapphire Section of the Swan Mountain Recpath; 2) To provide estimated construction costs for the Recpath, including the engineered structures; 3) To conduct (or commission) geotechnical engineering services for the length of the Sapphire Section to ensure appropriate design criteria are met; 4) To direct and oversee the RFP creation and review for the construction contractors to meet CDOT and Summit County requirements, in coordination with Summit County staff; 5) To direct and oversee a mandatory site visit for contractors responding to the construction RFP; 6) To attend the bid opening for the RFP construction; 7) To provide input and recommendations in the selection of the most qualified contractor to construct the Sapphire Section while meeting CDOT and Summit County requirements; 8) To work with selected contractor to establish and implement a realistic construction schedule and 9) To provide project management services during pathway construction to ensure compliance with all state and local regulations. These regulations include all CDOT SAFETEA-LU Transportation Enhancement requirements (e.g. certified payroll oversight, CDOT form 280 employee interviews, Davis-Bacon requirements; documentation and completion of CDOT-related forms, etc.). The specific deliverable products expected of the proponent include the following: 1) Final construction designs a. Engineering services to complete the final construction design to meet Summit County specifications b. Five printed copies of the complete engineered drawings, including a plan, profile and disturbance limits for the Sapphire Section c. Provision of the final engineered drawings in an electronic AutoCad (.dxf) format d. Presentation of the draft engineered drawings to Summit County Government representatives, and the completion of any necessary revisions based on County input e. Presentation of the draft engineered drawings to the USFS representatives, and the completion of any necessary revisions based on USFS input f. Completion of a realistic construction schedule in cooperation with the successful construction contractor 2) Estimated construction costs • Estimate of the total construction cost for the Sapphire Section of the Recpath • Cost breakdown of various pathway elements, including: i. The amount, in square feet, of retaining walls ii. The amount, in cubic yards, of aggregate, roadbase and asphalt iii. The length, in linear feet, of guardrails iv. The number and length, in lineal feet, of culverts v. The number, type and linear feet of other structures, including bridges 11
  12. 12. 3) Geotechnical Engineering Services • Assessment of subgrade conditions at periodic intervals along the proposed recpath alignment, including field investigations, lab testing and required engineering services to meet all CDOT and Summit County pavement standards 4) Project management during pathway construction a. On-site visits to the construction area for the duration of the pathway construction as necessary to meet all CDOT and Summit County requirements b. As needed on-site visits to address specific issues that arise during construction c. Coordination of construction management with the Summit County Open Space and Trails Department and the USFS d. Weekly written progress reports to outline construction activities e. Management of contractor relations and evaluation of established construction schedule f. Review of contractor billing and payroll to ensure accuracy and compliance with all CDOT SAFETEA-LU Transportation Enhancement requirements, including Davis-Bacon, Quality Assurance Material Sampling/Testing, and Contract Administration requirements per CDOT standards Fee Schedule Outline In an effort to assess all interested bidders by the same fee schedule, interested bidders must provide a detailed fee schedule. All services and costs should be incorporated in the fee schedule. The fee schedule should be structured under the following headers: Bid Item Bid Item Bid Quantity Unit No. Amount BASE BID 1 Complete Engineering Design Work 1 LS 2 Conduct Geotechnical Engineering Services 1 LS 3 Prepare Opinion of Probable Costs 1 LS 4 Develop and Oversee Contractor RFP and Selection 1 LS 5 Establish Realistic Construction Schedule 1 LS 6 Direct Construction Project Management 1 LS BASE BID TOTAL Bidders are advised to utilize the bullet points outlined under the Specific Deliverable Products section above to further break down the headers outlined in this table. The County will provide aerial photography, base maps, 2-foot contour electronic data and AutoCad files from the preliminary conceptual design to the successful proponent to assist with the implementation of this project. The provided map (Exhibit A) shows the proposed alignment of the recpath, including the four construction sections. The USFS’s environmental assessment and decision notice, which provides background information regarding the project’s mitigation and design requirements, is available at the Open Space and Trails Department for review and/or copy. Applicants should feel free during the selection process to provide any suggestions or comments that might be advantageous for the County to consider in terms of any efficiencies, issues, processes, or products. We are not set in any single scenario, but efficiency of resources is critical in completing this work. 12
  13. 13. C. TIMELINE RFP Advertised, E-Mailed Or Faxed January 21, 2008 Proposal Due Date 3:00 PM on February 25, 2008 Sealed Proposal Opening 11:00 AM on February 26, 2008 in County Commons Building, Frisco, CO Evaluation Of Proposals February 27 – March 14, 2008 Interviews (If Needed) March 17-20, 2008 Contract Negotiation March 20-24, 2008 Award Of Contract April 15, 2008 Start of Construction TBD NOTE: THE ABOVE DATES ARE APPROXIMATE AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE BY OWNER. D. RFP RESPONSE REQUIREMENTS By submitting a proposal, you represent that you have (1) thoroughly examined and become familiar with the scope of services outlined in this RFP and (2) are capable of performing quality work to achieve the County’s objectives. The following information must accompany your proposal: 1. Compliance with all items required on the Response Checklist (form included in this RFP package). 2. Project approach to include General Requirements, Basic Services, 3. Additional Services and Project Specifics as outlined in this RFP. 4. Listing of key personnel and proposed subcontractors. 5. Fee schedule. E. PROPOSAL PREPARATION AND SUBMISSION Proposal responses must be received in the Summit County Open Space and Trails Department, 0037 Peak One Road, P.O. Box 5660, Frisco, CO 80443 no later than 3:00 PM, February 25, 2008. Responses must be mailed or delivered in a sealed envelope to the above stated address and identified as “RFP 08-001 SERVICES FOR DESIGN/PROJECT OVERSIGHT OF CONSTRUCTION OF RECPATH CONSTRUCTION” in the bottom left- hand corner of each envelope. F. PROPOSAL PRESENTATION An authorized representative of the respondent shall sign proposals. Failure to submit all information requested may result in the Summit County Open Space and Trails Department requiring prompt submission of missing information and/or giving a lower evaluation of the proposal. The Open Space and Trails Department may reject proposals that are substantially incomplete or lack key information. G. ORAL PRESENTATION/INTERVIEWS Firms submitting a proposal in response to this RFP may be required to give an oral presentation of their proposal in an interview session with the Evaluation Committee. Firms should be prepared to discuss their project approach and introduce their proposed project key personnel. These interviews will be limited to one half hour (30 minutes). Additional technical and/or cost information may be requested from any firm by the Evaluation committee prior, during or after the interview for clarification purposes, but in no way will change the original proposal submitted. Interviews will be used to aid the Committee in their final evaluation and decision of award. H. SELECTION CRITERIA 1. Ability of the contractor(s) to meet or exceed the requirements defined in the RFP. 2. Project approach. 13
  14. 14. 3. Experience and qualifications from the attached qualification statement. 4. Experience in recreational pathway design and construction oversight. 5. References and similar past projects. 6. Fee schedule. 7. Completeness of response to RFP. 8. Willingness to abide by the terms and conditions as outlined and provided for in the contract included within this RFP. I. EVALUATION AND AWARD PROCESS An Evaluation Committee comprised of personnel from any or all of the following departments will evaluate all submitted proposals: • Open Space and Trails Department • Engineering Department • Other designated County or community representatives The Evaluation Committee will evaluate all proposals received for completeness and the respondent's ability to meet all specifications as outlined in this RFP. The negotiations and award process will follow the procedures as outlined in the “INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING PROPOSALS”. J. TERM OF CONTRACT Issuance of this RFP and receipt of proposals does not commit the County to award a contract. The County reserves the right to postpone opening, to accept or reject any or all proposals received in response to this RFP, or to negotiate with other than the highest ranked respondent should negotiations with the highest ranked respondent be terminated, or to cancel all or part of this RFP. The term of the contract for the successful respondent will be from date of award through a date TBD. Any contract awarded between Summit County and the successful firm will consist of a Standard Engineering Services Agreement Between Owner and Contractor signed by both parties, this RFP and any addenda, the submitted proposal, documentation of all negotiations, the resulting Purchase Order and original certificates of insurance. K. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS For proposal purposes, respondents must provide a written statement verifying insurance coverage for professional (to include E & O) and general liability as well as workers compensation. The successful firm must provide original certificates prior to commencing services, at its own expense, naming Summit County as additional insured, with a thirty (30) day cancellation notice, and maintain such coverage for the duration of the contract. Any questions regarding this RFP should be directed to Brad Eckert, Open Space and Trails Department, (970) 668-4213, or emailed to 14