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RFP - Services and Goods


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RFP - Services and Goods

  1. 1. CITY OF VANCOUVER REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE Proposals are to be delivered to the Office of the City Clerk, c/o Courier Delivery Drop-off Office, 1st Floor, Vancouver City Hall, 453 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V5Y 1V4 prior to the Closing Time: 11:00:00 A.M. Vancouver Time (as defined in Note 2 below), Wednesday, June 22, 2005 and will be then registered in public as soon as reasonably possible. NOTES: 1. Proposals are to be in sealed envelopes or packages marked with the Proponent’s Name, the RFP Title and Number. 2. The Closing Time will be conclusively deemed to be the time shown on the clock used by the City’s Security Office for this purpose. 3. DO NOT SUBMIT BY FAX. All queries related to this RFP are to be submitted in writing to the attention of: Syd Stowe, CPP FAX: 604-873-7057 E-MAIL:
  2. 2. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE TABLE OF CONTENTS PART A – INTRODUCTION Pages 4 - 11 1.0 Overview 2.0 Background and Scope 3.0 Objectives of the RFP 4.0 Insurance 5.0 Requirements 6.0 Evaluation Process PART B - INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPONENTS Pages 12 - 17 1.0 Administrative Requirements 2.0 Conduct of RFP – Inquiries and Clarifications 3.0 Contract Requirements 4.0 Pricing 5.0 Consortium Proposals 6.0 Submission of Proposal 7.0 Format of Proposal 8.0 Bid and Performance Security 9.0 Conflict of Interest/Solicitation 10.0 Opening of Proposals 11.0 Evaluation of Proposals 12.0 Deviation from Requirements or Conditions 13.0 Proposal Approval 14.0 Quantities 15.0 Brand Names – Intentionally Omitted 16.0 Alternates and/or Variations to Product Specifications 17.0 Environmental Responsibility 18.0 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act 19.0 Confidentiality 20.0 Advertising 21.0 Special Conditions 22.0 Non-Resident Withholding Tax 23.0 Legal Terms and Conditions PART C – SPECIAL CONDITIONS Page 18 - 22 1.0 Performance Security – Letter of Credit 2.0 Additional Evaluation Criteria 3.0 Pricing 4.0 Software Licenses 5.0 Project Team Composition 6.0 Delivery and System Set-Up 7.0 System Acceptance 8.0 Warranty 9.0 Insurance Requirements PART D – PROPOSAL FORM Pages PF1 – PF51 1.0 Required Documents 2.0 Compliance 3.0 Required Proposal Documents 4.0 Proponent’s Declaration and Acknowledgment PS05043.doc Page 2
  3. 3. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE TABLE OF CONTENTS Proposal Form - Attachment A – Legal Terms and Conditions SCHEDULES: Schedule A – Requirements Schedule B - Pricing Schedule C – Deviations and Variations Schedule D – Sub-Contractors APPENDIX 1 – CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE (1) APPENDIX 2 – RESPONSE NOTIFICATION FORM (1) PS05043.doc Page 3
  4. 4. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART A - INTRODUCTION 1.0 Overview This Request for Proposal (“RFP”) identifies a business opportunity for the successful Proponent(s) to supply and install an integrated, enterprise-class system to replace current legacy systems and processes:  for recording and tracking customer service requests and enquiries;  to forecast, plan, schedule, record, cost, and report all work related to public works services and infrastructure;  plan, coordinate and manage capital projects and maintenance programs related to public work infrastructure;  schedule and coordinate disparate activities on public rights-of-way; For example, capital construction, maintenance programs, private property development, special events, etc. are all planned and approved through separate processes but must be scheduled and coordinated to minimize neighbourhood and businesses impacts, as well as protect the right-of-way as a public asset and optimize pavement lifecycles (i.e. install the telecom duct before pavement rehabilitation, not after)  record, track, and analyse work accomplishments, physical condition, and financial information for performance measurement and lifecycle decision support for all public works infrastructure assets;  search, query, and report on information from a variety of sources in existing and proposed systems and databases The City, recognizing the complexity of the systems required, is looking for Proponents to clearly describe how they intend to supply implementation services. For example, the use of Proponents own staff or partnering with another firm for integration. A Proponent who chooses to respond to one or more but not all of the components of the City’s requirements must demonstrate how integration and/or interface of systems will be accomplished. The Proponent’s response must clearly outline roles and responsibilities for integration and/or interface of systems into the total solution, methodology that will be employed, the nature of the integration and/or interface and technical requirements to achieve it. The City has a strong preference for a total solution with an identified lead party responsible for the overall solution. Qualified and experienced Proponents are invited to submit Proposals and the City will consider Proposals meeting either all or part of the Requirements. However, the successful Proponent(s) will be the Proponent(s) who offer(s) a high level of service and provides “best practice” business solutions. 1.1 A Proponents’ Informational meeting will be held: Date: June 8th, 2005 Time: 1:00 pm Location: Main Floor Conference Room National Works Yard 701 National Ave Vancouver, B.C. This meeting will include an overview of the RFP Requirements; the document and process; and will also enable Proponents to address questions in a communal forum. Please advise by facsimile or e-mail whether or not you will be attending the PS05043.doc Page 4
  5. 5. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART A - INTRODUCTION Informational Meeting, or indicate whether you intend to submit a Proposal prior to the Closing Time, by sending the Response Notification Form (Appendix 2). 1.2 Proponents are encouraged to pre-read this document and submit any questions pertaining to this RFP in advance of the Meeting by e-mail, quoting “PS05043” in the subject line, to: 1.3 Key dates to be noted are: Event Dates Release of RFP May 25, 2005 Proponents Informational Meeting June 8, 2005 Deadline for Response Notification Form June 10, 2005 Deadline for Enquiries June 17, 2005 RFP Closing June 22, 2005 2.0 Background and Scope 2.1 The City of Vancouver The City of Vancouver, with a population of approximately 560,000 lies in a region of more than 2 million people. Vancouver is the largest city in the province of British Columbia and the third largest in Canada. As the main western terminus of Canada’s transcontinental highway and rail routes, as well as home to the Port of Vancouver, Vancouver is the primary city of western Canada and one of the nation’s largest industrial centres. Vancouver is consistently rated as one of the most liveable cities in the world and is host city of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. 2.2 Role of the Engineering Services Department The City of Vancouver Engineering Services Department is responsible for approximately 70% of the City’s annual capital expenditures and 25% of the annual operating expenditures. The Department has 1800 employees organized into 5 Divisions which are further organized into 27 Branches. The staff comprise approximately 80 professional engineers, 70 operations and construction superintendents, 700 technical and clerical staff, as well as 950 outside field staff in operations, maintenance, and construction. The areas of responsibility include the following: o Waterworks o Sewers and Drainage o Streets o Transportation PS05043.doc Page 5
  6. 6. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART A - INTRODUCTION o Traffic Management o Parking, including enforcement o Solid Waste Management and Landfill Operations o Land Survey o Street Lighting o Communications o External Utility Control (Gas, Electric, Telco, etc) Internal support responsibilities include the following: o Vehicle and Equipment Fleet as well as Repair and Fabrication Shops o Construction Supplies, Inspection, and Materials Testing o Works Yards o Information Services o Budgets Services Engineering Services is responsible for all aspects of planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operations for municipal public works infrastructure and services. These responsibilities include 1,400 km of roads, 15,000 block faces of sidewalk, 2,000 km of sewer mains – both sanitary and storm, 1,500 km of water mains, 51,000 street lights, 7,500 traffic signals and collection of 58,000 tonnes of garbage and 23,000 tonnes of recyclables each year. The department is not responsible for public transit, water treatment, nor wastewater treatment. These are the responsibility of a regional authority. In addition to providing public works services, operations, and maintenance of public works infrastructure, the department also relies on internal expertise and resources to plan, design and construct public works infrastructure. 2.3 Scope The City intends to introduce an enterprise-class, integrated solution to meet immediate needs to improve service as well as to meet long-term strategic public works infrastructure management goals. The solution will provide improved and transparent decision support and continuous improvement throughout all facets of the organization. The strategy represents a holistic approach to embed a philosophy of infrastructure asset lifecycle management across the Engineering Services Department and to leverage fundamental business processes such as customer service and work management to capture timely and accurate information for decision support and performance measurement. Decision support and performance measurement represent the ability to use information captured from business processes for analysis, modelling, forecasting, planning, budgeting, scheduling and reporting. This in turn facilitates systematic feedback for continuous service improvement and long-term infrastructure asset planning. Proponents are encouraged to highlight new ways of enhancing these processes. Software solutions must be “open” to easily integrate with the City’s existing information systems. The most significant of these existing systems are summarized as follows: o SAP is the City’s Enterprise Resource Planning tool with modules implemented for finance (FI/CO), human resources and payroll (HR), materials management (MM), and facilities management (PM); o Oracle Spatial provides the backend for GIS, with AutoDesk products used for GIS desktop and CADD applications; PS05043.doc Page 6
  7. 7. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART A - INTRODUCTION o CSDC AMANDA and a custom built mainframe application (PRISM) for private property permitting, licensing, and inspection (sub-division, development and building processes, business licenses as well as some licensing for public property such as sidewalk cafes and street vendors); o PIMS (Property Information Management System) is an application developed internally to standardize CoV property and address information; o TEMPEST is currently being implemented for revenue collection, fines payment, utility billing, and point of sale; The system must be flexible so that it can be adapted to meet emerging business needs and integrate with new SAP modules and future systems and readily facilitate data extraction for analysis and reporting. 2.3.1 Customer Service The City requires an integrated, departmental Customer Service process and system to unify service delivery and provide the framework for service level standards, performance measures, and standardized reporting. In addition to requests for service, many inquiries are received from internal and external customers and agencies about activities on the public rights-of-way as well as service level expectations. Information for timely and complete response is an essential part of customer service. The new process and system should provide easy-to-use inquiry screens with query capabilities to locate customer and departmental information from a variety of databases (e.g. GIS, work management, right-of-way management, permits, licenses, etc.). Reporting and analysis tools should measure effectiveness of customer services. 311 - The City is also considering a related long term strategy to facilitate a single point of contact for all municipal inquiries and requests for service. Ideally, the solution for the Engineering Services Department’s customer service needs should be scalable to satisfy the customer service needs for the entire organization. 2.3.2 Work Management The City requires an integrated departmental work management process and system which provides consistency across disparate public works infrastructure types and services. The solution will facilitate continuous improvement for planning, designing, scheduling, tracking and reporting on construction, operating and maintenance work activities. This will also include compiling and standardizing asset inventories so costs (labour, equipment, materials, contract services), conditions, and observations can be attributed to specific infrastructure assets. The system will integrate information from other sources or applications such as customer service, right-of-way management, GIS, financials, materials management, human resources, and others. 2.3.3 Project Management The City requires integrated and formalized project management processes and tools to support coordination and collaboration across business units. PS05043.doc Page 7
  8. 8. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART A - INTRODUCTION 2.3.4 Asset Management The City requires integrated processes and decision support tools for infrastructure asset management. This includes tools for the analysis of service level expectations, resource availability, condition assessments, etc. for forecasting, strategic planning, and lifecycle optimization. The functionality for Asset Management should include infrastructure specific condition assessment and maintenance strategies (e.g. preventative, predictive, condition-based, run to failure, etc.) and should answer the following questions: What do we own (and where is it)? What is its value? What is its condition? What can we do to maintain it? When do we have to replace it? What do we do first? The solution must be scalable and flexible to meet emerging needs and increased sophistication as the organization’s Asset Management practice matures. 2.3.5 Asset Accounting The City must also prepare to meet emerging public sector accounting standards. The Public Sector Accounting Board of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants is developing tangible capital asset accounting and reporting standards for local governments. This study is currently focused on whether the same standards followed by provincial and federal governments should be followed by municipal governments. 2.3.6 Right-of-way Management The City requires integrated process and tools to schedule and coordinate disparate, and often conflicting, events affecting streets, alleyways and other public rights-of-way. For example, events such as capital construction, maintenance programs, external utility construction (hydro, telecom), private property development, and special events are all planned and approved through separate processes but must be scheduled and coordinated to account for local conditions and neighbourhood impacts such as service interruptions and traffic congestion. In addition to neighbourhood impacts, there is also a growing need to coordinate pavement repair and rehabilitation strategies when approving schedules for the construction plans of City and external underground utilities. 2.3.7 Decision Support The City requires tools to enable staff to better answer queries and share knowledge. These tools will improve the ability to analyze and report information from disparate sources or applications such as customer service, work management, right-of-way management, project management, GIS, financials, materials management, human resources, spreadsheets, databases, and documents. PS05043.doc Page 8
  9. 9. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART A - INTRODUCTION 2.3.8 Budgeting The City requires tools to manage capital and non-capital budgets to forecast, plan, and report estimates, approved funding, actual expenditures, schedules, and accomplishments at multiple levels. 2.4 Interfaces 2.4.1 System Relationships Diagram Interface capability will be a major consideration in the selection of a new system. Existing and anticipated interfaces are required for internal systems listed under Section 2.1 “Scope”, as well on the following diagram and in Schedule A Section 4.0. The diagram may be revised during the implementation as new interfaces may be identified. PS05043.doc Page 9
  10. 10. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART A - INTRODUCTION 3.0 Objectives of the RFP The City requires a fully integrated enterprise-class solution including support service for:  customer service processing and tracking enquiries and requests for service;  work management;  project management  right-of-way management;  asset management of public works infrastructure;  capital planning and budgeting  performance measurement  expertise for installation, integration and implementation of the system;  extracting, converting, cleansing, and importing data from various applications and systems;  training for both users and the City’s technical support staff; and  ongoing sustainment support. 4.0 Insurance Proponents are requested to review and ensure that they fully understand and have the ability to meet the City’s insurance requirements as outlined in Part C – Special Conditions. 5.0 Requirements In support of the objectives as outlined above, Schedule ‘A’ of this RFP contains the following categories of requirements to which the Proponent should offer its solution:  Local Government & Utility Expertise  Functionality  Integration  Implementation & Operational Support  Technical Requirements & Enabling Technology  Proponent Stability 6.0 Evaluation Process Recognizing the significant effort required to create and evaluate the necessarily detailed proposals for a total solution, the evaluation process for this project will be broken into stages. For each evaluation stage, a team of stakeholder representatives will assess the proposals and supporting references. 6.1 Stage One The first stage (“Stage One”) will evaluate the written responses to this RFP against stated criteria. Stage One will be used to identify qualified Proponents who will then be invited for further evaluation. 6.2 Stage Two The second stage (“Stage Two) of evaluation will require a more detailed proposal as well as demonstration of the proposed solution using scripted scenarios created by the City. The Stage Two proposal will include an implementation plan and schedule, a PS05043.doc Page 10
  11. 11. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART A - INTRODUCTION detailed integration plan, and a proposed legal Form of Agreement which will together form the basis of the preliminary scope of work. It is currently anticipated that the draft legal Form of Agreement will be prepared by the City’s Director of Legal Services utilizing the City’s standard turnkey hardware/software/implementation/maintenance services contract as modified to reflect the common elements of the successful Stage Two Proponents’ Proposals and possibly the standard contracts/clauses submitted by each Proponent pursuant to Schedule C – Deviations and Variations of this RFP. The draft legal Form of Agreement will then be circulated to each of the successful Stage Two Proponents for review and return (with or without modifications) as part of each Proponent’s Stage Three submission and will be the basis (in conjunction with the pilot project results) for the final contract with the City should that Proponent’s submission be selected as the final successful Proponent in Stage Four. 6.3 Stage Three Selected proponent(s) will then be selected for the third stage (“Stage Three”) of evaluation which will consist of a pilot project/proof of concept. Prior to commencing Stage Three, the selected Proponent(s) will be required to sign a legal agreement addressing confidentiality, proprietary information, liability and compensation issues. It is anticipated that the City will provide reasonable compensation to the Stage Three Proponent(s) for the costs of performing the pilot project/proof of concept. However, in no event will the City be liable for any costs of the Proponent(s) with respect to this RFP unless and until such a legal agreement is signed. 6.4 Stage Four The fourth stage (“Stage Four”) will involve the selection of the successful Proponent. It is at Stage Four that the City will recommend approval of the legal Form of Agreement to City Council and upon such approval the successful Proponent and City will sign the legal Form of Agreement previously settled during Stage Two and Stage Three. PS05043.doc Page 11
  12. 12. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART B – INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPONENTS NOTE: The definitions set out in Attachment A – Legal Terms and Conditions of the Proposal Form (Part D) apply throughout this RFP, including this Part B of this RFP, except where otherwise expressly stipulated or the context otherwise requires. 1.0 Administrative Requirements 1.1 Immediately after attending the Proponents Informational Meeting, or prior to the deadline shown above, please indicate whether or not you will be submitting a Proposal prior to the Closing Time by sending the Response Notification Form (Appendix 2). This will ensure that the Proponent receives pertinent information such as any questions and the respective answers, or any amendments or addenda relating to the RFP. 1.2 It is the sole responsibility of the Proponent to check the City’s website at regularly for amendments, addenda, and questions and answers related to this RFP. 1.3 The Proponent is to submit their Proposal in accordance with instructions identified on the cover page and as provided within this Part B. 2.0 Conduct of RFP – Inquiries and Clarifications 2.1 The City’s Manager – Materials Management will have conduct of this RFP, and all communications are to be directed only to the contact person named on the cover page. 2.2 It is the responsibility of the Proponent to thoroughly examine these documents and satisfy itself as to the full requirements of this RFP. Inquiries are to be in written form only, faxed to 604-873-7057 or e-mailed to to the attention of the contact person shown on the cover page before the deadline date. If required, an addendum will be issued to all registered Proponents and posted on the City’s website as noted in item 1.2 above. 3.0 Contract Requirements 3.1 The term of Contract(s) will be for the supply and installation of the Asset Management System. There will also be a resulting Support and Maintenance Agreement which will be for a minimum term of five (5) years following “go-live” and the City’s acceptance of the Asset Management System. 3.2 Where the head office of the successful Proponent(s) is located within the City of Vancouver and/or where the successful Proponent(s) is required to perform any Work at a site located within the City of Vancouver, the successful Proponent(s) is required to have a valid City of Vancouver business license prior to Contract execution. 3.3 If any of the terms set out in the RFP are unacceptable to the Proponent, the Proponent should identify such terms and provide suggested alternatives in Schedule C – Deviations and Variations. While the City is not obligated to accept any alternative, all suggested alternatives will be considered during the evaluation process, but may or may not be acceptable to the City. PS05043.doc Page 12
  13. 13. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART B – INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPONENTS 4.0 Pricing 4.1 Prices quoted are to be exclusive of GST and PST. 4.2 Prices are to be quoted F.O.B. destination with all freight, unloading at destination, import duties, brokerage, royalties, handling, overhead, profit and all other costs included. 4.3 Proponents located in Canada may quote in Canadian Funds and where the product is imported from the USA or from other countries, prices may be quoted in the currency of the country from which they are imported. Proponents located outside Canada may quote prices in the monetary currency of their location or the jurisdiction from which the product is being obtained. 5.0 Consortium Proposals 5.1 The City will consider a proposal from two or more persons or companies having no formal corporate links who wish to form a joint venture or consortium solely for the purpose of submitting a proposal in response to this RFP, provided they disclose the names of all members of the joint venture or consortium and all members sign the Proposal Form. 5.2 One person or company is to be identified as the Key Contact Person on the Proposal Form (Part D), and be prepared to represent the consortium to the City. The Key Contact Person will serve as the primary contact and take overall responsibility for all communications with the City during the Proposal submission, evaluation, and any negotiation process. 5.3 Consortium Proposals should include proposed contract language describing each consortium members’ roles and responsibilities and the proposed legal contract structure. 5.4 The City reserves the right to accept the consortium as proposed or choose to contract with individual consortium members separately. Each component of the consortium proposal should be priced out individually. 6.0 Submission of Proposal 6.1 Proponents are to submit eight (8) copies of their Proposal. Three copies are to be in three ring binders with each section tabbed and including all accompanying schedules, appendices or addenda in a sealed envelope or package marked with the Proponent’s name, the RFP title and number, prior to the Closing Time set out on the date and to the location shown on the cover page of this RFP. Proponents can submit CD-ROM copies for the remaining five (5) copies of their proposal as an option, however this is not a requirement of submission. 6.2 Only the English language may be used in responding to this RFP. 6.3 Proposals received after the Closing Time or in locations other than the address indicated, may or may not be accepted and may or may not be returned. The City may or may not elect to extend the Closing Time. 6.4 Amendments to a Proposal are to be submitted in writing in a sealed envelope or package, marked with the Proponent’s name and the RFP title and number. PS05043.doc Page 13
  14. 14. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART B – INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPONENTS 6.5 Proposals may be withdrawn at any time before or after the Closing Time and are to be nd withdrawn by written notice delivered to the office of the Purchasing Department, 2 Floor, City Hall, and signed by the authorized signatory for the Proponent. 6.6 All costs associated with the preparation and submission of the Proposal, including any costs incurred by the Proponent after the Closing Time, will be borne solely by the Proponent. 7.0 Format of Proposal 7.1 Unnecessarily elaborate Proposals, beyond that sufficient to present a complete and effective response, are not required and unless specifically requested, the inclusion of corporate brochures and narratives are discouraged. 7.2 Proponents are to complete all forms included in this RFP attaching any additional appendices that may be required. Proposals are to be arranged as follows: Title Page: The title page will show the RFP title and number, Closing Time and Date, Proponent name, address, telephone number and the name and title of the contact person. Table of Contents: Page numbers are to be indicated. Executive Summary: A short summary of the key features of the Proposal demonstrating the Proponent’s understanding of the scope of the Requirements. Proposal Form: The Proponent is to complete the Proposal Form and attached Attachment A included in this RFP in accordance with the instructions. Schedules: The Proponent is to complete and provide the information within the respective schedules included in this RFP. If additional space is required to respond to the requirements as outlined, then additional pages can be attached. Alternate Solutions: Proponents may submit alternative solutions and are to identify same as additional appendices within their Proposal. 8.0 Bid and Performance Security 8.1 No Bid Security is required, since no irrevocable legally binding offer is required in this RFP. 9.0 Conflict of Interest/Solicitation 9.1 Proponents are to ensure that any and all conflicts or potential conflicts and any and all collusion, or appearance of collusion is fully and properly disclosed in Section 6.0 of Attachment A of the Proposal Form. PS05043.doc Page 14
  15. 15. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART B – INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPONENTS 9.2 Failure to disclose this information may result in the rejection of the Proposal, the associated entity’s Proposal, and/or the immediate cancellation of any Contract should one be concluded in reliance on the information contained in the submitted Proposal. 9.3 If any director, officer, employee, agent or other representative of a Proponent makes any representation or solicitation offering a personal benefit of any kind, directly or indirectly, to any officer, employee, agent or elected official of the City with respect to the Proposal, whether before or after the submission of the Proposal, the City will automatically disqualify such Proponent. 10.0 Opening of Proposals 10.1 The City reserves the right to open all Proposals in a manner and at the time and place determined by the City. Dissemination of Proposal information will be as follows: a) Upon opening of the Proposals, the names of each Proponent will be publicly announced. b) Upon completion of Proposal evaluation, the salient features of each Proposal and the recommended Proposal will be summarized and publicly reported on to the City’s Council. 11.0 Evaluation of Proposals 11.1 At all stages (i.e. Stage One, Two, Three and Four) Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the overall best value to the City based on quality, service, price and any other relevant criteria set out herein including, but not limited to: a) the Proponent's ability to meet the Requirements; b) the Proponent’s ability to deliver the Requirements when and where required; c) financial offer including but not limited to prices, operating and maintenance costs, warranty, and any life cycle considerations; d) the Proponent's business and technical reputation and capabilities; experience and where applicable, the experience of its personnel; financial stability; track record; and references of current and former customers; e) equipment quality, configuration, age and condition; f) environmental responsibility demonstrated by the Proponent; g) quality of submission; and h) any other criteria set out in the RFP or otherwise reasonably considered relevant. 11.2 The City may elect to short list Proponents in stages as deemed necessary. As set out in Section 6.0 of Part A – Introduction, the City currently intends to evaluate and short-list Proponents in the four stages described in that section. However, the City reserves the right to modify the process in any way at any time by issuing an addendum to such effect. Short-listed Proponents will be asked to provide additional information or details for clarification, which may include the Proponent (and any or all Sub-Contractors of the Proponent), attending interviews, making a presentation, supplying samples, performing demonstrations, and/or furnishing additional technical data. 11.3 Samples of items, when required, should be submitted within the time specified and must be supplied at no expense to the City. If not destroyed in testing, they will be returned at the Proponent’s request and expense. PS05043.doc Page 15
  16. 16. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART B – INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPONENTS 11.4 Prior to approval of a Proposal, the City must be satisfied as to the Proponent’s financial stability. The Proponent(s) may be asked to provide annual financial reports or a set of financial statements prepared by an accountant and covering the Proponent’s last 5 fiscal years. 11.5 Preference may be given to Proposals offering environmentally beneficial products or services. 12.0 Deviation From Requirements or Conditions 12.1 Any deviation from the Requirements or the conditions specified in this RFP should be clearly stated in the Proponent’s Proposal within Schedule C – Deviations and Variations. The City will be the sole judge as to what constitutes an acceptable deviation. If no deviations are indicated in the Proponent’s Proposal, the City will assume that the Proponent is proposing full compliance with the Requirements and conditions of this RFP. 13.0 Proposal Approval 13.1 Proposal approval is contingent on completion of the evaluation stages set out in Part A – Section 6.0 and funds being approved and the successful Stage Three Proponent’s submission being approved by City Council. Only then may the successful Proponent(s) and City proceed to settle, draft and sign the necessary legal agreement. 13.2 The City will notify the successful Stage Three Proponent(s) in writing that its Proposal has been approved in principle and invite the Proponent(s) to proceed to sign the legal Form of Agreement settled previously as part of Stage Three. 13.3 The City is not under any obligation to approve any Proposal and may elect to terminate this RFP at any time. 14.0 Quantities 14.1 The stated quantities are the City’s best estimates of its requirements and should not be relied on. Actual quantities may vary. 15.0 Brand Names – Intentionally Omitted 16.0 Alternates and/or Variations to Product Specifications 16.1 Proponents are to clearly indicate any variances from the City’s Requirements, no matter how slight. The attachment of descriptive literature from which variations may be gleaned will not be considered as a sufficient statement of variations. 16.2 If in addition to proposing goods and/or services which meet the Requirements, the Proponent wishes to offer an alternative, the alternative solution is to be submitted separately as an appendix within the Proposal. 17.0 Environmental Responsibility 17.1 The City is committed to preserving the environment. Proponents are to provide environmentally sensitive products or services wherever possible. Where there is a PS05043.doc Page 16
  17. 17. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART B – INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPONENTS requirement that the Contractor supplies materials, and where such materials may cause adverse effects, the Proponent is to indicate the nature of the hazard in its Proposal. 17.2 The Proponent is to advise the City of any known alternatives or substitutes for such materials that would mitigate the effects of any adverse conditions on the environment. 18.0 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act 18.1 Proponents should note that the City of Vancouver is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (British Columbia). 19.0 Confidentiality 19.1 Proponents should note that upon submitting their Proposal Form, they will be legally bound to certain confidentiality obligations not to disclose any City information without the City’s prior written consent. 19.2 This RFP is the property of the City. Except for the purpose of submitting a Proposal, copies may not be made or distributed without the prior written approval of the City’s Manager of Materials Management. 20.0 Advertising 20.1 The approval of any Proposal and the signing of a Contract does not permit a Proponent to advertise its relationship with the City, without the City’s prior written authorization. 21.0 Special Conditions 21.1 Proponents should note that if the Special Conditions of this RFP (if any) conflict with Parts A and B of this RFP, the Special Conditions are intended to govern over Parts A and B. 22.0 Non-Resident Withholding Tax 22.1 Proponents should note that the Income Tax Act (Canada) requires that payments to non-residents for any services performed in Canada are subject to a Non-resident Withholding Tax of a specified percentage (depending on residency of the Contractor). Exemption from this withholding tax is available in some circumstances, but the non- resident must apply directly to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) at least 30 days before commencing the service. 23.0 Legal Terms and Conditions 23.1 No part of Part A – Introduction, this Part B – Instructions to Proponents, nor Part C – Special Conditions, will be legally binding on the City or Proponent. All legal terms and conditions of the process contemplated by this RFP are contained in the Proposal Form (Part D), including without limitation, Attachment A to the Proposal Form. PS05043.doc Page 17
  18. 18. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART C – SPECIAL CONDITIONS 1.0 Performance Security – Letter of Credit 1.1 Concurrently with signing the legal Form of Agreement with the City as part of Stage Four, the successful Proponent will deliver to the City, a clean, unconditional irrevocable demand letter of credit payable in an amount to be determined at Stage Two of the evaluation process, hereinafter called the “Letter of Credit” issued in favour of the City by a Schedule I Canadian chartered bank or Schedule II Canadian chartered bank and on terms satisfactory to the City’s Director of Legal Services. 1.2 The Letter of Credit must contain an automatic extension clause for the term of the implementation phase of the project and may be drawn on by the City to reimburse the City for any losses or damages suffered by the City as the result of the successful Proponent’s breach of the Agreement. 2.0 Additional Evaluation Criteria 2.1 In addition to the evaluation criteria set out in Part B of this RFP, the following criteria, which are not in any order of importance, will be taken into consideration where applicable during the City’s evaluation of the Proposal:  ease of use including availability and quality of graphical user interfaces, menus and shortcut commands;  system performance and response time;  expandability and scalability of the system and the ability of the Proponent to provide personnel and other resources to assist with future expansions;  implementation plan and schedule;  training plan, both initial and ongoing;  skills and experience of the resources assigned to the project;  duration of support of previous versions once new versions are released;  quality and completeness of documentation (e.g. operation and system manuals, training materials);  quality of Proposal including ability to respond in the required format;  implementers and integrator's familiarity with proposed software and hardware solutions and experience with similar implementation projects; and  ongoing maintenance and support services.  Compliance with all City Insurance requirements 2.2 Further evaluation of short listed Proponents may include: a) demonstration of installed products at client sites; and/or b) demonstration of the functionality of the integrated solution on the targeted technology platform. 3.0 Pricing 3.1 Unit prices for software and maintenance are to be fixed and firm for the five (5) year term (which term is to start only after “go-live” and acceptance by the City) and then capped by the Consumer Price Index thereafter. 3.2 Progress payments will be paid based on successful completion of key project deliverables in accordance with the City’s standard terms of payment. The payment PS05043.doc Page 18
  19. 19. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART C – SPECIAL CONDITIONS schedule will be determined on the basis of the successful Proponent’s implementation plan and any mutually agreed amendments thereto. 3.3 The exact dates and performance criteria for each phase will be dictated by the methodology proposed by the Proponent(s). The City intends to hold back 10% of each payment pending successful completion of the entire system. The final payment, including the holdback amounts, will be made after all pre-agreed performance measures are met to the satisfaction of the City. 4.0 Software Licenses 4.1 The City requires a perpetual, irrevocable enterprise licence for all system software. The Proponent(s) shall ensure that the licensing of any third party software is included in its Proposal and any additional costs are clearly set out. 5.0 Project Team Composition 5.1 It is understood by the City that given the project start date is estimated to be Winter, 2006, the project team proposed by the Proponent(s) may not be the team that works on this project. However, the City expects that the composition of the successful Proponent’s team will be equal in skills, knowledge and experience as that set out in their Proposal. The City reserves the right to approve the composition of the final project team. 5.2 The Proponent(s) must ensure that there is continuity of the key personnel over the duration of the project. Any changes must be approved by the City’s project manager. Where key personnel are changed, the Proponent(s) will be required to ensure a smooth transition between personnel and cover all transition costs. 6.0 Delivery and System Set-Up 6.1 Except as specifically noted in its Proposal, the Proponent(s) are to be fully responsible for the timely delivery and installation of all application software and all other system components supplied under the terms of the Proposal. 6.2 The Proponents will be required to provide at time of delivery, tests and test data which will allow the City to verify that the system functions in accordance with the Proposal and to a level acceptable to the City. These tests will not be to the same level of detail as the system and service acceptance Tests performed later in the implementation process, but should be of sufficient detail to prove that all processing functions included within the package are present, including occasional use functions such as those required for year end processing. 7.0 System Acceptance 7.1 Due to the complexity of the applications, each functional module will undergo a rigorous acceptance test before being placed into production. Upon the successful completion of the acceptance test of the last functional module, a test of the full system (the “System and/or Service Acceptance Test”) will be conducted. 7.2 The System and/or Service Acceptance Test will include, but not be limited to: PS05043.doc Page 19
  20. 20. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART C – SPECIAL CONDITIONS  integration test to confirm that the delivered software/service fully performs on the hardware and operating system configuration;  functional test to confirm that the delivered software/service meets the functional requirements agreed upon in the legal Form of Agreement;  performance test to confirm that the delivered software/service meets the performance and technical requirements agreed upon in the legal Form of Agreement;  all education and training has been completed to the satisfaction of the City;  documentation of a quality acceptable to the City has been delivered; and  where applicable, all hardware supplied under the Proposal functions according to the manufacturers’ specifications and the performance expectations as set out in the Proposal 8.0 Warranty 8.1 In addition to any warranty requirements set out in Schedule A, Proponents are required to warrant that any deficiencies in the software, system or the data conversion that result in failure to satisfy the City will be remedied to the satisfaction of the City without additional costs to the City. 8.2 Proponents must warrant that the software proposed will be delivered with the intellectual property rights (including all copyrights, moral rights and patent rights) necessary to permit the City to freely own, use and operate the system and data. 8.3 If a required feature or module requires the use of third party software, the Proponent must warrant that it shall be fully responsible to the City for the third party’s acts or omissions or of those persons directly or indirectly employed by them, to the same extent as if the acts or omissions were acts or omissions of the Proponent or its employees. 8.4 The Proponent must warrant that all claims and representations made by the Proponent with respect to third party products and services have been fully authorized by that third party. 9.0 Insurance Requirements 9.1 A copy of the City’s “Certificate of Insurance” is attached for reference as Appendix 1. The successful Stage One Proponent(s) will be required to file a completed certificate with the City’s Risk and Emergency Management Department showing proof of all insurance requirements described in this Part C - Special Conditions at Stage Two of the evaluation process. This certificate must be reviewed and approved by the City’s Department of Risk and Emergency Management prior to a Proponent being selected to participate in Stage Three. 9.2 Without limiting any of its obligations or liabilities under the legal Form of Agreement, the successful Proponent and its sub-contractors will obtain and continuously carry during the term of the Agreement at their own expense and cost, the following insurance coverage with minimum limits of not less than those shown in the respective items set out below. 9.3 All insurance policies will be in a form and in amounts satisfactory from time-to-time and with insurers acceptable to the City’s Director of Risk and Emergency Management and will provide the City’s Director of Risk and Emergency Management with sixty (60) days PS05043.doc Page 20
  21. 21. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART C – SPECIAL CONDITIONS prior written notice of material change, lapse or cancellation. Notice must identify the Agreement title, number, policyholder, and scope of work. 9.4 The successful Proponent and each of its sub-contractors will provide at its own cost any additional insurance which it is required by law to provide or which it considers necessary. 9.5 Neither the providing of insurance by the successful Proponent in accordance with the requirements hereof, nor the insolvency, bankruptcy or the failure of any insurance company to pay any claim accruing will be held to relieve the successful Proponent from any other provisions of the Form of Agreement with respect to liability of the successful Proponent or otherwise. 9.6 The insurance coverage will be primary insurance as respects the City. Any insurance or self-insurance maintained by or on behalf of the City, its officers, officials, employees, or agents will be excess of this insurance and shall not contribute with it. 9.7 Prior to effective date, the successful Proponent will provide the City with evidence of all required insurance to be taken out in the form of the attached Certificate of Insurance supported by a certified copy(s) of the policy(s). The Certificate of Insurance will identify the Agreement title, number, policyholder and scope of work and must not contain any disclaimer whatsoever. At all times thereafter, during the term of the Agreement, the successful Proponent must comply with all its insurance obligations described herein. Proof of insurance, in the form of a certificate of insurance or certified copies of all insurance policies will be made available to the City’s Director of Risk and Emergency Management at any time during the term of the Agreement upon request. 9.8 The successful Proponent will provide in its agreements with its sub-contractors clauses in the same form as those found herein. Upon request, the successful Proponent will deposit with the City’s Director of Risk and Emergency Management detailed certificates of insurance for the policies it has obtained from its sub-contractors and a copy of the insurance clauses so provided in the said agreements. 9.9 The successful Proponent will obtain and maintain in full force and effect during the term of the Agreement, insurance not less than that set out below and provide proof of such insurance provided by a company duly registered and authorized to conduct insurance business in the Province of British Columbia. a) Commercial General Liability insurance in sufficient amounts and description to protect the successful Proponent, its sub-contractors, the City and its respective officers, officials, employees, and agents against claims for damages, personal injury including death, bodily injury and property damage which may arise under this Agreement. b) The limit of commercial general liability insurance shall be not less than five million dollars ($5,000,000) per occurrence inclusive for personal injury, death, bodily injury or property damage and in the aggregate with respect to products and complete operations. The deductible per occurrence shall not exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000) per occurrence. c) The policy of insurance shall: i. be on an occurrence form; PS05043.doc Page 21
  22. 22. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. PS05043 THE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF AN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - PUBLIC WORKS INFRASTRUCTURE PART C – SPECIAL CONDITIONS ii. add the City and its officials, officers, employees and agents as additional insureds; iii. contain a cross-liability or severability of interest clause; iv. extend to cover non-owned automobile, contingent employer’s liability, blanket contractual liability, contractor’s protective liability, broad form property damage, broad form completed operations and operations of attached machinery. The successful Proponent will ensure that vehicles owned and/or operated by the successful Proponent in connection with the Agreement maintain Third Party Legal Liability Insurance in an amount not less than two million dollars ($2,000,000) per occurrence. PS05043.doc Page 22