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  1. 1. RFP CONCORD EAGLECREEK MANAGEMENT REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) For Property Management Services for the Concord and Eaglecreek Homes Totaling 171 single family housing units Indianapolis Housing Agency 1919 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46202 Issue date: 10/19/09 Submission Deadline: November 3, 2009 (3:00 P.M. EST) Rev 10/18/09 1
  2. 2. RFP CONCORD EAGLECREEK MANAGEMENT Table of Contents: Cover Letter Due date and place Submission of Questions Pre-proposal Conference Background Indianapolis Housing Agency Partners for Affordable Housing Description of the Properties Qualifications Sought in Property Management Agent Scope of Work Expected General Task Contractual Duties Instructions to Respondents Evaluation Criteria for RFP Attachments October 16, 2009 2
  3. 3. RFP CONCORD EAGLECREEK MANAGEMENT Indianapolis Housing Agency 1919 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46202 Dear Prospective Respondents: The Indianapolis Housing Agency (IHA) and IHA Housing Partners I, L.P. (Limited Partnership) are soliciting competitive proposals from qualified Property Management firms (Management Agent) or combinations of verifiable, qualified management firms to develop and implement a site-based management system for two IHA communities, Concord and Eaglecreek as well as the Limited Partnership’s Tax Credit Community. These communities contain 171 units of single family and duplex homes. All 171 units are public housing (Section 9) and a portion of them, 61 units, are covered under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program and are owned by the Limited Partnership. The Management Agent will be responsible for day to day operations, admissions, administration, completing and complying with all applicable HUD public housing requirements, LIHTC requirements and property maintenance. The management agent will also contract for certain social service programs with other vendors This Request for Proposal will lead to a “Price Not To Exceed” contract to perform property management services as specified in the statement of work of this RFP. The work shall include: (1) setting up all management systems (including, but not limited to fair housing marketing, maintaining a site based waiting list, admissions, leasing, creating operating and expense budgets, community rules and policies, accounting, bookkeeping, maintenance/repairs, reporting and compliance); and establishing internal policy & procedure manuals), and (2) complying with all public housing and LIHTC rules and regulations. An original and six copies of the sealed Proposals are due to: The Indianapolis Housing Agency 1919 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46202 Attention: Don Bievenour, Materials and Contracts Manager DUE DATE AND TIME: 3:00 P.M., EST; November 3, 2009 Boxes and/or packages should be marked with the name of the responder and the contents. At that time, the proposals will be stamped in, but not opened publicly, nor will they be read aloud. 3
  4. 4. RFP CONCORD EAGLECREEK MANAGEMENT CAUTION: Late submissions cannot be considered or accepted and will be returned unopened. Faxed, or electronic mail (e-mail) submissions will not be accepted. IHA is the sole determinant of timeliness. Submissions shall be complete in their entirety. Partial submissions shall be deemed non responsive. By submission of a proposal that is accepted by IHA, the offeror agrees to enter into a contract with the IHA and the Limited Partnership in a form prescribed by IHA and the Limited Partnership. The offeror also accepts all terms and conditions of the RFP. The IHA reserves the right to waive any minor irregularities or informalities and to reject any and all proposals. Late submissions are not considered minor irregularities. Questions regarding this RFP should be directed, in writing, via email prior to Noon, EST, October 27, 2009, to both Don Bievenour, email: and Jacquelyne Brown Questions will be accepted only via e-mail and in “Word” format. Questions received after this time will not receive a response. Questions and answers will be posted on the agency web site at and select contracting opportunities. A pre-proposal conference will not be held. Sincerely, Don Bievenour Don Bievenour Materials & Contract Manager 4
  5. 5. RFP CONCORD EAGLECREEK MANAGEMENT Background A. The Indianapolis Housing Agency The Indianapolis Housing Agency (IHA) is a special agency of the City of Indianapolis. IHA was created pursuant to State law and has the principal responsibility for providing rental housing for lower income families and individuals in the City of Indianapolis. IHA currently owns and manages approximately 1734 units of elderly and family federally subsidized public housing and operates the federal Section 8 program for Indianapolis. IHA’s mission is to provide safe, quality and affordable housing and encourage individual and family self sufficiency. B. The Partners for Affordable Housing, Inc. (PAH) This corporation was established by IHA and has obtained an Internal Revenue Service Ruling as a not-for-profit 501(c) 3. PAH was created to assist IHA in increasing the supply of affordable housing. PAH received an allocation of Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) for the development of the 61 housing units that are a part of the total 171 units to be managed. IHA Housing Partners I, L.P. has ownership of these 61 units. C. Current Management Structure and Related Services The Eaglecreek and Concord Village non-tax credit properties are owned by the Indianapolis Housing Agency and managed by a third party private, property management firm. They provide day to day management and maintenance functions through an on-site team and write work orders for maintenance work. All admissions, administrative, social services, public safety, reporting and fiscal functions are performed, or contracted by this company. The manager and maintenance offices are located at Concord Village Community Center, 3125 Concord Court. Note – IHA encourages public safety services, family self-sufficiency counseling, youth programs and resident programs and the management agent has the option to contract these options, if they can be funded by the property budget or by other means. 5
  6. 6. RFP CONCORD EAGLECREEK MANAGEMENT Description of the Properties to be Managed A. Eaglecreek Eaglecreek is a 50 unit community located at the intersection of Tibbs Avenue and Cossell Road on the near west side of Indianapolis. All units are public housing units. Seventeen were constructed and occupied in 1998 and the remaining 33 were completed in August, 1999, with occupancy commencing in the same month. B. Concord i. Non-tax credit portion 60 homes comprise this portion of Concord and all are public housing. The homes were completed and occupancy began in 1997. The unit mix is as follows: 9 one bedroom 25 two bedroom 22 three bedroom 4 four bedroom ii. Tax Credit portion The IHA Housing Partners I, L.P. owns this 61 unit section. It is located on three sites adjacent to the other portion of Concord Homes. Incomes were LIHTC restricted to 12 units at, or below 40% and 49 at, or below 50% of median family income, as adjusted for family size. The managing general partner of the partnership is a corporation controlled by Partners for Affordable Housing, Inc. The limited partner must approve the selected Management Agent. In addition to meeting LIHTC requirements, all of these units are also public housing units. The unit mix is: 4 one bedroom 11 two bedroom 38 three bedroom 7 four bedroom 1 five bedroom iii. Cause for Two Property Management Service Contracts Given that a portion of the properties are a separate tax credit project and therefore under separate ownership, there will need to be two management contracts with the selected Management Agent and two sets of financial records. Management expenses will be prorated by unit count. The management contract for the tax credit units will be executed with the IHA Housing Partners I, L.P. A separate management contract for the remaining 6
  7. 7. RFP CONCORD EAGLECREEK MANAGEMENT 110 units will be executed with the Indianapolis Housing Agency. Both contracts will be supervised by the Director of Housing Management and Director of Strategic Planning & Development. It is anticipated that one contractor will be awarded both contracts. However, in accordance with the best interest of the IHA, multiple contractors may be chosen. Qualifications Sought in the Property Management Agent This RFP is for Property Management Services from Respondents with a demonstrated and verifiable track record in property management and who are price competitive. The successful respondent will implement a site-based management system, train and oversee on-site staff, and assume full responsibility for the day to day management and operations at Eaglecreek and Concord. The Management Agent must have experience in the management of mixed-income multi-family developments in an urban setting. Preferably, the Management Agent will have successful management experience with public housing. The Management Agent shall also have proven experience as a manager of properties utilizing LIHTC and their related compliance. The Management Agent must have experience and/or the ability to integrate HUD regulations governing public housing with private property management practices and site-based operating budgets. The Management Agent shall have a thorough working knowledge of federal and local fair housing regulations and all applicable landlord tenant laws. The Management Agent should have experience in effectively utilizing the concept of team policing to help residents and maintain the asset. Experience in urban property management should include the coordination and assistance of social services for residents. The Management Agent will also be responsible for developing and implementing recommendations to assist the Resident Management Corporation (RMC) in helping maintain a quality housing opportunity. This may include helping the RMC create block clubs; increase attendance at RMC meetings; involvement in a resident orientation program, and participating in special events and programs. The redevelopment of Concord and Eaglecreek was accomplished in part with federal Department of Housing and Urban Development funds and the housing units have specific deed restrictions and Regulatory and Operating requirements. Additionally, since IHA and the Limited Partnership own the units, both federal and IHA requirements are applicable. These shall be further discussed at the pre-submission meeting discussed in the cover letter but, in general, they are stipulations and requirements typically found in Public Housing Authorities and LIHTC communities. Some of the requirements include: 7
  8. 8. RFP CONCORD EAGLECREEK MANAGEMENT Insurance: The successful Management Agent shall provide Comprehensive General Liability, Comprehensive Automobile Liability and Workers Compensation to protect itself, IHA and the Limited Partnership. Minimum amounts for each coverage is one million dollars. The IHA and Limited Partnership must be named as an additional insured on all respective policies. The policies will provide limits of coverage acceptable to the IHA and Limited Partnership and will be provided by highly rated insurance companies, licensed in the state of Indiana, acceptable to the IHA and Limited Partnership. The IHA and Limited Partnership reserve the right to impose additional insurance requirements prior to the execution of an Agreement. Hold Harmless and Indemnification: The successful Management Agent shall hold the IHA and Limited Partnership, their respective officers, agents and employees acting in their official capacity or course of employment, harmless and indemnify them from all suits, claims or liabilities of any nature, including costs and expenses, for and on account of injuries or damages sustained by any persons or property resulting in whole or in part from acts or omissions committed in connection with the services to be provided under the Contract. In the event that any such suit or action is brought against the IHA or Limited Partnership, the Management Agent shall, upon notice of the commencement thereof, defend the same at its sole cost and expense, and if final judgment be adverse to the IHA or Limited Partnership or the Management Agent jointly, the Management Agent shall promptly pay and satisfy its share of the liability. If the IHA or Limited Partnership is deemed to have been partially negligent, it shall satisfy its share of the liability. Nothing contained in this section shall be construed as requiring the Management Agent to indemnify the IHA and/or Limited Partnership for damages caused by or resulting from the sole negligence of the IHA or Limited Partnership. Accounting and Auditing Requirements: The successful Management Agent shall keep records in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The IHA, Limited Partnership, or HUD, or authorized representatives of these entities, shall have full and free access to such records, including the right to audit, and to make excerpts and transcripts from such records. 8
  9. 9. RFP CONCORD EAGLECREEK MANAGEMENT Scope of Services The scope of work for property management services will include, but not be limited to the following: General Tasks • Transition Phase This RFP seeks an experienced property management firm to create an independent, site-based management structure at Eaglecreek and Concord. The Management Agent will work with IHA during a transition phase to place all systems and operations with the Management Agent. The IHA transition team will include the Director of Housing Management (chairperson for this team); Director of Strategic Planning & Development; and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Other IHA staff will be involved as necessary. It is anticipated that this transition phase will take four to eight weeks. During the Transition Phase the Management Agent will be responsible for LIHTC screening and approving applicants for LIHTC compliance purposes. • Transfer Phase Following the Transition Phase, the Management Agent will assume and have full responsibility for the management and operations of the properties. The start of the Transfer Phase commences the contractual term of the initial twenty four (24) month contract. • Implementation Components of the Management Agent Contract a. Property Management Training IHA desires to offer a training program in property management for a resident and will contract with the Management Agent to train and supervise at least one person and involve them in the management responsibilities for Eaglecreek and Concord. This one year contract will be a separate contract outside of that sought by this RFP for Management Services. The Management Agent will select a person for this position from recommendations made by IHA. The contract will include the expenses of trainee. The Management Agent will not receive additional compensation for this training activity. This property is committed to resident self-sufficiency programs in many ways. First, this property operates under a mandatory Family Self-Sufficiency Lease Addendum. Second, a Family Self-Sufficiency contract monitor position (either staffed or contracted) is required of the Management Agent to work with residents to improve employment, education and family skills. This training program shall be in addition to the Section 3 requirement. b. Regular Meetings with Residents 9
  10. 10. RFP CONCORD EAGLECREEK MANAGEMENT IHA believes in supporting the work and development of residents and their Resident Management Corporation (RMC). The selected Management Agent will be required to meet with the RMC, on a regular basis, to discuss issues of common concern and solicit their help in maintaining a strong community. c. Public Safety and Social Services The Management Agent will coordinate and ensure proper utilization of Public Safety efforts. Security will be a portion of the site based budget and will be reviewed by IHA. d. Office Building Management There is an existing management office and maintenance facility with the Concord Community Building (CCB). Additionally, the building has classroom space within the CCB, two adjacent schoolroom type modular classrooms, multi-purpose room, computer training room and offices for the social services and RMC. The Management Agent will be responsible for the management and security of this administrative and community facility. IHA reserves the right to lease the interior and modular classroom space, however management and security of the space may remain the responsibility of the contracted management agent. Contractual Duties of Management Agent The Management Agent shall be responsible for all duties and responsibilities normally associated with property management and maintenance of a mixed income public housing and LIHTC community in compliance with IHA, HUD, the Limited Partnership, and tax credit requirements. The Management Agent shall cause the buildings and grounds to be managed and maintained according to standards acceptable to the IHA, HUD, the private and public lenders and the Limited Partnership. Specifically, the Management Agent shall: 1. Prepare a Management Plan for the Concord and Eaglecreek communities. The Management Plan shall be developed during the transition phase with the assistance of the IHA Director of Housing Management and it shall be submitted to the IHA Director of Housing Management for review and approval. 2. Develop a marketing program for the leasing of all units at both Concord sites and Eaglecreek. The marketing program shall include all associated advertising, mailing, community meetings, maintaining a site based waiting list, admission screening and admissions policies. This program shall be developed during the transition phase with the assistance of the IHA Director of Housing Management and it shall be submitted to the IHA Director of Housing Management for review and approval. 3. Create and maintain a site based waiting list. 10
  11. 11. RFP CONCORD EAGLECREEK MANAGEMENT 4. Screen and approve/deny applicants from the waiting list based on IHA provided standards for public housing and LIHTC requirements. 5. Become familiar with and prepared to use and enforce the IHA Lease, including eviction of non compliant tenants 6. Institute routine and non-routine maintenance programs, which meet IHA, HUD and Limited Partnership standards. Utilize the IHA work order tracking system. 7. Administer policies for occupancy standards, leasing requirements, security deposits and eviction notices in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local regulations and be consistent with the Indianapolis Housing Agency Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policies. 8. Collect and deposit monthly rents, security deposits, or other forms of resident assessments or charges, and assume responsibility for payment of project related expenses. Utilize existing IHA software to process tenant records, make appropriate data submissions to HUD, and tracking of data. 9. Establish and maintain a comprehensive system of records, books and accounts in a manner satisfactory to the IHA, HUD, lenders, and partners of the Limited Partnership. 10. Assume full financial responsibility subject to independent IHA and HUD audits. 11. Prepare and submit an annual operating budget to the IHA Director of Housing Management for review and approval at least ninety (90) days before the beginning of each new fiscal year for the communities (the fiscal year is the calendar year). 12. Establish and maintain an on-site management office and maintenance facility appropriately staffed and equipped. 13. Supervise all management systems and on-site personnel in the day to day operation of the developments. 14. Prepare, on a monthly basis, the following reports and submit to the IHA Director of Housing Management, Chief Financial Officer, and Director of Strategic Planning & Development: • a short narrative management/maintenance summary report; • management performance reports such as occupancy, marketing, leave enforcement, re-certification, housekeeping and maintenance status; • statements of receipts and disbursements; • a comparison of budget to actual expenses; • schedule of accounts receivable and accounts payable; • delinquency report as of the end of the preceding month; and • Family Self Sufficiency performance reports 11
  12. 12. RFP CONCORD EAGLECREEK MANAGEMENT • Community activity report 15. Furnish such information as may be requested by the IHA or the Limited Partnership from time to time with respect to the financial, physical or operational condition of the development. 16. Perform regular physical inspections and conduct annual income reviews in accordance with all applicable regulations, including HUD, IHA and LIHTC. 17. Manage and oversee all leases and agreements for the use of other portions of the community building, including the RMC offices, computer training room and other non-management offices. 18. Operate and maintain the development according to the highest standards achievable. 19. Assist the RMC in helping maintain a quality property and strengthen their community building activities. 20. Contract for specific services as described in this RFP as the need may arise. 21. The contractor shall be required to achieve annual HUD REAC (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development- Real Estate Assessment Center) score of 80 or better for the property. In the event that the contractor does not receive the required REAC score for the property, the Agency will consider this an act of default and may sanction the contractor which shall include, but not be limited to, withholding payment until the score is raised to the minimum required score, or terminate the contract. The contractor may, also, be required by the Agency to correct, to the Agency's satisfaction, any deficiencies cited in REAC's findings. Instructions to Respondents The offeror’s proposal should include the following elements and be organized, tabbed and indexed in the following format: 1.) General Information Background on the company, its principals, qualifications, experience, capabilities and availability. Please include the number of units currently managed, and identify the largest properties managed and their locations. 2.) Experience in Management of Public Housing and LIHTC Please provide references on projects where the respondent manages Public Housing, Section 8 and LIHTC. This should include the length of management at the site, site location, and total number of units in the community with the number of Public Housing or LIHTC broken out, and the project owner. 12
  13. 13. RFP CONCORD EAGLECREEK MANAGEMENT 3.) Technical Proposal. a. Please submit a narrative discussing the following items: • project approach; • summary of expected problems and solutions, • experience in working with resident organizations. b. Organization, Support and Experience • Organization chart and assignment of key staff responsibilities, including any sub consultants • Key personnel listing and resumes • Job descriptions with realistic salary range for every position • Prior work with resident participation, coordination of public safety and use of social services • Sample project financial reports and written reports to owner • Sample Management Plan for a multi-family development currently being managed by the respondent • References 4.) Not To Exceed Price This RFP will lead to a “Price Not To Exceed” type of contract for the property management and maintenance operations. Respondents are asked to develop an estimated budget for this project and attach it as a submission to this response. This should clearly state all assumptions, including the staffing levels; salary levels and benefits; number of events (snow plowing, grass cuttings, evictions, etc) State the Management Fee on a per unit price which describes and includes all direct and indirect costs, profit and overhead. The term of contract will be for two years, with three annual one-year renewal options. All renewals will be made in accordance with IHA’s or the Limited Partnership’s best interests, and at the sole option of the IHA or Limited Partnership. For pricing purposes, please note that salaries of on-site staff, the costs of operating actual management systems and other site-related operating expenses are part of direct project costs, and should not be included as part of the proposed fee by the offeror. 5.) Proposal Conditions IHA has set the following conditions: 13
  14. 14. RFP CONCORD EAGLECREEK MANAGEMENT • A contract will be required with successful proposer. See sample on website at and select Contracting Opportunities. • IHA reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and waive any minor informalities or irregularities in the RFP process. IHA shall be the sole judge of these minor irregularities. Lateness of submission does not constitute a minor informality or irregularity. IHA is the sole determinant of timeliness. • Where applicable, all responders shall be licensed to practice in the State of Indiana. • IHA reserves the right to negotiate with one or more proposers, and as a result of the RFP evaluation process, enter into a “best and final” negotiation with one or more proposers. IHA reserves the right to request an interview with any and/or all of the responders in order to finalize any decisions. • Successful Contractor must be able to initiate contract on or about January 1, 2010. • IHA will consider non-responsive any submittal for which critical information is lacking or the submission represents a major deviation from the RFP. • IHA reserves the right to request additional information from any responder after the submittal deadline. • Any solicitation or lobbying directed at or with the intention of influencing any IHA staff, commissioners, elected official or agents is prohibited and is grounds for the disqualification of the proposal. • Responder shall state earliest possible start date from “Notice to Proceed” • Rate Schedule to include fees, reimbursables, and profit and overhead. Overhead and profit information is required in accordance with US HUD Handbook 7460.8, Rev.1. and shall be deemed confidential and will be used by IHA staff only. • The person signing the proposal must be authorized to commit the applicant and to conduct negotiations or discussions if requested or required, or both. • IHA assumes no liability for any costs incurred by responders in the preparation and delivery of a proposal in response to this RFP, or attendance at any subsequent meetings relative to responding to this RFP. • IHA will not consider or contract with party or parties that are included in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) List of Excluded Parties, formerly know as the HUD “Barred List.” 6.) Proposal Contents In addition to the RFP Responses, each responder shall complete with indices and tabs, and submit the following: • A letter of interest • Methodology in support of the RFP following grading points as presented and as instructed in the RFP. • Where applicable, Copies of State license(s) in state(s) where licensed (Contractor provides) 14
  15. 15. RFP CONCORD EAGLECREEK MANAGEMENT • Copies of current insurance showing errors and omissions, general and vehicular liability and workers’ compensation (Contractor provides) • Verifiable references with other property owners, or public housing agencies, including name, address, and scope of work. References should come from companies whose project sizes are approximate to the communities referenced in this RFP. • Management staff profiles, resumes, positions, and potential role within the project. • Any and all sub-contractors in support of proposal response • Other related experience and other professional references • Where applicable, MBE/WBE/DBE certification (Contractor provides) • MBE/WBE/DBE certification of subcontractors (Contractor provides) • Completed Certificate of Non-Organizational Conflict of Interest • Completed Non-Collusive/Non-Identity of Interest Affidavit • Completed Certificate of Non Segregated Facilities • Read HUD form 5369-B and Complete HUD-5369 C • Completed Section 3 Plan (On website) • Rate schedule Note - Failure to include any of the mentioned items will result in disqualification of the RFP. Forms are available on IHA website at and click on Contracting Opportunities 7.) All Respondents are advised that each proposal will be evaluated based on its responsiveness to this RFP. • The proposals will be opened and reviewed for completeness of content by the Materials and Contracts Manager, and submitted to an evaluation committee for review. Based on the evaluation criteria, the review committee will hold discussions with the best qualified firm(s) and select the firm whose proposal best meets the needs of the Agency and Limited Partnership. All offers will be advised of the final decision in writing. There is an option for best and final presentations, all to the benefit of IHA. Evaluation Criteria Proposals shall be qualified on their technical merit. Technical merit shall have a total value of 105 points based on the following six factors: 1. Qualifications of proposed project team and similar urban property management experience (Up to 20 points) 2. Verifiable related experience and knowledge of applicable HUD, LIHTC compliance and Public Housing regulations (Up to 25 points) 15
  16. 16. RFP CONCORD EAGLECREEK MANAGEMENT 3. Understanding of the work, project approach and readiness to begin (Up to 25 points) 4. Proposed Contract Price (Up to 15 points) 5. MBE/WBE/DBE Certification 10 Points Includes use of MBE/WBE/DBE subcontractor 6. Section 3 Plan & Certification (up to 15 points) Section 3 Item A: Completed Plan 0 to 3 points Section 3 Item B: Training/Educational fund/dedicated staff 0 to 7 points All proposals submitted for consideration will be reviewed and evaluated by an evaluation team; IHA may hold discussions with Respondents whose proposals are determined, based on the Evaluation Criteria for this RFP, to have a reasonable chance of being selected for award. After evaluation of proposal revisions, if any, the contract shall be-awarded to the responsive and responsible Management Firm whose proposal, based on the evaluation criteria, is most advantageous to IHA and is the best offer. The Agency reserves the right to waive any irregularities or informalities and to reject any and all proposals. MBE/WBE Policy It is the policy of the IHA to encourage responses from Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises. It is the goal of the Indianapolis Housing Agency to increase its’ MBE/WBE contract base. A responder who is a MBE/WBE or who has plans to use an MBE/WBE as a subcontractor or partner in the response and has not been certified as a MBE/WBE shall submit a certified application for such MBE/WBE. The potential MBE/WBE must become certified by the proposer’s local authority/DEO to count toward the attainment of the IHA’s MBE/WBE goal. Any responder who receives points for using an MBE/WBE sub-contractor or service provider and fails to utilize them will be penalized up to 10% of their contract amount. IHA follows the goals of the City of Indianapolis of 15 MBE and 8 % WBE participation. Section 3 Policy Prospective responders are advised that this project is a Section 3 covered project as described in 24 CFR 135 . IHA’s Section 3 Work Plan and program are available on line at and click on “Contracting Opportunities.” The IHA is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Contractor. END OF RFP 16